McLaren P1: The Widowmaker! | Top Gear | Series 21 | BBC


Clarkson takes the stunning hybrid hypercar McLaren P1 out for a blindingly fast lap around Spa. Clip taken from series 21, episode 2.
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  • Monica Cano
    Monica Cano21 godzinę temu

    This started my love for the p1

  • Pip Pipster
    Pip PipsterDzień temu

    Weird.… In the intro the numberplate ends in U and round the track in V.

  • Brad Alexander
    Brad AlexanderDzień temu

    And because its Britain its on a wet track.

    BVD JVD3 dni temu

    P1 00V The workhorse legend

  • Zander 5
    Zander 53 dni temu

    My dream car

  • Kevin Alex Mass
    Kevin Alex Mass3 dni temu

    I keep coming back to this masterpiece

  • Anthony Charway
    Anthony Charway6 dni temu

    The best of both worlds 🇬🇧🇯🇵 for making all modern McLarens to exist. Thanks

  • chris fell
    chris fell6 dni temu

    I remember my dad telling me about this car when I was 6,this car is work of art and engineering

  • Zawod Asif
    Zawod Asif6 dni temu

    P1 cleaner than your church shoes, ah

  • Adrien Pinard
    Adrien Pinard7 dni temu

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  • Simone Trafford
    Simone Trafford7 dni temu

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  • SPR Mehmet Emin Savaş
    SPR Mehmet Emin Savaş7 dni temu

    Oh yes,the 900 HP RWD madness that British engineers invented,good times indeed

  • Amir Imaan Ismail
    Amir Imaan Ismail7 dni temu

    Was about to buy one but it doesn't have a back seat for my baby. Bought a Corolla instead.

  • The Starboy
    The Starboy8 dni temu

    Miss this Top Gear

  • Veronica UK YNWA
    Veronica UK YNWA8 dni temu

    Mclaren cars are the best ultimate Super Car. from the F1 To the P1. Utter British Engineering.

  • The Wander Boy Jitin Raj
    The Wander Boy Jitin Raj9 dni temu

    I have never seen a better episode of a car ever..

  • Mr H

    Mr H

    9 dni temu

    True. What a montage this was. MY FAVORITE OF ALL TIME

  • John Tyler
    John Tyler11 dni temu

    Bad to drive on a wet track.

  • John Tyler
    John Tyler11 dni temu

    Wouldn't take much to blow Clarkson's mind.

  • Talal Shaban
    Talal Shaban11 dni temu

    “And as you hurtle round in a puddle of your own feces gurning like an infant....” 😂

  • Naqi Ahmed
    Naqi Ahmed12 dni temu

    McLaren p1: no gearbox Top Gear: Am I a joke to you?

  • Franco Smith
    Franco Smith12 dni temu

    It’s a British car so they have to be PC about it lol

  • Owen Baker
    Owen Baker13 dni temu

    It’s official James May is now a unit of measurement

  • A P
    A P14 dni temu

    Still think this is the best looking car of all time.

  • Kiwi_Thunder
    Kiwi_Thunder14 dni temu

    This is the first *TRUE* hypercar.... mclaren did an almighty job creating this wonder beast of a car...

  • Unibelivious
    Unibelivious15 dni temu

    *it's all fun and games until this car is heavier than James May*

  • Fabian Estrada
    Fabian Estrada17 dni temu

    Man that car is perfect, what a machine and maybe someone disagrees with Jeremy, but the British are masters in terms of engenieering

  • aleksander Okonek
    aleksander Okonek17 dni temu

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  • Samuel Isaza
    Samuel Isaza17 dni temu

    This car is the main reason why y love automobilism and Mclaren, it is and I hope it stays like my favorite car ever, what a beast!

  • Liam Ralph Francisco
    Liam Ralph Francisco20 dni temu

    217 mph my favorite car

  • Samuel Isaza

    Samuel Isaza

    17 dni temu


  • ES Player
    ES Player21 dzień temu

    P1..... ❤️ 🏁

  • Dikko Shehu
    Dikko Shehu21 dzień temu

    Who is here in 2021

  • Unibelivious


    15 dni temu

    I'm sick of people making these annoying ass coments, stop it

  • Unibelivious


    15 dni temu

    Shut it

  • Just Cade
    Just Cade22 dni temu

    One of the greatest cars ever made, very special indeed.

  • YG Ma
    YG Ma22 dni temu

    This is The Godfather and this car is Marlon Brando. Period.

  • Goodman 4525
    Goodman 452522 dni temu

    Hey Jezza managed to say silicone carbide without going to the loo!

  • DAFAP // Drive As Fast As Possible
    DAFAP // Drive As Fast As Possible23 dni temu

    loveeeee this car! ♥

  • J Egbert
    J Egbert24 dni temu

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  • Mighty Hammers
    Mighty Hammers24 dni temu

    Is everyone just going to ignore the Batmobile at 3:24 ?

  • Derek UKIYØ
    Derek UKIYØ25 dni temu


  • scientist giffri
    scientist giffri26 dni temu

    Yeah, this car is a worthy successor for the F1.

  • Laurens Tromp
    Laurens Tromp27 dni temu

    6 years, it still looks new

  • Nrusimhan Seshadri
    Nrusimhan Seshadri27 dni temu

    This will strand a testimony of pinnacle in car journalism for decades to come.

  • [Derrick]八代目
    [Derrick]八代目27 dni temu

    a road car faster than an f1 car made by the same company.

  • rim685cen ;nir'suc
    rim685cen ;nir'suc28 dni temu

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  • Peter Condie
    Peter Condie28 dni temu

    Seeing genuine fear on the face of a man who professionally drives insanely fast cars daily. That says it all...

  • R
    R29 dni temu

    Master piece

  • vitorhbr
    vitorhbrMiesiąc temu

    Não entendi nada do que ele falou;-;

  • Jennie F
    Jennie FMiesiąc temu

    Can anyone confirm if Paul Englishby Carnage was originally used as the track on this?? Love the film but so sure this music was used x

  • Average Alien
    Average AlienMiesiąc temu

    This car brings me to tears

  • TRC Horizon
    TRC HorizonMiesiąc temu

    One of my favorite cars

  • Denzth NZ
    Denzth NZMiesiąc temu

    Bruce was a bloody kiwi mate!

  • thebuttcutter
    thebuttcutterMiesiąc temu

    Almost 2021 and this car hasn't aged one bit and still looks like it could be revealed at the next auto show

  • Vishnu Simba
    Vishnu SimbaMiesiąc temu

    Jeremy Clarkson is a legend in Giving a soul to non-living objects.

  • Emanuel Mselle
    Emanuel MselleMiesiąc temu

    Why should I watch the new top gear ,,,,it is horrible

  • le lu
    le luMiesiąc temu

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  • Lawnmower American
    Lawnmower AmericanMiesiąc temu

    I love Top Gear production value

  • jdrules23
    jdrules23Miesiąc temu

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  • Seven
    SevenMiesiąc temu

    Top Gear wasn't just a car show, there were moments where it was truly beautiful.

  • Lukas Nilsson
    Lukas NilssonMiesiąc temu

    What a dirty boy

  • candra brian
    candra brianMiesiąc temu

    mclaren using sir isac newton's calculus to build this car

  • লে মজণু
    লে মজণুMiesiąc temu

    weighs less than James May 😆😂

  • CATO
    CATOMiesiąc temu

    I dont know how many times I've watched this...maybe 20? One of the best car pieces ever, ever made. Astonishing.

  • Sammy Hamawi
    Sammy HamawiMiesiąc temu

    I want 1

  • Sammy Hamawi
    Sammy HamawiMiesiąc temu

    I buy spa wTer on aruba

  • rim685cen ;nir'suc
    rim685cen ;nir'sucMiesiąc temu

    The next foam opportunely mourn because force conclusively tremble till a ultra captain. rural, squealing gear

  • JAG 0937 EB
    JAG 0937 EBMiesiąc temu

    very expensive poop

  • King beef
    King beefMiesiąc temu

    It's harder to drive in Forza

  • rusty potts
    rusty pottsMiesiąc temu

    You can call it the ghost

  • Poliarinis
    PoliarinisMiesiąc temu

    British engineering :D a bit too strong words. Key people for P1 wasnt british :D designed by american, gearbox developed by italians etc :)

  • Precious Rivas
    Precious RivasMiesiąc temu

    This car is 6 years old, and it’s still an ageless engineering masterpiece.

  • English2Elvish
    English2ElvishMiesiąc temu

    4:36 - 4:45. It's IMO the most gorgeous of all.

  • English2Elvish
    English2ElvishMiesiąc temu

    THIS is the real, the best, most amazing modern super/hyper car ever. Be my first pick :)

  • karrotte KRT8
    karrotte KRT8Miesiąc temu

    2:55 That's Raidillon actually #WTF1

  • Rik Ver Mar
    Rik Ver MarMiesiąc temu

    and on a track "it can rip a hole through time"

  • Lew Google
    Lew GoogleMiesiąc temu

    One of the great car reviews of all time anywhere. Thank you, Jeremy, for your art of mixing deep knowledge with humor.

  • That one asian guy
    That one asian guyMiesiąc temu

    The P1 is like your sexy bad girlfriend. She maybe Sexy and good in bed but she might also be the reason you loose your house (TGT)

  • Osom Sounds
    Osom SoundsMiesiąc temu

    Gill scott

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus ChristMiesiąc temu

    When it comes to race cars and super cars, McLaren is by far the best and most consistent. They dominated Formula 1 in the 80s, decided to make street cars and made the F1, a street car that won Le Mans, still the fastest naturally aspirated car for over 25 years, also the most appreciating car ever increse of over 1000% in under 30 years. Then the make a more ludicrous car, the P1. And they haven't made a below 8/10 car yet, from the mp4-12c to the Senna and my personal favourite 765LT

  • Serdar Varol
    Serdar VarolMiesiąc temu

    Orange P1lm is the sexiest, wildest, most aesthetic and best car ever made.

    HUMANMiesiąc temu

    Mclaren p1... old friend... I pronounce you car of the decade... my car of the decade

  • Uriel Martinez
    Uriel MartinezMiesiąc temu

    Dec. 2020?

  • Uncle Leo

    Uncle Leo

    Miesiąc temu


  • LauritzPete Molderup
    LauritzPete MolderupMiesiąc temu

    still the sexiest car ever even in 2020 Btw is he barefoot there lol

  • Marko Medic
    Marko MedicMiesiąc temu

    One of the greatest reviews ever made

  • Boki92
    Boki92Miesiąc temu

    *P1 cleaner than your church shoes, ah* The Weeknd

  • Gerry Freeman
    Gerry FreemanMiesiąc temu

    In time this will be F1 of Today .. Beautiful

  • r e v e l a r e_ XVII
    r e v e l a r e_ XVIIMiesiąc temu

    *There’s crazy, there’s clinically insane, and then there’s driving a P1 flat out on a wet race track.*

  • Mohammad Bin Atique
    Mohammad Bin AtiqueMiesiąc temu

    4:28 aluminium wheels and steel brakes... Pathetic

  • Rik Ver Mar

    Rik Ver Mar

    Miesiąc temu

    good job the P1 doesnt have them

  • Andrew Robinson
    Andrew RobinsonMiesiąc temu

    Love this car and wish I had one

  • Luka Štefanac
    Luka ŠtefanacMiesiąc temu

    I can't believe it's been 6 years since this came out.. I remember this episode like it was yesterday.

  • Sarita Jaiswal
    Sarita JaiswalMiesiąc temu

    This car is eternal compared to companies launching new models every month

  • ndara ndara
    ndara ndaraMiesiąc temu

    Sorry Clarkson it is beautyful.

  • Hubert Kuang
    Hubert KuangMiesiąc temu

    P1 is faster than a Senna around the Nurburgring and Silverston race track which very hypercar and supercar have to take to set a lap time. Even when the P1 is 6 years older. The P1 never cease to amaze me even to this day the P1 to my perspective is the most beautiful piece of art the world has ever seen.

  • Leo
    LeoMiesiąc temu

    it still dominate in the market

  • Zeo
    ZeoMiesiąc temu

    P1 cleaner than your church shoes

  • acap cortegaz
    acap cortegazMiesiąc temu

    The song in the background is called ludovico einaudi experience For who ever is interested

  • Uncle Leo
    Uncle LeoMiesiąc temu

    This. This car is what sparked my love for McLaren Automotive. The P1 is seamless. Comfortable. Fast. Damn near flawless. And God damn, it’s fast as hell. This engineering is impressive. The electric motor pushing the car through gear changes, the engine pushing it 90% of the time. The British engineering team that built these magnificent pieces of artwork, deserve their own medals. They are responsible for making a powerhouse that is stylish, sleek, clever, and so god damn fast. 6 years old, and STILL looking like a vehicle that could be rolling on the streets today, labeled as “new.” The sheer tech at this vehicle, would make someone amazed, even by today’s standards. Thank you, Top Gear, for giving the love this car deserved.

  • SN S
    SN SMiesiąc temu

    Golden years.. Jezza at his best, and what a car!

  • Zhen Jiang
    Zhen JiangMiesiąc temu

    ‘It is coated with something called, Silicon Carbide, apparently it is the hardest substance known to man.’ ‘Apart from Dried Weetabix of course.’

  • Edward Balmes
    Edward BalmesMiesiąc temu


  • Keith Fox
    Keith FoxMiesiąc temu

    P1 cleaner than your church shoes, ah

  • Tommy Douglas
    Tommy DouglasMiesiąc temu

    Oh my god this car is 6 year old and look at it, it's a masterpiece