Parents Who Have Lost a Child | Can Ask Meh?

How did your child pass on? Did you blame anyone for what has happened? How do you deal with grief? These are some of the questions that parents who have lost their child answer on this episode of 'Can Ask Meh?'
If you need help, approach a counsellor at Child Bereavement Support, Singapore via or email to
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    Our Grandfather StoryRok temu

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  • Markus Davion

    Markus Davion

    2 dni temu

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  • Kevin Andrean

    Kevin Andrean

    6 miesięcy temu

    @ً sorry, my pocket did that 😂, i'm not realize for do that😂

  • -IceyLemon-


    6 miesięcy temu

    Kevin Andrean ?

  • ً


    6 miesięcy temu

    Kevin Andrean what lol

  • pinkrecs
    pinkrecs5 godzin temu

    so this is how parents feel after losing their children. when my brother passed away with cancer, my dad wouldnt even show us how hurt he felt because he didnt want us to see him crumble when he believed he was supposed to keep us strong. i felt so sorry knowing that. it's been a few years now but sometimes, we'd still find him sat quietly and most of the time we just know he's thinking about my brother and all the what could have beens if he still lived.

  • Harlyn Tan
    Harlyn Tan11 godzin temu

    Often I overthink and wonder if this is how my parents would react if I die. I need a hug :(

  • Jenny McK
    Jenny McK17 godzin temu

    Thank you for sharing your children with us. ❤️❤️❤️

  • Beloved Of Christ
    Beloved Of Christ21 godzinę temu

    Lord Jesus loves you 🤍

  • Yukihiro
    YukihiroDzień temu

    I just got a fight with my mom this morning. I have a depression but i refused to tell that in my family or anyone, but to myself. Watching this video might help me to appreciate life more. I yelled at my mom earlier because i can't really take it anymore then she said we need to go to the doctot so that you'll need your help but i refuse, because i believe that only myself can help me, i wasn't thinking suicide that much but i used to think about it, but I don't want to get hurt. I just want to disappear. There's so much in this world I don't see yet, maybe there's so much more. Maybe there's a hope. Maybe there's another chance for us. Let's live together folks.

  • Manoj Kumar
    Manoj KumarDzień temu


  • summer
    summerDzień temu

    honestly disgusted with the ads on this video, capitalising off of others grief is a different kind of sick.

  • madridistaaa
    madridistaaaDzień temu

    If I stood with him 24/7 until the rest of my life he could be alive until I that broke my heart. Only a mother could really do that for another person

  • flauntaed
    flauntaedDzień temu

    i will never ever be strong like those parents

  • Cleona Amoure
    Cleona Amoure2 dni temu

    No one believes that im depress and i keep telling my dad that i need to see someone but i think he doesnt think im serious.

  • mimi low key ask meh
    mimi low key ask meh2 dni temu

    Idk I'm speechless


    Im literally crying. 2 years ago, I 2as really depressed and I want to end my life. Many people just saying Im just being emotional and telling me to end my life if I really can. Im thankful I have a friend who cheered up on me. His mother and brother died because of pregnancy. His father abandoned them. He is more depressed than me and I know that. Now, he has a child and now he is a doctor and her wife is also a doctor, Me, Im still studying, and Im tutoring their daughter. I did not end my life. My old friend was very depressed and never thought of ending his life, and I think I should have that mindset. Don't let emotions kill you, value people who loves you. This life was just borrowed from the above. Be happy, let's be happy♥️

  • Osun Kinnear
    Osun Kinnear3 dni temu

    My life ended 22 years ago. I lived thru the motions of pretending everything is fine. My daughter is gone before she turned 7. I can't wait to see you again.

  • pinky
    pinky3 dni temu

    Fun fact: I am a surviving twin who lost their sibling before being born. Reason: I ate the twin (yeah i like to joke about it XD)

  • 초코
    초코3 dni temu

    The only reason I am living is for my parents but they’re also apart of the reason why I’m depressed 😔 I just hope my parents could understand me without doubting me. It’s hard for me.. and I have no friends and got bullied. I went to a guidance counsellor but she didn’t help me at all and only said ‘do your school work’ and betrayed me. I feel like I tried getting help but I ended up getting hurt. I’m not living for myself, i just don’t want to hurt my parents 🙁 it’s sad that they probably would take it serious after I decided to end it.

  • Nurhafizah AR
    Nurhafizah AR4 dni temu

    This is just so heartbreaking to watch. Salute to all parents out there!!

    KENNY GRAY4 dni temu


  • izza
    izza4 dni temu

    I know a lot of people believe in karma, but to whoever said to these parents that what happened to their kid is a karma, imma punch you in the face like for real

  • wijcik
    wijcik4 dni temu

    I hated when people told me "you have an angel baby now". No. I had a dead baby. Humans don't turn into angels. Bad theology doesn't make me feel better.

  • Gigi Lee
    Gigi Lee5 dni temu

    Now I can understand my mum better. She lost her only son, my brother.

  • Kemit the Sad frog
    Kemit the Sad frog5 dni temu

    The only reason I haven’t committed yet is bc I can’t leave my mom and my brother.

  • Aliah S. Muntasya
    Aliah S. Muntasya6 dni temu

    I'm not even a Mom but I feel the sadness.

  • Oana Matta
    Oana Matta6 dni temu

    I always get emotional with these kind of videos, but since I started thinking about taking my own life seriously everytime I see a griefing parent I just cry my eyes out and feel guilty for even thinking about it. But life is so hard. I just hope it really gets better as they say. Lots of love for everyone on this video, you and your kids didn’t deserve this,

  • Bagas Ha

    Bagas Ha

    6 dni temu

    Hang in there!! I was had this "what if i just dissappeared from life?" kind of think when i hit the harddest bottom of my life. But i manage to pass through it and i'm glad i didn't gave up back then. Life is still hard, but for sure i'm happier now. So, hang in there!! You'll meet the rainbow of your life once you get through your "storm" 😊

  • D. O.
    D. O.6 dni temu

    My mum lost a child too and i lost my big sister, even though the reason for the death is different, the pain is the same. May all their souls rest in peace ❤️ I am a strong believer of a reconnection, after once own death until then, i try to live my life day by day. I wish everyone strength 🍀

  • its kath
    its kath7 dni temu

    i have to say, the only moment i think about dead, at that moment, i hear my mom’s laugh from the next room. Her laugh saves my life. It gives me the whole life again. Knowing what I am living for.

  • Maray King
    Maray King7 dni temu

    It happened on my birthday :( sad. Prayers

  • Margine Suarez
    Margine Suarez7 dni temu

    Someone actually told a grieving parent it’s karma!? 😱 people are nasty!

  • Kai Hill
    Kai Hill8 dni temu

    When she had to make the decision to let him go..

  • Marko Ez
    Marko Ez8 dni temu

    my mother had 6 of us 4 of us died while were baby and just me and my brother are alive

  • easymoneysniper
    easymoneysniper8 dni temu

    This was way too sad. Stay strong y'all 💜

  • florence
    florence9 dni temu

    All the parents that lost the children are the heroes. I just cant imagine how hopeless they're when they wake up everyday and face to tragic. I know and I understand how much pain they have to escape when their child pass away, it was completely torment. Stay strong, please !

  • Jim Bobs
    Jim Bobs9 dni temu

    condolences - PH 2X

  • Dulce Guzman
    Dulce Guzman9 dni temu

    These people are so strong wow... about the two women who’s kids passes away by suicide...that um hit me kind of hard. TW!!! bc I’m kind of suicidal and um I didn’t think it would impact or how others would feel..

  • Jeje.
    Jeje.9 dni temu


  • suri nguyen
    suri nguyen9 dni temu

    im crying so much

  • Sparkly Skz
    Sparkly Skz9 dni temu

    After seeing this no matter how much pain I'm in but I can't hurt my families like that even if they are the ones who got me depressed I just can't

  • Yuna M
    Yuna M9 dni temu

    Guys I just want to hug and cry with them 🥺❤️

  • 2004 mrs J
    2004 mrs J10 dni temu

    I was watching this to remind me how my parents would feel if I were to leave them early.

  • Amyavac Robloxx
    Amyavac Robloxx11 dni temu

    This is so sad :(

  • strawrawwrR
    strawrawwrR12 dni temu

    no tengo fuerza para escribir tanto ni procesar, ver esto me hizo llorar tanto que me trajo viejos recuerdos, ¿que hace que alguien quiera morir? no hay respuestas, como una persona con depresión atípica diagnosticada es muy complicado mantenerte a flote, desde que tengo 10 años debido a diversos tipos de violencia hechos hacía mí desarrollé mi depresión y asma, quería aislarme socialmente y comencé a cortarme, actualmente no recuerdo mucho de lo que me pasó pero sé que sigue doliendo, es como si hubiera bloqueado todo, pensé en saltar de los puentes o de la escuela miles de veces, tomar cloro, escaparme de casa y que alguien me matara... mi mamá encontró mis diarios llenos de palabras como "muérete" y peores cosas, descubrió mis cortadas y todo eso, nunca quise ayuda porque ni yo misma sé que pasa, esto fue a los 12 años, con 18 años llevo miles de recaídas y más heridas, llevo menos de un año de terapia y me siento en un hoyo muy profundo que me hace ahogarme más al tener a gente tan linda preocupándose por mí, me hace sentir culpable. he pensado en el suicidio muchas veces de nuevo y me he lastimado, sigo luchando, espero resistir porque es tan difícil sentirse de esta manera y que nadie lo entienda o lo note solo por una sonrisa o humor en la gente, ¿que podía hacerla querer morir? cuando no tienes nada y la gente cree que tienes todo es la peor tortura aplicada. lo peor es que te "idealizan", créeme que no puedes con una chica con depresión, deja de jugar, ni yo misma puedo conmigo para que ideliaces algo, a veces rompo cosas sin querer, me corto el cabello o perforo al no poder controlarme, corto lazos y digo cosas herientes, ese tipo de persona NO es un tipo ideal, es solo alguien intentado superar sus problemas mentales. tengo tanto que decir y nadie a quien hacerlo porque yo soy el "sol" de la vida de mis amixes. gracias por leerme, es muy difícil.

  • Sxntixgo M.

    Sxntixgo M.

    10 dni temu

    Entiendo casí todo lo que has descrito de tí, vivo algo similar, un consejo que te puedo dar, es que lo hables con alguién de tu confianza, expresale a esa persona todo tu sentir, aunque te responda con un "ok" no tengas miedo de contarlo, de esta misma manera que lo hiciste acá, encontrarás a alguién que te hará cambiar tu forma de ver las cosas, la música es algo que te recomiendo mucho, escucha cosas no depresivas, cosas que te hagan bailar, mover el cuerpo, aunque sea dentro de tu habitación, a escondidas, toma mucha awita :) No está sola chica desconocida, las cosas van a mejorar, tarde o temprano, sé paciente, por experiencia te lo digo, sé muy muy muy fuerte, te deseo lo mejor, muy buenas vibras a tu vida.

  • YaBoi Hitoshi
    YaBoi Hitoshi12 dni temu

    I recently lost my stepmother to suicide 26 days ago and she left me with so much and taught me so many things, and she taught me another, and it's that you arent alone in this world. There is always somone there who cares for you, I've thought about doing it myself before. But it's so hard on everyone else, to anyone who has ever thought about it please never do it. There are people who care about you and love you. Losing someone is tough and sometimes you never fully recover. Some people have demons they cant fight anymore. R.I.P Jessica I'll love you forever, miss you

  • The Aviator
    The Aviator13 dni temu

    This video had me in tears. Honestly, I thought many times of “kicking the can”/“saying goodbye to this world”. 2020 hit me hard in life due to this pandemic. Lost my job, lost my future property for my wife and newly first born son. Life threw me backwards. And until now I’m still battling depression and hoping I find a job to support my family needs.

  • Vero
    Vero13 dni temu

    young lives gone just like that. we the fortunate ones need to cherish what we have and start living.

  • Shaanthanu 5
    Shaanthanu 513 dni temu

    When the parents know that their child is going to die then they will give them the true happiness.

  • Faiz Abed
    Faiz Abed14 dni temu

    So the PLclip algorithm being a dick to me yet again

  • Wxtermelontea
    Wxtermelontea15 dni temu

    I could never be a parent. I’m sorry but the thought of a kid being hurt, or killed makes me too emotional. I’d cry so much. I could never be a parent

  • Hana Hegazi
    Hana Hegazi15 dni temu

    the lady who lost her baby is so strong, I pray she is doing well

  • Baralia
    Baralia15 dni temu

    Well good I know that my friend's mum has lost her kid and my friend is actually her second kid atleast from that what my mother told me lately my friend's mum is so worried about my friend that my friend is not even allowed to stay over with me only because i live in town even that it's actually not town as town I cried a lot about this especially about that i live in "town" my friend's parents are weird i know that they care about my friend i know that they're afraid about my friend but at the same time they are able to blame my friend for whatever and be toxic to my friend and i can't understand why sometimes it seems to me so toxic how much they're trying to control my friend

  • Alfonso The Wise
    Alfonso The Wise16 dni temu

    Oh God 🙏

  • 박지나
    박지나16 dni temu

    i dont think i have any mental issues but every time i wake up, the first thought is "ok,, will today be a good day?" a few seconds later, everything drops, and my head is filled with su!c!dal thoughts. it fogs over everything. i cant focus on anything because those thoughts are constantly spinning. im only 14, so like my mom said, this is probably just hormone things.. i want to go to a therapist and find out if there IS anything wrong with me. ive been stuck like this for 8 months. longer it went, i wanted it to disappear but i dont know what i would be doing if it did. i picture myself happier and enjoying life,, and it doesnt.. it feels weird. only 8 months but it turned into a home. it feels like something i cant live without. the emptiness, self hatred, cutting, numbness, no desire to eat, nothing to hope about, etc. i dont cry anymore. its hard for me to cry, idky. nothing really hurts me to the point i cry. i *want* to cry everyday, everynight but it never happens. 3 days ago, my parents asked if i was stressed and i said yes. i was balling my eyes and they asked, "why are you stressed? is it school?" i tried to think why, but i couldnt think of anything. it just hurt sm when they brought up stress. "i dont know", i answered and my dad was frustrated that i didnt give him an answer. after more talking, and talking. i ended up, scrunched on the groud, hugging my legs and crying so hard and so much that my heart felt bruised. it hurt, the crying and my thoughts hurt. i almost screamed so loud as if someone was burning me. i want to cry like that again. it felt terrible but good. to be able to release something other than just words and through music. +i came to watch this so i find a reason to stay longer. it did kind of help, sadly it kind of helped. releasing what it does to parents after their kid passes..

  • Haruki Mist
    Haruki Mist16 dni temu

    wow im sorry mom if im thinking of taking my own life everyday :)

  • Susana F
    Susana F16 dni temu


  • Raffa_Gaming 27
    Raffa_Gaming 2716 dni temu

    9:20 - 9:40

  • TapTingles ASMR
    TapTingles ASMR17 dni temu

    I hope Max's mother got some mental help with some of the things she said about not wanting to live anymore. I wish these families peace.

  • lil star
    lil star17 dni temu

    I cant stop crying, teringat cerita teman yang memiliki hubungan kurang baik dengan ibunya. Aku ingin lebih dekat, bisa peluk dan ucap jangan berenti karena aku sayang aku mau lihat hari besok dengan kamu. Ada aku disini yang nunggu cerita kamu

  • hydrangxa
    hydrangxa17 dni temu

    “Evan never even made it do the hospital, his body was on the floor and, I held him, I shook him, talked to him and, screamed at him and, did everything, but he just didn’t respond and, neighbors came down, tried to resuscitate him, and blood started coming out of his ears, I just told them to just stop, because I knew he was gone.”

  • sweet dream
    sweet dream18 dni temu

    i honestly rlly love my parent , family and other but i see no point on it, i dont know why i should live until old age , so i want it to end . i think its better if i leave than maybe my parent could use the money for more good things

  • Me sad
    Me sad18 dni temu

    Only parents who lost children know that children aren't used for bragging , fame or money. Children are humans not slaves, not an object to whip if it doesn't do well. Not a dummy to punch or yell at, not a piece of meat waiting to get slapped. Children aren't show and tell objects, they aren't used for wechat show offs. They aren't material. Just stop, we children had enough

  • Hissi Gurung
    Hissi Gurung18 dni temu

    Few years back, I was going through depression because of certain things that I was going through. At some point, I felt like giving up my life. I did thought of my parents once, how they would feel if I am gone forever. Today, watching this video & thinking about those time, it made me realize, thankfully I didn’t took the wrong step. I can’t imagine my parents suffering.

  • cralos
    cralos18 dni temu

    who's here to get their daily dose of tears

  • Valentina Cardona
    Valentina Cardona18 dni temu

    I am so sorry for the loss of your precious sons and daughters :( my heart breaks for your pain

  • Aleena Abid
    Aleena Abid19 dni temu

    a man who loses his wife is called a widower a women who loses her husband is called a widow but when a parent loses a child, there's no word invented for that. because the pain is so unimaginable, you could never put it in words. Heo Yunjae.

  • Piolo Nico Mangabat
    Piolo Nico Mangabat19 dni temu

    Not to blame Evan's mother, but I really find it weird and it makes me so mad that when she found out he wanted to lie about not having school that day, she could've asked WHY and NOT tell him that "No matter how things get hard, you shouldn't be lying." She was right about not lying, but she could've had a little more empathy and find out why her child wouldn't want to go to school. Your children SHOULDN'T be afraid of being honest with you. Children should always FEEL SAFE telling you how they feel and they shouldn't be afraid whatsoever. Parents should learn not be too pushy, you do not know everything. I have a gut feeling that he was bullied, but his mother had no idea at all.

  • Piolo Nico Mangabat

    Piolo Nico Mangabat

    18 dni temu

    @Angeline Anastasia It's pretty obvious there's something Evan wanted to tell her mom but CLEARLY he couldn't, that's why he was apologetic before he committed suicide. "I'm sorry, mom. I'm sorry, I'm sorry." was all he could tell her??

  • Piolo Nico Mangabat

    Piolo Nico Mangabat

    18 dni temu

    @Angeline Anastasia lol my comment might be insensitive but there's some truth to what I said. Some parents are just too pushy and insensitive. Even I am scared to tell my own parents some things I know they wouldn't bd able to accept. But it SHOULD BE their responsibility to keep their children safe. Every child should feel safe to tell their parents what they're going through and that something is WRONG. Sorry not sorry, but the mother is part to blame. Kinda insensitive to say but, it's the truth.

  • Angeline Anastasia

    Angeline Anastasia

    18 dni temu

    You weren't there when it happened. You don't know her. You don't know what she knew or didn't know. Your judgement is based on a short recount less than a minute long. Please dont leave comments like this to parents who are grieving, whether actively or not. Your comment is extremely insensitive, as it implies blame. She already struggles on her day to day life, handling 3 kids, she does not need to read this. She was brave enough to share her story, and we should be focusing on that instead.

  • Vanilla Ice cream
    Vanilla Ice cream19 dni temu

    This made me depressed😞

  • William Wallace
    William Wallace20 dni temu

    I came here after losing both my grandparents in the span of 9 months. I watched this back in may when grandpa died from a stroke. Yesterday my grandma joined him, it hurts even though I know that's what she wanted. I never got to say goodbye, I never got to attend a funeral due to covid. That's the hardest part which is probably why I'm in denial. You can't say goodbye, you don't see their body. I went to the graveyard in August after I'd finished my exams and we'd gone back to Italy. I don't know when I'll see my grandma, maybe March. I have exams now and I'm alone at uni. So alone.

  • Jayde Alivia
    Jayde Alivia20 dni temu

    My mom told me there’s no such thing as depression

    TARO ART'S20 dni temu

    Some parents always scold their children for not appreciating them but I think people forget to take the time to appreciate their children until it's too late

  • Michael S
    Michael S20 dni temu

    I feel so bad for the parents that lost their child to suicide. Not that losing your child any other way is easier, It's just that depression is such a fucking sick disease. Both families probably suffered from their own forms of depression already and to have such a traumatic experience weigh in on top of it, it hurts my heart. You can physically see the toll it's placed upon them. I just hope that they can find happiness again. To anyone reading this, just remember the best thing you can do for anyone who has passed is to live your life the way they couldn't.

  • Rose Ravenclaw
    Rose Ravenclaw21 dzień temu

    I have seen a case like the indian lady's situation where a woman and her husband split after the baby died, it is not fun for those who end up divorced or separated when either one cannot take that a major event happened.

  • Isa C.
    Isa C.21 dzień temu

    That’s ao sad. Life is so ephemeral

  • Coyote Cortez
    Coyote Cortez21 dzień temu

    I'm sorry for your loss.

  • Devajani Duarah
    Devajani Duarah21 dzień temu

    4:24 At this point I couldn't stop myself from crying , like oml

  • Devajani Duarah
    Devajani Duarah21 dzień temu

    4:24 At this point I couldn't stop myself from crying , like oml

  • Karen Reyes Ramirez
    Karen Reyes Ramirez21 dzień temu

    this life is a sad joke....hurt so bad to hear her say that

  • V.V V. T. T
    V.V V. T. T21 dzień temu

    The only mothers that can't stop crying are the ones that their kids have committed suicide, because it's easier to accept a destiny that you can't change, that to accept someone acting upon their destiny, and then you feel guilt and think what you did wrong and ask yourself these questions with no answer every day... I lost my soul mate 3 months ago and I do feel all those things still, what I could change and failed to do...

  • Chandra Christianto
    Chandra Christianto21 dzień temu

    I dont know what i should feel watching this video, im drinking and want to have a good cry (sometimes thats all we need), just like the parents in this vid, i am afraid that they cant move on from my suicide

  • Hey It's ZK
    Hey It's ZK22 dni temu

    This is heartbreaking

  • strawberrytae
    strawberrytae22 dni temu

    suicide won't take the pain away, it will only give it to people that love you that will lose you

  • chlobosumm4
    chlobosumm422 dni temu

    “I feel like I have had a cataract operations and you see the world with a different set of lenses in your eyes.”

  • Taniya CJ
    Taniya CJ22 dni temu

    I don't know, I always felt that suicide is a terrible option but never did I think, I'll end up prefering it. But that very time, only parents flashed before my eyes so till now I have held things strong. Suicide needs no reason, it's just sudden and idky. After seeing this video, I really don't want to put anyone at this place. STAY STRONG EVERYONE! We've come this far! we'll reach more

  • Jeff Rolan Dineros
    Jeff Rolan Dineros23 dni temu

    i am struggling so hard with depression. it's very hard to keep on living and to find the reason to do so. but i am trying my best to fight my depression and urges to commit suicide for my family. I don't want them to feel the hurt i am feeling right now. i just wish this will end.

  • Denzel Teddy
    Denzel Teddy23 dni temu

    As I’m watching this video I got into a fight with my parents I want to say I’m sorry and I love you but it’s really hard for me to say stuff like that

  • Lele
    Lele23 dni temu

    they are so strong, I'm ugly sobbing.

  • twothirdstrio
    twothirdstrio23 dni temu

    I come back to this video from time to time. As Max's friend in university, I remember his energy and his REALLY tall height and how nice and caring he was to everyone. I hope his parents stay healthy. Thank you for sharing this story.

  • Lionel Lim

    Lionel Lim

    17 dni temu

    Many thanks for remembering Max, from Max's family

  • Selene Cabrera
    Selene Cabrera24 dni temu

    I had a friend who used to tell me that she was going to commit suicide, she always told me the same thing and suddenly she came with cuts on her arms and I was always worrying and worrying doing everything possible so that nothing would happen to her, I talked to my parents about the situation and tried to make mine reason with hers, until I realized that she was manipulating me, the girl wanted attention, probably because of how she felt being at home or other problems, I never knew why, but I cross the line when she cut and made my initials and hers within a broken heart, I know that everyone faces their fight and that's why sometimes they act in a certain way but she threatened to kill herself if I didn't listen to her and be with her all day. And all this entering the first year of high school letting her take advantage of me all that year until finally in second year she reacts, and I walked away. Fortunately it did not go wrong, she seemed to understand a little more what she had done (I hope so) and well now I think she is a little more stable, I am very sorry that I could not have understood what was happening with her and with me before things were will begin to complicate. Thanks for reading me 🌒 What would you have done in my place?

  • witch in atlantis
    witch in atlantis24 dni temu

    is this what I would put my parents through?

  • بشاير
    بشاير24 dni temu

    After watching this all i wanna do is hug them for long time ... this pain they will never forget it.... 4 years ago i lost my uncle (my mom brother ) in a car accident And i still can't forget him and forget his smile , everything about him i can't let him go out of my mind and that hurts me alot

  • shook
    shook24 dni temu

    the thing about suicide is that people who killed themselves didnt want to die. They wanted peace

  • Easy Drawings By Golden Stroke
    Easy Drawings By Golden Stroke24 dni temu

    Whatbis suicide? If u commit suicide u r not taking only ur life. U will take so many loved ones lives. 😢 Been dead is easy may be but loved one who is still alive without u will face death pain every second. Dont commit suicide please.

  • U Ph
    U Ph25 dni temu

    Im so sorry to hear that. I cant image how its painful to you. I wish you guys have the happiness and recovering in life.

  • jenga blokks
    jenga blokks25 dni temu

    I think it is inappropriate to ask these questions

  • Canal do Fim do Mundo
    Canal do Fim do Mundo25 dni temu

    I'm in love with the parent couple, the dad is an amazing person. He felt first sorry for his kid's friends, and how he reminisces his kid was able to fall in love and live a good life. They're very positive and handle grief very well. I hope they're fine. Good people.

  • Lionel Lim

    Lionel Lim

    17 dni temu

    Many thanks from Max's parents

  • Summergutierrex
    Summergutierrex25 dni temu

    my heart goes out to all these parents

  • Elyssa Ponce
    Elyssa Ponce25 dni temu

    4:30 i- Y'all don't cry too much it can cause I death.

  • krieshmaa
    krieshmaa26 dni temu

    these parents are so strong

    NAPOLEON NICODEMUS Moe26 dni temu

    sorry for your loss :(((

  • hehe
    hehe26 dni temu

    i know this was in 2019 and i know all the mothers and the father are still in pain (obviously since they lost their children), but max’s mom just saddens me so much :( i hope she is able to find peace within herself

  • Lionel Lim

    Lionel Lim

    17 dni temu

    Thanks for your support & encouragement. Yes the pain is real & always there but we are coping better now, especially Max's mom. We learn to focus on other things now, small steps with each passing day......

  • rhaeena
    rhaeena26 dni temu

    whenever i think on trying to kill myself again i'll come back here

  • rhaeena


    25 dni temu

    @Fluffy Puffy thank you very much ❤️

  • Fluffy Puffy

    Fluffy Puffy

    25 dni temu

    I believe in you. I am so proud of you. Never give up! ❤️

  • Youtube Account
    Youtube Account26 dni temu

    I have no sympathy for the parents, they are the reason their child existed to suffer in the first place.

  • Camilla Shimwa

    Camilla Shimwa

    26 dni temu

    @PLclip Account so your solution is to just not have children. You need some help Fr Fr.

  • Youtube Account

    Youtube Account

    26 dni temu

    @Camilla Shimwa no, that is a false comparison. We already know that if someone doesnt eat food they will feel pain and die, so then eating would be a necisary risk. Who had ever felt pain and died from not having children like how someone who doesnt eat anything would? And even if they did, that still doesnt justify causing other lives to suffer and be at risk.

  • Camilla Shimwa

    Camilla Shimwa

    26 dni temu

    @PLclip Account so your saying ppl just shouldn’t have kids? That’s like saying there’s a possibility to choke on food so you don’t eat anymore. You’re making no sense. Anyone can die including kids. Yes it’s sad but it’s a part of life

  • Youtube Account

    Youtube Account

    26 dni temu

    @Camilla Shimwa parents know that there is a risk of those and many other horrible things happening to the child. And then horrible things happen, the child suffers

  • Camilla Shimwa

    Camilla Shimwa

    26 dni temu

    @PLclip Account Chile- how were they supposed to know the child was gonna die. No one expects that when they have a child.