minecraft evolution be like...



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  • Gamingfred_yt
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  • Nurse Persad
    Nurse PersadDzień temu

    steveee is growing faster than my roblox account in 100 years

  • Vera Jagape Official
    Vera Jagape Official3 dni temu

    I kept on laughing about the player head😂 but its fine

    MATTHEW LIU4 dni temu

    “i love it!”

  • Duke Jesse Colis
    Duke Jesse Colis4 dni temu

    What the hell

  • ꧁ItzLauren18꧂
    ꧁ItzLauren18꧂4 dni temu

    Fun fact: if you mine diemonds with a iron pickaxe, a crepper will come.

  • Lmao
    Lmao4 dni temu

    I am definitely real

  • Andres Felipe Ruiz
    Andres Felipe Ruiz4 dni temu

    Ho my god

  • Jhean Alvear
    Jhean Alvear4 dni temu

    Be like







    4 dni temu


    PHANTOM_ FIRE5 dni temu

    i have a video just like this one what u expected a link, nah i dont advertise

  • Keylin Damas
    Keylin Damas6 dni temu

    Ministras me encanta

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  • Hyperwolf555
    Hyperwolf5556 dni temu

    Me to

  • Kanishk Jaiswal
    Kanishk Jaiswal6 dni temu

    Ur outro gave me goosebumps...

  • Vladimir Brykov
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  • Strider
    Strider7 dni temu

    Steveee schedule be like: upload -> upload -> upload -> upload -> upload -> upload -> upload -> upload -> upload -> upload -> upload Steveee channel be like: last upload for the day -> wake up with 50k more subs

  • sebastian burns
    sebastian burns7 dni temu

    HA EXPOSED! You put chorus fruit plants in the dragon end, not the end city........

  • James McCarty
    James McCarty7 dni temu

    Life uh... finds a way

  • The Fuhnaff gang NoIcE
    The Fuhnaff gang NoIcE7 dni temu

    0:12 Steveee be like : oh nooo tha hed not there Me be like: haha lolll

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  • Carl086
    Carl0868 dni temu

    Stevee do face reveal please 🙏🙏

    PC NİNJA8 dni temu

    0:11 nobody...

  • Анонимус
    Анонимус8 dni temu

    Speedrun of Minecraft

  • Eric Kamber
    Eric Kamber8 dni temu

    That was my ider to make you copyed me

  • Finley Street
    Finley Street8 dni temu

    Minecraft bad

  • Floppa
    Floppa8 dni temu

    don’t even need blaze rods.

  • Dovydas Ulida
    Dovydas Ulida9 dni temu

    So true

  • XGplays
    XGplays9 dni temu

    so you get full netherite before the end

  • LC Heyasa, Jr
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  • Malak.khamseh Khamseh
    Malak.khamseh Khamseh9 dni temu

    Wen he got to the 3rd one he forgot to dress the manicn

  • Michel Damaa
    Michel Damaa10 dni temu

    inside crafting tables

  • BsメCʀɪᴍɪɴᴀʟ࿐
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  • SimplyxTurtles
    SimplyxTurtles10 dni temu

    LOL I was here about a month ago and this guy had 100k subs. Congrats on 1 mil!

  • BirbBoi
    BirbBoi10 dni temu

    You should've put Cyan Vest, Blue Trousers, and Gray boots (I think that's what they're called

  • encrypted
    encrypted11 dni temu

    You always use the kiddo music thing gi

  • Gaddiel Avancena
    Gaddiel Avancena11 dni temu

    0:58 sec speedrun in minecraft :3----l

  • Capital G loves u
    Capital G loves u11 dni temu

    . L

  • Aldair Lego
    Aldair Lego11 dni temu

    Minecraft in 58 seconds

  • Fenix
    Fenix11 dni temu

    he broke coal with wood my head hurts

  • Iquerity
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  • meme Jesus
    meme Jesus11 dni temu

    I feel like Stevee is 12

  • Jasper Fong
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  • I_AmNoobLikeYou
    I_AmNoobLikeYou12 dni temu

    when pinned comment and flex on everyone

  • Wolf_Of_Magic
    Wolf_Of_Magic12 dni temu

    ... i comment not

  • Góc Nghệ Thuật
    Góc Nghệ Thuật12 dni temu

    Hi. I'm a sculptor. Nice to meet you.....

  • tatothepotato
    tatothepotato12 dni temu

    HE HIT A MIL?!

    YUKI - LUKE12 dni temu

    5 days wow

  • Sebastian Frank
    Sebastian Frank12 dni temu

    Steve has moved on to be a historian in a museum

  • Polivecicka
    Polivecicka13 dni temu

    666 dislikes

  • Lord Lucas Destruct
    Lord Lucas Destruct13 dni temu

    C trop bien

  • Emek Gumusay
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  • Ravageeer
    Ravageeer13 dni temu

    Where's the evolution when Steve starts a raid??

  • foxy king
    foxy king13 dni temu

    BTW you can put a helmet on an armor stand wearing a head by putting it under a block with another armor stand that is wearing a helmet and then breaking the block

  • MarnieE73
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  • BrucANT
    BrucANT13 dni temu

    I AM ՏᑌᗷᗷIᑎᘜ TO EVERYOᑎᗴ ᗯᕼO ᒪIKᗴ'Տ TᕼIՏ ᑕOᗰᗰᗴᑎT ᗩᑎᗪ ՏᑌᗷՏ,,,,

  • Rhynie Francine
    Rhynie Francine13 dni temu

    0:17 headless

  • Abdullah Hussan
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  • Frostbot 75
    Frostbot 7513 dni temu

    why is nobody talking about 0:11

  • GoldPlays
    GoldPlays13 dni temu

    *The player gets so tired of mining coal and wood that his head falls off.*

  • LittleVeraah
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    TOTAL GAMING✓14 dni temu

    गर्मी का मौसम आ गया है इसलिए आपने धर के सामाने या छत पर पानि जरुर रखे ताकि कुछ बेजुबान को राहत मिल सके🙏 💥💥

  • D' Mierc
    D' Mierc14 dni temu

    U forget the head XD

  • argaming pro
    argaming pro14 dni temu

    Support me guys plz

  • Yeetusdeleteus
    Yeetusdeleteus14 dni temu

    everyone gangsta til he breaks the enderdragon head

  • SappyPlayz PHシ
    SappyPlayz PHシ14 dni temu

    A subscribers million lol I've been here since ur 113k subs

  • Epic Gamer
    Epic Gamer14 dni temu

    1 month 1 mil

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  • Billy Williams
    Billy Williams15 dni temu

    Wait I just realised I looked at ur subs (1.1M) then 5 MINUTES after u had 1.12 MILLION

  • The O Kane’s
    The O Kane’s15 dni temu

    This is so cool

  • Cherry Blood
    Cherry Blood15 dni temu

    When he forgot the Steve head for the armor stand I died

  • 215 Revert
    215 Revert15 dni temu

    Steevee at 0:52:you saw nothing

  • crepper 2022
    crepper 202215 dni temu

    Wow nice

  • DarknabYt
    DarknabYt15 dni temu

    You forgot about the nether fortress part

  • Gappl
    Gappl15 dni temu

    *dies in full netherite to the dragon*

  • LegendSnakeMan622
    LegendSnakeMan62215 dni temu

    Reject humanity Return to *punching wood.*

  • Tahamin gamer
    Tahamin gamer15 dni temu

    Yoyo bro your video is so cool

  • Epic Memes are epic
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  • SomeSlev
    SomeSlev15 dni temu

    this channel has grown so fast XD

  • M.K.R Family
    M.K.R Family15 dni temu

    0:52 dragon is saying that steveee is going to beat PewDiePie and the player agreed it.

  • Longstar
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  • Pop Cat
    Pop Cat15 dni temu

    I didn’t actually know the ender dragon head could be automated with red stone...

  • Anitha Syahrini
    Anitha Syahrini15 dni temu

    That mc story

  • undertale last breath
    undertale last breath15 dni temu

    No hat?

  • TumbaA GameStanD
    TumbaA GameStanD15 dni temu

    LIKE IF YOU ARE NOSTALGIС FOR THIS GAME TOO Oh I remember how I quarreled with my childhood friend because of this game, wow, Do uremember how we were scared of the first enemies? Do u remember how we were scared of the first enemies? Remember how scary it was because of the story about Herobrine?

  • Delbert Xue
    Delbert Xue15 dni temu

    wow happy 1 million subs

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  • ꧁ღ_yasmim sunflower kawaii_ღ꧂ the axololt ツ
    ꧁ღ_yasmim sunflower kawaii_ღ꧂ the axololt ツ15 dni temu

    Falou toda a verdade

  • Sad_Cat
    Sad_Cat15 dni temu

    Last time I saw this channel was at 100k now you''re at a million subs So happy that you can find an easy way to make content that can literally be a full time job

    SUNNY ANIMATIONS!15 dni temu

    0:12 Uhhh you didn’t see anything this was totally planned for me to place the head *nervous laughs*

  • Gunnar Carey
    Gunnar Carey15 dni temu

    Alternate title: If Minecraft was a roblox story game.

  • Alex Playz
    Alex Playz15 dni temu

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  • dazak kaz
    dazak kaz15 dni temu

    where is enchanting?

  • Javaria Sadiq
    Javaria Sadiq15 dni temu

    Me: wakes up Also me: DOES THIS GUY GET SLEEP?!?? my iPad: dies

  • Sanjib Dey
    Sanjib Dey16 dni temu

    Noob l.v.l steveee

  • Magazin Fan Brawl
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