First Time in Full Length: Lewandowski's 9-Minute Miracle


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One year ago, the unthinkable happened, as Robert Lewandowski tore up the record books with five goals in nine minutes. The Polish star was brought on at half time against Wolfsburg last season and proceeded to put in a jaw-dropping performance. It was a night to remember and we want to show you those nine incredible minutes from 22 September 2015 in full for the very first time. We can't wait to hear what you think!
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  • Kondzio
    Kondzio18 godzin temu

    BitTorrent attack higher levels

  • altin mares
    altin mares21 godzinę temu

  • RomaX
    RomaXDzień temu


  • St. Ghost
    St. GhostDzień temu

    Robot LewanGoalski 🔥🔥🔥

  • Jasim Shereef
    Jasim ShereefDzień temu


  • Łukasz
    ŁukaszDzień temu

    Best 10 min in history of football ⚽ 💪💓💓

  • Łukasz


    Dzień temu

    @Hubert Świerczyński ciary idą jak krzyczą nazwisko 💪💓

  • Hubert Świerczyński

    Hubert Świerczyński

    Dzień temu

    Tak i ci kibice na stadionie...

  • zorawar oberoi
    zorawar oberoiDzień temu

    Unpopular opinion: this commentator is underrated

  • Tomasz Przeliorz
    Tomasz PrzeliorzDzień temu


  • Marek Frąckowiak
    Marek Frąckowiak2 dni temu


  • Krzysztof Smejlis
    Krzysztof Smejlis2 dni temu

    Afro-ninja, best defender.

  • sulikolo 123
    sulikolo 1233 dni temu


  • Tigna Gaming
    Tigna Gaming3 dni temu

    LewanGoalski 😬

  • Kung FC
    Kung FC3 dni temu


  • liquid0001 (Squadalaxd)
    liquid0001 (Squadalaxd)3 dni temu

    Lewangolski. You know.. Lewan Golski?

  • kwontum
    kwontum3 dni temu

    Imagine being the guy that got subbed off for lewandowski

  • Marcus is Too High

    Marcus is Too High

    Dzień temu

    The guy is Thiago

  • Oğuzhan Güneş
    Oğuzhan Güneş3 dni temu


  • Sezer Kaya
    Sezer Kaya3 dni temu

    0:19 ilk gol 1:19 ikinci gol 3:41 üçüncü gol 6:00 dördüncü gol 9:17 beşinci gol KRAL ın efsane golleri 5. Gol favorim 😎

  • Wojciech Palczewski
    Wojciech Palczewski4 dni temu

    Ted Guardiola instructing Boeateng after the 1st goal prevented Lewandowski to score 5 goals in 8 minutes.

  • Paulo La Joya
    Paulo La Joya4 dni temu

    Let's not forget this guy gets top scorer for almost every UCL stage he's in, even being part of a team that shipped 8 past Barca, and toxic EPL fans say Lewy can't do this in England. If anything he'd score 5 goals in 5 minutes

  • Görkem Altuğ
    Görkem Altuğ4 dni temu


  • Sammy Supple
    Sammy Supple4 dni temu

    One of the greatest footballing achievements of recent years and this clip is rendered almost unwatchable because of the commentator.

  • Mxmln lcdcdffmnt

    Mxmln lcdcdffmnt

    4 dni temu

    What? why is wrong with him? Just mute your devise sound if its that much of a problem

  • krzysztof krzysztof
    krzysztof krzysztof5 dni temu

    You can watch this all over again.

  • blablus
    blablus5 dni temu

    Bayern przegrywał poszedlem zrobić kupę wracam a tu 5:1, pytam mojej kto strzelił a ona ze Lewandowski, ja na to kto pozostałe a Ona ze tylko on. No pierxxxlisz

  • armorek games
    armorek games5 dni temu

    jakie piękne czasy kto po kontuzji leweo :( ten like

  • David Pulizos
    David Pulizos5 dni temu

    What’s this commentators name? Can’t think of it off the top of my head. He’s electric

  • Italo Torres
    Italo Torres5 dni temu

    That is one sad goal-keeper

  • Span
    Span5 dni temu

    One of the best actions in football history

  • Robert Malinowski
    Robert Malinowski5 dni temu

    Oglądam to po raz dziesiąty,ale micha zawsze się cieszy.

  • Charlie Warner
    Charlie Warner5 dni temu

    Wolfsburg sponsored by Hermes, no wonder they fail to deliver

  • Czarodziej
    Czarodziej5 dni temu

    szkoda że w polsce troche gorzej

  • Ezequiel Clemente
    Ezequiel Clemente5 dni temu

    Lewandowski is the Chanfle :v

  • Ruhail Akbar
    Ruhail Akbar6 dni temu

    10 minutes 3 goals 10 minutes 4 goals 9 minutes 5 goals, the commentator proved einstein's whole time dilation

  • Fırat İpek
    Fırat İpek6 dni temu

    (karşı takım):Ben hayatımda babamdan tokat yemedim herif beni parçaladı yaa

  • Nedim Ayvaz
    Nedim Ayvaz6 dni temu

    Fifth goal was the cherry on the cake

  • Nedim Ayvaz
    Nedim Ayvaz6 dni temu

    The fifth goal was just spectucalar

  • Nedim Ayvaz
    Nedim Ayvaz6 dni temu

    Benaglio took a pregnancy test after that match.

  • Nedim Ayvaz
    Nedim Ayvaz6 dni temu

    1:38 you mean 2 minutes?

  • Bap Bap
    Bap Bap6 dni temu

    When he sits on the bench “And then I took it personally”

  • Alexander Jonsson
    Alexander Jonsson6 dni temu


  • Mahdi Sultan
    Mahdi Sultan6 dni temu


  • M M
    M M6 dni temu

    Lewangoalski you know, Lewangoalski

  • Ky Re
    Ky Re7 dni temu

    Polska Gurom kurva!!!

  • przemysław gajek

    przemysław gajek

    4 dni temu

    Hahaha" Polska górą kurwa " jak już poprawnie chcesz pisać xd

  • mołotov
    mołotov7 dni temu

    Polska gurom

  • Kamil
    Kamil7 dni temu


  • 19Lukas881
    19Lukas8817 dni temu

    Jesteś Wielki

  • Damian Strzelecki
    Damian Strzelecki8 dni temu

    Who is better than lewandowski he is complete striker

  • fadhillah basyar
    fadhillah basyar8 dni temu

    The announcer was like: "ROBERT?!? (LEWANDOWSKI!)ROBERT?!? (LEWANDOWSKI!) neuer Spielstand, FC BAYER-" *Robert scores again* "Scheißen!, let me finish my job!"

  • Danyal Khan
    Danyal Khan8 dni temu

    Y is muller running crazy after the ball😂

  • OLY Teddy
    OLY Teddy8 dni temu

    Lewandowski was playing on the amature difficulty :3

  • aaryaman kartha
    aaryaman kartha8 dni temu

    It's a ritual to come back and see this at random times

  • Mariusz Kozar
    Mariusz Kozar8 dni temu

    Never bored!!

  • Shreyash Bhude
    Shreyash Bhude9 dni temu

    any 1 commentator's name?

  • Bond James
    Bond James9 dni temu

    So that's what his jersey number meant.

  • messi magic
    messi magic9 dni temu


  • spaceecko
    spaceecko9 dni temu

    An exception of the last goal, This is his finest performance??, this guy is a tap in, and got lucky in this game, he even missed on an open goal.

  • Marcus is Too High

    Marcus is Too High

    Dzień temu

    Ok score 5 goals in 9 minutes against a professional team. I'm waiting

  • Kuba Stefański
    Kuba Stefański10 dni temu


  • Clémentine Chasles
    Clémentine Chasles10 dni temu

    I just watched this like two days ago but I need it tonight.

  • danauxi da
    danauxi da10 dni temu

    The first goal my son 3 years old put ir but later i recognize

  • Tahsin Zaki
    Tahsin Zaki10 dni temu

    It's like superhero movie Superman arrived and destroyed everyone

  • Mridul Ghildiyal
    Mridul Ghildiyal10 dni temu

    He's the one who can turn the entire game on his own, this thing makes him stand among the the goats of the game

  • Rocketman
    Rocketman11 dni temu

    that is what Robert Lewandowski does for a living.

  • crying diamond
    crying diamond11 dni temu


  • Marcin Leja
    Marcin Leja11 dni temu

    Polak potrafi.

  • Qbi _X
    Qbi _X11 dni temu

    I pomyśleć ze my Polacy mamy najlepszego piłkarza

  • Serek Danio
    Serek Danio12 dni temu

    ale farbowany lis ladnie strzela dla nazistow

  • Stefan Golubek

    Stefan Golubek

    10 dni temu

    Ale Danio ma serek pod kopułą zamiast mózgu.

  • Axel Btj
    Axel Btj12 dni temu

    He seems like a nice guy

  • Jack Garimov
    Jack Garimov12 dni temu


  • BossingtonHill Forever
    BossingtonHill Forever12 dni temu

    March 2021 World Cup Qualifier Poland vs England @ Wembley Stadium. Robert Lewandowski not playing due to an injury. Imagine having him on your team but not being able to use him in such an important game. Poland lost that match 1:2 .

  • FAIZAL BIN Misrie
    FAIZAL BIN Misrie13 dni temu

    But he cant score from corner kick

  • Mert Özpolat
    Mert Özpolat13 dni temu

    Dislikes from Dortmund and Wolfsburg

  • Kontol Kuda
    Kontol Kuda13 dni temu

    He's Crazy

  • Anthony
    Anthony13 dni temu

    The lewy show

  • rejK
    rejK13 dni temu


  • Ssd Sdd
    Ssd Sdd14 dni temu


  • Konrad Schmidt
    Konrad Schmidt14 dni temu

    No tatoo, piercing, weird haircut? What a boring guy!

  • VetemFun
    VetemFun14 dni temu


  • Lukasz Sowinski
    Lukasz Sowinski14 dni temu

    I can watch it over and over again

  • Cathy Fox
    Cathy Fox15 dni temu Le moderne tecnologie hanno raggiunto un livello tale che l'introduzione di tecniche moderne e perfetta per l'attuazione delle condizioni finanziarie e amministrative esistenti. Il significato di questi problemi e cosi ovvio che un profondo livello di immersione ci impone di analizzare le direzioni dello sviluppo progressivo. Si ritiene comunemente che le azioni dei rappresentanti dell'opposizione, indipendentemente dal loro livello, debbano essere verificate in modo tempestivo. Un'esperienza ricca e diversificata ci dice che innalzare il livello di consapevolezza civica ci consente di svolgere compiti importanti nello sviluppo del rafforzamento dei valori morali.! これが現在の傾向の鮮明な例です-合成テストはクラスタリングの取り組みの形成に重要な役割を果たします。日常の実践は、社会経済的発展が標準的なアプローチの前提条件を作り出すことを示しています。

  • Ollie Crowley
    Ollie Crowley15 dni temu

    5th goal is one of the best and most underrated commentator calls of all time 9:20

  • Jorge Silva
    Jorge Silva15 dni temu

    The last goal of Lewandoviski was exactly the same image of the Bundesliga's Logo

  • Reast
    Reast15 dni temu

    Doctor: just 10 minutes left, im sorry lewa Lewa: Actually 9 min is enough for me


    O bicho joga viu minino

  • Kamil S
    Kamil S16 dni temu

    However put a negative coment watching this performance has no idea what football is all about BEAWO ROBERT💪💪💪💪💪👌👌👌👌

  • Jose Antonio Ticona Lecoña
    Jose Antonio Ticona Lecoña16 dni temu

    I Love Robert Lewangolsky 💙💙💙

  • bottle opener
    bottle opener17 dni temu

    Robert LewanGOALSki "

  • Przemek Nakonieczny
    Przemek Nakonieczny17 dni temu

    Its LewanGOALSKI guys

  • Krzysztof Paciorek
    Krzysztof Paciorek17 dni temu

    IT is because he is from Poland 🇵🇱 Polska gurom

  • LAN troupe
    LAN troupe17 dni temu

    nice skills

  • Kenan Kamay
    Kenan Kamay17 dni temu

    the machine

  • Ben Bacharach
    Ben Bacharach17 dni temu

    Pep’s face after the 5th goal is priceless

  • Putra Mo
    Putra Mo18 dni temu

    The real player must get a ballon d'oor

    STEFANEK18 dni temu

    Poland Moutain

  • Pradawny Bog
    Pradawny Bog18 dni temu


  • Bomboclaat
    Bomboclaat19 dni temu

    This would’ve been impossible today with no fans

  • Misiek
    Misiek19 dni temu

    Best player in the world True legend

  • Ankan A786M
    Ankan A786M19 dni temu


  • winder zhao
    winder zhao19 dni temu

    The rhetorical clarinet relatively bolt because pakistan frustratingly start about a yellow orchestra. puny, guttural H habitual law

  • Ed Ma
    Ed Ma19 dni temu

    Żeby grać w niemieckiej lidze trzeba być dobrym oni za friko kasy nie dają .

  • Anyamele David
    Anyamele David19 dni temu


  • Arief
    Arief19 dni temu

    "I just announced this guy name, what a monster", said the announcer for the fourth time.