love race (The Ellen DeGeneres Show 2021)

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  • Stanzin Yutung
    Stanzin Yutung51 minuta temu

    God bless you my man!

  • James
    JamesGodzinę temu

    It’s pretty awesome that Travis Barker magically teleports to wherever a dope pop-punk drum beat is needed

  • Lucrossing
    LucrossingDzień temu

    I didnt like his rap but he is kicking ass with the pop punk rock stuff

  • Christopher Gudger-Raines
    Christopher Gudger-RainesDzień temu

    It was...okay I guess.

  • Laggy Gamer
    Laggy GamerDzień temu

    what happen to the original mgk drummer the guy with dreads i like him better than travis

  • Laggy Gamer
    Laggy GamerDzień temu

    dang! that guy has a really high squaky voice damn!

  • E flynn
    E flynnDzień temu

    💯👎💩💩💩 Garbage trash!! Satanic!! Good job Ellen!she the same!!

  • bryan marty
    bryan martyDzień temu

    the beginning of the song sounds just like another song - anyone recall what it is? the song was probably from the 2000-2010 time frame

  • Rob
    RobDzień temu

    Damn...straight Killed it.

  • Lexi Vanity667
    Lexi Vanity667Dzień temu

    And js they have another song together the song is alone by sleeping with sirens ft mgk

  • Lexi Vanity667
    Lexi Vanity667Dzień temu

    Ive loved them both since I was little they have helped me thru alot

  • Chrispy Kracka
    Chrispy KrackaDzień temu

    Autotune does wonders lol

  • carter warren
    carter warren2 dni temu

    This song is sooo good

  • Lenka Tomanova
    Lenka Tomanova2 dni temu

    I was thinking kelin is a girl😄

  • Gamer Nation
    Gamer Nation2 dni temu

    Hey Mgk how did you make your guitar and what costumisations,i want too buy the same :) Sorry for my englisch im from germany and 13 years old ,have a nice day i love your music

  • Loitering Rambler
    Loitering Rambler2 dni temu

    Kellin might be the first person that sings with his nose

  • Clem
    Clem2 dni temu

    I really like this song Kellin's voice threw me off at first which is weird cause I have listened to sleeping with sirens in the past but it is a great song

  • Emily Flores
    Emily Flores2 dni temu

    Look at Kellin go!!

  • Ebony Hooper
    Ebony Hooper2 dni temu

    I’m sorry but if I was Kellin Quinn in this I would be standing there like can I come out my box now please 🥺

  • Fred HOMINAL
    Fred HOMINAL2 dni temu

    MGK ! ...🤩

  • bgst.vip_
    bgst.vip_3 dni temu

    I love how MGK mix matched his shoes

  • Lucas Marchetti
    Lucas Marchetti3 dni temu

    Kellin is still killing it Jesus Christ

  • Lucas Marchetti
    Lucas Marchetti3 dni temu

    How are you gonna say “and Travis barker” just to put him behind the boxes first

  • Caleb Mersinger
    Caleb Mersinger3 dni temu

    Damn i just realized colson released a single with corpse, who has a super deep voice, and now he released this with kellin, who's voice sounds extremely high

  • Benjamin Jakubi
    Benjamin Jakubi3 dni temu

    The voice from Kellin Quinn isn‘t nice.

  • Sarah '93
    Sarah '933 dni temu


  • BuddyRittXX


    2 dni temu

    Definitely catchy

  • Donna Smith
    Donna Smith3 dni temu

    Im now in love with Kellin

  • LGsus Espinoza
    LGsus Espinoza3 dni temu

    Ver a Kellin Quinn da tanto Hype😭

  • Kimmi McPhee
    Kimmi McPhee3 dni temu

    KELLIN is one of those artist that sound amazing on the track and live

  • shake n bake
    shake n bake3 dni temu

    He sounds like biffy ciro.......and hes with megan fox

  • daf t
    daf t4 dni temu

    So bad. So so bad. Why is this guy famous?

  • Sean Rodriguez

    Sean Rodriguez

    3 dni temu

    Don’t listen to it then simple.

  • Mark Beaver
    Mark Beaver4 dni temu

    Props to the sound engineers. This version slays the original.

  • biankaputrap 12
    biankaputrap 124 dni temu

    I love Kellin's voice!

  • Yee yee Haircut
    Yee yee Haircut4 dni temu

    Who was a beater part

  • Kent Mckinney
    Kent Mckinney4 dni temu

    Trash Can Kelly

  • 555 666
    555 6664 dni temu

    Hate him or love him, MGK knows how to put a show.💯🔥

  • Candace Barnhill
    Candace Barnhill4 dni temu

    First he's a rapper. Then he's glam pop, now he's changed his voice to sound as blink 182 as he can since he got T.B. to drum. This guys a joke.

  • Rinnyxoranges
    Rinnyxoranges4 dni temu

    Both of them fucking slayed this performance and I love them BOTH so much but Kellin will always have such a special place in my heart. He and sleeping with sirens got me though so much of my teenage-hood.

  • vicente sepulveda
    vicente sepulveda4 dni temu


  • Robin DeLucia
    Robin DeLucia4 dni temu

    I love these 2

  • Never Use Yellow
    Never Use Yellow4 dni temu

    Damn, blink-182 looks kinda different

  • Shilohrus
    Shilohrus5 dni temu

    This has to be a sign sws finna blow up again

  • None none
    None none5 dni temu

    Traviiis 🤘🤘🔥🔥🔥

  • mGx
    mGx5 dni temu

    Their voices work so well together

  • Rolicame
    Rolicame5 dni temu

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  • RMcC832
    RMcC8325 dni temu

    Pop punk is making a comeback

  • Paul Warren
    Paul Warren5 dni temu

    This was 💥

  • Pinnokkio
    Pinnokkio5 dni temu

    This song is so good.

  • Noble Scott
    Noble Scott5 dni temu

    Turn to Jesus to be saved and inherit eternal life in Heaven. For the world is getting worse and worse, evil is now the new good. Notice how mostly the celebs, etc mock God and get away with it. We live in a society that cares about themselves thinking they are "god" when in reality the God of the Bible is the one we should be serving. Matthew 24 has many predictions that have came true, Turn to Jesus to be saved and inherit eternal life

  • BuddyRittXX


    4 dni temu

    Yea imma pass there bud.

  • Der Dude

    Der Dude

    5 dni temu

    Gotta pass on that one. I'm not really into 2000 year old fairytales.

  • LiL Rex G
    LiL Rex G5 dni temu

    MGK is actually a lot better as a rock star then he was a Rapper

  • Ako


    5 dni temu

    @LiL Rex G im not trying to debate either, im just explaining about how he didn’t switch

  • LiL Rex G

    LiL Rex G

    5 dni temu

    @Ako i'm not trying to debate his music with you i'm not a fan i was just trying to show some respect being a Rapper myself

  • Ako


    5 dni temu

    @LiL Rex G he never switched tho, he still raps and he made rock music in his past stuff too

  • LiL Rex G

    LiL Rex G

    5 dni temu

    @Ako honestly I think his rap song suck the only good one he did was the one he where he collaborated with Bone Thugs-N-Harmony and French Montana and I only like their parts ... But I do think he has a good rock voice and I can see that he puts more passion into every Rock Song ..... Listen I'm not saying or trying to be a hater I'm an artist myself but I just never cared for his music but I'm saying at the same time I respect him after he switched genres

  • Ako


    5 dni temu

    @LiL Rex G why no respect for him as a rapper? he was and is still killing as a rapper along with being a rockstar

  • Adam Caretta
    Adam Caretta5 dni temu

    piss anyone else off that he holds the mic in front of his nose

  • moca


    17 godzin temu

    because he's singing so high, if he held the mic to his mouth he would overpower mgk and you wouldn't be able to hear him



    5 dni temu


  • Elliot Boon
    Elliot Boon5 dni temu

    SWS 🤘🏼

  • just browsing
    just browsing5 dni temu

    So glad to see Kellin getting the respect he deserves 🥰 hopefully people will explore more of Sleeping With Sirens' music

  • S Armstrong
    S Armstrong6 dni temu

    I see you slim.

  • Tan Minh
    Tan Minh6 dni temu

    the one who wears jacket is a girl or a boy ? So confused with his/her voice. Btw his/her vocal is amazing tho.

  • gigi


    5 dni temu

    lol hes a boy

  • Sidiq Muhammad
    Sidiq Muhammad6 dni temu

    Yes introducing green day everybody

  • Jake Evans
    Jake Evans6 dni temu

    He is good live ! Sounds like he does on record and Kellin 💜

  • Brendan Cornish
    Brendan Cornish6 dni temu

    Man I honestly really like tickets to my downfall but hope his next album is rap, my dude has always deserved the press the attention the clout that comes with it,but Ellen? Fuck I hate that show lol and that’s Hundy not the shit he’s about, Kells bout that life; stay laced up ESTfam

  • Aaron Anderson
    Aaron Anderson6 dni temu

    Your the best do whatever you want

  • Marissa Paul
    Marissa Paul6 dni temu

    Am I thought it was girl and not a guy unless it him singing that to

  • Jay Haze
    Jay Haze6 dni temu

    Never thought I’d see Kellin Quinn on the Ellen Show next to MGK with Travis Barker behind them.

  • Le Roi Beukes
    Le Roi Beukes6 dni temu

    Agree with everyone - this version so much better than the one on spotify ! Kellin’s voice just adds another dimension in this version.

  • rogue111
    rogue1116 dni temu

    I would kill to go to this dudes concerts

  • rogue111
    rogue1116 dni temu

    I thought kellin quin was a girl...

  • TOHAN compZ
    TOHAN compZ6 dni temu

    Heard the song and thought it was a girl... Wow

  • paul h
    paul h6 dni temu


  • Kathryn Raubolt
    Kathryn Raubolt6 dni temu

    MGK sounds so good here! It's amazing to just see how much he has grown in the last couple years!

  • Full Metal Jacket
    Full Metal Jacket7 dni temu

    The duo we never knew we needed

  • Maverick T
    Maverick T7 dni temu

    Kellin stole the show

  • hannah
    hannah7 dni temu

    i always knew MGK was talented but WHY TF am i only listening to this now, why didn't i find out about his latest releases earlier 💔 this is so good and here i'm living under a rock

  • MS Harris
    MS Harris7 dni temu

    Kellie and Kels!!! Collab album asap 2021 needs it

  • gia ginanjar
    gia ginanjar7 dni temu

    TRAVIS on everywhere

  • Quinn Robinson
    Quinn Robinson7 dni temu


  • Quinn Robinson
    Quinn Robinson7 dni temu

    i n quinn

  • Nuwagaba Darius
    Nuwagaba Darius7 dni temu

    Good job boss you the best of the best

  • Alana Nicole S.
    Alana Nicole S.7 dni temu

    I think I listened to this about 60x in a row. I love this song. And MgK is quite sexy!

  • Rafhael Gastelu
    Rafhael Gastelu7 dni temu


  • Nya Isn't Real
    Nya Isn't Real7 dni temu

    Kellin makes this song a bajillion times better- I love them both so much

  • Chris Lee
    Chris Lee7 dni temu


  • BuddyRittXX


    4 dni temu

    Nah broski

  • Shaboy Jhace
    Shaboy Jhace7 dni temu

    Why is Kellin holding the mic to his forehead?

  • Bre Emhiser

    Bre Emhiser

    6 dni temu

    I read that it was so he didn’t overpower MGK because he sings so high and loud, and just his strange habit of how he holds the mic.

  • Dariush Kasra
    Dariush Kasra8 dni temu

    Kellin quinn is so fucking great his performance live sounds even BETTER than the official recording

  • Sophia. Hbn
    Sophia. Hbn8 dni temu


  • Justin
    Justin8 dni temu

    I had no idea who Kellin was before this...... now I like Sleeping with Sirens...

  • † Senpai †
    † Senpai †8 dni temu

    La única razón por la cual nunca me gustó Kellin a pesar de que tiene buenas canciones es su voz de pito ; ; Se me mete esa voz de pito por la oreja y me cosquillea el cerebro con su agudez

    BEAST ALPHA8 dni temu

    Who is here for kellin quinn

  • test Otp And
    test Otp And8 dni temu


  • ykme des
    ykme des8 dni temu

    😂😂😂😂😂😂Yk the fact that I thought that was going to stay in the box 📦

  • digdeep0169
    digdeep01698 dni temu

    wtf! kellin sounds like a young girl...holy crap

  • Kiz
    Kiz8 dni temu

    The song is pretty good, Kellin just messes it up ngl

  • r


    8 dni temu


  • marto _
    marto _8 dni temu

    Kellin Quinn was on a Disney series? I can't remember

  • Juliet Sebastian
    Juliet Sebastian8 dni temu

    The fact that Kellin is about 30 and sounds like a teenage girl is beyond me.

  • Robbie Seltzer
    Robbie Seltzer8 dni temu

    Really wish they would allow artists to actually perform instead of having them pretend to play over the study recording. His guitar is not even plugged in! :(

  • Diki Fahmi Aldi
    Diki Fahmi Aldi8 dni temu

    Kellin on Ellen? Oh my god! His live performance is the best of him I've ever seen

  • Ewan
    Ewan8 dni temu

    Just amazing

  • IncorporatedOps
    IncorporatedOps8 dni temu

    If MGK decides to never rap again, I'm fine with that

  • Caetano Hoffmann
    Caetano Hoffmann8 dni temu

    Nice performance Billy idol

  • Pinnokkio The Poet
    Pinnokkio The Poet8 dni temu

    Omg that song is amazeballs.

  • Парашют &
    Парашют &9 dni temu


  • Patrick Rutledge
    Patrick Rutledge9 dni temu

    Would love to see MGK do a collab with BMTH (like yungblud did). Let's revive this shit. 🤘

  • Bryant Jaii
    Bryant Jaii9 dni temu

    This probably was the best I seen yet on Ellen. Loved it.