Gucci Mane - Magic City feat. Asian Doll [Official Audio]


Gucci Mane - Magic City feat. Asian Doll
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  • Bob Burner
    Bob BurnerMiesiąc temu


  • YT Candyman
    YT Candyman2 miesięcy temu

    2020 someone?

  • Dustin Lee
    Dustin Lee2 miesięcy temu

    Man Gucci wasn’t playin when he said he woke up with a ghost in his house😂

  • tyler vann
    tyler vann3 miesięcy temu

    Gucci killed it

  • Jay Dorian
    Jay Dorian4 miesięcy temu

    This one is incredible. That beat is from jupiter because it's out of this world.

  • Cayla Brown
    Cayla Brown6 miesięcy temu

    2020 🤔

  • Shashwat Pande
    Shashwat Pande6 miesięcy temu

    The beat is legendary

  • AN TS
    AN TS8 miesięcy temu

    the mixing is terrible tho

  • Noxide The General
    Noxide The General9 miesięcy temu

    Idk who asian doll is but she dope!

  • paris07able
    paris07able9 miesięcy temu

    this shit go so hard

  • Damian Salazar
    Damian Salazar9 miesięcy temu


  • theo bg
    theo bg9 miesięcy temu


  • mantool a2
    mantool a29 miesięcy temu

    Please follow me on Spotify

  • Sociology Music
    Sociology Music9 miesięcy temu

    Maryland rappers stand up..

  • Jordan King
    Jordan King9 miesięcy temu

    He should've ft Kash Doll and Young Thugg

  • Nobody Youknow
    Nobody Youknow10 miesięcy temu

    Shit fya mane East ATL all day

  • Dame Legend
    Dame Legend11 miesięcy temu

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Gucc

  • phillyflyboy
    phillyflyboy11 miesięcy temu


  • MrDJ317
    MrDJ31711 miesięcy temu

    I hear dat 2008-2010 Gucci “Look at my charm” type flow from them trapaholics mixtapes 🔥 🔥 💪🏿

  • KiddKain
    KiddKainRok temu

    GUCCI go hard on the mumble rap 😂😂😂

  • Cristi


    5 miesięcy temu

    funny because i can actually understand what he's saying on a lot of songs, not really this one but not every song of his sounds like this and who actually listens to music for the lyrics? lmao, beethoven didn't have lyricism yet he's still a legend

  • Daniel Labrada
    Daniel LabradaRok temu

    Gucci voice on this song make me wanna go to the casino 🎰

  • Guillaume Ghn
    Guillaume GhnRok temu

    Like autotune

  • Jane Jane
    Jane JaneRok temu

  • Daniel Labrada
    Daniel LabradaRok temu

    This some year 2070 shit

  • Cem Ce
    Cem CeRok temu

    i downvoted every comment of MusicCharts TV its like scam! 🔥 Gucci Mane feat. Asian Doll - Magic City 🔥 LYRICS+VIDEO : 🔥 HOT 100 SONGS OF THE DAY: ❤️ 7.600 LYRICS+VIDEOS

  • Paul Glo
    Paul GloRok temu

    Gucci rns.

  • Young Tobbie
    Young TobbieRok temu

    lit 1017

  • KingKeef Sosa
    KingKeef SosaRok temu

    New gucci trash

  • purple alien
    purple alienRok temu

    Yall really cant compete with the DOLL

  • Garrett Thompson
    Garrett ThompsonRok temu

    Asian Doll is sooooo underrated! 💥💥💥

  • Louis Carmichael
    Louis CarmichaelRok temu


  • Derrick M
    Derrick MRok temu

    00:46 sheesh!!

  • Danny Boy D-Boy Lil D labrada
    Danny Boy D-Boy Lil D labradaRok temu

    “Copped a rarri before da fucker came out”- #Guccimane

  • Alexis.
    Alexis.Rok temu

    Well damn Gucci...this ain't it. 😒 it's cool though out of 100s of mixtapes and CDs 1 of em gotta be ass. Lol

  • jpage207
    jpage207Rok temu

    I googled, this bish aint eem Asian lmao

  • rodbanks
    rodbanksRok temu

    Okay Asian doll 👏🏾🔥💧💖

  • rodbanks
    rodbanksRok temu

    This hard

  • rodbanks
    rodbanksRok temu

    I thought she was Asian da brat

  • Tayla Berryman

    Tayla Berryman

    Rok temu

    She is both.

  • Oso Chopp
    Oso ChoppRok temu

    Most UNDERRATED !!!

  • Tyler
    TylerRok temu

    Moaning for adlibs....welcome to 2020

  • Mister Slick
    Mister SlickRok temu

    This that Gucci mane I been waiting to hear 💪💪💪💪💪💪

  • Alicia lovinglifej4k
    Alicia lovinglifej4kRok temu

    Asia littttt



  • MONEEB An Artist
    MONEEB An ArtistRok temu

    Asian Doll playing with pioneers now. This is super littttttt 🔥 🔥 🔥

  • Yung Danero
    Yung DaneroRok temu

    Y’all missed when Asian shout out Kash doll when she was like: “Keshia just a badder chick, Asian I’m a Savage bitch”💕💕Cause thats Kash real name

  • Casey Bia

    Casey Bia

    Rok temu

    YUNG SAVAGE you mean shouted out Gucci wife keyshia kaior

  • Airryss Yah
    Airryss YahRok temu

    "Im like na na na na I got So Much Money Now"🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑

  • Patrick Simon

    Patrick Simon

    Rok temu

    Sexy ma beautiful🤘🤙👌🏼☝️👍

  • JD Campbell
    JD CampbellRok temu

    Asian Doll. 💨💨💨💨🌬❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️ burrrr she got that smokeshow

  • JD Campbell
    JD CampbellRok temu

    Magic city Bham Bama Baby!

  • flexmoney78
    flexmoney78Rok temu

    Classic already 1017🌍

  • Arrma j
    Arrma jRok temu

    Asaian Doll almost saved this song

  • Mustafa GÜL
    Mustafa GÜLRok temu

    Da icy fcking da frozen doll way

  • Jesireel Gomez
    Jesireel GomezRok temu


  • Jacob Vittorio
    Jacob VittorioRok temu

    Gucci randomly deciding to spit mad bars lol

  • Edrick Smith
    Edrick SmithRok temu

    “If metro don’t trust ya’ I’ma shoot ya”

  • Regine Peoples
    Regine PeoplesRok temu

    Asian 🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶

  • Ps Stewart
    Ps StewartRok temu

    If you got subs hittin in the trunk I feel sorry for the neighbors. This straight bang🔥🔥damn near knock my spoiler loose.

  • Kodak Ken
    Kodak KenRok temu

    ASIAN DOLL !!!!!

  • Delphina Whitehorse
    Delphina WhitehorseRok temu

    Whewwwwwww 🔥

  • MONEEB An Artist
    MONEEB An ArtistRok temu

    Gucci Mane dropped hottest trap beats. Trend setter pioneer. I'm a hiphop artist. I would appreciate if you Check out my PLclip Channel.

  • Majin Fajita
    Majin FajitaRok temu

    This sound like that old gucci

  • Michael Cobbs
    Michael CobbsRok temu

    Megan Thee Stallion or Cardi B should've been on this too.

  • Kanishuha Johnson

    Kanishuha Johnson

    Rok temu

    Michael Cobbs nah thats awful wth

  • Youssef Molly Swagg
    Youssef Molly SwaggRok temu

    Thats a hit

  • Jean Pierre
    Jean PierreRok temu

    Asian bodied Gucci on his own song🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Real Music
    Real MusicRok temu

    Old Gucci ✔️ old AsianDADoll ✔️ were in for a great ride here boys! 😊😁

  • Crystal McKnight
    Crystal McKnightRok temu


  • Crystal McKnight
    Crystal McKnightRok temu

    Asian Snapped 😭😭😭😻😻😻😻😻

  • Bella Ibarra
    Bella IbarraRok temu

    Bae kill it Period 🔥 #Asiandoll

  • Cindy Mell
    Cindy MellRok temu

    Nice mix

  • Davi Silva
    Davi SilvaRok temu


  • Walter Threatt
    Walter ThreattRok temu


  • Mya Horton
    Mya HortonRok temu

    I been w8n to hear some 🔥 w both of them!! Asian did her mf thang!!

  • Panda
    PandaRok temu

    Guwop 👌👌👌

  • BigBullLazier BEATS
    BigBullLazier BEATSRok temu

    Damn this shit BANG!!!🔥🔥🔥

  • wrightterence680
    wrightterence680Rok temu


  • Chris Howerton
    Chris HowertonRok temu

    Welcome to Magic City!

  • Thinking’Out Loud
    Thinking’Out LoudRok temu

    Asian went in

  • pat mori
    pat moriRok temu

    EAS 3.....the return.... Gucci is back

    NycBlonde.tvRok temu

    Asian always eat 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💙

  • iamPlant
    iamPlantRok temu

    This collab is pure 🔥 🔥 && ILOVE ASIAN DOLL !!

  • DKCD
    DKCDRok temu


  • TheBestAreTheBest
    TheBestAreTheBestRok temu

    "Rocking Jordans b4 the fuckers came out" 😤🔥

  • Tunarrio Davidson
    Tunarrio DavidsonRok temu

    This sounds like the old wop

  • munashe taonezvi
    munashe taonezviRok temu

    metro still the best

  • S21Gaming
    S21GamingRok temu

    Old Gucci fans like this!! 🔥👍

  • Alfonso Zuniga
    Alfonso ZunigaRok temu

    Gucci need to get all the baddest female rappers on the remix I could see the video already

  • Bookie Yti
    Bookie YtiRok temu

    Double Edged ...Sun/Moon .. Know the both 👑👑👑👑😁👑👑👑

  • Andrew Gallegos
    Andrew GallegosRok temu

    #Gucci ❄️❄️❄️

  • Just My Opinion
    Just My OpinionRok temu


  • K Guevara
    K GuevaraRok temu

    TrapGod 🤟🏽❄️

  • Arty G
    Arty GRok temu

    All drip 💧💧💧💦

  • James Dean
    James DeanRok temu

    Megan Thee Stallion needa remix this ,1hunid🔥

  • Kanishuha Johnson

    Kanishuha Johnson

    Rok temu

    Jayy Thrash they both talent, Asian just deserves more... she has 7 albums out atm

  • Jayy Thrash

    Jayy Thrash

    Rok temu


  • Kanishuha Johnson

    Kanishuha Johnson

    Rok temu

    Tay_Hilfiger19 yeah I get mad when talent gets trumped by a fat ass horselady

  • Tay_Hilfiger19


    Rok temu

    Kanishuha Johnson you Sound mad😂

  • Kanishuha Johnson

    Kanishuha Johnson

    Rok temu

    James Dean uh how bout no, she not stealing Asians hair stylist and then her song.... 👀

  • david maj
    david majRok temu


  • Ava Anderson
    Ava AndersonRok temu

    My wig is MISSING

  • Drift Theory Garage
    Drift Theory GarageRok temu

    what the fuck is this garbage

  • qlf
    qlfRok temu


  • toto86R2 DGO
    toto86R2 DGORok temu


  • Nixhua SOUTHSIDE
    Nixhua SOUTHSIDERok temu

    🔥 Gucci better than ever 🙏🙏

  • Zombie
    ZombieRok temu

    Its kinda meh

  • kgkcStudios
    kgkcStudiosRok temu


  • AyJaz_ `
    AyJaz_ `Rok temu

    Asian the feature killer.