Deftones - Ceremony (Official Video)


Deftones' official video for "Ceremony" - from the new album, Ohms.
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Starring Cleopatra Coleman

Directed by Leigh Whannell
Produced by Emma Buerklin
Director of Photography: Sonja Tsypin
Production Designer: Lauren Kim

Production Company: Simian
Executive Producer: Kyle Cogan
Edited by Kyle Cogan
Colored by Kath Raisch
VFX by Kyle Cogan, Aaron Hymes
Post Producer: Logan Powaski

Production Manager: Joshua Rowen-Keren
Head of Production: Zack Stauffer
Production Coordinator: Leah Butcher
1st Assistant Director: Parker McMillin
2nd Assistant Director: James Cornett
Director’s Assistant: Helena Hawkes

1st Assistant Camera: Torin Bradshaw
2nd Assistant Camera: Tereza Vachova
Steadicam: Chris Loh

Gaffer: Mohamed Alaali
Best Boy Electric: Jasper Khadjenouri
Electrics: Aakash Raj, Mélisse Riahi, Nestor Valenzuela
Key Grip: Camilo Godoy
Best Boy Grip: Andres Gutierrez
Grips: Nick Weir, Jack Alexander

Art Director: Juan Ramal
Prop Master: Sadie Moon
Leadperson: Andrew Bond
Carpenter/Scenic: Juan Jimenez
Carpenter/Set Dresser: Ryan Johnson
Art PA: Cesar Reyes

Costume Designer: Meredith Peebles
Assistant Costume Designer: Shelby Hutchinson
Assistant Costume Designer: Elena Righi

Deftones Hair & Make-up: Peggy Wright
Hair & Make-up: Kasha Lassien
Assistant Hair & Make-up: Luna Vela

Production Assistants: Robert Main, Andrea “Dre” Quinonez, Stacy Dickerson, Jacob Falberg, Quin McCarthy, Rahul Menon
BTS: Gulliver Oldman

COVID Compliance Officers: Jasmine Sosa, Jordan Adams, Frankie Orr, Bluedoor
Set Medic: Steph Mock
Location: Russell Jones, Omar Buitron-Orozco
Management: Velvet Hammer Music and Management Group
Video Commissioner: Devin Sarno
Deftones Art Director: Frank Maddocks

Casting by Rebel Casting

Thanks to Bischoff’s, Bluedoor, B&G Catering, Burning Tire, CFG, Lensworks, Quixote, Special Effects Unlimited, Walk and Talk and Willow Studios.
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  • gabriel corsino
    gabriel corsino3 minut temu

    Some bands are like wine, the older the better

  • Gabriel Ramírez
    Gabriel Ramírez9 godzin temu

    the perfect song, the perfect meaning, the perfect lyrics- All is perfect in this song. In my opinion talk about a truth that you will do not know that. damn !!

  • Oliver McKinley
    Oliver McKinley13 godzin temu

    She just says 'you shouldn't have gotten all those collagen injections...your lips will soon fall off'.

  • Josh Levan
    Josh Levan15 godzin temu

    The old lady asked, "did someone say fart?"

  • Piscesluna
    Piscesluna16 godzin temu

    This video's concept and style remind me so much of the Smashing Pumpkins, I love it! :)

  • Not Important
    Not Important16 godzin temu

    not going to lie... rather disappointed with this track

  • Not Important
    Not Important16 godzin temu

    they probably booked the girl for the video shoot off her photos (or her instagram), they didn't expect her to show up 30lbs overweight

  • Ryan Watts
    Ryan Watts19 godzin temu

    Anyone else catch the White Pony at the very beginning of the video?

  • Tyson Le Strange
    Tyson Le Strange21 godzinę temu

    "Now there is suff-er-ing"

  • Justin Greaves
    Justin Greaves21 godzinę temu

    Constantine.. believe in a girl that knows not her place.Show me father,,,

  • gui no.9
    gui no.922 godzin temu

    one more time.

  • Мартин Лютер
    Мартин Лютер22 godzin temu

    I very love Deftones, but this video pfffff...not make my happy. Короче видео не айс

  • iTs Lewy
    iTs Lewy22 godzin temu

    White Pony neon sign goes HARD

  • Juan Carlos Vigo Aponte
    Juan Carlos Vigo Aponte23 godzin temu

    Che un premio Oscar, para los actores 😂. Los amo Deftones. Un abrazo desde Argentina.

  • Good Jacob
    Good Jacob23 godzin temu

    Best band...... Ever. RS ACDC BS DT

  • Black Sheep
    Black SheepDzień temu

    Fitting song, for the time. Very topical.

  • A. S.
    A. S.Dzień temu

    The fortune teller says......"Someone stole your Mustang". 😋 Deftones!🤘

  • malditonumeropi
    malditonumeropiDzień temu

    3:23 - "November 1st" - She tolds her the day she is gonna die that is also the day of the deads. Could be?

  • Tealoaf Fresca
    Tealoaf FrescaDzień temu

    R.I.P. chi.

  • MotoTurist
    MotoTuristDzień temu

    3:26 - "Your instagram followers don't actually love you..."

  • Donavan Ingram
    Donavan IngramDzień temu

    Should have titled the video “Allusion.”

  • Hxx
    HxxDzień temu


  • Jay J
    Jay J2 dni temu

    The old lady at the end said “I’ve been trying to reach you about your vehicles extended warranty.”

  • Wu Tango
    Wu Tango2 dni temu


  • Макс Макс
    Макс Макс2 dni temu

    They're trying to say they're retiring

  • Angry Potato
    Angry Potato2 dni temu

    She bad

  • MVP channel
    MVP channel2 dni temu

    Real video clips can be considered those that are made according to the lyrics of the song, preferably with scenes taken from films where the actors express emotions. When creating video clips, I took this into account, so I suggest you watch them, for the purpose of entertainment and to assess their quality. Best regards MVP channel. Thank you...

  • Kelsey Stoudmire
    Kelsey Stoudmire2 dni temu

    Mary Kelly is significant

  • Kelsey Stoudmire
    Kelsey Stoudmire2 dni temu

    We're living ina simulation bro. Play nicely 🤠 Edit: That's the truth that the oracle told them. It comes down to violet pill or indigo pill 💊? You can't lose really . Edit Part 2: As long as you're probably equipped. 🗡️🗡️🗡️

  • Rahul Palit
    Rahul Palit2 dni temu

    Hell Yeah back to those days

  • reve larocha3
    reve larocha32 dni temu

    i only listened music from two artists only = deftones and red velvet (kpop group)

  • Jeff Werner
    Jeff Werner2 dni temu

    Can someone read lips? What did the fortune teller say?

  • DntBothaa
    DntBothaa2 dni temu

    I want that neon pony sign in my bedroom. Thanks.

  • Tony Mazzola
    Tony Mazzola2 dni temu

    The change has a ....DEFTONES

  • Tony Mazzola
    Tony Mazzola2 dni temu

    Yes nice pony car she is driving

    PRODIGYx2 dni temu

    i wish i could like this twice

  • A. S.

    A. S.

    Dzień temu

    You can.....👍👍

  • Gary S.
    Gary S.2 dni temu

    Pretty sure she said, "Han Solo is the one that shot first."

  • isai mancina
    isai mancina2 dni temu

    I can't stop listening to this song, I love it

  • Mirrorz
    Mirrorz3 dni temu

    Oh man. I haven't seen her since Last Man on Earth was canceled. Also I think Abe is turning into Nick Swardson.

  • zostazgia
    zostazgia3 dni temu


  • Obscura Vision
    Obscura Vision3 dni temu

    I know artistically this is a journey of addition but i really wish they included the different path of people reaching out to sway them to a different path. I really feel that could have completed the picture

  • Daniel Robichaud
    Daniel Robichaud3 dni temu

    Now go watch "Just" by Radiohead. Same world...?

  • Kytteh Wytchwood
    Kytteh Wytchwood3 dni temu

    I think the psychic woman told her how she is going to die. She was willing to risk everything because she wants to die. But finding out how she dies is too much to bear and more horrifying than she thought.

  • Liz Álvarez

    Liz Álvarez

    Dzień temu


  • Wu Tango

    Wu Tango

    2 dni temu

    @DEPRESSMYOPPS is it about addiction? I have to hear this again n

  • Wu Tango

    Wu Tango

    2 dni temu

    Oh damn!!! I didnt think of that



    2 dni temu

    good interpretation but its about addiction!

  • Michael Corson
    Michael Corson3 dni temu

    Great track, but holy hell, she might be the most beautiful woman i have ever seen.

  • Brian Jones
    Brian Jones3 dni temu

    My Fav Band...much love and respect to You All❤🤟😎🤟

  • Nick
    Nick3 dni temu

    I think I’ve see her on PHub?

  • Azure Pyro
    Azure Pyro3 dni temu

    My teenage angst has returned.

  • Savage woodworker
    Savage woodworker3 dni temu

    They still got it. Cool video. Zoned me right out. Cheers

    JD MIXED3 dni temu

    Name of the girl?



    3 dni temu

    @Lazer Focused You deserve a beer. So thanks!

  • Lazer Focused

    Lazer Focused

    3 dni temu

    Cleopatra Coleman. Hit the show more tab for all the notes on this video.

  • Dyana TejadaMac
    Dyana TejadaMac3 dni temu

    La primera vez que escuché esta joya me gustó tanto que la repetí mas de 20 veces en mis auriculares mientras hacía la comida para un evento del día siguiente, ya sumamente agotada y con sueño. Me ayudó a sacar fuerza para terminar. 😁 Gracias Deftones, desde México. 🇲🇽❤

  • 46Marplatense


    3 dni temu

    Me hubiera gustado probar esa comida

    WORD WIZARD3 dni temu


  • Max Goldberg

    Max Goldberg

    3 dni temu

    Yeah sucks how great it is, nothing compares 🤘

  • Nördmån Hradtke
    Nördmån Hradtke3 dni temu

    Everyones's gangster til The Oracle tells you The Ultimate Truth

  • Berrian Paleblood
    Berrian Paleblood3 dni temu

    Yo this fucks.

  • Maddy Davis
    Maddy Davis3 dni temu

    Life has many doors, Ed boy.

  • DrZook
    DrZook4 dni temu

    "I Dig a Pygmy" by Charles Haughtry and the Deaf Aids. Phase one: In which Doris gets her oats.

  • Ro Ivanoff
    Ro Ivanoff4 dni temu

    Oracle lady: The matrix has you...

  • kirli havlu
    kirli havlu4 dni temu

    So awesome. DEFTONES FOREVER!!!

  • max melnikov
    max melnikov4 dni temu

    The lady at the end said *_all the fans are gonna flood the comment section with jokes about what I said_*

  • Black Forest Vintage Fords
    Black Forest Vintage Fords4 dni temu

    Some nice references to their older albums there... Starting with a "white pony" ('64,5 - '66 Mustang Convertible) and the neon sign... ;-)

  • blanket wolf
    blanket wolf4 dni temu

    "Now, you suffer"...

  • The Heel Synergy
    The Heel Synergy4 dni temu

    Deftones is FUCKING AMAZING!! 🤘🏽

  • nopey noperson
    nopey noperson4 dni temu

    Old lady : It's free real estate.

  • Matthew
    Matthew4 dni temu

    God this is great man, like classic deftones. Thank you for this.

  • Guido Nattero Inostroza
    Guido Nattero Inostroza4 dni temu

    Isn't she the same girl from the change video?

  • LordOfTrash
    LordOfTrash4 dni temu

    All the dislikes are from Anthony Fantano. Every single one.

  • Tony Mazzola
    Tony Mazzola4 dni temu

    If the girl in this video gets into a plane crash her lips can be used as a floatation device. Great video tho

  • Scott Smith
    Scott Smith4 dni temu

    The old lady said: “Alex Jones was right about everything.”

  • surferme
    surferme4 dni temu

    Truth is .this is the best vid iv seen ...its ten times better on 3 pulls of DMT........................nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MCkeenTV
    MCkeenTV4 dni temu

    Get it out guys 🙈

  • Arnór Kári
    Arnór Kári4 dni temu

    "There's a pebble in your shoe"

  • Sebastian Rojas
    Sebastian Rojas4 dni temu

    Wtf! Frank is negan!

  • Sebastian Casimiro
    Sebastian Casimiro4 dni temu

    01:02 is that a big reference of Chi?And appearing beside Sergio, both being bassists, not too much of a coincidence? Awesome video.

  • Alex Harris
    Alex Harris4 dni temu

    How can't you see this is the end? Let's face the truth, it's obvious A different morning, the same charade Tell me, what's left It's an illusion It's all an illusion Prep the surface, bound my limbs Place the chair beneath the rail On the outside, just skin and bones Show me, what's left It's an illusion It's all an illusion So I'm leaving you tonight (you tonight) It's not fun here anymore (anymore) I'll be joining the parade (the parade) Of the ghosts who came before (before) Before leaving you complete, no surprise With one kiss, one caress, ooh Ooh, the world we shared Ooh, it was never there Ooh I'm leaving you tonight (you tonight) It's not fun here anymore (anymore) I'm joining the parade (the parade) Of the ghosts before Leaving you complete for all time With one kiss, one caress, ooh

  • passenger128
    passenger1284 dni temu

    "I'm not who I say I am." - 7 Words. Didn't find that clue in any of the comments, so might be worth mentioning it (:

  • Jenny Lee
    Jenny Lee4 dni temu

    If youre an addict you catch on quick what this is about. I was tearing up halfway through because I knew. Then I read the lyrics. It made me think of Layne Staley. "its not fun here anymore" I unfortunately understand what that means all too well

  • Gumiero
    Gumiero4 dni temu

    Old lady said the same thing the man in Radiohead's "Just" said.

  • wrz2k14
    wrz2k145 dni temu

    It sucks

  • André Sousa
    André Sousa5 dni temu

    I just hope that the fortune teller didn't say that Ohms was Deftones last album or I will fucking cry like a baby too

  • Erick Cruz
    Erick Cruz5 dni temu

    The Witch: “You left the lights inside your car on”

  • Tyler Roberts
    Tyler Roberts5 dni temu

    I like

  • Morelia Garcia
    Morelia Garcia5 dni temu

    Fortune Teller: "You will suffer"

  • rico Esterhuyse
    rico Esterhuyse5 dni temu

    "I'll be joining the parade of the ghosts who came before"

  • Fox InTheHenhouse
    Fox InTheHenhouse5 dni temu

    This song live will be 🔥🔥🔥

  • Hoàng Nguyễn
    Hoàng Nguyễn5 dni temu

    the only thing that Deftones sucks at is sucking

  • Synthgrrl
    Synthgrrl5 dni temu

    Can't wait for Minneapolis and SF shows!!

  • aim where
    aim where5 dni temu

    all this security for a fortune teller?

  • chencharoo


    5 dni temu

    Sorry for pushing that fucking lie.👻😱👀

    DNA GLITCH GAMING5 dni temu

    OK Rock and Roll Hall of Fame time guys. I want to see these ageless legends really rock the stage.

  • Aylê Darkness
    Aylê Darkness5 dni temu


  • Jennifer Anna Bella
    Jennifer Anna Bella5 dni temu

    I love just where they're at. Everybody knows Deftones sounds. Yet they stay just obscure enough maintaining that dark sexy sound

  • Scott Daly
    Scott Daly5 dni temu

    Anyone else get Fleetwood Mac vibes with the opening?!

  • Spider
    Spider5 dni temu

    thank you for still making music for us .

  • Sir Christopher Lycan
    Sir Christopher Lycan5 dni temu

    If you need to get rid of the maggot brain fly, I've got an analysis medbot goin -Automada

  • Sir Christopher Lycan

    Sir Christopher Lycan

    5 dni temu

    But if you do lose yourself Im always broadcasting drops worldwide on 96.6 fm

  • Sir Christopher Lycan

    Sir Christopher Lycan

    5 dni temu

    Maybe dont include me in baphomet bangers again, you might just find yourself robbing banks out of nowhere

  • Sir Christopher Lycan

    Sir Christopher Lycan

    5 dni temu

    With the name in mind, heres my 4 band names for a return the favor The Baphomet Bangers(which kinda spread across a ton of bands swapping body parts), Baptismal Drownings (which drowns the children of musician killers), Erebus Nox (Primordial Dark Night), Vomit Death (which creates characters in the tiles of the halls of the gods for every party death)

  • Sir Christopher Lycan

    Sir Christopher Lycan

    5 dni temu

    You heard of the story of Atum-ra and Isis? Osiris wanted RA's summoner side Atums name so that he could bring the dead back and sent Isis around to paralyze him until hed tell her so that the things hed summon would be real for them as well

  • Sir Christopher Lycan

    Sir Christopher Lycan

    5 dni temu

    Blame john 5, his signature on that page put me through recursive school shooter scenarios while I worked in a high school

  • Invader
    Invader5 dni temu

    This is a masterpiece.

  • Digitalsea
    Digitalsea5 dni temu

    Sorry boy'$ but that sucked

  • A. S.

    A. S.

    Dzień temu

    Sucked like a fox! 😉🤘Deftones!

  • Linda Bohrmann
    Linda Bohrmann5 dni temu

    Metal is not back

  • Venus
    Venus5 dni temu

    Holy shit

  • SlaughteredInside
    SlaughteredInside5 dni temu

    Meh... It's okay, not their best work imo

  • A. S.

    A. S.

    Dzień temu

    They been around 30 years and still crankin. You don't get too many bands of this caliber anymore.

  • David Gordon
    David Gordon5 dni temu

    I just got finished watching Palms: MIssion Sunset ...and came to this... somehow... the glamor fades to screaming, crying, disparity... it makes sense. Sometimes those YT algorithms sends you to just the right place. Now I'm going to listen to SunnO))) Earth Metal- to cleanse the spirit. To drown the tears in a sea of waves strong enough to bring down a mountain... and then after that, shoegaze music from the 90s to surf upon those waves. I'm feeling inspired. To want to somehow mix the droning waves of sound with the lush slide guitars of surf. To make a song that is like tidal wave after sitting on the ocean waiting for it. Like watching the sun set on the stillest shelf of water, only to be propelled under the light of the biggest yellowest rising moon to a realm beyond consciousness. To transcend all feelings into a real of pure energy. I want to mix Doom/Drone with ShoeGaze/// and sing like Chino crooning for the loss of Chico on a long lost forgotten song.

  • Euthanation band
    Euthanation band5 dni temu

  • yas real
    yas real5 dni temu