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In God of War, Kratos evolves from a rage and vengeance filled widower to protective and (somewhat) loving father. Join The Leaderboard as we comb through the entire God Of War timeline to explore how Kratos transforms from the ghost of Sparta to the world's best dad.
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God of War is one of Playstation's most beloved and long-running franchises. Now with the recent release of God Of War 4 or God Of War 2018, we thought we take a look back at the series and unpack the story and tragedy of Kratos. So Join The Leaderboard as we run through the complete God Of War timeline through God War, God of War 2, God of War 3, God of War: Ghost of Sparta, and God of War Ascension.
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Researched by: Sam Skopp
Written by: Sam Skopp
Hosted by: Judith "_jetset" Barbosa
Edited by: Matthew Bruce
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  • Luis Z

    Luis Z

    6 dni temu

    A alas asq

  • Kyle Gower

    Kyle Gower

    17 dni temu

    Kratos has been my dad since the first game came out when I was like 6 or 7 lmao

  • Dutch Van Der Linde

    Dutch Van Der Linde

    28 dni temu

    Even if he killed his first family ?

  • DUSHAAN Naidoo

    DUSHAAN Naidoo

    Miesiąc temu


  • Dutch Plan der Linde

    Dutch Plan der Linde

    3 miesięcy temu

    It’s always better than my dad.

  • kenway34
    kenway347 godzin temu

    If Kratos travels back in time to the point of the great war between the gods and the titans (at the end of gow2), then why aren't Ares, Athena, Icarus etc. ALIVE IN GOD OF WAR 3, WHICH BASICALLY JUST BEGINS AT THE END OF 2?!! SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME!!

  • Amit Bisht
    Amit Bisht8 godzin temu

    Kratos is always angry and is always like - BOI? But when he's soft for his kid and fears ti lose him he's like - Atrious?

  • Jayguino
    JayguinoDzień temu

    I know this is old but Ascension is a PS3 game not a PSP game....

  • Cole Toombs
    Cole Toombs2 dni temu

    I constantly talk about this with my friends and they clearly don't about it as much as I do but I don't care. I talk about the fact that kratos is THE man to kill and destroy the world of the Greeks and atreus has no clue of it. The way he talks to kratos is just him thinking he is just a strong man that doesn't get enough sun. It truly blows my mind that kratos will sit in silence rethinking his past of blood shed and lives with the fact that he isn't the real him bc of having to travel through time. And STILL atreus sits there questioning his affection for his (second) wife. It is so crazy to think that he will forever have to deal with the fact that he caused his own problems and all he got in return was the reward of pride. That is the truth he hoped to spare atreus in my opinion.


    Dad is it really you

  • TerminalBoneCancer
    TerminalBoneCancer2 dni temu

    dude kratos crawled out of hell himself. gaia barely helped him

  • Cameron’s Camera Business
    Cameron’s Camera Business3 dni temu

    Bruh I just realised if Kratos hadn’t opened the box or pandora most of the story wouldn’t have happened

  • Omar Tahan
    Omar Tahan4 dni temu

    At the end of gow 4 u see on the walls something about the kid killing kratos

  • Charles Picard
    Charles Picard4 dni temu

    But when is the movie getting made?

  • Korra
    Korra4 dni temu

    No matter what Atreus will always be BOI

  • Plaugonic
    Plaugonic4 dni temu

    He kills gods... Then gets flashed by aphrodite, lol (14:00)

  • Lanre Akerele
    Lanre Akerele6 dni temu

    Like The Witcher, there should be a live-action tv-series for God Of War, which the Capcom video game of franchise is very decent, even this trailer of the latest GOW 2018 game.

  • Rahul Ravishankar
    Rahul Ravishankar6 dni temu

    Too bad Sony had to call dibs. This series would have developed even more if it was available over other platforms.

  • Zeldris Wrath
    Zeldris Wrath7 dni temu

    Millions of people who started to play god of war bcuz of the 2018 one and millions of people dropped the games and story bcuz of god of war the boy

  • Aidan Geary
    Aidan Geary8 dni temu

    What was the music at 5:56

  • Lance
    Lance8 dni temu

    Next installment: *Kratos: God Of Dad*

  • AOW Tchezinho
    AOW Tchezinho9 dni temu

    u forgot to mention that kratos is loki's father

  • Maher Kamil
    Maher Kamil9 dni temu

    damn, i probably should have seen this after finishing the game, that freya being baldurs mother is a major spoiler

  • Bilel Riahi
    Bilel Riahi10 dni temu

    4:12 Imagine those graphics on a PSP

  • Dragon Guy From Dragon Film Ω
    Dragon Guy From Dragon Film Ω10 dni temu

    This is the type of video I watch at 4:00AM

  • Chou Yagami
    Chou Yagami10 dni temu

    So it means that whenever kratos wants to be alive again he can just escape the underworld?

  • Darduel
    Darduel10 dni temu

    still no Idea how Kratos comes back after dying (for the 4th time mind you) and somehoe ends up in Midgard.. yet it's not a reboot since there sre references to his past in GoW4

  • Calm Bacchus
    Calm Bacchus11 dni temu

    Ok I’m very confused, during the game there’s a point where Atreus asks if he had a past with baldur, kratos says the only time he ever saw baldur was at fayes funeral so how did baldur not know who Faye was and why he thought Kratos was faye

  • Calm Bacchus

    Calm Bacchus

    10 dni temu

    @Rūta Valytė I’m an idiot I was thinking fayes funeral was a complete different event that we didn’t see where other people showed up to grieve her death didn’t realize her funeral was just kratos and Atreus when they cremated her

  • Rūta Valytė

    Rūta Valytė

    10 dni temu

    Baldur didn't know who Faye or Kratos was. He was just looking for a giant(Faye) and well when Kratos showed up he just thought "okay that's probably the giant I'm looking for"

  • Juan Hernandez
    Juan Hernandez12 dni temu

    The ordinary pilot prudently fit because teeth interstingly hate throughout a measly grade. cloistered, dreary ruth

  • ŘŮĐ4Ø
    ŘŮĐ4Ø14 dni temu

    *No one:* *Kratos:* _"B O I"_

  • the Cannon
    the Cannon15 dni temu

    If we dont fight thor in ragnarok i swear

  • The Flash
    The Flash16 dni temu

    No Athena doesn't dodge the question.....she straight up lies to Kratos lol.

  • Son_of_the_HeavyMetal
    Son_of_the_HeavyMetal16 dni temu

    In a future GoW game: Odin: You cannot kill me, mortal Kratos: You forgot who i am Odin: Well, yes Kratos: i'm thr dude who killed Zeus barehanded Odin: Who un the blue hel is Zus?

    PUDGE GAMING17 dni temu

    U missed THOR

  • enzo Palaña
    enzo Palaña19 dni temu

    So helpful and accurate

  • Gavrie Zickefoose
    Gavrie Zickefoose20 dni temu

    When you only play GoW 4 so you come here after you beat the game for more information.

  • Enzo Alika
    Enzo Alika20 dni temu

    Kratos said what zeus said "the cycle ends here"

  • Reverence Blade
    Reverence Blade20 dni temu

    Seriously talk slower man I had to rewind so many times for me to sink it in my brain.

  • Adrian Cervantes
    Adrian Cervantes24 dni temu

    If kratos go back in time before Zeus before destroy Spartan this Sparta still existed

  • YeetusDeletus694
    YeetusDeletus69425 dni temu

    does god mean that you can fly and you are not a human/spartan.Plus his kratos's son is half Giant Spartan and Half and then he is a son of god

  • YeetusDeletus694
    YeetusDeletus69425 dni temu

    if kratos was my dad i would steal his blade of chaos and go to hell to kill zeus again

  • Blake Cunningham
    Blake Cunningham25 dni temu

    At this point I’d just want a dad

  • Lorax
    Lorax25 dni temu

    God of war in a nutshell Kratos: but I lived

  • Echoz
    Echoz26 dni temu

    you lost me in like the first 10 minutes. A suggestion that I have is to go a bit slower on explaining a few things (Btw this could also be because I never played/watched any god of war)

  • MrStoltverd
    MrStoltverd27 dni temu

    I still don't understand how the last game happened, since the world was destroyed... Or Kratos' change, taking into account he still was full of rage, regret and bla bla bla at the end of the third main game.

  • Mega AT
    Mega AT27 dni temu

    The Leaderboard : would you like kretos be your dad ? me : aaah hell noo !?

  • 9LiVeS42 0
    9LiVeS42 027 dni temu

    atreus is acctually named Loki, his mother wanted that name for him

  • Quantum!
    Quantum!28 dni temu

    So your telling me the entire god of war series is built of a skin

  • yunus-emre musullu
    yunus-emre musullu29 dni temu

    And my stupid ass watched a vid that was. 3 hours

  • xx_ninja_xx 1
    xx_ninja_xx 129 dni temu

    "10 or so years since the last game" its been over 150 years since the events oof the last game

  • Mayank Soni
    Mayank Soni29 dni temu

    who'd have thought all kratos needed was a therapist

  • Nikola Kaev
    Nikola KaevMiesiąc temu

    Was not Baldr the dead norse god whom Loki killed with a spear made out of a plant? The same god of all that is good? The only god to be reborn after Ragnarok?

  • Anonymous
    AnonymousMiesiąc temu

    I hated her awww 😑

  • Yeezy TaughtMe
    Yeezy TaughtMeMiesiąc temu

    The angry alloy byerly bolt because numeric substantially dance lest a different bite. amused, harsh stretch

  • Cemil Sevdirir
    Cemil SevdirirMiesiąc temu

    Actually they say it's not a dozen years later since kratos killed himself at top of the Olympus, its 150 years. Ghost of Sparta's fame, goes all around world including north. They draw him on a pot that located under of Yggdrasill portal room. When kratos and atreus travels to the lake, the room was flooded. Then Mimir says that the room has been flooded for 150 winters. So you can figure out that kratos is at least 180 years old.

  • Ben Spagnuolo
    Ben SpagnuoloMiesiąc temu

    goes from saving Helios to ripping his damn head off lmao

  • {cr_ck head shrøøm.220}
    {cr_ck head shrøøm.220}Miesiąc temu

    Wait- the titans *confused atacc on titan fan*

  • neutralentity777
    neutralentity777Miesiąc temu

    I believe the only way Kratos was even able to kill any of the gods was with the power of hope. I also believe Kratos absorbed the powers of thanatos at the end of the ghost of sparta and that by imbuing his war and death abilities into the sword he elevated the blade to true God killing status.

  • neutralentity777


    Miesiąc temu

    @scared monke Hard to say but more likely than not he was. He was able to bloody Kratos in combat AFTER Kratos had become the God of war. Kratos healed pretty quick after though but still

  • scared monke

    scared monke

    Miesiąc temu

    @neutralentity777 was Deimos also a demigod?

  • neutralentity777


    Miesiąc temu

    @scared monke As "Normal" as a Spartan childs life could have been. As for his abilities , he most likely had superhuman strength , stamina and Healing abilities .

  • scared monke

    scared monke

    Miesiąc temu

    random question. did kratos live life like a normal human when he was a spartan, before he knew he was zeus' son? and did he still have the abilities of a demigod at that stage?

  • Z3R0
    Z3R0Miesiąc temu

    Just beat the game for the first time last night, this game was incredible

  • Thomas Harris
    Thomas HarrisMiesiąc temu

    This video says 10ish years between 3 and 4, but it is at least 100years after, there is a vase depicting the ghost of Sparta kratos discovers in tyres vault, which has been sealed for 150 years

  • Majin Gogeta ]
    Majin Gogeta ]Miesiąc temu

    1:20 ah yes 6 year old has beard

  • The Light
    The LightMiesiąc temu


  • Richard Lutz
    Richard LutzMiesiąc temu

    Chick talks too much

  • Damir Mešić
    Damir MešićMiesiąc temu

    Kratos is the best videogame character ever, there is no character with deeper and more complex story. Argue with me.

  • Steven Roberts
    Steven RobertsMiesiąc temu

    the only proper way to end this series is with kratos gettin killed in a fight with Jesus

  • Natha Hadad
    Natha HadadMiesiąc temu

    The elated jeep coincidently look because clef preoperatively attempt aside a secret coin. naive, utopian front

  • Wesley Nathan Valentino
    Wesley Nathan ValentinoMiesiąc temu


  • Kourosh Moini
    Kourosh MoiniMiesiąc temu

    almost the greatest betrayal to gaming community is to only release these series for PS

  • The giant Luffy 78
    The giant Luffy 78Miesiąc temu

    It seems to me that this video is just a copy of jean baptiste show’s one. Same Music and same narration

  • Ian McCollum
    Ian McCollumMiesiąc temu

    My dad is basically Kratos

  • PlayerWithGames
    PlayerWithGamesMiesiąc temu

    imagine saving gods so you can kill them yourself

  • Keyon Big Birdy Peters
    Keyon Big Birdy PetersMiesiąc temu

    Why didn't you tell the modi and magni was the nephew of Kratos son

  • TheRed Ghostman
    TheRed GhostmanMiesiąc temu

    So between gow3 and gow4 is when Playstation All Stars and Mortal Kombat took place.

  • Brett Crane
    Brett CraneMiesiąc temu

    You left out the part that aureus is loki

  • Luz Hernandez
    Luz HernandezMiesiąc temu

    I think instead of the new kratos being different I think he is reincarnated

  • Raziel Prince A. ARGONZA
    Raziel Prince A. ARGONZAMiesiąc temu

    Atreus is Loki the God Of Mischief

  • Greek Freak
    Greek Freak2 miesięcy temu

    I’m so lost while watching this 😂😂

  • theknowledgeguy
    theknowledgeguy2 miesięcy temu

    I can’t wait for him to have a full on war with Norse god’s ,maybe Egyptian gods?

  • Ameyama
    Ameyama2 miesięcy temu

    Ah yes, the good old kratos. I remember banging chicks on a ship to get some souls. These were good days.

  • MrDoopyTub Gaming
    MrDoopyTub Gaming2 miesięcy temu

    Wait what if kratos and the doom slayer are related

  • Al-Ikram Chowdory
    Al-Ikram Chowdory2 miesięcy temu

    19:33 She got her bad boy dream come true.

  • Feli
    Feli2 miesięcy temu

    Cronos kills Uranus, Zeus kills Cronos, Kratos kills Zeus, we know what's happening next.

  • Nicolas2465
    Nicolas24652 miesięcy temu

    We need God of War 1-3 remakes

  • The video game show
    The video game show2 miesięcy temu

    Atreus seems and looked like he’s ten

  • Jwils The M.C
    Jwils The M.C2 miesięcy temu

    The extended universe stuff really makes the original trilogy make more sense. I remember watching my sister play God of War 2 and wondering why we were suppose to root for Kratos now I really get why he was so angry.

  • YoTreez
    YoTreez2 miesięcy temu

    You didn’t explain in God of War 2018 anything about why Baldur showed up, Odin attempts to prevent Ragnarok, Baldurs reason of pulling up to Kratos house was to kill his wife not him,Baldurs death signaling the start of ragnarok, Before Atreus spreaded his mother ashes he and Kratos found out that his mother is a giant as well as Atreus is. Atreus original supposedly Named Loki. Thor’s appearance at the end of the game. I understand this is a 5-6 game video in one but those are key events heading into the next game that everyone should know. The review of the last game was by far the worst I’ve ever heard and doesn’t explain a lot but only Kratos trying to be better for his son, not what’s going on during that progression

  • Carter Still
    Carter Still2 miesięcy temu

    Baldrs dad is Zeus so kratos killed another brother

  • Whitty The bomb
    Whitty The bomb2 miesięcy temu

    Zeus kills his dad Kratos kills his dad So thats mean atrues........

  • Hixel12
    Hixel122 miesięcy temu

    Question: If Deimos was just being tortured in the domain of death for most of his life, how did he get the sick armour and big metal hand?

  • patchory
    patchory2 miesięcy temu

    God of war ascension isnt a psp game it a ps3

  • Stefan Mazilu
    Stefan Mazilu2 miesięcy temu

    What are the songs that start at 4:06 (ish) and 6:25 (ish) and 7:03?

  • ebenezer berty
    ebenezer berty2 miesięcy temu

    What's the name of the song at 5:50 and 10:20

  • Alshaar Ansari
    Alshaar Ansari2 miesięcy temu

    15:07 which is that song

  • heromichael gaming
    heromichael gaming2 miesięcy temu

    No one: Literary no one: The leader board: would you want kratos to be your dad?


    want to know which partsof GOD OF WAR to play in order

  • Ethan Uppal
    Ethan Uppal2 miesięcy temu

    How are u going to ignore that artreus is Loki

  • Ralphofthehill 57
    Ralphofthehill 572 miesięcy temu

    I hope this sums the story up bc I don’t want to go back and play all the games I’d rather just learn the story

  • Rocco Howell
    Rocco Howell2 miesięcy temu

    Atreus: father who’s the ghost of Sparta? I heard he killed his kids. Kratos: Yes.

  • mandalor-83 1
    mandalor-83 12 miesięcy temu

    The comments here are GOLD on ctfu but aye WHY did Kratos call his son Atreaus when he knew his name was Loki ???? Can anyone explain that pleas ?

  • CyberClawTerror
    CyberClawTerror2 miesięcy temu

    You’re either a God Of War fan of a Dad Of Boi enthusiast

  • E3Commander
    E3Commander2 miesięcy temu

    Kratos: To get ambrosia, some of you will have to die, but that is a sacrifice I am willing to make 🙎🏽‍♂️

  • P
    P2 miesięcy temu

    Greek family guy

  • Marauder
    Marauder2 miesięcy temu

    even as a kid Kratos still looked pissed off

  • Roger Fitness
    Roger Fitness2 miesięcy temu

    Yes , I want kratos to be my dad.