Hot Wheels Unleashed - Announcement Trailer | PS5, PS4


The world's raddest cars, the most insane tracks and the most exciting races. Hot Wheels Unleashed™ is officially on its way. Watch the trailer and get ready for Pure Racing Fun!


  • Osmário Brito
    Osmário Brito17 godzin temu

    Ok. Quando é que vão lançar OUT RUN para playstation 5?

  • Rob10ddp2
    Rob10ddp22 dni temu

    I can already smell the iron smell of the cart

  • ELKatarino
    ELKatarino3 dni temu


  • CatPaper ProductionsTM
    CatPaper ProductionsTM3 dni temu

    Is real ;")

  • Mayra Alejandra Chalén Loor
    Mayra Alejandra Chalén Loor3 dni temu

    Lo de más lo que me gusta de Hot wheels nivel máximo y el auto de Hot wheels ps5 está bien voy a Hot wheels

  • doug366665
    doug3666655 dni temu

    I hate when the new racing game have TrackEditor but you can only play TimeTrial/Online on the track you created. Hope this one allow to play SingleRace/Championship like Lotus 2 RECS.

  • Emil The Commenter
    Emil The Commenter5 dni temu

    Xbox: Creating Realistic racing games with nice physics. Playstation: "I have plastic and aluminium, what you want ?"

  • Der Waleed

    Der Waleed

    4 dni temu

    Because Gran Turismo doesn't exist, right?

  • Robin Günnewig
    Robin Günnewig5 dni temu

    I with 4 years: playing with Hotwheels cars 6-8 years:hotwheels on the wii 11years:play FIFA, F1,Fortnite,Project cars Yesterday Looking in the PS4 Shop and See this

  • Lefteris Sinodinos
    Lefteris Sinodinos6 dni temu

    How much is gonna cost

  • Mateus Santos
    Mateus Santos6 dni temu

    Mattel, I have a small collection of my physical cars. And I REALLY want to use them in this game. Please don't be disappointed. Or if not the other way around. Buying a car with real money, but winning the physical copy of that same model at home.

  • Notobene x
    Notobene x6 dni temu

    0:06 у меня такая же машинка есть.

  • One Man
    One Man7 dni temu

    Song name please 😇

  • Coolchris158
    Coolchris1587 dni temu

    It reminds me of Hot Wheels Turbo Racing

  • N Boon
    N Boon7 dni temu

    I used to tuck my Hot Wheels cars into bed in my sisters doll house so that they would be well rested for their next race.

  • Anurag Singh
    Anurag Singh7 dni temu

    Everybody: Talking about trailer Me: Remembering ksi's hyper dance

  • Damare
    Damare8 dni temu

    imagine we get a openworld in a garage

  • yoby-wan kenoby
    yoby-wan kenoby8 dni temu

    imagine you buy this game haha...imagine...

  • Æsir
    Æsir8 dni temu

    I swear I am about to take out my old toy cars(some aren't hot wheel brand) to play with them being 18 y/o :/

  • rafie rafidah Rafie
    rafie rafidah Rafie8 dni temu

    I use to have roger doger

  • Xaia X
    Xaia X8 dni temu

    I haven't played a Hot Wheels game since Hot Wheels All Out on Gameboy Advance Looking Forward to it

  • Marcolino
    Marcolino8 dni temu

    I am just sad that the cars don't turn into werewolves.

  • Iury Soares
    Iury Soares9 dni temu

    I'm sure that I'll be the UNLUCKY ONE to hit the edge of that bridge 0:48

    AFVAYZ9 dni temu

    This just brings back the old days.

  • Bodoh apa sikit like
    Bodoh apa sikit like9 dni temu

    real toy car game😍

  • Canal ActionDrop
    Canal ActionDrop9 dni temu

    Hot Wheels Beat That?

  • MogulTD
    MogulTD9 dni temu

    Just got this recommended, the soundtrack has me sold alone since it gives me heavy WipEout vibes all around

  • Luis Fernando
    Luis Fernando9 dni temu

    pq esse jogo me lembra tanto o hotwheels beat that! do ps2

  • Jonis Sicam
    Jonis Sicam9 dni temu

    Hope they include the hot wheels delorean

    DERPULES9 dni temu

    they better give promise instead of over hyper

  • Drawing . Illustration . Comic . Anime . Cartoon
    Drawing . Illustration . Comic . Anime . Cartoon9 dni temu

    i will buy ps5 for this

  • Henry Marsh
    Henry Marsh9 dni temu

    i want

  • Cofimaslisa
    Cofimaslisa9 dni temu


  • Autistamo
    Autistamo9 dni temu

    kkk botaram errado a data 9 do mes 30??

  • Mister Chuvacok
    Mister Chuvacok10 dni temu

    Xbox: we have Forza horizon Sony: ahahahahah, with us Hot wheels😎

  • Kristian Hall
    Kristian Hall10 dni temu

    Hot Wheels Movie April 14 2023

  • ratmilk
    ratmilk10 dni temu

    Stunt Track Driver vibes, am I the only one?

  • lolhp2611
    lolhp261110 dni temu

    TrackMania bi like : ok ok... 😟

  • Jman 5300
    Jman 530010 dni temu

    might need a ps5 now... can we get a hw35 dlc?

  • Cris ts
    Cris ts10 dni temu

    Please add Acceleracers to that game

  • P
    P10 dni temu

    flatout total insanity 🙃

  • Vishwam Cks
    Vishwam Cks10 dni temu

    my main issue is i dont see any power up being used

  • Jesus Asiahin
    Jesus Asiahin10 dni temu


  • Chingi chonga
    Chingi chonga10 dni temu


  • Jasser Flores
    Jasser Flores10 dni temu

    Yo esperaba ver al team hot wheels

  • Anonimo Indefenso
    Anonimo Indefenso10 dni temu

    ojala en este se pueda crear tu propio hot weels

  • Finnishmanni
    Finnishmanni11 dni temu

    Map maker would be fun for this. I mean it is hotwheels and making your own race maps were fun

  • Polenta BR
    Polenta BR11 dni temu

    Me waiting for teku fars in this game : 🤡

  • Lod crack
    Lod crack11 dni temu

    Pasote de juego , lo reservo ya de ya

  • SnowOwl
    SnowOwl11 dni temu

    i hope this will come to pc

  • SnowOwl
    SnowOwl11 dni temu

    19yo still hyped as f

  • CooperativeCowboy25
    CooperativeCowboy2511 dni temu

    No Deora II no buy.

  • FOGAREU4762
    FOGAREU476211 dni temu

    Its new beat that remaked

  • MaxWell 117
    MaxWell 11711 dni temu

    this game makes me turn on

  • Joshua Davis
    Joshua Davis11 dni temu

    This is the game that makes me buy a playstation.

  • ax2com
    ax2com11 dni temu

    I hope my fav car "Power Rocket" is going to be in the game If it will, then I'll get this game 100% guaranteed

  • fausto123
    fausto12311 dni temu

    Hot Wheels Beat That + Forza Horizon = This

  • FBI
    FBI11 dni temu

    Trailer vs real Gameplay

  • Santiago Delfino
    Santiago Delfino11 dni temu

    now make an acceleracers game :)

  • rusty bucket
    rusty bucket11 dni temu

    Mario Kart 8 is the best racing game. If this game can capture the sense of speed and nails down the tight controls that mk8 has, then that'd be awesome.

  • chamda1
    chamda112 dni temu

    dlc of forza horizon 3 is better

  • T3RM1N4T0R _ IRQ
    T3RM1N4T0R _ IRQ12 dni temu

    im copping this on release

  • Vicente Ruiz
    Vicente Ruiz12 dni temu

    will it be free?

  • Maria Pessoa
    Maria Pessoa12 dni temu

    Faz jogo de acceleracers

  • Thee Obscure Prince
    Thee Obscure Prince12 dni temu

    What's the name of the main car?

    BROLOW.12 dni temu

    Imagine if you can use your own cars from ones you have laying around.

  • Phi Nozomu
    Phi Nozomu12 dni temu

    POV: Your looking for the Highway 35 and Acceleracers memes

  • David Sánchez
    David Sánchez12 dni temu

    This AD make me smile

  • David Sánchez
    David Sánchez12 dni temu

    Este anuncio me sacó una sonrisa

  • D! Mine
    D! Mine13 dni temu


  • A - R - V
    A - R - V13 dni temu

    Que buen trailer, ya quiero ver un gameplay

  • Cesar 2005
    Cesar 200513 dni temu

    My childhood memories are coming back to life with this game :0

  • Arghyadip Mondal
    Arghyadip Mondal13 dni temu

    My mom never bought me a hot wheels. I begged so much to buy at least 1 car. But I didn't get it. 🥲

  • GhostLK
    GhostLK13 dni temu

    1:15 Highlight of the video xD

  • Henrique Pires
    Henrique Pires13 dni temu


  • Samsad Mansuri
    Samsad Mansuri13 dni temu

    This Hot Wheels car my heart face car collection here 😍😍😍

  • usual luke
    usual luke13 dni temu

    Is there anyone who knows what's tha name of the soundtrack?

    CAPITÃO GAMER13 dni temu

    esse jogo me fez lembrar de hotwheels beat that saudades

  • CHANNELS 3799 xad
    CHANNELS 3799 xad13 dni temu

    Hw beat that:who are you Hw unleashed:i'm you but with rtx

  • Zmei Gorinich
    Zmei Gorinich13 dni temu

    1:16 best moment

  • RE N
    RE N13 dni temu

    Youre forgot Aceleracer

  • Alpha 10
    Alpha 1013 dni temu

    Hot wheels beat that

  • Hot wheels Super cars
    Hot wheels Super cars13 dni temu

    I’m so happy because I’m a BIG fan of hot wheels

  • Nonameisthename Supdog
    Nonameisthename Supdog14 dni temu

    So do you still need to have ps plus to play online?

    BUNIO14 dni temu

    This wheels is very hot

  • Martin Tran
    Martin Tran14 dni temu

    The hardest part of playing with hot wheels is securing the track and conserving momentum.

  • Aurellius Bhat
    Aurellius Bhat14 dni temu

    Dude I can buy actual hot wheels of 1 dollars why buying a ps5 and a cd?

  • Memechon UwU
    Memechon UwU14 dni temu

    Will this be Split-screen???

    THE AGJR14 dni temu

    If we cant build our own track across the living room then no one is playing because that is every car guys child hood

  • ElitePortraits
    ElitePortraits14 dni temu

    Dude dude . wait a second..... this is F COOL !!! i´ve 38 years old, I´ve been always playing with hotwheels as a kid, this video bring me back so many amazing memories from my chilhood. VERY VERY IMPRESSIVE!!! I WANT IT!

  • Bruno Vinicius
    Bruno Vinicius14 dni temu

    A pra Xbox não, se fuder sony

  • Felipe Heredia
    Felipe Heredia15 dni temu

    Where are the Acceleracers?

  • Brad King
    Brad King15 dni temu

    Imagine if the game actually looked like the trailer.

  • Vishwam Cks
    Vishwam Cks15 dni temu

    whos after hot wheels beat that cause im up for this amazing game

  • Ruslan Aliyev
    Ruslan Aliyev15 dni temu

    а на комп когда?

  • Georg Pozdniakov
    Georg Pozdniakov15 dni temu

    i used to play with my hotwheels like this bumping into other cars and creating chaos😂 By the way i had nearly all the cars that are in the vid

  • Gustav Ferreira
    Gustav Ferreira16 dni temu

    From all the people saying this went on inside their heads when they played with their HotWheels when they were kids pretty much confirms to me that no matter how old someone gets, that inner child excitement they feel for toys and other stuff like this will truly never go away and honestly, I see absolutely nothing wrong with that because man did this trailer take me back as well and I love it.

  • Ezequiel Ernanfez
    Ezequiel Ernanfez16 dni temu

    Saquen un juego de acceleracers que todos estamos esperando

  • DanAriel


    14 dni temu

    No lo van a hacer pero está confirmado que habrán skins de acceleracers, autos y tal vez algunas referencias en las pistas

  • Adam Kameswara
    Adam Kameswara16 dni temu

    No one wait for the acceleracers ? :(

  • Gustaviinhu
    Gustaviinhu17 dni temu

    saudades desse game era la da epoca de ps2 muito bom top mano que nostalgia

  • yolo V
    yolo V17 dni temu

    Why only PS :( ??

  • yolo V

    yolo V

    14 dni temu

    @DanAriel yeee 🥳🥳

  • DanAriel


    17 dni temu

    It is for Xbox, Nintendo switch and PC too