SSC Tuatara hits SOME SPEED


SSC to re-run record attempt: read the latest developments here →
28/10/20: SSC responds to 331mph video accusations →
29/10/20: Update and SSC statement →
31/10/20: SSC to re-run record attempt →

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  • Top Gear
    Top Gear2 miesięcy temu

    Update: SSC responds to 331mph video accusations. We speak to Jerod Shelby, CEO of SSC

  • SmokeKing


    Miesiąc temu

    They haven’t released the unedited footage and haven’t redone the attempt so I think it’s safe to assume they lied. Anyone who bought this car should immediately return it for a refund.

  • Acti0n


    2 miesięcy temu


  • Acti0n


    2 miesięcy temu


  • B Rush

    B Rush

    2 miesięcy temu

    Gearing sound frequency will change dependant upon how hard you move through them. Do a sound analysis of the video below, where the Tuatara hits 242mph on a short airport runway. In the video 0:22 to 0:25 is the Tuatara covers .2 miles, going off of the measurement tool on Google maps. East Oregon Regional Airport runway 25, starting at the runway marking 45.6954712, -118.8368107 to 45.6954691, -118.8407200 this comes out to a speed of 240 mph, So if it covers .2 miles in 3 seconds it equates to 240mph, which lines up with the claim it reached 242mph in just over .5 miles on runway 25 at that airport. The car can definitely hit +300mph when given more room, during a Vmax run. Listen to the gears during the race, starting in 1st he shifts 4 times, ending the race in 5th gear, at +240mph. This falls directly in line with the numbers provided by Mr. Shelby (which I have provided below) Tuatara (Top Speed Model) Tech Specs Ratios/Speed, using the 2.92 final-drive ratio Gear Ratios/Top Speed (Gears 1-6 have 8,800 RPM REV LIMIT) 1st Gear: 3.133 / 80.56 MPH 2nd Gear: 2.100 / 120.18 MPH 3rd Gear: 1.520 / 166.04 MPH 4th Gear: 1.172 / 215.34 MPH 5th Gear: .941 / 268.21 MPH 6th Gear: .757 / 333.4 MPH @8800 * 7th Gear: .625 / 353.33 MPH (Estimated max @7,700RPM in 7th gear - Designed as mainly an overdrive highway cruising gear) The Tuatara did reach over 300mph, the video is just edited at a 6th grade video class level. They (SSC) have other videos on their channel showing how hard this car can pull, watch the street lines and listen to the engine note. They would NOT need to fake a 300mph run, especially with ALL the money and time they put into setting up the event and all the filming collaboration.

  • Capt Mifune

    Capt Mifune

    2 miesięcy temu

    @Complex One Keep telling yourself that, if it makes you sleep better at night lol Americans are so easily fooled xD

  • Jaden lee
    Jaden lee2 godzin temu

    Asphalt 9 brought me here

  • FarmYard Gaming
    FarmYard Gaming4 godzin temu

    SOME SPEED eh? Wonder what speed

  • Endurance Makahamadze
    Endurance Makahamadze4 godzin temu

    fake asf

  • Haig Janigam
    Haig Janigam5 godzin temu

    This is the optimum video of a youtube title states. THE REST ARE "CLICK BAIT". You see the cockpit, driver, instrument panel. NO COMMENTARY, NO extra fluff from wannabe scientists and NO ad nauseam clamor. Sorry for the vent, just frustrated. This is what I wanted to see but got sucked into 15+ other videos before I found this gem. THANK YOU TOP GEAR.

  • Jhonattan
    Jhonattan18 godzin temu

    Fiat uno 407mph :)

  • Fine Art
    Fine Art21 godzinę temu

    Why’d they call it a tuatara?

  • Flipause
    FlipauseDzień temu

    Finalmente o dr. Tesla do hotweels foi ultrapassado, ele dizia que tinha os carros mais rápidos do mundo, chegando à 300mihas/h

  • Angel Martinez
    Angel MartinezDzień temu

    When Bugatti and Koenigsegg broke speed records the drivers, owners and all staff were all around the place celebrating the achievement. These guys ACT like they're celebrating but i can't see the happiness in their faces. Is it just me or does anyone else noted that?

  • Christopher Robin Garrish
    Christopher Robin GarrishDzień temu

    532 kmph and no shake shimmy or roll...smooth, there's more speed in this beast.

  • Samsung-A-Series
    Samsung-A-SeriesDzień temu

    Koenigsegg Jesko draw

  • STICH666
    STICH666Dzień temu

    at 0:26 you can see the speedo on the dash read a 3rd digit which I assume is 100mph and at the same time the telemetry is reading 107mph. So it's reading 7% higher than it should. Even still it should have hit 309mph which is in the realm of possibility.

  • StanyBlogPl_wordpress_com
    StanyBlogPl_wordpress_comDzień temu

    FOR SURE it's fake! From 350 to 400 km/h much faster than 300- to 350... And from 450 to 500km/h in the same time like 400-450km/h... COME ON!

  • I'am {KRY}
    I'am {KRY}Dzień temu


  • I'am {KRY}
    I'am {KRY}Dzień temu


  • バイカー愛好家タイガ
    バイカー愛好家タイガDzień temu

    PLEASE READ THIS COMMENT !! SSC TUATARA: - V8 (8 Cylinder) 5.9L -Twin Turbo -532 KM / H (SSC North American Claimed) Bugatti Chiron: -W16 (16 Cylinder) 8.0L -Four Tubocharged -501 KM / H (GmbH Claimed) QnA: Q: Why is the Bugatti Chiron Faster Than SSC Tuatara ?? A: There are two reasons, namely: -Because The SSC Tuatara Frame Is Very Light -Because the body of the SSC Tuatara is very aerodynamic (SSC Ultimate Aero Predecessor), because that is the Bugatti loses top speed, so SSC TUATARA is very FRAUDULENT / UNDERHANDED Sorry I Use Translate Because I Japanese DO NOT TAKE IT WRONG

  • Gregorio Batista
    Gregorio BatistaDzień temu

    Santiago correndo da tia ae kk

    J.S GAMER2 dni temu

    This record is false

  • Drew Johnson
    Drew Johnson2 dni temu

    This looks more real than that bugatti 300 mph vid. That thing is clearly fake. I wasn't at either place plus judges can be paid off and journalists lie for clicks so only a fool would believe either video.

  • Jake Gomez
    Jake Gomez2 dni temu

    Top Gear faked the Tesla vs Porsche test. Now this, wow haha

    ZERO FF3 dni temu

    That’s lie

  • Ledzinski
    Ledzinski3 dni temu

    its fake

  • Rocky Sewcharan
    Rocky Sewcharan4 dni temu

    Koenigsegg jesko has the same top speed 532 km/h hahahahahahahahaha bugatti you lose 😳😭😭😭😰😢

  • Victor Canfield II
    Victor Canfield II4 dni temu

    Where can you buy this thing?

  • Dawson M
    Dawson M4 dni temu


  • Omitha Seneviratne
    Omitha Seneviratne4 dni temu

    who else remembered James May doing 407kph in the Bugatti Chiron??? need those three legends again...........

  • ?


    3 dni temu

    @Omitha Seneviratne ok

  • Omitha Seneviratne

    Omitha Seneviratne

    3 dni temu

    @? wtf bruh r u serious?????????

  • Tranquility
    Tranquility4 dni temu

    Cyberpunk 2077 car because they lied

  • Mycroft sanchez
    Mycroft sanchez6 dni temu

    Anyone who has actually driven at more tham 150mph can tell this is well fake!

  • martin antov
    martin antov6 dni temu

    this is a huge disappointment

  • Musicmoveme
    Musicmoveme6 dni temu

    worst pov i've ever seen in my life ...

    Big BOOST FPV6 dni temu

    I invite you here to come along to the Nordschleife and beat the 5:19 of the Porsche 919 Evo. 🤣

  • stuff and things
    stuff and things7 dni temu

    The camera spinning is screaming IM GOING FAST!

  • Harald Olsen
    Harald Olsen8 dni temu

    Why post a fake video?????

  • Tim Gibbons
    Tim Gibbons9 dni temu

    its top speed is made up, the bugatti is still the fastest get wrecked

  • Cres Balundo
    Cres Balundo9 dni temu

    His neck is very strong

  • Babo Babo
    Babo Babo10 dni temu


  • usin cimeng
    usin cimeng11 dni temu


  • Bugs 2.0
    Bugs 2.011 dni temu

    Bugatti is lunching car with speed of 700km per hour wait ........a few years

  • Yichen Zhou
    Yichen Zhou11 dni temu

    Even if they did cheat, you can’t deny that the Tuatara is an amazing car.

  • Hawker Hurricane
    Hawker Hurricane13 dni temu

    SSC made the fastest car in the world and people call this fake?

  • Jim Sagubigula

    Jim Sagubigula

    7 dni temu

    Yeah, pretty much.

  • Anthony Cassani
    Anthony Cassani13 dni temu

    Why in the hell did they put the emergency crew at the beginning with him and not at the end

  • Sean Altandush
    Sean Altandush14 dni temu

    U know ur going fast when the dashed lines look like straight lines

  • Perfect Cell
    Perfect Cell14 dni temu

    I'd say it hit 270 tops.

  • Elian León Cepeda
    Elian León Cepeda14 dni temu

    Hola! Cuento Con Tu Apodo Para Llegar a Los 1000 Suscriptores. Dios te Bendiga😍🙏

  • Mrbeaster 6000
    Mrbeaster 600015 dni temu

    At the speed 532kmh you have been killled by potencial energy

  • Viktor Hernandez
    Viktor Hernandez15 dni temu

    no way that thing is faster than a Bugatti

  • Piotrol
    Piotrol15 dni temu

    lol fake

  • Rayan Rabbani
    Rayan Rabbani15 dni temu

    So I'm pretty sure that the car will do "some speed" but this run was just not the one, yeah anyone back here since no new uploads have been done for a top speed record?

  • kugoo yeh
    kugoo yeh16 dni temu

    ~highly recommended~ 《Up We Soar》An animated film based on a true story

  • mouser485
    mouser48516 dni temu

    So, I guess, according to Dewetron, they did hit 301 and 331 according to these two press releases ?

  • Vlada
    Vlada16 dni temu

    this is fake,let the camera on clock to see like on shiron🙄

  • mohamad hamizan
    mohamad hamizan17 dni temu

    aku sampai sini sebab abang japkar mekanika je..


    The camera on the left changed is fov real quick ngl

  • Sabine Dries
    Sabine Dries17 dni temu

    I bet the car cant even reach 450. I believe that the Koenigsegg Jesko can reach 510 kmh but this car wont

  • pyniox xd
    pyniox xd17 dni temu

    Nice fake

  • Jason Hirtle
    Jason Hirtle19 dni temu


  • Nenoschitt
    Nenoschitt19 dni temu

    Why that 360 camera got me dizzy?

  • Muhd Adib
    Muhd Adib19 dni temu

    I think i could believe them , maybe peoples doesn't want to believe this because it's a CAR made by SSC and they never heard of it , well they hit a couples record with something looking like CAPSULE idk so yeah i believe them

  • Stan Torren

    Stan Torren

    15 dni temu

    It’s not real. No one verified them. No one. People doubt it because it ain’t fucking real. They done another run but the engine had problems after reaching 252mph. SSC now made themselves a joke

  • Parishrut The Pro Gamer
    Parishrut The Pro Gamer19 dni temu


  • sanjib banerjee
    sanjib banerjee19 dni temu

    Ssc is bad They are wrong ,why,why SSC?

  • Piggy
    Piggy19 dni temu

    Imagine the speeding ticket

  • pet detective
    pet detective19 dni temu

    Gauges are faulty

  • PixersKev Production
    PixersKev Production20 dni temu


  • Sander Mäses
    Sander Mäses21 dzień temu

    Officially every bit of the respected car journalism has been dispersed into the grand void of showbusiness in two years time. A racing driver Tiff Needell who founded second largest british car programme was fired for the same reason Chris Harris was hired in Top Gear. Since direct and primary function of a driver has a secondary value over electromechanical actuators that give direct connection to the preordained target of all measured forces the purpose of automotive intellectuality and its relation with a driver and the vehicle literally is no more and all that is left is false fed propaganda of politicians and media working together in a truly corrupt tandem

  • Stan Boerboom
    Stan Boerboom21 dzień temu

    Imagine one piece of glass on the tire

  • The Pro NL
    The Pro NL21 dzień temu


  • v durku ebat
    v durku ebat21 dzień temu

    SSC Tuatara бак залит до отвала

  • Michuul
    Michuul22 dni temu

    Sorry Top Gear but its a Fake

  • the patriot
    the patriot22 dni temu

    the owner of this company is so stupid unbelievable !!! everybody can see that this is fake because after 300 kph the speedometer can't run as quick as before !!! it doesn't make sense !!!

  • Kubilay Akgöl
    Kubilay Akgöl23 dni temu


  • Maxwell Ryan
    Maxwell Ryan24 dni temu

    Am sure at 270 mph that car will burn 🔥 🤣🤣🤣fake ,I was flying yesterday to in a B51 bomber 🤨🤨🤨

  • MDDeGrande1994
    MDDeGrande199424 dni temu


  • Denver John
    Denver John24 dni temu

    Definition of FAKE NEWS

    NRG BRISKY25 dni temu

    The speed was at least 30 mph off

    NRG BRISKY25 dni temu

    Its fake

  • Lord Phoenix
    Lord Phoenix25 dni temu

    American lying about top speed as usual. You can not compete with European car engineering like Koenensigg and Bugatti. American super cars are nowhere as superior to European brands. At least European speed record are legitimate.

  • Wasd Wasd
    Wasd Wasd25 dni temu

    My civic hit 590 mph, I was going to upload the footage, but my cat stepped on my laptop and deleted it😡

  • Daddy vortex

    Daddy vortex

    11 godzin temu


  • Rocky Roadster

    Rocky Roadster

    2 dni temu

    My Civic hit 645 mph and was still accelerating when I left off the gas.

  • Charlie Stevens
    Charlie Stevens26 dni temu

    Worst speed imitation since Clarkson's lap in his Sierra Cosworth

  • The DarkSoul
    The DarkSoul26 dni temu

    As obvious...the only way americans can beat European cars is *cheating* 😂😂

  • 刘泽松
    刘泽松26 dni temu

    No matter how fast you are.there will always be a TOYOTA SUPRA camera car in front of you~

  • Alex Gamer Of Many Names
    Alex Gamer Of Many Names27 dni temu

    Imagine slamming the brakes on while it’s at full speed.

  • Max max
    Max max27 dni temu

    This is fake!!

  • Great Music Good feel
    Great Music Good feel27 dni temu

    Dont think do. Seen this before , inaccurate speed Top Gear

  • Mad Villain
    Mad Villain28 dni temu

    Need to see the tps sensor data, It does not even look hes on full throttle most of the video. This looks dumb tbh

  • Star less
    Star less28 dni temu

    no offense but this car looks boring, nothing about it screams hypercar

  • Helder Almeida
    Helder Almeida28 dni temu

    Shame on you top gear. Fake car fake speed fake PLclip channel lost all credibility

  • Helder Almeida
    Helder Almeida28 dni temu

    Fake America car with fake speed

  • Jorge Montero
    Jorge Montero29 dni temu

    I dont know in my opinion the speedometer was having trouble make it from 180 to 190 and then out of nowhere when crazy from 190 to 330 ,🤔🤔🤔were they using nitro? I had my eyes on the speedometer all the time something is just not right

  • FlashTV
    FlashTV29 dni temu

    It’s about time TG comes up with some kind of excuse to still have this video, with this title, on-line

  • LLIVE222
    LLIVE22229 dni temu

    I love reading Bugaytti fanboys comments

  • Sandi Muske
    Sandi MuskeMiesiąc temu

    331 km/h mby

  • L J
    L JMiesiąc temu

    Fake can be seen with the naked eye

  • Finanzen-im-Griff
    Finanzen-im-GriffMiesiąc temu

    Einfach krass!

  • Martin Montes
    Martin MontesMiesiąc temu


  • Martin Montes
    Martin MontesMiesiąc temu

    tOp sPeEd

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