Doom Eternal Developers React to 27 Minute Speedrun


Doom Eternal is barely a month old and speedrunners have already figured out how to finish the game in under a half hour. So ride along with Marty Stratton (Executive Producer), Hugo Martin (Game Director), Jerry Keehan (Level Design Director) and Evan Eubanks (Lead Game Programmer) as they watch their latest game get absolutely destroyed by world record speedunner: Xamide.

Check out more from Xamide here:


  • no1
    no1Godzinę temu


  • Doppio Vinegar
    Doppio Vinegar3 godzin temu

    Devs salty lmao.

  • Jared Thornsbury
    Jared Thornsbury6 godzin temu

    "Who put that barrel there"? "noooo"

  • Esteban Grocky
    Esteban Grocky2 dni temu

    Red :)

  • poncholocox
    poncholocox2 dni temu

    17:45 if he can get passed.... didn't even finish the comment, gamer was already done LOL

  • sky emden
    sky emden2 dni temu

    fix it

  • amberly rosee
    amberly rosee2 dni temu

    the devs are so salty even though its literally there job to figure out glitches XD

  • Jerry Sanchez
    Jerry Sanchez2 dni temu

    That dev is so salty someone beat the level design lol

  • Perfect Octogon
    Perfect Octogon4 dni temu


  • R Slickerz
    R Slickerz4 dni temu

    Bro 7:20 was just funny as hell

  • Delishboy
    Delishboy4 dni temu

    how to save the world in 27 minutes

  • Lilboypeep3
    Lilboypeep35 dni temu

    Are u guys mad bc he doing this or surprised

  • Destiny
    Destiny5 dni temu

    The moment where the game will be updated soon

  • TheLivingRequiem
    TheLivingRequiem5 dni temu

    Now we know one of the Doom devs prefers glitchless speedruns

  • Van Peters
    Van Peters6 dni temu

    Totally agree speedruns should only count if no glitches

  • shadow gaming
    shadow gaming6 dni temu


  • shadow gaming
    shadow gaming6 dni temu

    0:53 when they are gonna react bideo

  • shimba90
    shimba906 dni temu

    My feeling are with mr. level design boss. must be so damn sad to see someone break your level designs.

  • kev yovlogger
    kev yovlogger7 dni temu

    Mom: you leave for school in 40 minutes! Speedrunner: hold on mom, let me beat doom eternal rq

  • That Czech Slayer
    That Czech Slayer7 dni temu

    hugo you had one job 😂😂

  • Bad_Script
    Bad_Script8 dni temu

    To figure out how well-made a game was made, just find out how fast it can be speedrun.

  • Fernando Adrián Pedernera
    Fernando Adrián Pedernera9 dni temu

    These guys take it the right way. Don't nerf, but enhace the experience for ultra pro players.

  • Ryan Todd
    Ryan Todd9 dni temu

    Love how Hugo went from mildly annoyed to super invested in the strats for this run

  • Michael Han
    Michael Han10 dni temu

    The developers are so adorable and wholesome.

  • Zsombor V
    Zsombor V10 dni temu

    It is not the players' fault their game is full of bugs and exploits.

  • Music DZ
    Music DZ10 dni temu

    The devs: Breathes Comment section: Write that down, write that down!!

  • Igor Antoniolli
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  • fluffy kade
    fluffy kade11 dni temu

    red in the comment section

  • Energie 360
    Energie 36011 dni temu


  • Darklarik
    Darklarik12 dni temu

    Imagine being a Dev, having spent hours, posibly terrible crunch time, doing the level, the cutscenes, the environment, for this guy to just glitch out of it. Lol

  • Austrian Erb
    Austrian Erb12 dni temu

    dont fix it

  • Spookiboi
    Spookiboi12 dni temu

    Ign ur brave showing a video on doom eternal

  • Super monkey Schmidt
    Super monkey Schmidt12 dni temu

    17:46 super mega cursed

  • Blueface
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  • John John Johnson
    John John Johnson13 dni temu

    Demon: Ahh its Doom Slayer, wait, OH SATAN HES A SPEEDRUNNER

  • Zaphkiel Tokisaki
    Zaphkiel Tokisaki13 dni temu

    Seeing the devs just dying everytime he uses bugs and glitches is so funny 😂😂😂👌

  • Literalpervertedloser
    Literalpervertedloser13 dni temu

    Destructible demons yo

  • Dr_Snuff
    Dr_Snuff13 dni temu

    Does anyone know whether the dev's actually engaged the community as they were talking about? That would be sweet!

  • HadesFades
    HadesFades13 dni temu

    There should be a speed runner mode that disables all cutscenes and lets you choose which version of the game you are playing so that newer updates can be changed to the older updates

  • Nima
    Nima14 dni temu


  • Plague Doctor
    Plague Doctor14 dni temu


  • Elio Torres247
    Elio Torres24714 dni temu

    They said just wait till the next game let’s go theirs gonna be another one

  • Henrik Wenne
    Henrik Wenne15 dni temu

    when you hear the voice of the guy doing it, it goes from cool to sad quite quickly :P

  • Chrysalis
    Chrysalis15 dni temu


  • Tamer Time
    Tamer Time15 dni temu


  • MemeMaster47
    MemeMaster4715 dni temu

    Who needs cruicible when you have assault rifle

  • Mr. Mentesh
    Mr. Mentesh15 dni temu

    This is insane but what difficulty is it set on?

  • Russell
    Russell15 dni temu

    it'd definitely be a little more wholesome if they showed the devs the playtime runners actually put into the game before they get to the point they are at.

  • Pyro Gaming
    Pyro Gaming16 dni temu

    Tell me you play PC without telling me you play PC

  • ahmet
    ahmet16 dni temu

    these are the coolest developers out there, making fun of speed runners.

  • Andorei Botobara
    Andorei Botobara17 dni temu

    When the speedrunner got the bfg their reaction was really funny.

  • Holy Stepper
    Holy Stepper17 dni temu

    They need the actual speed runner in there talking with them answering things their curious about

  • Radim Paštěka
    Radim Paštěka17 dni temu

    29:37 Chat RED my man!

  • rhytmic boy
    rhytmic boy17 dni temu

    WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED? *homeric laugh* best devs i've seen so far

  • Derelict
    Derelict18 dni temu

    The lead programmer is by far the one laughing the most at all these exploits in his code XD

  • Youtube person
    Youtube person18 dni temu

    "Why don't you beat it the right way?" Why don't you code it so it isn't filled with glitches👉😎👉

  • gamerofmythology
    gamerofmythology18 dni temu


  • sam-sam
    sam-sam18 dni temu

    29:44 "RED" look at the chat

  • Holden Mcgroine
    Holden Mcgroine18 dni temu

    jump in the sky and its just a cutscene with a bunch of clouds whirring by and doomguy contemplating the universe for 20 minutes

  • W_74
    W_7418 dni temu

    19:47 that literally killed me lmao

  • Magic Durt
    Magic Durt19 dni temu


  • dat_dude dustin
    dat_dude dustin19 dni temu

    Seeing a speedrunner turn red with anger over an unskippable timer would be priceless

  • JustHandsAndVoices
    JustHandsAndVoices19 dni temu

    "Wait till the purple sludge", they said. "The sludge will stop him", they said.

  • Nero Trigger
    Nero Trigger19 dni temu

    Not a true speed run. No respect from me

  • Church of Eg
    Church of Eg19 dni temu


  • Akeruyri2
    Akeruyri219 dni temu

    It might be pretty cool to show an any % glitchless of these games to their devs

  • Jackson Wilde
    Jackson Wilde19 dni temu

    Speedrunner breaking every map and beating the whole game in 27 minutes Game designers: the crucible looks too bright

  • DelaY
    DelaY19 dni temu

    They sure are a funny and awesome developer

  • Alan Watts
    Alan Watts20 dni temu

    One thing they don't understand: making cinematics and cutscenes longer, making the elevator slower and etc won't change a dime, the world record will simply be longer, they'll simply wait like everyone does because there's no competition in waiting for an unskippable cutscene to end.

  • Haria Xarrisaf
    Haria Xarrisaf20 dni temu

    27 minutes of cheating...

  • Noah Loiselle
    Noah Loiselle20 dni temu

    The next game will be called "doom purple sludge"

  • Boyka
    Boyka20 dni temu

    imagine if developers create a whole new game behind the walls of original

  • Iron Warrior
    Iron Warrior20 dni temu

    Just put unskippable cutscene in skybox

  • Fons
    Fons20 dni temu

    WTF look at the chat 8:29

  • Danielle Swartz
    Danielle Swartz20 dni temu

    19:44 - 20:04 was my favorite reaction from the developers

  • LEX -
    LEX -20 dni temu

    The secret room part was amazing

  • Akatsui
    Akatsui20 dni temu

    2:16 To be fair, that run is Any% so it technically doesn't need to be played the right way.

  • Anthony Zazueta
    Anthony Zazueta20 dni temu

    If they can do it so can you losers

  • Vamrule
    Vamrule20 dni temu

    man that was such a fun game

    HELPMEEEAAAH E20 dni temu

    It’s just his Gaming chair

  • Jack Williams
    Jack Williams20 dni temu


  • Mr Hexadus
    Mr Hexadus21 dzień temu

    speed running is just like making a scientific discovery, it takes a community, when you have 200 people collaborating idea's, and practicing them.. you make about 1-2 years of discovery in less then one week. in about 4 weeks, that's more time then you have spent on your own engine, and they will learn things even you would never find out.

  • Oswin 92K
    Oswin 92K21 dzień temu


  • ashley lamoureux
    ashley lamoureux21 dzień temu

    He did it on im too young to die why not ultra violence

  • The Alien
    The Alien21 dzień temu

    Fun fact: the speed runner did the run on im too young to die

  • Tetra Mclaren

    Tetra Mclaren

    17 dni temu

    It's any% soooo

  • Saša Paunković
    Saša Paunković21 dzień temu

    Bethesda managers learning about teamwork. Lol

  • Rohan Parekh
    Rohan Parekh21 dzień temu

    Its not a bug, its a feature

  • ShadingNight
    ShadingNight21 dzień temu

    "Why don't you beat the game the right way" When bugs and glitches stop existing, we will.

  • David S
    David S21 dzień temu

    Make an unskippable cutscene that is one second quicker than playing it properly. They'd have to watch it >:)

    CREEPERTRON300022 dni temu

    speed runners seeing a 90 degree angle: *its time to get funky*

  • Ben Kraft
    Ben Kraft22 dni temu

    20:23 the guy sounds like John Mullaney

  • Sawyer Paul
    Sawyer Paul22 dni temu

    Other Devs: Ooh, gotta patch that to make it harder. Doom Devs: Let’s send them a message of encouragement in the skybox... ...And then trap them in an insulting, unskippable cutscene with MAYBE a rickroll.

  • Hazim Jamli
    Hazim Jamli22 dni temu

    1:54 is that a hyperscroll jump glitch?

  • Caleb Adams
    Caleb Adams22 dni temu

    Best way to slow speedruns, make it a rail shooter.

  • OmegaLuL
    OmegaLuL22 dni temu

    It's basically same as csgo bhop where you bind jump to mouse wheel and you go flying

  • JustAWeeb
    JustAWeeb23 dni temu

    that 250 fps tho

  • donas askan
    donas askan23 dni temu

    How about fix bugs instead of putting gotchas? 😀

  • Noxon 06
    Noxon 0623 dni temu

    21:15 is how you glitch the guns to make them op

  • TheGoldenCaulk
    TheGoldenCaulk23 dni temu

    Drink every time Evan goes "How did h- _(sigh)_ "

  • Eman Salsa
    Eman Salsa23 dni temu