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  • Steven Brooks
    Steven BrooksMiesiąc temu

    the real guwap is back

  • MJs Entertainment
    MJs Entertainment2 miesięcy temu

    Subscribe ⭐m.jsentertainment check out video💨 it's just us from C.E.O.M shout out gucci burrrr uk stand upppp MJ

  • Ashley
    Ashley5 miesięcy temu

    Love this album 🔥😍

  • case marshall
    case marshall5 miesięcy temu

    Been listening to this for a year now and just realized the “Woah Kenny!” By far my favorite tag ever not only because it goes hard but where it came from 😂😂

  • Lisa Gordon
    Lisa Gordon6 miesięcy temu

    Members Only

  • Bill Bixby
    Bill Bixby9 miesięcy temu

    From 1:15 to 1:45 is what you came for.

  • Charles Ford Jr
    Charles Ford JrRok temu

    Gonna tell your rn. If he put a drake ft on this, with a crazy music video this song would have so many views it’s not even funny.

  • phillyflyboy
    phillyflyboyRok temu


  • Scroll of Town Portal
    Scroll of Town PortalRok temu

    Gucci Mane is the best rapper alive

  • Houston Hargiss
    Houston HargissRok temu

    Gucci back 💥💥💥💥

  • Tezzy Boi
    Tezzy BoiRok temu

    0:32 must be talking bout lil wop 😂😂😂

  • Charles Ford Jr
    Charles Ford JrRok temu

    If you dislike this your a fuckin pussy

  • El Carlo
    El CarloRok temu

    Gucci really out here stealing beats. UnoTheActivist used this on his mixtape a year before Delusions of Grandeur dropped.

  • YNR Road2Riches CEO
    YNR Road2Riches CEORok temu

    I truely feel that 🎶 "US" 👽👺👿👹💀 over "Them" 👨👧👦👩👶👵👴

  • Gregory Gittins
    Gregory GittinsRok temu

    Yaaaaaa catch up!!! Yooooooom!! Burr!! LEDGEND THATS JUST WUT IT IS

  • Kolby Girod
    Kolby GirodRok temu

    Its always gucci's best songs on his albums that are underappreciated

  • Beck Torres
    Beck TorresRok temu


  • ShangTsungBHD
    ShangTsungBHDRok temu

    It's GUCCI

  • super souljer
    super souljerRok temu

    Would have been Perfect for the movie Us

  • Brandon Allison
    Brandon AllisonRok temu

    So Icy ❄

  • Syco Fya
    Syco FyaRok temu

    *Gucci rappin like the old Gucci*

  • Deshawn Moore
    Deshawn MooreRok temu

    Yall tripping dats big guwop been my favorite since 2005 real talk do yall hear this flame hes spitting guwop on fire

  • So Much Fun

    So Much Fun

    Rok temu

    Too Long by Gucci Mane a classic

  • So Much Fun

    So Much Fun

    Rok temu


  • Morgan Brown
    Morgan BrownRok temu

    🔥 🔥🔥👏🏾

  • James Taylor
    James TaylorRok temu

    Gang Gang! 💯

  • Danny Wang
    Danny WangRok temu

    That 2nd verse tho 🤯🤯🤯

  • T Honey Badger
    T Honey BadgerRok temu

    This stands for USA!!

  • John Doe
    John DoeRok temu

    I aint heard that "Yeeeaaaahhhhhhhh" in a hot minute lol

    CUTTIN EDGERok temu


  • johnson wallace
    johnson wallaceRok temu

    shit!!!! i thought that was U.S before i played

  • esharii11williams
    esharii11williamsRok temu

    It’s Us over them We kill em with the M’s 1️⃣0️⃣1️⃣7️⃣

  • Dylan Irv
    Dylan IrvRok temu

    Shit be clappin! 🔥

  • Amanda D
    Amanda DRok temu

    This track goes hard 😤🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Max Less

    Max Less

    Rok temu

    Gucci Clone aims to please!

  • 나는야아인슈타인 보다 더 똑똑한 사람
    나는야아인슈타인 보다 더 똑똑한 사람Rok temu


  • Mike C
    Mike CRok temu

    Gucci you da man

  • Kenaujak
    KenaujakRok temu

    Lil Mayo would go hard over this beat

  • Shakina Frink
    Shakina FrinkRok temu


  • Penjuu
    PenjuuRok temu

    Straight gas ⛽️🔥🔥🔥

  • Asshole Mcfuckin
    Asshole McfuckinRok temu

    So this came out 3 days ago but I got the notification 5 minutes ago. Okay PLclip. Strip Gucci of a view or 30

  • Matt S

    Matt S

    Rok temu

    Ojenthow these utubers carry riechs without they linage like they cut from de cloth as well

  • Low D
    Low DRok temu

    Here from the start 🔥 🔥 🔥 👌🤙🤟👆

  • Jester_ M16
    Jester_ M16Rok temu


  • AP Life
    AP LifeRok temu


  • Dk Lg
    Dk LgRok temu

    Unotheactivist birds is the world part2

  • Dk Lg
    Dk LgRok temu

    Kenny beat murder dis.

  • Lil Pickle Rick
    Lil Pickle RickRok temu

    Gucci never disappoints🔥🔥💯❄️

  • Max Less

    Max Less

    Rok temu

    Clone Gucci has to keep the people happy, another satisfied customer.

  • Balls
    BallsRok temu


  • luke yung
    luke yungRok temu

    Its us fuc them

  • runout101
    runout101Rok temu

    YES YES YES this that fat Gucci sound reminds me of Gucci 2x times

  • Jarrod Lewis
    Jarrod LewisRok temu

    #NoSmokeNoSmoke US.... #KeyshiaAndRadric Daviz.... #GucciAndKeyshia Tha Wopster'z.... N Thts Jus Wht It Iz💯 🔥 🔥 🔥 🎶 ❄ ❄ 💎 💍...... #1017GlacierGang

  • Darnell Harris
    Darnell HarrisRok temu

    Goat goat

  • superduperjoi
    superduperjoiRok temu

    Heyy kenny

  • mike maldonado
    mike maldonadoRok temu

    man i hope gucci do a video for this shit


    US ft Ybn Cordae

  • Antaral James
    Antaral JamesRok temu

    Gucci always can make music he talanted he can makes a hook quick and he can give u a sweet sixteen.

  • So Much Fun

    So Much Fun

    Rok temu

    No Cap at all

  • ljonas
    ljonasRok temu


  • Edoardo Biasco
    Edoardo BiascoRok temu

    i bet this beat was from kenny since i heard the first same fire kick of limbus by Uno

  • Dk Lg

    Dk Lg

    Rok temu

    U fuccin diiiig *birds is the world*

  • Mathew Osoro
    Mathew OsoroRok temu

    Dopest...US over them!

  • DJPopbang NJ
    DJPopbang NJRok temu


  • Lenay Hodges
    Lenay HodgesRok temu


  • NoChill Tracks
    NoChill TracksRok temu

    Ayyyyyy new album !!!


    This album is beautiful

  • LamskO 1017
    LamskO 1017Rok temu

    Glacier gang D.O.G #trapgod

  • No Name Jackson
    No Name JacksonRok temu

    Introducing the one and only place that has changed more men then some good pussy Prison

  • TheRideVibe
    TheRideVibeRok temu

    I like Evil Genius over this but still fire

  • chachi said
    chachi saidRok temu


  • Ashley Williams
    Ashley WilliamsRok temu

    Kenny on the beat 🔥👮🏻‍♂️

  • Jmoe PRO.Davis
    Jmoe PRO.DavisRok temu

    Lol Gucci back smoking blunts you can tell 😂💯 🔥🔥🔥

  • AB


    Rok temu


  • So Much Fun

    So Much Fun

    Rok temu

    Listen to Left Hand by Gucci Mane 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Max Less

    Max Less

    Rok temu

    Clone Gucci doesn’t do that. Don’t be silly, his handler, and the corporation don’t allow it.

  • Blazing Angel

    Blazing Angel

    Rok temu

    No he ain’t listen ehat he says about weed

  • Zion `Smith
    Zion `SmithRok temu

    This go hard 🔥

  • o
    oRok temu

    Candy ass rap shit

  • Justin Guwop
    Justin GuwopRok temu

    Gucci mane good for you!

  • Darren Hunter
    Darren HunterRok temu

    Guwop I’m so proud of u ✊🏾

  • Nibba with gigantic schlong

    Nibba with gigantic schlong

    Rok temu

    @Max Less Gucci is NOT a clone, shut the fuck up

  • Max Less

    Max Less

    Rok temu

    His handler, and the corporation are proud of Gucci Clone too!!!

  • Alan Calvillo
    Alan CalvilloRok temu

    The only one who will be Skateboarding is US.

  • Johnny Blaze
    Johnny BlazeRok temu

    Guwop is going into his God mode.

  • Bp_Dani
    Bp_DaniRok temu

    That Bing Sound sound Like Por ley Anuel 😂👀

  • liMaPrincChannel
    liMaPrincChannelRok temu

    FIREEEE wow KENNY !!! 1017

  • So Much Fun

    So Much Fun

    Rok temu

    Listen to Faces by Gucci Mane & Young Scooter

  • Tae Red
    Tae RedRok temu

    Video please STRAIGHT FIRE DIS DAT TRAP GOD FLOW DAMN I WISH he let Flocka get on da track

  • So Much Fun

    So Much Fun

    Rok temu

    Listen to Picture Perfect by Gucci Mane & Chill Will

  • Green Z
    Green ZRok temu

    Wop nd kenny beats 🔥

  • flexmoney78
    flexmoney78Rok temu

    Guwop 🌍1017

  • Marc Dddd
    Marc DdddRok temu

    Every one of his songs could sound the same lmao

  • ShawSixOfficial
    ShawSixOfficialRok temu

    Anyother way dirt🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • VVS-G
    VVS-GRok temu

    This man right here doesnnt know the word MERCY. shit

  • Кристиян Гачков
    Кристиян ГачковRok temu


  • Stefan Lakic
    Stefan LakicRok temu

    damn he sound like old gucci

  • Cristi


    10 miesięcy temu

    @Deshawn Moore how the fuck can a human be cloned also? and why the fuck Gucci? these dudes are retarded forreal. Gucci isn't shit for the government or for anyone else that could clone someone

  • Deshawn Moore

    Deshawn Moore

    Rok temu

    Y'all tripping with that clone shit that's big guwop going hard 1017

  • So Much Fun

    So Much Fun

    Rok temu

    Damn by Gucci Mane & Young Scooter a classic

  • Max Less

    Max Less

    Rok temu

    Clone Gucci is trying hard to feel those shoes. Real Gucci “ trying to feel my shoes is like an armless man with chopsticks”. RIP Big Guwop, we miss you.

  • Stefan Lakic

    Stefan Lakic

    Rok temu

    Ik old gucci cant be topped

  • Eden Luna
    Eden LunaRok temu


  • Schneider Kersaint-Pierre
    Schneider Kersaint-PierreRok temu

    C A P

  • Ranieri Zapelini
    Ranieri ZapeliniRok temu all bros

  • Ranieri Zapelini

    Ranieri Zapelini

    Rok temu


    BRSSPRok temu

    This beat is immaculate

  • Jovanni Luna

    Jovanni Luna

    2 miesięcy temu

    wish i knew the word 😐

  • fahad Sky

    fahad Sky

    Rok temu

    @BRSSP *joke*



    Rok temu

    @fahad Sky you're the one that said it's a "big word" tho 😂 it's just a word chief

  • fahad Sky

    fahad Sky

    Rok temu

    using "big words" doesnt make any you any more intelligent or make you more interesting as a person



    Rok temu

    @fahad Sky sorry you don't know what immaculate means.

  • Ranieri Zapelini
    Ranieri ZapeliniRok temu

    Ranieri Zapelini quer skank

  • Logan Somosko
    Logan SomoskoRok temu

    I'm pretty sure Gucci Mane is my Uncle..

  • So Much Fun

    So Much Fun

    Rok temu

    Listen to Pretty Bitches by Gucci Mane & Wale

  • Danger Ranger

    Danger Ranger

    Rok temu

    Logan Somosko 🤣

  • Andrew Manhaes
    Andrew ManhaesRok temu


  • Dan
    DanRok temu

    itsss guuuuuuccciiii!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chrystian Oliveira
    Chrystian OliveiraRok temu


  • David Rhodman
    David RhodmanRok temu

    Gucci mane the g.o.a.t who else is here before it blow up to million views 🔥🔥🐐🐐 Gucci

  • So Much Fun

    So Much Fun

    Rok temu

    Listen to Goin by Gucci Mane 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • King Randy
    King RandyRok temu

    I ride or die with Gucci can't wait till I'm 21 see him here in Louisville KY even if I'm white he diess I die

  • Ashley Williams

    Ashley Williams

    Rok temu

    Randy Killer 502 💯

  • River Peters
    River PetersRok temu

    Bangers 🔥🔥

  • So Much Fun

    So Much Fun

    Rok temu

    Listen to Backyard by Gucci Mane & Young Dolph 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Max Less

    Max Less

    Rok temu

    Feeling that Gucci Clone flow?

  • River Peters
    River PetersRok temu


  • River Peters
    River PetersRok temu


  • Nicole DeWitt
    Nicole DeWittRok temu

    Hardest on the album. You don’t want this fucking smoke this shit here is worst than smoking dope. The world is late.................. #WOP

  • Grando Smokio
    Grando SmokioRok temu

    Yeeeeeah it's Gucci 🔥

  • So Much Fun

    So Much Fun

    Rok temu

    Listen to Go Go Gadget by Gucci Mane 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • SlumRixh TV
    SlumRixh TVRok temu


  • hack dos
    hack dosRok temu