*NEW* Flores Pro Trick | True Experience Of Crimson Heist - Rainbow Six Siege


Hello everyone, I hope you enjoy todays special video, which is my gameplay from the new season " Crimson Heist " with the new operator Flores. Thank you for your support.
#Crimson_Heist #Flores
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  • Draes Taylor
    Draes Taylor6 dni temu


  • Joseph Joestar
    Joseph Joestar17 dni temu

    5:05 this is cute)

  • the short one
    the short oneMiesiąc temu

    Man i hope you do more videos like that

  • a red microwave
    a red microwaveMiesiąc temu

    +10 respect for using hotline miami music

  • jose Castellanos Argueta
    jose Castellanos ArguetaMiesiąc temu

    what's the ending song name?

  • Rahul Majumder
    Rahul MajumderMiesiąc temu

    Did anyone notice how the took out "Operation" from this season's name. Finally! They took out the military shit outta this game. Military shit is cringe af. Like, the original uniforms of the vanilla ops are so cringe, ewww. Hope they replace them with skins like the new Goyo uniform within this year.

  • Derek Smidl
    Derek SmidlMiesiąc temu

    His like mariokart music makes my day lol

  • Midget Mechanic
    Midget MechanicMiesiąc temu

    Anytime babe jäger

  • AzrA
    AzrAMiesiąc temu

    It's really nice to see videos like those and the music makes the difference. What's your playlist?

  • That One Guy
    That One GuyMiesiąc temu

    I could do that but get a injure and get it stolen

  • RazerW
    RazerWMiesiąc temu

    Jagér himself should just do his game play its almost better

  • ThatCoward223
    ThatCoward223Miesiąc temu

    I know I'm late, but ngl it's cool to see a combination of clips and your gameplay, keep up the content my guy!

  • Dib Spicer
    Dib SpicerMiesiąc temu

    Tricks for the guy with the rc car from cod

  • Sami Baessa
    Sami BaessaMiesiąc temu

    دقيقه بس... انت سعودي!!!!

  • Cesar Santiago
    Cesar SantiagoMiesiąc temu

    5:01 ???

  • Thibaud BOURNETON
    Thibaud BOURNETONMiesiąc temu

    Yoshi’s island OST spotted! (Snes)

  • iGhud
    iGhudMiesiąc temu

    This is like the first time in the 2 years ive been watching where we actually see jager play

    ZEMADMANMiesiąc temu

    And he i thinking the new operator was just a new skin for thermite and the new season was an event

  • Gerihun 102
    Gerihun 102Miesiąc temu

    I mean if you have the moves like Jäger

  • verybadshroud123
    verybadshroud123Miesiąc temu

    Hotline miami ost like

  • David Santana
    David SantanaMiesiąc temu

    its so nice how pc champs can play with consle champs without thinking less of them like most pc players

  • 2
    2Miesiąc temu

    We need more of your gameplay

  • Cgreat2542
    Cgreat2542Miesiąc temu

    Are these the tts

  • LowKeyDead
    LowKeyDeadMiesiąc temu

    All i see is you tryharding on TTS lmao

  • fouad safar
    fouad safarMiesiąc temu

    فلانتينو وايكل اكس 😂😂

    MUSTAFA BRAESSMiesiąc temu

    العرب دائماً منورين

  • Alabama Roaster
    Alabama RoasterMiesiąc temu

    LMAO that doc got owned!

  • Nicolas Raymond
    Nicolas RaymondMiesiąc temu

    Drone moves when enemy dies Me:WDF

  • chaparro hdz
    chaparro hdzMiesiąc temu

    hey ahi estaba el Caramelo xd

  • Vorkuzz
    VorkuzzMiesiąc temu

    whats the music called at the end of the video

  • Elko Stark
    Elko StarkMiesiąc temu

    Bruv i wanna play with u guys (Elkous uplay)

  • Bradley Sanders
    Bradley SandersMiesiąc temu

    Need more original clips

  • Mattress
    MattressMiesiąc temu

    When is it gonna release

  • Turtle
    TurtleMiesiąc temu

    Anyone one knows when the season is releasing??

  • Nick Erwin
    Nick ErwinMiesiąc temu

    Is it that dark in TS?

  • Floofers
    FloofersMiesiąc temu

    The music that starts at 0:46 is from the Hotline Miami 2 Soundtrack, called Divide, seeing a lot of folks asking what it be.

  • Francesco Stoico
    Francesco StoicoMiesiąc temu

    Good video

  • Todd J
    Todd JMiesiąc temu

    Where's the cat 🐈?

  • Andre Adame
    Andre AdameMiesiąc temu

    jager do u know if flores have a drone for the prep phase?

  • DEVI L
    DEVI LMiesiąc temu

    يقر همسلف انت عربي صح؟😂

  • Matt3 -
    Matt3 -Miesiąc temu

    The song is Super Mario Galaxy 1

  • Michał Michał
    Michał MichałMiesiąc temu

    why do u have reversed player count?

  • A Mysterious Gamer Approaches
    A Mysterious Gamer ApproachesMiesiąc temu

    Question: if the car jumps and detonates then hits a aruni laser gate does it break? I wanna know the interaction, does it go through the gate like the gate doesn’t exist? Does it break the car and shutdown the gate? Does the car go through and the gate gets shutdown

  • Lovro Škrljac
    Lovro ŠkrljacMiesiąc temu

    When is the new season coming out

  • Flavio_ Sannino
    Flavio_ SanninoMiesiąc temu

    how can you jump to the spot in kitchen in kafe with mira?!?! Can someone explain me :((((

  • XTreme Pandas
    XTreme PandasMiesiąc temu

    7:14 lol thaqil red boxes weren’t working

  • James Wilson
    James WilsonMiesiąc temu

    I love YOU *jager himself* for putting out quality videos time after time

  • B4KED P0TAT0 V1
    B4KED P0TAT0 V1Miesiąc temu

    At the one minute mark he is play a song but did not link it

  • Mason Crombie
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  • Mason Crombie
    Mason CrombieMiesiąc temu

    Real jager himself clips?

  • GermanBOIII
    GermanBOIIIMiesiąc temu

    you could say the new (floor)es pro trick

  • DaSoftieCat
    DaSoftieCatMiesiąc temu

    Jager Himself > Benjamaster> Shaiiko Jager Himself > Shaiiko

  • SimonPlays 27
    SimonPlays 27Miesiąc temu

    I know this music that starts at 4:23 is from mario galaxy star festival, but i can't seem to find the remix, can somebody help?

  • CheezFries4Life
    CheezFries4LifeMiesiąc temu

    How the heck does this man not got 1M subs I just don’t get it

  • ANBUforfxit
    ANBUforfxitMiesiąc temu

    It wasn't just me that heard it and went to it 3:10-3:13

  • Ilja Frolovs
    Ilja FrolovsMiesiąc temu

    Can bkikini not suck for once?

  • Rolo :D
    Rolo :DMiesiąc temu

    We all love you Jäger ❤️

  • Cad Killer
    Cad KillerMiesiąc temu

    I like this "All your content" Style of content. It makes me feel more likely to watch the whole video. Normally I just watch to see what's in the title

  • Adriatic S.
    Adriatic S.Miesiąc temu

    Why people team kill the gay operator.. almost every round... is this a trend or something?

  • GodlyAbyss
    GodlyAbyssMiesiąc temu

    Good video I enjoyed it

  • Elims Zero
    Elims ZeroMiesiąc temu

    to be honest your own clips are so boring

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    ete sechMiesiąc temu

    dudee thats clips were amazing💥🔥🔥

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    Konner MillsMiesiąc temu

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  • Fuugamer1
    Fuugamer1Miesiąc temu

    Hola caramelo

  • De'Merikko Reynolds
    De'Merikko ReynoldsMiesiąc temu

    They’re gonna make his drone like twitches so it won’t jump.

  • i-Ahmxd_EU
    i-Ahmxd_EUMiesiąc temu

    Thars so fuuny kill thy Drone😂😂😂😂

  • i-Ahmxd_EU
    i-Ahmxd_EUMiesiąc temu

    WTF this Operator so so so so good omg😱😱

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    Jaiden BaileyMiesiąc temu

    I call cheats lol 6:25

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    Nate WatersMiesiąc temu

    Daily dose of siege

  • Min
    MinMiesiąc temu

    What is the background music playing at the beginning

  • SimonPlays 27

    SimonPlays 27

    Miesiąc temu

    Super Mario world 2 yoshi’s island : flower garden, do you know the link for the background music that starts around 4:23 ?

  • Ri Cat
    Ri CatMiesiąc temu

    Pro *gaymers* move

  • Alex Gavrila
    Alex GavrilaMiesiąc temu

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    JOE MAMAMiesiąc temu

    5:20 anyone knows whats the bgm's name

  • Tommy Olias
    Tommy OliasMiesiąc temu

    When Oobi will release the update?

  • Life of Hugo
    Life of HugoMiesiąc temu

    More game play pls

  • Motherfungler
    MotherfunglerMiesiąc temu

    The player count (5v5-4v5) not lining up with the side that loses a person is hella annoying... Why change it

  • Rimon Ghirmay
    Rimon GhirmayMiesiąc temu

    They really made this new operator gay😂

  • DROX
    DROXMiesiąc temu

    so ur telling me jager himself gets sent clips of new strats right so if he wanted to he couldnt post it and use them himself?

  • D3RO08
    D3RO08Miesiąc temu

    what happens to the twitch drone when you change operator in the prep phase ?

  • Troy Peterman
    Troy PetermanMiesiąc temu

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    LQ CamoMiesiąc temu

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    Carlos LeeMiesiąc temu

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