Gucci Mane - Who Is Him (feat. Pooh Shiesty)


Gucci Mane - Who Is Him (feat. Pooh Shiesty)
Gucci Mane Presents: So Icy Summer Out Now!
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Directed by Omar The Director
Get into Pooh Shiesty 馃捀
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  • Dylan K
    Dylan K15 godzin temu

    1017 513

  • memphis 901
    memphis 90117 godzin temu

    Lmao f on my report card on my hip I got a f and n shit crazy馃ぃ馃ぃ

  • memphis 901
    memphis 90117 godzin temu

    Shot in front of u of m.if you not from Memphis fox13 1 minute from u of m.fox13 first on the scene

  • Tanisha McDonala
    Tanisha McDonalaDzie艅 temu

    Poo 馃挬 馃敟馃馃憫馃 30 Gucci

  • consuela green
    consuela greenDzie艅 temu

    This look like the same place KING VON shot grandson for president

  • nyasha maplanka
    nyasha maplankaDzie艅 temu

    It鈥檚 my birthday today !!!! Blasting this till the next one !!!

  • Elias Baca
    Elias Baca2 dni temu

    You got to love that red hoodie

  • Sterling Lamb
    Sterling Lamb2 dni temu

    From beAting 4 and 10 to Trey All day

  • danny chung
    danny chung3 dni temu

    The aquatic syrup cumulatively damage because goat startlingly wrestle opposite a hulking double. wrong, same makeup

  • Jermy Hunter
    Jermy Hunter3 dni temu

    Thests not talk about the first part of the song when the song

  • JoJo23
    JoJo233 dni temu

    Certified classic 鉁咅煑o笍馃敟馃挴

  • Darin Dzy
    Darin Dzy3 dni temu

    Gucci looks like he鈥檚 a basketball player. He doesn鈥檛 look like a rapper at all

  • Nylan Joseph
    Nylan Joseph3 dni temu

    It's Time To Slide .. Walked Put A Hunnid In Da Choppa I Shot 85馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟

  • david malloy
    david malloy4 dni temu

    I am going to assume Pooh is left handed from his watch being on the right arm. Was kinda throwing me off a little when watching the video.

  • Kenneth Foster
    Kenneth Foster4 dni temu

    Pooh sheisty always look faded

  • wayne wilson
    wayne wilson4 dni temu

    Pooh Shiesty best young Artist in 1017 ?

  • godsofire localcd
    godsofire localcd4 dni temu

    South Memphis BBQ and Hot 馃敟 wing and Pooh Shiesty

  • godsofire localcd

    godsofire localcd

    4 dni temu

    South Memphis BBQ , 馃敟 Hot Wings, Spaghetti and Pooh Shiesty

  • Superstar Lawrence
    Superstar Lawrence4 dni temu

  • Tony Snow
    Tony Snow4 dni temu

    Pause at 1:02, either Gucci big as fuck or shiesty small as hell

  • Marcus Luckado
    Marcus Luckado5 dni temu

    Gucci be hitting the gym after studio time or what?!

  • Omar Da Millionaire
    Omar Da Millionaire5 dni temu

  • Alex Jones
    Alex Jones5 dni temu

    Gucci snapped on this 馃敟馃敟馃敟

  • Callz
    Callz5 dni temu

    Anyone else notice this the same place they shot one of vons videos?

  • the fly sqaud hogan
    the fly sqaud hogan6 dni temu


  • ElReaper
    ElReaper6 dni temu

  • Bri A
    Bri A6 dni temu

    Was that Delishish?

  • RealRiteZaya
    RealRiteZaya7 dni temu

    This was the first song I heard Pooh on and KNEW for a fact he had next!

  • Dominic Wortham
    Dominic Wortham7 dni temu

    I鈥檓 still listening to this song

  • Queen Dionne
    Queen Dionne8 dni temu

    I wish I had the confidence of the girl at 2:18 to shake a pancake booty next to girls with BBLs

  • Nate Schro
    Nate Schro8 dni temu

    Lebron James?

  • Jack Thenga
    Jack Thenga8 dni temu

    Pooh Sheisty looks wasted in every video...

  • John Sparkman

    John Sparkman

    3 godzin temu


  • Lloyd Stanford

    Lloyd Stanford

    4 dni temu

    Lean and blunts

    JDP JHC9 dni temu

    is this the same house that was in King Von - Grandson for President ? LOL im pretty sure it is

  • Ethan F
    Ethan F9 dni temu

    Memphis 馃攰馃攰

  • T'Ontre' Simpson
    T'Ontre' Simpson10 dni temu

    This nigga look like kyrie

  • Amit Salam
    Amit Salam10 dni temu

    Dude this back and forth between Gucci and P. Shiesty on this record gives me flash backs to Cool G Rap and NaS on Fast Life. This was dope.

  • KD 2110
    KD 211010 dni temu


  • Socorro Benitez
    Socorro Benitez10 dni temu

    Ya'll got the FINEST females!!! daaaaamn... I like your style of picking em'.... sheesh

  • Naw Fr
    Naw Fr10 dni temu

    Bitches bad as hell

  • Civerius
    Civerius11 dni temu

    Sorry. Gucci Mane is second class compared to Juicy J. Go ahead and argue with me, b'fore I bring out shit from tupac. Because let me tell you, this type of music has been de-volving. You take out the digital from all these tracks and its just a bunch of high black dudes trying to sign like if they were taking a shower drunk. Fuck.

  • Finn English
    Finn English11 dni temu


  • Vladimir Jenkins
    Vladimir Jenkins12 dni temu

    Professional Ass in this video

  • Zion holley
    Zion holley12 dni temu

    Hard asf馃敟

  • Patrick Lillie Jr
    Patrick Lillie Jr12 dni temu

    Rep that Murda gang we dont do no attempts

  • Krystle Nicole
    Krystle Nicole12 dni temu

    Protect this man ~ love his steeze鉂も潳鉂も潳鉂も潳鉂も潳馃Э

  • Faraway Merchants
    Faraway Merchants12 dni temu

    I can see Gucci Got New Inspiration linking up with that Young Bull 馃憤馃徔

  • Brandon Freeman
    Brandon Freeman12 dni temu

    Omg these boys got the baddest females doing they thang on god

  • Joker Levi Gaming
    Joker Levi Gaming13 dni temu

    Memphis flow hard

  • Bob Jones
    Bob Jones13 dni temu

    It鈥檚 funny cuh Pooh was the feature 馃槀

  • Tamika Mcfarlane-Leadon
    Tamika Mcfarlane-Leadon13 dni temu

    "big Congratulations poor me up" #Verse

  • SamBam Sandman
    SamBam Sandman14 dni temu

    We know who pooh shiesty is now馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟馃挴馃挴馃挴馃挴馃挴馃挴

  • Mane reed
    Mane reed14 dni temu


    URSELF YEET14 dni temu


    URSELF YEET14 dni temu

    Who鈥檚 ready for so Ivey summer馃敟 馃敟馃ザ

  • Bobby london
    Bobby london14 dni temu

    Shiesty on fire real talk gucci put a dream team together 馃挴馃挜馃挜馃挜

    UTGTV DJM315 dni temu


  • cisco
    cisco16 dni temu

    you rock on god

  • Kale Kale
    Kale Kale16 dni temu

    God father i gave you the power to take care of yourself gotta follow the rules to get your updates gotta push it to the limit

  • MoneyBoy Red
    MoneyBoy Red16 dni temu


  • Matt McCalla
    Matt McCalla16 dni temu

    If gucci aint in ya top 5 ... you clearly deaf

  • justin trees
    justin trees16 dni temu

    Sound like an em dd gucci song 馃 or is that tree in 11 grade shit lmao

  • justin trees
    justin trees16 dni temu

    Time inzone Im god as biz brought tree home Who is trees Whos kids Go off play dont care how ta breathe Hey I see how yall wit tree 7 months ago this come out when i was hit out the D street Still baby treesus geeked

  • Cash Rebel Entertainment
    Cash Rebel Entertainment17 dni temu

  • Rob Reese
    Rob Reese17 dni temu

    Hottest shit out right now馃ザ馃ザ馃ザ馃ザ馃ザ馃ザ馃ザ

  • Courtney Moore
    Courtney Moore18 dni temu

    Jack Johnson loves gucci mane

  • Drewbert 420
    Drewbert 42018 dni temu

    That booty

  • Phuck YouTube
    Phuck YouTube18 dni temu

    Imma have abs like Gucci one day


    11 mgs love

  • Julio Vasquez
    Julio Vasquez20 dni temu

    Man Gucci signed a goat this shhh go hardddddd

  • Caleb Robinson
    Caleb Robinson20 dni temu

    Mixed the Percocet with the exotic I鈥檓 back energized 馃槇

  • Lawrence Pryor Bey
    Lawrence Pryor Bey20 dni temu

    I fuck wit them Memphis boyz!!! The long way

  • Colby Potter
    Colby Potter20 dni temu

    Pooh shiesty that鈥檚 my dawg butpooh u know I鈥檓 really shiesty !!

  • Darwin Jackson
    Darwin Jackson20 dni temu

    Dis dat one Big up Pooh & CGE everybody loves dat Memphis s##t.

    GAMING WITH ACEE20 dni temu

    bruh had a baby bottle lmaoo

    GAMING WITH ACEE20 dni temu

    1017 sheisty gang i gott dem like who is him thats fireeee

  • Anthony Nelson
    Anthony Nelson20 dni temu

    Coach da ghost 馃懟

  • Brian Mendoza
    Brian Mendoza20 dni temu

    3rd shit east tx

  • Christian Rosario
    Christian Rosario20 dni temu


  • Mbmb_kj
    Mbmb_kj21 dzie艅 temu

    Mane this Pooh shiesty song 馃ザ

  • jayron garcia
    jayron garcia21 dzie艅 temu

    137k likes in 7 months 1017猸愶笍猸愶笍鉁

  • Blue Sky
    Blue Sky21 dzie艅 temu

    Demonic Low Frequency BS GARBAGE Sh!t Music.

  • Martin Garcia
    Martin Garcia21 dzie艅 temu

    Jesus christ is the only way for salvation

  • Martin McCall
    Martin McCall22 dni temu


  • aron faustinos
    aron faustinos22 dni temu


  • kyle mueller
    kyle mueller22 dni temu

    Gucci blessed this track damn

  • Tweest Topher
    Tweest Topher22 dni temu

    tht is a no go. PDE slimeball

  • justin trees
    justin trees22 dni temu

    Em an the n word not to be said still goim off this word Words know who he is Wait till u meet Who do this then Tree amd trees born Tree youmg age after the Roach i was horn馃ぉy from To bad i sent to many pic idk who i am look how the universe exspand Tf am i sayin

  • justin trees
    justin trees22 dni temu

    1:58 ta 2 Tree right here dude This be Trees tree here wit mellow nigga Hahah Tell jezzy get me my dogs mansion Still out here Like its just practice then Ok i see why yapl at the trees justin treees is on See how i say practice mom Still typing at with no somg it that memorized Not to much but the radio In it mind control get y'all retired less work And the artist just play and go wit the cash Gold like im roth childs kid Literally i need to just rot and die keep the players at the sky Don't remember nothin or know who he is

  • justin trees
    justin trees22 dni temu

    Get it pooh shiesty *

  • justin trees
    justin trees22 dni temu

    Get the t pooh shiesty

  • justin trees
    justin trees22 dni temu

    Tree big pop up tunechi on trees to as stars just inow trees right here Let me get u High Only thing i care about that fire get it gucci

  • bobby blunders
    bobby blunders23 dni temu

    When he says if u got something on your wrists it's time to hold it up...I felt that gotta new ap

  • Max Rep
    Max Rep23 dni temu

    O.M.G. 0:18

  • anna lara
    anna lara23 dni temu

    But brt my phone

  • anna lara
    anna lara23 dni temu


  • Jarrell Duncan
    Jarrell Duncan23 dni temu

    U can listen and tell this a Gucci man beat yet shiesty destroyed tf outta this馃拃

  • John Johnson
    John Johnson23 dni temu

    Mane Voice be like "Well Damn"

  • Omar Gay
    Omar Gay23 dni temu

    On repeat!facts!

  • Rick Lacy
    Rick Lacy24 dni temu

    Clone Gucci got it

  • Lil Gemini
    Lil Gemini24 dni temu

    Pooh shiesty thats my dawg

  • Sam Bahng
    Sam Bahng25 dni temu

    2:18 Backrolls!!!