The Next Mass Effect - Official Teaser Trailer


Get a sneak peek at the next chapter of the Mass Effect universe. A veteran team at BioWare is in the early stages of what is on the horizon for the Mass Effect franchise, and we are excited to show you where we’ll be heading next!


  • Shawn Duket
    Shawn Duket3 godzin temu

    ME4. Liara's and Shepard's little blue babies!

  • Invo Pyyython
    Invo Pyyython3 godzin temu

    Oh my God I needed this ❤️

  • Charlie Sandiford
    Charlie Sandiford5 godzin temu


  • Onion
    Onion6 godzin temu

    #DAY 72 : Another day Waiting for new Mass Effect

  • Nathan Random
    Nathan Random9 godzin temu

    liara is back hell yea

  • Twist & Motley
    Twist & Motley12 godzin temu

    Is nobody talking about Liara’s crows feet? She’s old! This is hundreds of years later.

  • Ryan Russon
    Ryan Russon13 godzin temu

    Wrinkles doesn’t necessarily mean she’s old and in the late stages of her life as Matriarch. I find it more plausible that it’s either: a) extremely good detail, b) due to the ridiculous amounts of stress she undoubtedly endured in her role in the trilogy, especially in ME2 - ME3. What could be more stressful than preventing (and for most of the time failing to prevent until the very end) galaxy-wide genocide in ME3? Or: c) Both. I personally loved Andromeda, but if their objective is to win back the hearts of the fans again after Andromeda’s chaotic release & Anthem bombing, they are 1,000% returning to tell more stories about the character(s) that everyone loved: Shepard & the events in the Milky Way. Nothing is more intriguing to me as a fan than the events immediately following ME3’s ending. The galaxy is a mess, and defeating the Reapers may have been a success but there has to be consequences to the Relays being destroyed, subsequently repaired...government is a’s become the “Wild West” in a lot of ways. There will be fallout with certain species for decisions made during the Reaper war, for example the Genophage cure. Not everyone can be pleased with that, despite it being the right choice. Not to mention something as strong and powerful as the Reapers were bound to have some sort of contingency plan if they were miraculously defeated.’s just as likely that they, in their power, might, arrogance, etc, didn’t quite anticipate something like the Crucible and as a result they are actually 100% destroyed. Either way, it’s an amazing window they have & a mysterious period of time to tell a new story. The idea of it being far into the future and everyone being gone, and Liara taking on that role of the old mentor who will guide the protagonist or something doesn’t seem nearly as unique. So, I’m thoroughly convinced Shepard is back. Why else release the Legendary Edition, other than it being the first step in pleasing all the fans and winning back the hearts of gamers everywhere? They want a new version of the OG games to establish continuity for new fans & to have modern-day save files to transfer to ME4 on these new gaming platforms. Makes complete sense to me. I think it’s obvious Shepard is back! We’ll see what happens.

  • kalpesh bhoir
    kalpesh bhoir13 godzin temu

    ah my favourite cac Shepard 🥰 i hope they do the same thing with the new dragon age and bring back hof🥰

  • Iitchovereverything
    Iitchovereverything16 godzin temu

    We’ll bang again, ok

  • elock1277
    elock127717 godzin temu

    Goodbye Ryder..They butchered you so bad, but I'll never forget the fun times I still had. Could do without the real life political issues we deal with next time

  • kek
    kek17 godzin temu

    Im huge fan of ME series and im still sad that andromeda not recive any dlc's :(

  • Rehm
    Rehm19 godzin temu

    I am projectile shitting to this

  • Артем Иванов
    Артем Иванов21 godzinę temu

    *Come back, Commander Shepard! Come back alive!*

  • Onion
    OnionDzień temu

    #DAY 71 : Waiting for new Mass Effect game I need to tell you guys that I'm wondering What will be full title of new Mass Effect game

  • Zack Smith

    Zack Smith

    21 godzinę temu

    No one cares

  • RawLu
    RawLuDzień temu

    Please take your time & do it the justice it deserves.

  • Khobotov
    KhobotovDzień temu

    Now get you act together Bioware, learn from your mistakes with Anthem and Andromeda.

  • Andrey Abalmasov
    Andrey AbalmasovDzień temu

    Давно пора Шепарду вернуться.

  • Zamadellii
    ZamadelliiDzień temu

    Don't bring back fucking multiplayer!! Focus on story!!

  • Amin Fawzi
    Amin FawziDzień temu

    A dream came true God..I'm not ready for this...

  • Zack Smith

    Zack Smith

    21 godzinę temu

    I am . It skd

  • Snoopy
    SnoopyDzień temu

    Continue with Andromeda story, this alternative story didn't finished yet. How about unfinished situation of the Kett Empire.

  • Barbara Siqueira
    Barbara SiqueiraDzień temu

    No doubt this is the best trilogy made in the whole history of video game.

  • Zack Smith

    Zack Smith

    21 godzinę temu

    Nope . Not even close

  • Hafelord
    HafelordDzień temu

    Yes yes yes, thousands of times yes, but only if Tali and Garrus are here

  • Nautikient21
    Nautikient21Dzień temu

    Eetswa toko

  • Repvoid
    Repvoid2 dni temu

    Shepard Commander

  • Onion
    Onion2 dni temu

    #DAY 70 : Waiting for new Mass Effect game I need to tell you guys that today is Star wars day

  • Silas TW
    Silas TW2 dni temu

    "early stages" in december 2020, do you guys think it will come late 2022? Or maybe even later in 2023-2024?

  • Highlander
    Highlander2 dni temu

    OMFG, I accidentally stumbled upon this trailer when watching some material about ME Legendary Edition. At first I was "Is this some old Andromeda BS?" But god damn, it's not, it's really happening?! Jesus H Christ Bioware don't fluff it up! Make Mass Effect great again.

  • travis stoner
    travis stoner2 dni temu

    Damn I'm behind this is the first I have seen this lmao.. I'm emotional af

  • Generously buttered ALCO
    Generously buttered ALCO2 dni temu

    Rules: 1. Plot driven (most important) 2. No idiotic tangents 3. No unnecessarily improbable alien life Forms 4. No references to current politics, galactic events are fine (you know this, ME1 handled it brilliantly) Good luck, this may be your last chance BioWare, you're next on EA's chopping block if this one goes to shit.

  • Generously buttered ALCO

    Generously buttered ALCO

    23 godzin temu

    @jomnix it was okay, but I was speaking more in terms of side missions that led to the tail end of nowhere, narratively. Andromeda was a galactic (pardon the pun) failure, so that's shot. Anthem was lukewarm at best. The remake doesn't count, so that leads us here.

  • jomnix


    Dzień temu

    I take that you do not like the thorian...

  • JC K
    JC K2 dni temu

    0:52 Liara says “do not leave me this way” - Shepard dead confirmed?

  • JC K

    JC K

    17 godzin temu

    @Noah Leopold totally disagree. Mass Effect is a universe, and Shepard is only a single character in that universe. What previous ME games did “people like me” say this about? Shepard’s story arc is done and bringing him back would feel cheap. They might still make that bad decision to bring him back, it’s true. I just think it would be a huge mistake. There’s plenty of stories to tell without Shepard.

  • Noah Leopold

    Noah Leopold

    20 godzin temu

    There is no Mass Effect without Shepard, I'm afraid. Also, people like you said this at the end of previous ME games and they still find some way to bring Shepard back. Clearly, he made his mark as the main protagonist of the franchise and will most likely be coming back to this game.

  • JC K

    JC K

    2 dni temu

    @Chinguun Erdenebileg tbh even if he’s not dead (Liara’s line can be interpreted in many ways), his story is over, his arc is done. He shouldn’t be the new playable character IMO

  • Chinguun Erdenebileg

    Chinguun Erdenebileg

    2 dni temu

    Most likely they killed off shepard

  • Isaac The Last N7
    Isaac The Last N72 dni temu

    Have Shepard return PLEASE

  • Onion
    Onion3 dni temu

    #DAY 69 : He He 69 days

  • Lightingzz
    Lightingzz3 dni temu

    WOW, just Wow!

  • Gerard McMullan
    Gerard McMullan3 dni temu

    Eyes welling up. Though I wonder if they'll be doing a new storyline that predates the events of Andromeda. Never played Andromeda, so no idea how or even if the original story impacts it. Even if just as a passing but significant mention how the galaxy was saved by Shepard and co 600 years beforehand. That would make it difficult to do a fresh, galaxy-saving, all-life-everywhere-saving (Again) story with Shep and co back in their own, original timeline, that the Andromeda timeline is completely oblivious and ignorant of - having never mentioned it. So perhaps set in the same Andromeda timeline, 600 years from original trilogy, after the events of Andromeda. That would still have Liara alive and well as a long-lived Asari, looking to revive a dead Shepard (Again) with some of Cerberus' old, magic revivification tech. But all other cast and crew will be long dead, pushing up daisies. Not unless Liara is going to do a job lot revivification to get the old gang back together again. In 600 years time, I suppose reviving dead folk will be as simple as ordering them online. Either way, past, present or future, I can't wait to play Shep again in any timeline. Heck, I may even purchase Andromeda dirt cheap somewhere and finally play it months before this new Mass Effect is due to release - I'm sure a couple of years yet to dwell on that. When do they reckon, late 22, early 23?

  • Treyous
    Treyous3 dni temu

    I am going to be very skeptical about this game. I don't feel bio-ware is the same company that brought us the original mass effect series. Plus it almost looks like they are going back to Shepard's crew or Shepard himself. To be honest, I feel Shepard's story was done, and don't want to play a game as one of the original crew memebers. Should have just continued with Andromeda it had potential had they put a bit more work and care into it.

  • Wiseman108
    Wiseman1084 dni temu

    Hope it at least ties into Andromeda in some way, cause the story there was interesting if you actually bothered to finish it. (most people who hate it never did).

  • LegacyDrummer
    LegacyDrummer4 dni temu

    They're gonna fuck it up

  • Zack Smith

    Zack Smith

    21 godzinę temu


  • Onion
    Onion4 dni temu

    #DAY 68 : Waiting for new Mass Effect game I need to tell you guys that I'm still wondering os there will be Mass Effect TV series or not

  • Begli Amanov
    Begli Amanov4 dni temu


  • gauto matias
    gauto matias4 dni temu

    Cual es el tema musical del trailer?

    PHEONIX4 dni temu

    So this isnt Mass Effect Legendary Edition?

  • CrniWuk
    CrniWuk4 dni temu

    Please don't let it be an online MMO-micro-transaction bullshit ...

  • deadmanslastwish
    deadmanslastwish4 dni temu

    You people still excited for this game is DELUSIONAL. What makes a company is not the name but the talents the company employs. Nearly all the creative team behind your beloved franchise have left. THIS IS NOT BIOWARE This is EA biding they time just long enough that the fans have forgotten how garbage Andromeda was so they can come in and milk a dead cow one last time.

  • Georgios Gekou
    Georgios Gekou4 dni temu

    Goosebumps and tears anyone ?? While watching Liara picking up the N7 armor piece... Why the Mass Effect trilogy is not a movie yet??

  • Niyo
    Niyo4 dni temu

    My heart skips a beat every time I watch this….

  • Chicago1989ta
    Chicago1989ta5 dni temu

    Commander Shepard the only one who can defeat the Reapers and atone for the sins of BioWare.

  • Semper Fi
    Semper Fi5 dni temu

    Bioware, please, don't f*ck this up

  • youre a Lier
    youre a Lier5 dni temu

    Maybe instead of the reapers being a threat it can be about the leviathan themselves after all we know atleast a few are still alive

  • Lili Pierce
    Lili Pierce5 dni temu

    My face is tired

  • Onion
    Onion5 dni temu

    #DAY 67 : Waiting for new Mass Effect game I need to tell you guys that I'm wondering who will be protagonist of new mass effect game.

  • ZCorp Alpha

    ZCorp Alpha

    5 dni temu


  • Garvel Loken
    Garvel Loken5 dni temu

    Если вы засрёте эту часть так же как и андромеду я вас прокляну.

  • Jake Mysterio
    Jake Mysterio5 dni temu

    All im gonna say is they Better Take The Control and sythesis endings into account and Not bring shepard back as a playable character; If i see them do either i am done with bioware

  • Saber Red
    Saber Red5 dni temu

    I cried first time I saw Liara. fuck sake, finally

  • Mikerosoft
    Mikerosoft5 dni temu

    Honestly for me MassEffect was about getting lost in space, with an unexpected plot, almost like the movie interstellar but also about choose my path. As if every step i took, every decision I made truely mattered. In andromeda it was so much walking around in "open world" which felt empty to me. I prefer corridor like mass effects but well fleshed out! Still my fav game series after TES! :)

  • Night Mother
    Night Mother5 dni temu

    How is it going to continue? Don't get me wrong I've loved this series ever since the first was released. I just don't see shepard coming back, the reapers are done. Unless... you're planning on bringing them back for round two?

  • Johnny
    Johnny5 dni temu

    This is the best game I ever played so far. its story is quite envolving

  • Haden Brooks
    Haden Brooks6 dni temu

    “We need first contact protocols” gave me the chills. Very excited.

  • Moisty
    Moisty6 dni temu

    andromeda and anthem failed, thus shepard and the gang have to carry bioware one more time

  • Deniz Çetin
    Deniz Çetin6 dni temu

    The Godfather Game II why not on steam, there is all this game in this game, why

  • Onion
    Onion6 dni temu

    #DAY 66 : Waiting for new Mass Effect game I need to tell you guys that in my opinion Tali is the best girl

  • Legion
    Legion6 dni temu

    What I really curious is what kind of big villian they gonna come up with, a villian like illusive man or a series of build up to another reaper-like sentient.

  • Dexter Nexus
    Dexter Nexus6 dni temu

    Excuse me...ARC 6!? But there are only 4! ...what!? I am confused....

  • Darquesse 0
    Darquesse 06 dni temu

    When there is any was to get shepard back, liara will find it

  • El Khan
    El Khan6 dni temu

    Shepard Commander... I Am Back... N7💗

  • Andy
    Andy6 dni temu

    remember guys, no preorder

  • matt mc
    matt mc6 dni temu

    So want to see a sequel but Andromeda looks like the way to go

  • Brandon Rashad
    Brandon Rashad6 dni temu

    Can I be a character in Mass Effect? That would be a dream come true. I've played all 4 games, beaten all 4 games and I can confidently say Mass Effect is my all time favorite series. I would love to be a character in the game. Think about it please

  • Yuuki Bish

    Yuuki Bish

    6 dni temu

    are you a kid or something?

  • The Ashen Cloud
    The Ashen Cloud7 dni temu

    1 rule bring back the old crew and a old shepherd I'm not playing as liara

  • hyukhyuk
    hyukhyuk7 dni temu

    It is clear that Shepard is not returning for this game. Shepard’s story was concluded in Mass Effect 3. Fans need to accept that and stop hammering for Shepard to return.

  • Onion
    Onion7 dni temu

    #DAY 65 : Juan Joya Borja [*]

  • Billy Phillips
    Billy Phillips7 dni temu

    Is this teasing the legendary edition, the remake... or a new game with Shepard coming back?

  • tapalama
    tapalama7 dni temu

    С Андромедой уже обосрались.... посмотрим что будет на этот раз...

  • Sanith Mohan
    Sanith Mohan7 dni temu

    The soundtrack at the end!!!

  • Alexander
    Alexander7 dni temu

    They better not make us play as Liara, i want to create my own god damn character

  • Swift
    Swift7 dni temu

    Is this real?

  • AngelBeatz92
    AngelBeatz928 dni temu

    I just hope they can do this new upcoming game justice from a story and character development perspective the way they did with ME 1,2 and 3.. literally hands down the best story-driven trilogy game I have ever played.

  • Edson Nascimento
    Edson Nascimento8 dni temu

    Don't give me hope Bioware, please don't give me hope, not anymore

  • Onion
    Onion8 dni temu

    #DAY 64 : Waiting for new Mass Effect game I need to tell you guys that in my opinion Omega is the best location in whole lore

  • Cephalon IO
    Cephalon IO8 dni temu

    I hope they remake me3 ending Wait if destroy ending is canon ain't that mean like 90% of council space military is stuck in solar system for a time? How they gonna fix Mass relay tho?

  • CS
    CS8 dni temu

    I really hope Bioware can connect the two great stories of original trilogy and Andromeda. Looks like older Liara has found her way to Andromeda galaxy 600+ years later. To help Ryder, or to warn him, maybe the origin of reapers and remnants is somehow connected. The teaser is so intriguing and leaves so many questions and so much for imagination. Go for it, Bioware! Can't wait for the new ME to come out! I know it will be awesome. Like every previous ME game..

  • Kyora Xi

    Kyora Xi

    8 dni temu

    But that would mean the Kett just like, vanished or something. It's implied they're not limited to Heleus and that the force you fight in ME:A is basically a scout party. Also, let's pray the writers from Andromeda don't return. Game was riddled with errors and bad writing that strongly suggest that the people who wrote for it have virtually zero understanding of ME's lore.

  • Cognitivehero
    Cognitivehero8 dni temu

    The best part of this trailer is that Bioware left the door wide open for several possibilities. That is, the developers are not really boxed in and can be really creative. My own idea is that in the second game the initiative figures out exaltation thanks to the discoveries found on Meridian. In game, for example, one could customize the player and have a human character with turian metal skin. This biological tech breakthrough could lead to a pathfinder and their crew, stealing a Kett ship and exploring Kett space undercover; Learning more about their culture, their empire and freeing the races that are under their thumb. Secondly, What happened to the Jardaan, and what race or entity forced them to flee? Andromeda refers to an opposition and how their weapon would decimate them. Continue the process of renewal one said. We will return one day. That is the part of Andromeda that has a lure for me. I don't know, but i would love to work on developing this game. Some much has.

  • PC Gamer
    PC Gamer8 dni temu

    I am so ready for this game and the LE.

  • Mason collins
    Mason collins8 dni temu

    Yooooo 52 secs in you can hear liara say do not leave me this way! And some other voice you can’t make out what they say.. But man wtf listen really closely and you’ll hear it!!

  • Daedric Fire 10
    Daedric Fire 108 dni temu

    We need an inspirational idea/story like the idea of the legendary trilogy, which will remain in our hearts forever. But for the love of the universe, STAY AWAY from ANY real world politics ! Dont mess this up!!!

    REVAN9 dni temu

    lets go bring back Shepard

  • Michael beck
    Michael beck9 dni temu

    ich liebe das Spiel

  • Onion
    Onion9 dni temu

    #DAY 63 : Waiting for new Mass Effect game I need to tell you guys that I wish good night for all of you

  • Arron Kay
    Arron Kay9 dni temu

    4 months later. Still hyped. Gimme now.

  • Commander Shephard
    Commander Shephard9 dni temu

    My game series is the greatest series of all time

  • Молодость
    Молодость9 dni temu

    Будем ждать(Жду)

  • Dainius Karanauskas
    Dainius Karanauskas9 dni temu

    Come on Bioware keep up together. With ME trilogy you can show the world why you are one if best company in the world ME3 still playing until today withOUT any mods it still gives me the idea if you keep together and dont put STUPID LOOTBOXES you can do it

  • StrykerLP
    StrykerLP9 dni temu

    Really? Combining ME and MEA sounds like a great idea :) I see it comming: "Arc 6 is away, godspeed"

  • Darth Nihilus
    Darth Nihilus9 dni temu

    El Star Wars de Los Videojuegos, quiza uno de los proyectos mas ambiciosos y visionarios, lamentablemente su calidad se vio mermada en el tercer lanzamiento, pero ahora podrias llevarlo al siguiente nivel.

  • Mrqbasic
    Mrqbasic9 dni temu

    "Don't leave me this way" says Liara at 0:52 Very hard to hear but it's there O_O

  • Christina Singleton
    Christina Singleton10 dni temu

    Anyone else notice at 52 seconds Liara says “do not leave me this way!!!???” My little heart is hoping she is talking to Shepard!!!!

  • İsmail Karaoğlan

    İsmail Karaoğlan

    5 dni temu


  • Onion
    Onion10 dni temu

    #DAY 62 : Waiting for new Mass Effect game I need to tell you guys that I'm wondering if we will see new spiecies

  • Kyora Xi

    Kyora Xi

    8 dni temu

    If it counts, there appears to be an angara in the trailer.

  • William Kiesling
    William Kiesling10 dni temu

    I think I saw garrus

  • William Kiesling
    William Kiesling10 dni temu

    Well when I get mass effect remastered for my ps5 I'll romance laira

  • Leo The War
    Leo The War10 dni temu

    It will be great, when the main hero in andromeda with Liara will search the signs of the Shephard. Then they will find him or her as a druid in a distant planet. So in mass effect 5 they together will fight with another danger to the galaxy. Give me licenses i will do a new star wars based story with Shephard.

  • Karost
    Karost10 dni temu

    they are gonna weak up a dead character to making money again?