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PakWheels is back with another owner's review. This time we bring a classic car review, Mercedes Benz 1972. According to the owner, he bought this classic car four years ago, let's dive into the details of this classic beauty.
Note: The car is already sold
00:00 - Introduction
00:28 - Price
01:37 - Engine
03:17 - Fuel Average
03:57 - Ac Performance
05:42 - Ground Clearance
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  • Darian Baker

    Darian Baker

    8 dni temu

    @Kashton Rudy yea, I've been using flixzone for years myself =)

  • Kashton Rudy

    Kashton Rudy

    8 dni temu

    Pro trick : you can watch series at flixzone. Been using them for watching loads of movies recently.

  • Muhammad Khalid

    Muhammad Khalid

    13 dni temu

    plz make a video about those super sports suvs that beat sports cars and can also drift like drift cars plz

  • Awais Malik
    Awais Malik6 dni temu

    Uncle is so humble and down to earth so suneel paji!!

  • Talat farzana
    Talat farzana7 dni temu


  • Waqas Jamil
    Waqas Jamil7 dni temu

    Please make a review of Suzuki Baleno 2005.........

  • Ehtisham Javaid
    Ehtisham Javaid7 dni temu

    Mara pass 1976 model ha mai na sel krni ha

  • nadeem sultan
    nadeem sultan8 dni temu

    he is driving mercedes with toyota engine . already turned lion into goat

  • Waqas Khan
    Waqas Khan8 dni temu

    Masha ALLAH. Such a honest and humble person.鉂

  • Shan Ul Qadir
    Shan Ul Qadir9 dni temu

    Owner is very humble and polite person. We need such people to make Pakistan a better place.

  • Aryan Jatoi
    Aryan Jatoi9 dni temu

    Assalam o Alaikum suneel sir Sir please glory 580 ka detail review kr dein please sir

  • Raja ibrahim
    Raja ibrahim9 dni temu

    bawag pindi pindi ay

  • Raza Ahmad
    Raza Ahmad9 dni temu

    Engine change gear change phr b itni mehngi.... Es se acha mehran le leni thi

  • Wajeeh Ullah
    Wajeeh Ullah9 dni temu

    What a simple man馃挆

  • Ayaan Mughal
    Ayaan Mughal10 dni temu

    MASHALLAH Love The Owner And Car Also 鉂ゐ煉擆煉

  • Usama Aziz
    Usama Aziz10 dni temu

    Too much humble man! 鉂o笍 Highly inspired

  • Ahmed Shuja
    Ahmed Shuja10 dni temu

    owner is the same guy which also appeared in suzuki FX review,i think

  • F H
    F H10 dni temu

    Toyota mercedez

  • shafi muhammad
    shafi muhammad10 dni temu

    Please drive on one lane use indicators don't jigle around on road you will cause accidents please inform drivers

  • kashif Raza
    kashif Raza11 dni temu

    Iss vlog ka kia faida, gari orignal ni hai, engine toyata ka hai, hisa b change hai, aur ac duba wala laga hai. Time zaya kiya hai.

  • Haroon Bhutta
    Haroon Bhutta11 dni temu

    Agr koi ik bra cmnt krta to Ab nay bra cmnt krna tha

  • Muhammad Hamdan Tahir
    Muhammad Hamdan Tahir11 dni temu

    Uncle jee is so humble. May Allah bless him.

  • umar ahsan
    umar ahsan11 dni temu

    Engine orignl hota tu kam roz nikalta

  • Ali Junaid
    Ali Junaid12 dni temu

    Uncle was right...vintage/classic car group is for elite:)

  • Hassan Khan
    Hassan Khan12 dni temu

    Kaha ki classic car jb iski apni chezain nhi aadhi se ziyda japenese lage huye hain parts 馃檮馃檮馃檮

  • ShamilAlii
    ShamilAlii12 dni temu

    Owner is great and its nice car

    MK BUILTS12 dni temu

    2 s 3lakh s max h bhaiya馃う鈥嶁檪锔 9 s 10馃槀

  • Birds 4 Tame
    Birds 4 Tame12 dni temu

    Old is gold... Classic cars are awesome... And this owner is very polite and down to earth masha Allah.

  • Farrukh
    Farrukh12 dni temu

    Same model hamare pas thee 2006 men 2.7 lac ki bache thee

  • ahsan alam
    ahsan alam12 dni temu

    Quite sure he's the same owner who was also there in FX reviw. The blue fx one.

  • Mirza Sheraz Aslam

    Mirza Sheraz Aslam

    10 dni temu

    woi hain Uncle hahahaha

    HASHIM CHAHAL12 dni temu

    Middle Class Humble Man with Some Big Dreams.

    HASHIM CHAHAL12 dni temu

    "Nahi wo Rich Class ke Groups hain" 馃樋馃樋

  • Rajeev
    Rajeev12 dni temu

    Big salute to the ownerr for this much humble attitude馃挅

  • Adil Abbasi
    Adil Abbasi12 dni temu

    The owner is a great man

  • sultan mirza
    sultan mirza12 dni temu

    For suneel 馃憤

  • Shahid Riaz
    Shahid Riaz13 dni temu


  • Muhammad Usama
    Muhammad Usama13 dni temu

    Uncle is so soft spoken and humble Masha Allah, got the classic Faisalabadi accent, Bless Him 鈾ワ笍

  • Imran Ejaz
    Imran Ejaz13 dni temu

    Well mannered man.

  • abdulah m
    abdulah m13 dni temu

    Next review 2jz madified fx plz

  • abdulah m
    abdulah m13 dni temu

    No offence to the owner but this is an abused benz..a molested benz 馃 If all the pluses are not related to the oem mercedes then I dont know whats the purpose of this retro mod wanna be vehicle

  • Hassaan ismail
    Hassaan ismail13 dni temu

    Owner of this vehicle such a nice person

  • eya
    eya13 dni temu

    He sounds like firdous baig eagle eye from ehd-e-wafa

  • Aneeb Ilyas
    Aneeb Ilyas13 dni temu

    Huge Respect For Owner.

  • Abdul Wajid Rizwan
    Abdul Wajid Rizwan13 dni temu

    Uncle is a nice guy and after watching Alsvin review really want to give sitara e Imtiaz to Uncle ji 馃槉馃憤

  • Saad ur Rehman
    Saad ur Rehman13 dni temu

    Durrr Fitee monh on the built quality of big 03 here in Pak.Well now KIA/Hyuandai are getting ahead.Hope they keep the built quality in mind.

  • Malkii 001
    Malkii 00113 dni temu

    Respect for Uncle great man

  • Qadeer Khan
    Qadeer Khan13 dni temu

    Mercedes may CNG馃槀馃槀馃槀

  • invader extreme5
    invader extreme513 dni temu

    Such a nice, down to earth personality. Huge respect from Saudi Arabia to this honest man.

  • Hassan Amin
    Hassan Amin13 dni temu

    This is not a classic Mercedes, but a local modified CNG version !

  • Abdullah kk raj
    Abdullah kk raj13 dni temu

    Buht acha...鉂わ笍鉂わ笍

  • muhammad abro
    muhammad abro13 dni temu

    Lo ab es dabby ko bhi 10 lakh tak phancha do review kr ke.

    MALaK HASNaIN KHan13 dni temu

    Hats off to the owner 鉂ゐ煉

  • Rabi Nisar
    Rabi Nisar13 dni temu

    Owner is so genuine.

  • Ahsan Khan
    Ahsan Khan13 dni temu

    BESG LINE:wo RICH Logon ka hota ha show zra馃槏

  • Nazzal Butt
    Nazzal Butt13 dni temu

    Total non genuine car sad very sad

  • Sajid Ali
    Sajid Ali13 dni temu

    suneel bhai kindly Manul vs Auto car par video bnaye plz鉂わ笍

  • Sajid Ali
    Sajid Ali13 dni temu

    suneel bhai kindly Manul vs Auto car par video bnaye plz鉂わ笍

  • Gohar
    Gohar13 dni temu

    Car is on sale

  • Fakhri shah
    Fakhri shah13 dni temu

    Allah Pak apne khazano se apko or b nawaz de Uncle... Super human being 馃憤馃憤馃憤

  • Mohammad Ali
    Mohammad Ali13 dni temu

    I owned this car back in 2013 purchased from Retired Brigadier, yaaar Kamal ki gaari thi motorway pa above 100 km/h pa gayi thi or jahan bi jata thay loog mur mur ka Dekhta tha 馃槀, acha time tha

  • Arselan Khan
    Arselan Khan13 dni temu

    Engihe toyota ka gear box bhi genuine nahi classic phir meray lund ki hay....... classic car mein sab kuch genuine hota hay

  • Usman Saab
    Usman Saab13 dni temu

    Is ki owner dimond kitni he?

  • j. Khan
    j. Khan13 dni temu

    Bhai new gardi lena b aam admi ki bas ki bat nahi ajkal bakwas alto b 17lahks ki hogayi

  • Blend Pictures
    Blend Pictures13 dni temu

    Awesome 馃槑馃槑

  • OT_ Coders
    OT_ Coders13 dni temu

    it has entire assembly changed! this is a restomod not a classic.

    ANEES AHMED13 dni temu

    Awesome person 鉂わ笍 Mashallah 鈾ワ笍 May Allah grant him with an original Merc with all its genuine parts.. Ammeen鉂わ笍

  • Gamers Arena
    Gamers Arena13 dni temu

    Thanks for 4 Jaldi sai 20 karwa do plz.馃檹馃檹馃檹 Love you all鉂も潳鉂

  • Xenoy - Little Big Snake

    Xenoy - Little Big Snake

    10 dni temu

    Self promo na kro yrr

  • Muhammad Khalid
    Muhammad Khalid13 dni temu

    plz make a video about those super sports suvs that beat sports cars and can also drift like drift cars plz

  • syed ibrahim
    syed ibrahim13 dni temu

    KMK Rolks Royce Phantom 8 review

  • Javed Bloch
    Javed Bloch13 dni temu

    Ye chacha to Fx ka review bhi dy chuka hai

  • Abdullah waseem
    Abdullah waseem14 dni temu

    MASHALLAH suneel bhai aj ap ke izzat hamari nazro me bohat bhar gye Jis trha ap ne uncle ko treat kia you are a true gentleman..Uncle be great admi ha

  • Hamza Bro
    Hamza Bro14 dni temu

    Kam is liye ni nikalti q k is my toyota ka engine he... or mery khyal sy bht bhter he

  • Hamza Abbas
    Hamza Abbas14 dni temu

    Love from jhelum馃グ

  • Salman Zafar
    Salman Zafar14 dni temu

    Uncle driver can't stay in his lane. He's all over the road. Does not use turn signal when changing lane. Wish him good luck finding a buyer as he says he likes selling the car.

  • Agha Zaheeruddin Babar
    Agha Zaheeruddin Babar14 dni temu

    Govt officer hai but kafi sharif admi hai 馃榿馃挒

  • Muneeb Uddin
    Muneeb Uddin14 dni temu

    鉂わ笍 for Uncle

  • Zigar Nawaz Khan
    Zigar Nawaz Khan14 dni temu

    Is it just me or anyone else noticed the Mercedes logo on the trunk is upside down? 馃

  • Azlan Bhai ka Roast
    Azlan Bhai ka Roast14 dni temu

    Uncle bicharay awein ehsas e kamtani ke shikaar ho rahay hein like man you are driving a Mercedes at the same time 馃槄

  • Shak Hussain
    Shak Hussain14 dni temu

    Beautiful comments for a beautiful guy

  • Munib Ul haq
    Munib Ul haq14 dni temu

    Much respect for such a Masoom uncle...

  • The BaseerACTION
    The BaseerACTION14 dni temu


  • Rana Muaz
    Rana Muaz14 dni temu

    MaSha ALLAH very nice review of old car with humble owner ..

  • Shoaib Ali
    Shoaib Ali14 dni temu

    A true gentleman.

  • Mahad Rana
    Mahad Rana14 dni temu

    What a innocent and polite owner

  • Saad Malik
    Saad Malik14 dni temu

    Such A Nice Person

  • M.Ihtsham Saqib
    M.Ihtsham Saqib14 dni temu

    Just here to watch .....people's review about the owner.

  • Ahmed malhi
    Ahmed malhi14 dni temu

    I have 2 cars for review. N WGN Custom. New Shape 2020 model. 2D Saloon 2008 New Shape

  • nauman tahir
    nauman tahir14 dni temu

    In all fairness, with huge modifications you can鈥檛 call it a classic. Owner is a very nice person !!!

  • Maafia Cars by Bilal
    Maafia Cars by Bilal14 dni temu

    sir , no doubt gari saff hy but itni purani agr shoq sa bnda lay to at least engine to stock ho. yh diesel m ai hy to diesel engine k sath is ki drive ka real essence enjoy kr skty hn

  • Danial Yaqub
    Danial Yaqub14 dni temu

    Calling it a classic where everything other than the body has been replaced.. nice.

  • Amir Sattar
    Amir Sattar14 dni temu

    Uncle the King 馃憫

  • rehan ahmad
    rehan ahmad14 dni temu

    Uncle ki gari ka ad nai dia us wajah sy dislike 馃憥馃徑

  • rehan ahmad
    rehan ahmad14 dni temu

    Uncle ki gari ka ad ka link nai dia us wajah sy dislike

  • yasir khan
    yasir khan14 dni temu

    Kindly please charade g11 original condition ka review bhe ker dein

  • Aa Records
    Aa Records14 dni temu

    Such a nice person owner of this car 鉂わ笍鉂わ笍

  • Lucifer morningstar
    Lucifer morningstar14 dni temu

    Uncle you're so humble and honest... I like your attitude... God bless you

  • The Studio
    The Studio14 dni temu

    Sunil bhai ka Mask bhe classic unique hai

  • Zeeshan Ahmed
    Zeeshan Ahmed14 dni temu

    Lovely owner Allah salamt rakhy. MashAllah

  • Ahmad Shahzad
    Ahmad Shahzad14 dni temu

    Happy birthday dear suneel sir 馃巶鉂わ笍

  • Fahad Aziz
    Fahad Aziz14 dni temu

    sunil bhai salam k sath hath par karish be zaror karty hain :D

  • M . M . I
    M . M . I14 dni temu

    He is not a Car lover, He shouldn't buy this Car! Bad decision I think.

  • M . M . I

    M . M . I

    14 dni temu

    As Monogram is not at it's right place, He i Don't think is a car enthusiasts

  • Rafay Ali
    Rafay Ali14 dni temu

    Owner is so polite 賲丕卮丕亍丕賱賱蹃. May Allah bless him.