Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings - Teaser Trailer Reaction

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Adam and Jay react, review, riff, and rate the teaser trailer for the new Marvel Studio's film Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.
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  • Isaquiño’s Vlogs
    Isaquiño’s Vlogs6 dni temu

    What’s the name of the song in this trailer

  • hoss 96
    hoss 968 dni temu

    Haha now yall gotta react to Kung Fu Hustle.

  • Iyus Rusman
    Iyus Rusman9 dni temu

    like your shocked faces when you react 😂

  • Sage2000
    Sage200011 dni temu

    Loved the all asian cast

  • UF KAK
    UF KAK11 dni temu

    This is unique..just like black Panther 🔥

  • John Robertson
    John Robertson12 dni temu

    In the 70's, Shang-Chi was the son of Fu Manchu in the comics. I'm curious to see how this adaptation will be

  • El Hopper
    El Hopper13 dni temu

    That double punch fly kick was one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. I need more of that

  • Ethan Vergara

    Ethan Vergara

    10 dni temu

    Have you watched Ip man? That movie has crazy levels of choreography.

  • Catherine Hubbard
    Catherine Hubbard13 dni temu

    Yes, the Tony Leung character is the real Mandarin, who is Shang Chi’s father, who wears the Ten Rings. Each ring has a different power and they are products of an alien technology. (They are a space-traveling dragon-looking race, and one of them is part of the story in the comics.) Shang Chi trains Spider Man with a special fighting technique called The Way of the Spider. Here are a couple of videos about the comic book Shang Chi lore: Shang Chi origin and backstory in the comics (about 16 min): What each of the Ten Rings does (about 6 min):

  • AllThatJazz
    AllThatJazz14 dni temu

    The Mandarin being his dad is a change for the the movie. In the older comics his dad is Fu Manchu, who is basically every terrible archaic Asian stereotype to exist so Marvel wisely got rid of him for the MCU. I think this is more interesting tbh.

  • Charles Spratlin
    Charles Spratlin14 dni temu

    Anyone else feel like the Marvel/DC debate has gotten to the point its like those old "im a Mac, and im a pc" commercials? DC keeps making the same mediocre stuff based on the Batman filter. Marvel? Fuck it let's do a Kung Fu movie!

  • a35362
    a3536215 dni temu

    I now know about the Flying Horses Carousel. Thank you, Jay!

  • sjaxs30
    sjaxs3015 dni temu

    “That being said let’s party” well put my friend

    BOBA FETT15 dni temu

    Its marvel... Its gunna be sick!! At this point i have 10000000% faith in marvel!!

  • Brooding Chef
    Brooding Chef15 dni temu

    Plz tell me who made that sound at 3:19 I have adhd plz tell me

  • diva1675
    diva167515 dni temu

    Whoa! The Mandarin is his dad!!!!

  • Lil Miles
    Lil Miles15 dni temu

    i have been watching all the reactions and its killing the reactioners that they cant compare it to the comic and rip it apart for what it is in the trailer and whats not. perturbed they cant predict in their normal fashion im loving it! go Marvel. side note im a lesbian but Shang chi can get it!! LOL

  • Benjamin Daniels
    Benjamin Daniels15 dni temu

    I'm giving this trailer 0 out of 0 Fing Fang Fooms

  • Jason Yogi
    Jason Yogi15 dni temu

    You two have got to be one of my favorite reactors. Keep it up.

  • Kelly Jo
    Kelly Jo15 dni temu


  • Joseph Nesbith
    Joseph Nesbith15 dni temu

    Thats task master training him

  • Ryan Conroy
    Ryan Conroy16 dni temu

    These dudes chill😂😂💯

  • Fernando Bravo
    Fernando Bravo16 dni temu

    Im all for the world building and expansion of the MCU. So this film has me hyped for that

  • WileyCoyote69
    WileyCoyote6916 dni temu

    Forget the trailer. Let's talk about Jay's nails...

  • Zara Ahmed
    Zara Ahmed16 dni temu

    All of the marvel movies/ projects since they started they all have different tones and genres I know what it’s about because I’m a huge marvel comic fan and a huge mcu fan some and all of the mcu films/ projects yeah they add heart humour etc because they have that in the comics that is their formula but all of the movies/projects have different tones to them

  • Pomai Kajiyama
    Pomai Kajiyama16 dni temu

    Asian comic readers like myself know all about Shang-Chi, best martial artist in the MCU. The guy EVERY OTHER SUPER HERO goes to to train when they need a power level increase.

  • Martinbumms
    Martinbumms16 dni temu

    the only thing I know about Shang-Chi is that he trained Spidey when he lost his spider sense, but daaamn that looks amazing!

  • Jesse
    Jesse16 dni temu

    I love that you just see the boys slowly creeping closer to the screen as the trailer goes on.

  • Ross Bauer
    Ross Bauer16 dni temu

    I hope there’s more to it than the East Asian man does Kung fu cliche. Black Panther gave us an entirely new dimension to the African experience but so far all I see of Shang-Chi is a checklist of stereotypes. Not hyped at all. Marvel does Kung fu. Meh.

  • Mary1248 L
    Mary1248 L16 dni temu

    I was in it since the first second of the teaser. LOVE IT. P.s. Mandarin is dope. Actor who is playing this character, i will definitely watch movies with him, woah, his charisma is incredible.

  • Aaron Sheppard
    Aaron Sheppard16 dni temu

    it's set in San Francisco so I'm hoping for another Jimmy Woo appearance :)

  • Pete Lee Bell
    Pete Lee Bell16 dni temu

    Omg! You’re at 60k subs soon. Great work.

  • Timm Marshall
    Timm Marshall16 dni temu

    I only watch for the sweet intro music and "Hey Peaches"

  • Jay Loo
    Jay Loo16 dni temu

    totally agree, MCU has had enough "I'm a super soldier" or "I'm a God" etc... now we finally get a guy that just knows Kung Fu, also fills my heart with joy to see the legendary Tony Chiu-Wai Leung, and also let's take a moment and really appreciate all the little Bruce Lee gestures and nods sprinkled throughout the dope!

  • Eiron Jones
    Eiron Jones16 dni temu

    Haven't a clue about Shang Chi. But really enjoyed the trailer. I love House of Flying Daggers. Hero. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Kung Fu Hustle etc. So really looking forward to this.

  • Daniel Davis
    Daniel Davis16 dni temu

    Looks like Ben Kingsley is in Shang Chi

  • skitzboy_ 89
    skitzboy_ 8916 dni temu

    that double punch/kick was WHOAHHHHHHHH 😂😂 I'm all for this

    YEAH YUKERSON16 dni temu

    I had to watch this reaction a second time. love it

  • Saint Wonka
    Saint Wonka16 dni temu

    Ego = Mandarin Evil Dads

  • Kong Chang
    Kong Chang16 dni temu

    Now if they can only incorporate Iron Fist with Shang Chi.....

  • Chain Reactions
    Chain Reactions16 dni temu

    I mean the fact that the Shang-Chi is based on Bruce Lee.....that pretty much gets the VIP pass for me! Welcome to the MCU!!

  • Venom_1462
    Venom_146216 dni temu

    Fun Fact : Shang Chi's character was inspired by Bruce Lee when he was introduced in the comics so we might see some references in the movies

  • Venom_1462
    Venom_146216 dni temu

    In the comics his dad wasn't Mandarin it was Fu Manchu but MCU didn't do it becoz of racism and stuff

  • Venom_1462
    Venom_146216 dni temu

    I really hope we get the storyline of "The Way of the Spider" in the MCU It was when Shang Chi taught Peter Parker martial arts

  • Paul Sommerhalder
    Paul Sommerhalder16 dni temu

    I have Disney Plus and will wait anxiously for it's release. I won't go to AMC for this because I'm just not into the martial arts anymore. The intensely choreographed fight sequences are hard to stomach. Lots of art, vacant of all reality, I might as well be watching a well rehearsed musical dance number.

  • Manx36
    Manx3616 dni temu

    Shang is the son of the Mandarin and he fights to stop his father’s control of the under world and that takes him all over the planet. Every ring on the mandarin’s arm has a different power and they are actual “rings” made by alien dragons that once visited earth, look up Fin Fang Foom. In the comics they are actually rings on his fingers but marvel looks to have changed that aspect and made them actual rings that would fit a giant dragons fingers but on a man they are big enough to fit on his arms. They aren’t magic, it’s actual technology. This is going to be good.

  • Yesnog05
    Yesnog0516 dni temu

    "Who are you?!" Shang Chi: **throws gang signs**

  • Monkey Luffy
    Monkey Luffy16 dni temu

    This is what Iron First should have been.


    Same, I don't know anything about this character, but I saw in the comments, SHANG CHI and IRON FIST are "friends".

  • Ugnutz
    Ugnutz16 dni temu

    the whole Mandarin nonsense in Iron man 3 really pissed me off but here marvel looking to make it up to us.

  • MoMo Nasri
    MoMo Nasri16 dni temu

    They little bit twitch the character shang chi origin, I’m dig it.

  • Pomai Moikeha
    Pomai Moikeha16 dni temu

    Love Shang Chi lol I check out everything Kung fu

  • D Phalanx
    D Phalanx16 dni temu

    Shang-Chi, Master of Kung-Fu has been a venerable part of the Marvel Universe since 1971 or so. He was part of Marvel's big 70s Renaissance of Monster/Supernatural/Martial Arts heroes & villians. Shang has no superpowers... but he is the Greatest Martial Arts Master in the Marvel Universe, no lie. He's hung with Capt. America, Spider-Man, Nick Fury, Daredevil and other weighty heros. The only one that comes anywhere the master of the Iron Fist (so it's a pity that show/character turned out to be kinda weaksauce). The amusing part is that Shang was originally the son of _Fu Manchu_(!) and his adventures were more in the espionage/intrigue/pulp vein than traditional "super-heroing." But Marvel eventually lost that license by the 1990s. Shang was in semi-retirement until the mid-2000s when J. Hickman brought him out for his pre-Secret Wars _Avengers_ expansion. Now, in MCU, he's Mandarin's son, so they can tighten up the continuity.

  • Dark
    Dark16 dni temu

    Shang Chi is Trained spiderman in comics

  • Jennifer Frazier
    Jennifer Frazier16 dni temu

    Do Halloween Kills please.

  • Deloneys
    Deloneys16 dni temu

    Idk about the street level, it's the ten rings!

  • Deloneys
    Deloneys16 dni temu

    This was the best reaction I've seen from you guys!

  • Clarence Oddbody
    Clarence Oddbody16 dni temu

    So the rings being bracelets now is less racist? Soooo confused....



    16 dni temu

    I don’t think they are bracelets because rings are racist most spiels are actually saying since the belonged to the makluan which like fin fang goon who might be in the movie anyways what they were saying is that maybe to the makluan they’re ere actual rings but because they are bigger than people here they where them as bracelets or it’s just a new take on it

  • Michael Owen
    Michael Owen17 dni temu

    Shang Chi's father is FU MANCHU.



    16 dni temu

    In the comics yes but here his father is Wenwu aka the Mandarin

  • Ron Stoppable
    Ron Stoppable17 dni temu

    In the books his father is Fu manchu, but they could be scrapping that plot line and tie him in with The Mandarin instead. Personally i wouldn't mind.

  • Azra BH
    Azra BH17 dni temu

    The thing I love about this character being so unknown by most is that people don't know what to expect and will be very suprised

  • QuatrinaVR
    QuatrinaVR17 dni temu


  • Tristan Milner
    Tristan Milner17 dni temu

    Is it weird that I only watch your content with peach flavored tea?

  • Sourav Ganguly
    Sourav Ganguly17 dni temu

    This is THE REAL MANDARIN played by the great Tony Leung, Shang-Chi is basically trained since he was a child by the Mandarin to be the greatest living weapon and become his successor, which is why we see how hard he was trained since he was a kid but when the Mandarin lets him out into the real world for 10 years so that he can learn about the world and come back to him instead Shang-Chi gets a whole new view of life by having friends and living a normal life and when he is asked to return he wants to be good and stop his father's "evil" plans etc. Also sidenote, little bit of insider information but the masked person training Shang-Chi and then fighting him ,let's just say the reveal for that person is gonna be pretty wild, I'll leave it at that.

  • Ron Chess
    Ron Chess17 dni temu

    Thats the real Mandarin Shaing Chias dad

  • kurumais
    kurumais17 dni temu

    marvel made a billion dollars with a black no one really knew included the black community, now they want to make a billion dollars with an asan guy no one really knows. also china and asia huge market for marvel. shang chi came out of the 1970s kung fu explosion and bruce lee.

  • Ron Chess
    Ron Chess17 dni temu

    Shang Chi actor is tremendous watch .

  • Ron Chess
    Ron Chess17 dni temu

    Chaing Chei is a future avenger Manarin is like immortal thats him in the ancient fights lot of Bruce Lee influence those are the ten rings.

  • CrimsonKitty
    CrimsonKitty17 dni temu

    I have been screaming TONY LEUNG IS IN THE MC FUCKIN U all day. My god

  • Ron Chess
    Ron Chess17 dni temu

    The Mandarin is his dad. He will become one of the new avenger 70s comics

  • James Bond
    James Bond17 dni temu

    This gave me a House of the Flying Daggers/Crouching Tiger ,Hidden Dragon feel

  • zaandarbrow
    zaandarbrow17 dni temu

    I just reacted to this! ahhh i need more kung fu!

  • 1c3 sLy1
    1c3 sLy117 dni temu

    The real Mandarin! The only Marvel heroes I was ever interested in go back to the 80's cartoon Spider-Man and his Amazing friends (we've never seen Ice-Man and Firestar in a movie), Blade, and the X-Men. The MCU sold me on every other superhero and Black Widow is one of my favorites with no super powers. I am ready for Shang-Chi. I'm not worried.

  • Samuel Anderson
    Samuel Anderson17 dni temu

    Heard of the comic as a kid but never read it

  • Charles James
    Charles James17 dni temu

    One thing that Marvel Studios has become EXCEPTIONALLY good at is the variety of their movies. Guardians 1 & 2 were quirky, funny movies, just a chill, fun ride with a great soundtrack Thor was a Shakespearean play writ large Captain America was a World War II film Winter Soldier was a political espionage thriller Black Panther was a phenomenally empowering celebration of Africa and the black community (with some real talk sprinkled in) Homecoming was a classic teen coming of age story And now we have Shang-Chi, which looks like it will be an action-packed martial arts/kung-fu movie.

  • Justin Money
    Justin Money17 dni temu

    The intro is so lame it never gets old

  • Tommy H
    Tommy H17 dni temu

    God your theme song gets stuck in my head so bad. Bonus points for recognizing every garage band loop ever.

  • infallibleblue
    infallibleblue17 dni temu

    I didn’t know who Thanos was before and now I’m like Shang who? After the trailer I’m like Let’s Go!!!!!

    LOGAN'S CURSE17 dni temu

    JAY is like 57 how has he not heard of this marvel comic??? LOL

  • Camillus Caballes
    Camillus Caballes17 dni temu

    can't wait for Black Knight now! Shang Chi is awsome he can do kagebunshin :D

  • kathy lawler
    kathy lawler17 dni temu


  • Ramy Pon
    Ramy Pon17 dni temu

    Disappointed parent? Yep! definitely an asian movie 😃

  • William Timmins
    William Timmins17 dni temu

    At this point I will trust Marvel to make any movie and go in expecting something good. They've f'in earned it.

  • Wak Job
    Wak Job17 dni temu

    Baked? or Diabetes?... I still can't tell.

  • Christine Cole
    Christine Cole17 dni temu

    The rings look like meta human kinda stuff. Great trailer.

  • Peter LaCara
    Peter LaCara17 dni temu

    I didn't know a damn thing about this character, and this took me from 0 to extremely hyped in about 2 minutes. I've watched this trailer like 5 times now and I get chills every time. I wish I knew how Marvel is still able to get me hyped when I feel so blase about everything else.

  • James Blackwood
    James Blackwood17 dni temu

    hell yeah...hell yeah! 🤣

  • TheRogueMage
    TheRogueMage17 dni temu

    If he cut back on his sugar intake, the fat one would probably lose weight...probably.

  • Pablo Sanz
    Pablo Sanz17 dni temu

    I don't know if it makes sense but I think, finally , us Asians are getting our own Black Panther.

  • NamesRissa
    NamesRissa17 dni temu

    Shang-Chi is the guy who trained Spider-man.. also Shang-Chi's squad, teamed up with Captain America and they both fought and trained together. Pretty much the Bruce Lee of Marvel. Man is a legend in the Comics!

  • Glenn Welsh
    Glenn Welsh17 dni temu

    Looks good, hope to see longer uncut fight scenes to show off the choreography. Also fitting that this trailer dropped with Mortal Kombat coming out this week. And I think Marvel is once again tapping into current vibes in ways they probably didn't see coming. They had all these streaming shows starting to hit at a time when most people are still quarantining and desparate for new content, and Winter Falcon does seem intentionally tapping into BLM race issues that are so prevalent. But we now find ourselves dealing with hate aimed toward Asians, but Marvel are going to drop a major maintstream motion picture with a heroic Asian lead and a primarily Asian cast at a time when it's very much needed. It's wild.

  • Ira Ford
    Ira Ford17 dni temu

    Amazing trailer.

  • pnut3844able
    pnut3844able17 dni temu

    Meh. Looks like crouching tiger and marvel mixed together. Meh.

  • GippyWhite
    GippyWhite17 dni temu

    🤣🤣🤣 Great reactions, fellas!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Much love, Peaches 🍑🍑🍑💙💙💙

  • Chrystalis Revival
    Chrystalis Revival17 dni temu

    Simu Liu in the MCU. Making Toronto proud. I hope he is in more and not just a 'side hero'. Making the MCU more diverse is amazing.

  • Al Fredo
    Al Fredo17 dni temu

    Im still mad about what they did to iron fist knowing full well they could've just fucking did it this way instead.

  • Jessica E. Hall
    Jessica E. Hall17 dni temu

    That snippet in the bus with the split kick take down...😳😁

  • Whiteshadow001
    Whiteshadow00117 dni temu

    I am so freaking ready for this. Shang-Chi has alooooot of ties to Ironman and the Armor Wars.

  • bo ramsey
    bo ramsey17 dni temu

    The character has been around 10 years since JFK was shot...Im not at large.

  • JollyJeff
    JollyJeff17 dni temu

    Originally Fu Manchu was his father but I guess they felt like they couldn't pull off depicting Fu without being charged with being racist.

  • Blazing Storm
    Blazing Storm17 dni temu

    I wonder how the government describe this to Ross cause Ross would be like, "Tf...?"