Steve Jobs introduces iPhone in 2007

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This is the iPhone introduction excerpt from the Macworld San Francisco 2007 Keynote Address January 9th, 2007. Steve Jobs made the claim that it was 5 years ahead of any other phone. AppleTV was also introduced that day.


  • Josh Adams
    Josh Adams6 miesięcy temu

    This press conference literally changed the world forever

  • Luc Menta

    Luc Menta

    3 dni temu

    Change the world of technology and global maybe.

  • Fiachra Casey

    Fiachra Casey

    5 dni temu


  • ratchet 1784

    ratchet 1784

    8 dni temu


  • iSausage


    10 dni temu

    Lol ok

  • Vod Kinockers

    Vod Kinockers

    10 dni temu

    The funny thing about that is there were separate iPhones prototypes behind the podium. All capable of doing one task and if it they bugged out on stage it could have potentially ruined its launch.

  • Shiven Dhania
    Shiven Dhania2 godzin temu

    Welll, thattt is called a presentation!!!

  • Emperor Ra
    Emperor Ra4 godzin temu

    Hello 2010s and 2020s and more kids

  • Uday Gawande
    Uday Gawande5 godzin temu

    Everytime I see this I got goosebumps 😇

    IŔÓN MÀN ÓP8 godzin temu

    Watching this video after iPhone 12 launch😂😂😂😂😂

  • Hamid Ali C
    Hamid Ali C9 godzin temu

    He changed this world... RIP legend...

  • blushanqels
    blushanqels9 godzin temu

    hey im here on wednesday, 25th november, 2020. 😻😻

  • Benjamin R
    Benjamin R11 godzin temu

    Now let's talk pricing...

  • Thrakerzad
    Thrakerzad11 godzin temu

    "today apple is going to reinvent the phone" and that's exactly what happened, holy shit lol.

  • Archa Sunil
    Archa Sunil12 godzin temu

    Anyone watching this in iPhone😂

  • NeonPROD Official
    NeonPROD Official14 godzin temu

    Fun Fact: Fingerworks actually patented the idea of Multi-Touch which was used in Iphone so technically you should thank them for making the iphone

  • Philis Skoczen
    Philis Skoczen17 godzin temu

    2007: who wants a stylus, agh 2020: who wants a charger, agh

  • Ramsey Wrinkles
    Ramsey Wrinkles20 godzin temu

    When touch screen was a thing we thought was from 50 years in the future

  • Kasun
    Kasun21 godzinę temu

    Thanks Steve

  • Zortrax the Protogen
    Zortrax the ProtogenDzień temu

    6:52 yach

    LUSKA ARTHURDzień temu

    Em 2011 eu tava assistindo todo mundo odeia o Chris, aí o You tube me recomenda isso .

  • Kc Jeremiah
    Kc JeremiahDzień temu

    Who’s watching on 2020?

  • Kedar Nair
    Kedar NairDzień temu

    And people say apple is the worst company They literally invented touch screen


    amongus ggpapo

  • Dr. Discoo
    Dr. DiscooDzień temu

    If they patented touch screen !!! HOW is other brands using it ???

  • Aliezander Alindao
    Aliezander AlindaoDzień temu

    watching it from my iPhone XR hahahaha lol

  • SP King
    SP KingDzień temu

    Makes you wonder what the next iPhone idea will be....

  • albert tasayev
    albert tasayevDzień temu

    changed the world? more like ruined the world

  • Jake Higdon
    Jake HigdonDzień temu

    Nobody likes a stylus but we would like it if you would buy a apple pen.

  • Renata Tostada
    Renata Tostada2 dni temu

    When he was comparing the OG Macintosh to what they were revealing here, I could practically hear people rolling their eyes in the audience. Lol

  • 이주화
    이주화2 dni temu

    Why am i watching this lol

  • AndrewFw
    AndrewFw2 dni temu

    And then, BlackBerry had a painful and slow death through the years

  • George Twine
    George Twine2 dni temu

    1:40 Steve's like "wait til they see what else this ipod can do"

  • Vyacheslav Tierney
    Vyacheslav Tierney2 dni temu

    It’s funny how people think Apple changed the world, yet they are declining, and we monte hungry business and haven’t been changing shit since 2007 expect for minor adjustments.

  • Vyacheslav Tierney
    Vyacheslav Tierney2 dni temu

    And Apple continues to advertise itself as amazing. Lol. And as if it is surpassing other companies. Lol. Apple is such a joke. It’s computers are low tech, and they advertise as if they are the first to create this shit and they still put into their computers old outdated gpu and cpu components and fans that don’t cool anything lol.

  • Justine Lebria
    Justine Lebria2 dni temu

    One of the best sales presentation.

  • Kent Low
    Kent Low2 dni temu

    Thank your love

  • Kent Low
    Kent Low2 dni temu

    Dady i am a black apple

  • Xbite
    Xbite2 dni temu

    Apple probably ruled the world for a few days when this was released.

  • Why Who What??
    Why Who What??2 dni temu

    Biography of Mr.Steve Jobs

  • Why Who What??
    Why Who What??2 dni temu

  • Heru Irawan
    Heru Irawan2 dni temu

    Quite good presentation from a man who can controls metal

  • Giannis Gertsos
    Giannis Gertsos3 dni temu


  • اللعب مع روان
    اللعب مع روان3 dni temu

    If he was alive there would be no scammers

  • اللعب مع روان
    اللعب مع روان3 dni temu


  • اللعب مع روان
    اللعب مع روان3 dni temu

    First they were normal after both ceo die all are scammers

  • Ivan Miguel
    Ivan Miguel3 dni temu

    Steve jobs: Change da world, my final message, goodbye.

  • Manuel Norbertson
    Manuel Norbertson3 dni temu

    This comment section is: 40% "ugh look how few improvements they do now" 30% "they really love Jobs" 40% "Stylus lol"

  • Lengoc Khanhbang
    Lengoc Khanhbang3 dni temu

    I need boy friend

  • Lara Thompson
    Lara Thompson3 dni temu

    me watching this on my iphone in the future like ✨👁👄👁✨

  • Yassine El amrani
    Yassine El amrani4 dni temu

    it’s funny how I’m watching this on my IPhone 12 pro

  • manish mehta
    manish mehta4 dni temu

    Whoever is not impressed by this is probably dead inside

  • Alfino Nino
    Alfino Nino4 dni temu

    Who’s here in 2020

  • Anant Gupta
    Anant Gupta4 dni temu

    I don't love Apple sometimes due to: Budget And Finder

  • robert mosquera
    robert mosquera4 dni temu

    The last speech ever given without a crowd recording on their phones

  • xDrake 010
    xDrake 0105 dni temu

    whos watching now nov 11 2020

  • Nguyenchau Ngocchau
    Nguyenchau Ngocchau5 dni temu

    Yang sayang aku like yang cinta allah coment.

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    UFC 2555 dni temu

    Iya ya Allah.

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  • Avocado Dip
    Avocado Dip5 dni temu

    He did it, after 10 years. Rip Steve

  • Christian Plays
    Christian Plays5 dni temu

    POV: your watching Steve Jobs talk ab the iPhone he just made while your watching him with the newest iPhone out 😂

  • Christian Plays

    Christian Plays

    5 dni temu

    @Mohammed Avdol the cool camel-ridin' nigga same

  • Mohammed Avdol the cool camel-ridin' nigga

    Mohammed Avdol the cool camel-ridin' nigga

    5 dni temu

    I'm broke

  • Ahmed Hajji
    Ahmed Hajji5 dni temu

    Steve jobs really hates keyboards 😂

  • give me a name - 50 years ago
    give me a name - 50 years ago5 dni temu

    This is the start of shit life

  • Kim Jong Un
    Kim Jong Un5 dni temu

    You spelled stand up comedy wrong

  • Na Thu
    Na Thu6 dni temu


  • KSK II NiitrozZ
    KSK II NiitrozZ6 dni temu

    Watching this on my Iphone 11 :)

  • Эл. Щитовая
    Эл. Щитовая6 dni temu

    Спасибо! Отличный обзор! ПОДПИШИСЬ НА МОЙ КАНАЛ,

  • Hugo Nava Kopp
    Hugo Nava Kopp6 dni temu

    lol look at the face of that audience. If he'd wanted to start a sect, they would have all followed. Oh wait, he kinda did, and they sure followed.

  • Chase Bishop
    Chase Bishop6 dni temu

    Hi people in the future! It’s 11/18/20 and I’m just saying this because I know everyone will learn about this in school!

  • RemiX. 93
    RemiX. 936 dni temu

    2021 Introduces the iPhone 13 Pro Max Ultra Elite No Screen Edition

  • skullcrushurgaming _
    skullcrushurgaming _6 dni temu

    He said that gaint screen....gaaaiinnt screen

  • Nguyenthanh Minhthu
    Nguyenthanh Minhthu6 dni temu

    Yang milih allah like 40000 ya.

  • Almobine
    Almobine6 dni temu

    La programmation divine de Steve Jobs ! La chaîne Almobine lancée le 23/01/2020, produit des études autour d'une nouvelle science (la programmation divine) basée sur les nombres premiers ! Fraternellement votre Le confident des nombres premiers

    UFC 242 FULL FIGHT7 dni temu

    A la verga.

  • Killain Maccallan
    Killain Maccallan7 dni temu

    Damn someone who stands up for his beliefs kudo's buddy

  • resurrected man
    resurrected man7 dni temu

    Sony Phones are designed Best.

  • Pedro Silva
    Pedro Silva7 dni temu

    O mundo nunca mais foi o mesmo depois desse dia

  • lefa joseph
    lefa joseph7 dni temu

    He was lowkey a great comedian 💙

  • crabbypatty2004 Robloxgod
    crabbypatty2004 Robloxgod7 dni temu

    Me watching this on iPhone xs

  • America's Not Talented
    America's Not Talented7 dni temu

    imagine showing Steve Jobs what Apple has turned in to now.

  • granto ,
    granto ,7 dni temu

    Man imagine what Apple could be today if Steve didn’t pass.

  • peppuhroni
    peppuhroni8 dni temu


  • diwakar dhakal
    diwakar dhakal8 dni temu

    It was uploaded in 2011 But PLclip recommend me in 2020 !

  • Gabriel L.
    Gabriel L.8 dni temu

    9:41 am

  • Harry Potter
    Harry Potter8 dni temu

    7:16 people laugh but he is serious

  • Frank
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    UFC 2389 dni temu

    Yang sayang aku like yang cinta allah coment.

  • Petor Peter
    Petor Peter9 dni temu

    Check my iOS apps:

  • JJ cika
    JJ cika9 dni temu

    literally historic

  • Osama Awwad
    Osama Awwad10 dni temu

    a GIANT screen

  • Idrees Gadriwala
    Idrees Gadriwala10 dni temu

    My first iPhone was an iPhone 5/5s

  • John Schroter

    John Schroter

    10 dni temu

    My first iPhone was the first iPhone.

  • Toussaint Kouakou
    Toussaint Kouakou10 dni temu

    Amazing !!!

  • Ol' Dirty Dasher
    Ol' Dirty Dasher11 dni temu

    Never bought not used one

  • Karlismymiddlename
    Karlismymiddlename11 dni temu

    Ever since he died, I think apple went downhill, now they only care about milking our money :(

    STRELZ11 dni temu

    I m angry,no one in the comment section writing ,rip Steve jobs 😭

  • Vorrimade
    Vorrimade11 dni temu

    Take a shot everytime he says revolutionary

  • Sulaiman Khan
    Sulaiman Khan11 dni temu

    We are calling it iphone. There he nailed the era

  • Jason Derulo
    Jason Derulo12 dni temu

    Fuck you youtube and your fucking double ads

  • zid b
    zid b12 dni temu

    6:30, a giant screen! How fast time runs, only after these many year people realise this is the start of a new era!

  • Md Kaif
    Md Kaif12 dni temu

    Today i finally watched this video.

  • simpson cornish
    simpson cornish12 dni temu

    The last speech ever given without a crowd recording on their phones

  • Nesta Oji
    Nesta Oji13 dni temu

    so this is where it all started eh?

  • Qian Li
    Qian Li13 dni temu

    Watch this again with iPhone 12 now. You changed the world, Steve

  • COD Gaming
    COD Gaming13 dni temu

    Legends never die, you will never die from our heart, love you Steve Jobs❤