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I was genuinely surprised by how good it felt to draw on the Remarkable 2. I didn't expect much from the Eink display compared to drawing on many of the tablets I'm used to using but this is genuinely great experience but it might still not be right for you.

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  • Raj Reddy
    Raj Reddy19 godzin temu


  • Mzlmm0
    Mzlmm03 dni temu

    Hmm, I guess your name is brad.

  • Maya schrattl
    Maya schrattl3 dni temu

    Im thinking about to buy it for school. To normaly write in lessons but to get rid of that nasty piles of paper and stuff. Is sbody out there hwo would rekomend that for this kind of use?

  • Testa
    Testa3 dni temu

    They really should lower the price.

  • Testa
    Testa3 dni temu

    I just want to take notes and convert it to text. Is this the best device for that?

  • kdhanimesan
    kdhanimesan4 dni temu

    If this becomes cheaper I would really want this and it might also become a tidbit faster XD

  • scott rand
    scott rand4 dni temu

    Watching this on my iPad Air 4 lol.

  • Jet Cooper
    Jet Cooper4 dni temu

    The ability to hold 100 000 pages is what sold the product to me. Great video.

  • Miguel Molano
    Miguel Molano5 dni temu

    I don't sketch, I don't draw. I saw the ad on Instagram between my stories and thought it was kind of cool. I've been seriously thinking and rethinking how can I take better notes for my lectures and this seemed to be great but when I saw the price (at least in Australia) is too much. It's almost 1300% more expensive than a paper notebook.

  • N V
    N V7 dni temu

    As a business owner and hobbyist I found I had 4-6 notepads that I kept losing track of. I bought another brand e-ink tablet that uses Android 10 as the OS and can sync with my Note 20 ultra. THAT is useful. That paired with all the regular android apps like Microsoft office and the daily organizer and sketching abilities paired with my note 20 ultra is like a portable office. The Remarkable is Linux based and really limited because of that. No apps.....

  • Claire Astra MacKenzie
    Claire Astra MacKenzie7 dni temu

    Great review! I have it down between this and the Supernote A5X. I need to cut down on screen time because of photosensitivity related to epilepsy. I am an artist and a graphic designer who wants to decrease backlit screen time and design and move toward more toward art making. I’m kind of intrigued by the idea of using it as a sketchbook to keep my drawing skills honed, blind contour practice, map out compositions, quick ideas etc., etc. Also running out of sketchbook space. I do love writing AND my kobo is about to die... so seemed like a good time to try!

  • Eddy Santoso
    Eddy Santoso9 dni temu

    you should try onyx boox

  • Panzer Obi
    Panzer Obi9 dni temu

    it really feels that they try to sell you the lack of features as exclusitivity and put an absurd price on it. I get a Galaxy Tab A for half the price and it can do so much more. True it doesnt have the paper feeling but it got a Camera with what i can snap a picture of what I just draw on a real paper :D Like the writing recognition tho. But there is most likley an app for that

  • Lars Ulrik
    Lars Ulrik9 dni temu

    I would just draw big butts and boobs

  • Jo Stab
    Jo Stab10 dni temu

    How much storage for saving your Notes and books does it have?

  • Daniel Spink
    Daniel Spink11 dni temu

    Does this have Bluetooth page turning capability?

  • ChyroBeast
    ChyroBeast11 dni temu

    It's a shame it's so expensive because this would be perfect for college students

  • Andrew Moy
    Andrew Moy12 dni temu

    As a programmer, I’m very interested in this, instead of “white boarding” project plans. Would this be a good product for that?

  • K Osborne
    K Osborne12 dni temu

    Five Star college ruled notebooks are about $5.98 for a block of 5. And after you're done, you don't need to print anything. It's just there.

  • Emanuel Oliveira
    Emanuel Oliveira13 dni temu

    why all these reviews never show real life writting (5mm..7mm height) ? "Still havent found the review im looking for"..

  • CraverCuts
    CraverCuts13 dni temu

    This thing is so expensive for what it is tho... I’d love to get one for school but I might as well just get an ipad

  • tom.toons
    tom.toons14 dni temu

    i had the opportunity to try it too, and the only thing i was missing... was the smell of the marker :D insanely real feeling.

  • bobafruti
    bobafruti15 dni temu

    Best thing is that you can use it outside on a sunny and windy day without losing your mind.

  • Stergios Mekras
    Stergios Mekras16 dni temu

    I switched to the rM2 from my rM1 and I have to say I am quite pleased with it. They made it much more responsive and functional with updates than it was at launch.

  • Anabel Santillán
    Anabel Santillán17 dni temu

    Do you know any sites that ship it worldwide?

  • Quan Cena
    Quan Cena17 dni temu

    If it didn't cost as much as a budget iPad I'd probably think about it, but at 450$ no way I'm buying that

  • basdfgwe
    basdfgwe22 dni temu

    A colleague had this work, and oh my god I was blown away. This is the closest to writing on paper I have ever seen. Forget what apple sez ... The iPad is nowhere near how good this is for writing. If you take notes for work etc... Then you got to get this. The only issue was the price... But damn this is so good.

  • mateteag
    mateteag23 dni temu

    A lot of lag.

  • demirkafa sutlac
    demirkafa sutlac24 dni temu

    Would you recommend this to a graduate student taking notes?

  • TheGuy


    12 dni temu

    That's one of their core target audiences. It's made for note-taking and reading documents.

  • Marcel Sampaio
    Marcel Sampaio26 dni temu

    Can we read e-books for Kindle?

  • Xoa Gray
    Xoa Gray26 dni temu

    One of the best things about this tablet is actually the fact that it does have an e-ink screen. My eyes used to get so tired when I had to stare at LCD screens all the time, this device is where all of my ideas start now. I spend a lot of time on it just coming up with ideas.Another great bonus is that because it doesn’t have all the extra software that you can load on an iPad or android tablet, there are no distractions. No email dings, no instant messenger’s, no temptation to hop on the Internet and get lost looking at websites reading Twitter. Where it really shines is in allowing you to be focused and productive.

  • Normaler Mensch
    Normaler Mensch27 dni temu

    Let's make more biodegradable things out of plastic! Yaaaay! They'll be so smooth!

  • Prapti
    Prapti28 dni temu

    If you ever do a remarkable giveaway, please count me as first entry :)

  • Patrick Rivera
    Patrick Rivera28 dni temu

    The interface reminds me of Kindle paperwhite when turning to the next page.

  • Jonathan Wilkerson
    Jonathan Wilkerson29 dni temu

    The price is a bait and switch. The site says it’s $399, but that’s without a marker and the whole point of it is writing on the surface of it. It’s really 499 with a pen that can write and erase.

  • Timofey Radchenko

    Timofey Radchenko

    28 dni temu

    You can erase without the 99$ Pen... So it would be 450$ for all you need. Other expense is the cover.

  • Kyu7
    Kyu729 dni temu

    For someone who loves to DM D&D games this looks amazing. Great way to take my dm notes on and plan out various game aspects and even draw simple maps and such in the midst of my notes. I can also upload the character sheet PDF's to keep track of my characters and NPCs just as I would with paper and pencil character sheets. No more hauling multiple notebooks and worrying about damaging paper sheets. This will do exactly as I need it to do!

  • RonB369
    RonB369Miesiąc temu

    I tried mine for a week and returned it -- to be upfront, I use Notability on my iPad with Apple Pencil and it is so much better for what I use it for -- but most importantly, I thought I might enjoy this for journaling and for my day planner -- well, boy was that wrong! The Day Planner I imported that I use was 215 pages of PDF -- it is impossible to bookmark any pages with the RM2 so the really really slow scrolling through the planner made it unusable. I LOVE the paper feel, but that was about it. It is pretty good for just keeping a diary -- but again, going back to find anything without being able to bookmark individual pages made it a chore and really hard to use. It would be great for someone who just keeps a lot of one or two page notes -- say keeping notes in a meeting --- but therein also lies the rub -- when I go to a meeting, I not only need to take notes, but I need to be able to access emails, look up contacts to share with folks in the meetings, and sometimes even message or look at media while meeting - none of which are possible here. If you get used to how fast, how well organized an iPad is, you will really have difficulty with the RM2 and how slow it is and how near impossible it is to flip back and forth easily and quickly in notebooks. Maybe someday that will be improved and zippier, and that day, I will get the next version so I can journal and keep my day planner -- for now, its a no go.

  • L.Pasteur
    L.PasteurMiesiąc temu

    I wish there was a store where I could try this out.

  • Sesily
    SesilyMiesiąc temu

    As a recovering note hoarder, I need this! I love to write, note take, and how I wish I had this in pharmacy school!!!

  • Dr. Sam's Health
    Dr. Sam's HealthMiesiąc temu

    Excellent review - I had my doubts and decided not to waste my time with it.

  • flemming s
    flemming sMiesiąc temu

    After your review i bought one. I am an engeer and mostly use it to put quick idees to paper and i think it works great for that. further than that i work in cad so i don't need the full tablet for that as it wouldn't work anyway. Thanx for the review

  • Forrest Corral
    Forrest CorralMiesiąc temu

    just bought one.

  • Lufasu Mafalu
    Lufasu MafaluMiesiąc temu

    can we get more video shot ofthe product under review instead of watching your mug constantly. i dont want to be rude but your huge face filling the screen is rather distracthing

  • Edgar Escobar
    Edgar EscobarMiesiąc temu

    As a business executive I have Laptops, an Ipad, and 3 different notepads for different subjects. Experiencing first hand, do you recommend this item to consolidate my notes on the Ipad and my note pads?

  • Xsynth


    Miesiąc temu

    I have one. From what you wrote it would fit your use case perfectly.

  • Vince Ferdinand
    Vince FerdinandMiesiąc temu

    Some basic graphing tools for straight lines, circles and so on would've been nice. For what exactly am I paying 500$? Their software lacks features and the only good thing about their hardware is produced by Wacom.

  • Jacob Wonder
    Jacob WonderMiesiąc temu

    I have the iPad Pro, and I LOVE the high refresh rate, but I’m interested to see how this compares in person.

  • RonB369


    Miesiąc temu

    You will be very disappointed if you are used to using something like Goodnotes or Notability -- the RM2 is remarkable to write on, but you can't bookmark pages in PDF's, and the scrolling is SO SO slow. I loved the look and feel but it was impractical and completely unusable for a day planner and day to day journal in which I need to flip back and forth quickly to find items. Its great for lots of 2-3 page notes.

  • GOC
    GOCMiesiąc temu

    I have 3 filing cabinets with project documents and notes. This looks like a solid investment.

  • Meh
    MehMiesiąc temu

    I would love to see a specialised drawing tablet made for pro artists that could function just as well as the Remarkable does. You don't have glaring LEDs, you get the organic paper feeling, and you don't have to worry about other applications because it only runs its own drawing programme. However I would like to add a colour palette to it so that it's not all black and white. It would also be cool if you could import brushes into it, or import picture files to trace or edit. Anyways, I think it's very possible to bring out this kind of technology. I'm hoping it happens soon.

  • Lord Ravenroth
    Lord RavenrothMiesiąc temu

    Would you recommend this for an aspiring author?

  • Hakan Yucel
    Hakan YucelMiesiąc temu

    You saved me lots of money 💰 thx 🙏

  • Riccardo Salemme
    Riccardo SalemmeMiesiąc temu

    Hello! Great explanation... I wanted to ask you... The remarkable when did he get to you? Did it take you over a month? Or a week? Ah... Then I also wanted to ask you where you got, bought... Thank you anyway..

  • Ashly Saniko
    Ashly SanikoMiesiąc temu

    Hey! Where's the Remarkable 1? XD

  • Zayk
    ZaykMiesiąc temu

    depending on how long this can last it seems like good value for something that could be handed down for years

  • Taeri SS
    Taeri SSMiesiąc temu

    Okay, I don't need it, but I want it. Really.🖐️👁️👄👁️🖐️

  • CitronVore
    CitronVoreMiesiąc temu

    Hey Brad, I love your videos ! I went back on this one because I heard about some e-ink tablet running Android 10. It’s the Onyx Boox and I have understand they use some sort of Wacom technology for the stylus sensors but I’m not quite sure. I’m wondering if you already know about them and if you plan to review one ? (I hope everyone is not spamming you about it already.)

  • Zzakii18
    Zzakii18Miesiąc temu

    I think you are limiting its usage by viewing from a designers perspective only. For me as a student, this is the perfect "paper" notebook. You can keep multiple notebooks in it and read pdf-files and ebooks and such. If the feel is as good as you say it is and the price is right then it's a rather compelling device.

  • Amanda Tuyama Angheben
    Amanda Tuyama AnghebenMiesiąc temu

    Hi Brad, Is there any pre-made layouts? like a planner or something?

  • Andrés Irigoyen
    Andrés IrigoyenMiesiąc temu

    Because paper is wasteful.

  • Garret Burrow
    Garret BurrowMiesiąc temu

    This product seems tailor-made for classroom use...with the advancement and proliferation of technology in our society, more and more grade school classrooms are switching to laptops or tablets. Of course this is a net positive for limiting the use of natural resources, but one downside to this change would be the decline in students' handwriting skills. Additionally, since the introduction of common core standards back in 2010 schools are no longer required to teach cursive handwriting, and only about two dozen states have passed legislation to reintroduce the style of handwriting used by the Founding Fathers to write the Constitution & the Declaration of Independence.(Imagine an entire generation of American citizens who were unable to read the Constitution...) I would love to see the company who makes these tablets land a contract with the federal government to supply these tablets to classrooms across the country.

  • MD shahawaz
    MD shahawazMiesiąc temu

    From where did you buy this paper tablet

  • FullyShadow
    FullyShadowMiesiąc temu

    I really liked this but i'll wait for further iterations when the software is buttery smooth. They're on the right track it seems

  • Treasure Bergman
    Treasure BergmanMiesiąc temu

    Are there all different styles of "paper"? Blank, lined, dot, graph?

  • Jerry W. King
    Jerry W. KingMiesiąc temu

    Thank you for your perspective. Going through possibly two reams of paper per week and needing to scan for folder placement / recovery. having two colleagues use one and watching your review; I have ordered a reMarkable2

  • ArtoftheR
    ArtoftheRMiesiąc temu

    I want it but its 400$

  • Taydiablo3
    Taydiablo3Miesiąc temu

    Oh too bad it’s only in black and white. Is this cloud base? Or does it have limited storage space i.e 16gb?

  • May Sanchez
    May SanchezMiesiąc temu

    As a business man. This makes sense for me. As long as I can access/create folders.... I will get it

  • Matt Davies

    Matt Davies

    Miesiąc temu

    You can

  • greyber matos
    greyber matosMiesiąc temu

    For that price should be full colour

  • Kiyomi Gibney
    Kiyomi GibneyMiesiąc temu

    Does anyone have a referral link?

  • Richie Ryan
    Richie RyanMiesiąc temu

    As a writer I like the idea of the handwriting converter. Other devices surely have this but the fact this is so basic without much else to distract me makes me more interested, not less.

  • Goodknight VO
    Goodknight VOMiesiąc temu

    I’m a voiceover artist and looking for a tablet to put my scripts on and then “mark” my copy with notes like i do with paper. I easily spend $500 a year on paper and ink. Any input using this or another device for this purpose.

  • Ben C
    Ben CMiesiąc temu


  • chingyboy87
    chingyboy87Miesiąc temu

    I would buy it...if it would have a planner and calendar app were you can make a notes.

  • RonB369


    Miesiąc temu

    There are all sorts of PDF planners and calendars you can sync to it and make notes on -- but it is really slow and there is no way to bookmark any pages in your planner so it becomes a chore to flip through your calendar because it is SO SLOW...

  • _ M
    _ MMiesiąc temu

    is it possible to connect it to Pc and screenshare while you are writing?

  • jonatan valdez
    jonatan valdezMiesiąc temu

    How many pages fit inside this device?

  • Chris Akins
    Chris Akins2 miesięcy temu

    Im on the fence one getting a Remarkable2. The biggest advantage in my mind is eliminating distractability. On the other hand, it's very expensive for what it does.

  • salmanc1
    salmanc12 miesięcy temu

    Great for meetings

    KRE CASH2 miesięcy temu

    If I had this at the university 20 years ago I wouldn't have any problem to find my notes now. Worthy investment.

  • srky19
    srky192 miesięcy temu

    okaaay.... I didn't expect Gerard Butler to explain this to me, but fine, I guess....

  • Jordan Stambaugh
    Jordan Stambaugh2 miesięcy temu

    I use a Rocketbook for my client note taking. It’s always on my desk so when I get a new call I can just jot stuff down, back it up to a Google drive folder and then wipe the page clean with water. I’m an artist too, but I would probably never use this for sketching when I have my iPad Pro and procreate. I really REALLY want to make a use case for this device but for $400 there just isn’t one, and I think I’m a prime candidate for someone who WOULD enjoy this device. I think they need to lower the cost via sales/production volume to make it worth it for more consumers.

  • Rowena Ravenclaw
    Rowena Ravenclaw2 miesięcy temu

    The product makes me smile, the price makes me cry.

  • EyeLean5280
    EyeLean52802 miesięcy temu

    As a teacher (one who sketches, btw), I'd love all my students to have one of these. My kid has one and the remarkable so superior to carrying around a big, bulky binder and yet it doesn't go on the internet, which can be way too tempting when a student is working on a laptop. I also want my students to take notes by hand because the science shows it's much better for their comprehension and memory. And as for the limits for artists - who cares? Think of it as an electronic sketchbook. Artists don't carry around paintboxes and easels with them everywhere they go, they carry sketchbooks, so this is a perfect all-in-one student binder and sketch pad.

  • Ballistic Zealot
    Ballistic Zealot2 miesięcy temu

    Are there any doctors on here with one of these? I ordered one for my wife, and it came in and I'm setting it up, but it says the send to email, and syncing between devices is only available if you sign up with the cloud account. My question is, what about HIPA and notes on patients? Maybe no sensitive info, but everything else is OK? What about the patient as the file name? Could that be a problem?

  • Viola Valz
    Viola Valz2 miesięcy temu

    yeah this is on my wish list now.

  • Carmen Nooner
    Carmen Nooner2 miesięcy temu

    I'm an excessive note taker, heavily into Bible Study. This kind of device is new to me and I admit I have little to no knowledge about these devices. I guess I have some catching up to do by watching several videos about this sort of tool. I need to know whether more storage can be added, setting up files, PDFs, and sharing. I prefer to use my Android tablets as media consumption devices. This might be something I need to look more deeply into.

  • Youtubaholic
    Youtubaholic2 miesięcy temu

    To those wondering about the whole return policy and how long it will take to get your money back, it took me exactly 30 days from the day the item was received at their facilities. I live in Australasia. Very credible company. And if the item wasn't so niche I would have kept it. The technology is phenomenal! And I would rank the brand up there with Apple in terms of service presentation and being environmentally conscious.

  • joel ramirez
    joel ramirez2 miesięcy temu

    Does it do text to speech?

  • Han Le
    Han Le2 miesięcy temu

    I guess this is perfect for researchers if they prefer comments on papers but don't have a huge bag to take tons of papers for reading. I wish I can afford one as a poor graduate student.

  • Jessica Hart
    Jessica Hart2 miesięcy temu

    I see the value as a web developer and with my new job there will be a lot of notes and I want something like this so I can quickly upload my notes. QUESTION: can I sign and upload documents with this? Email documents to others?

  • luckviii
    luckviii2 miesięcy temu

    Yea I agree. I have an iPad Pro, remarkable, and a max lumi and agree it incredible feeling writing on it. However, price point is just too high just for sketching. It does have a handy app for window and smartphone where what ever you did in remarkable device is sync to the phone and pc. Really cool and much better writing experience than on most computers. For excellent beginner iPad is the way to go especially since most support using pencil. So spends the $100 and get an Apple Pencil and try it out on iPad

  • Benjamin Agbasi
    Benjamin Agbasi2 miesięcy temu

    Great tool. Where was this when I was at uni.

  • Vicki Noble
    Vicki Noble2 miesięcy temu

    I watched a guy in a meeting convert hand written notes into text. That would be the main reason I would use this device. I take so many notes at work until it may be worth the investment.

    JAISA2 miesięcy temu

    Remarkable, the worst customer service that a company may have.

  • esaykay93
    esaykay932 miesięcy temu

    I don't think this is made for drawing pal

  • Nock Nock
    Nock Nock2 miesięcy temu

    Bruh the price is killing me

  • Mark Vincent Cocjin
    Mark Vincent Cocjin2 miesięcy temu

    You have failed to notice e-ink's strongest feature. You can use this thing in broad daylight. No amount of bright light can outshine this screen because it's not a screen that relies on backlighting to be visible.

  • naturelifesweden
    naturelifesweden2 miesięcy temu

    This is for me, im getting one :)

  • LauridsenR
    LauridsenR2 miesięcy temu

    I have one, since december The ability to have a draving, and make notes on the side, and then erase the notes because you dont need them anymore (yes you can do this with a pencil on paper but if you do it many times, it becomes messy) Copy snippets, tables, text to another page in the same noteboook, or in a different notebook all together. Organise in as many Notebooks as yoou want/need, it does not take up space on you desk, shelves or in you handbag. eMail your notes to yourself, or somebody else, maybe even convert it to machinewriting before pressing send. Read PDF's and add notes to the PDF... Love it

    MALEBO WANDA2 miesięcy temu

    Please send to me as give away I am a beginner artist

  • N1COLAST 26
    N1COLAST 262 miesięcy temu

    10:54 you've mentioned Apple so should've added 'and for how much money do we charge' at the end of the sentence.

  • Rebekah O'Brien
    Rebekah O'Brien2 miesięcy temu

    I want to get this to write my book as I never have time with three young children to sit down at my computer.. once I change my handwriting to text.. and them email it to myself .. can I then edit it or copy it to a word document on my computer ??

  • Maximilian Gulici

    Maximilian Gulici

    2 miesięcy temu

    Yes thats easily possible, because you can transfer pdf documents into word documents online