The Making of Street Fighter II


The Making of Street Fighter II: In this episode we look at this important title in the history of the fighting genre.
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Narration by Steven Kelly


  • Benito di Gantenbrink
    Benito di Gantenbrink2 godzin temu

    Nize man, me luved dat game

  • Joseph Abarado
    Joseph Abarado8 godzin temu

    Such a beautiful video! The art direction, aesthetics, 3d effects, transitions, color harmony, sound, and narration are above and beyond! Congratulations Jeroen! 1 new subscriber here from the Philippines!

  • strafefox


    7 godzin temu

    Awesome! Thanks so much!

  • Erjon Tani
    Erjon Tani22 godzin temu

    The best game ever made.. When i saw it for the first time, my mouth dropped.. I will put Age of Empires second..

  • Eric Johnson
    Eric JohnsonDzień temu

    Great work, thank you so much!

  • Jerry Curl
    Jerry CurlDzień temu

    I new the quality of the games in arcades was superior to the in home gaming systems!! When your young you notice the difference but could never quite figure out what was different. Now i know. I miss the arcade days!! It’s the era where a role of quarters was king!!

  • MM 126
    MM 126Dzień temu

    That final fight music was well placed. Bravo

  • XPS
    XPSDzień temu

    ŁUKASZ GAMES TV are so lame you cant make Sagat special moves in Street Fighter IV ha ha

  • Armani Espresso
    Armani EspressoDzień temu

    The golden age of arcades, sad to say, has now come to pass. Arcades are all claw and ticket machines now. But what a great experience living through the golden age!!!

  • Plamen Ivanov
    Plamen Ivanov2 dni temu

    Dude, I am just 2 minutes and jeez.. what an amazing video ^_^

  • cyberathlete
    cyberathlete2 dni temu

    I've been playing Street Fighter since the day SF1 hit arcades. SF2 took up most of my free time in high school and now I play SFV with my real life friends. I wish I had a photo of a SF2 party I threw in high school where I hooked up 3 TV screens to one SNES and placed those TVs in a circle so everyone could see what was happening during a fight.

  • D3V!rum3tM^ch!n^
    D3V!rum3tM^ch!n^2 dni temu

    Ahhh the good old days, Street Fighter II and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were almost exclusively the only arcade machines I played in my youth, a couple of years later I was shocked to see the quality of street fighter II on my friends SNES being that I only had a Sega Master System II at the time. I badgered my mother to get me a Sega Megadrive II (being a sega fanboy, lol). After getting Sonic 1 on the megadrive (as the master system version was hollow shell of a game) I saved up all the money I had gotten from relatives for my birthday and xmas and went and bought Street Fighter II Special Champion Edition. It cost me, $120Aud from Kmart and I had to have an adult with me just to buy it!! How the world has changed, lol, I sound so old, hahaha I'm only 39. Meeeeeemories.

  • black saibot
    black saibot2 dni temu

    Intro song name? I recognize it from Karate Kid even!

  • UltorCXXVIII
    UltorCXXVIII3 dni temu

    Corvette C4... Automatic sub!

  • Glenn Davey
    Glenn Davey3 dni temu

    Anyone else noticed the nice gender balance of the folks who worked so hard on this? It kind of went the other way for many years and it's good that it's coming back to balance again

  • RaYMannSuperFLY
    RaYMannSuperFLY3 dni temu

    Capcom VS SNK makes sense now! :)

  • hooajo
    hooajo4 dni temu

    at 5:35 poison made her debut xD

  • Estê Chan
    Estê Chan4 dni temu

    So no one's gonna talk about how the wrestler at 6:55 is based on Tiger Mask? It's a pitty that they didn't go with it, but then probaly we wouldn't have King in Tekken

  • TheCuttybrown
    TheCuttybrown4 dni temu


  • Andrew Rigg
    Andrew Rigg4 dni temu

    Great Documentary, Im 41 and i still like playing this game just like when i was a kid at the local fish n chip shop.

  • Na Na
    Na Na4 dni temu

    2:08 So they drew attention by using touch sensitive buttons, then took them away due to inconvenience and un-intuitiveness ? No different from today.. We have not learned a thing.

  • Jason Morgan
    Jason Morgan4 dni temu

    I used to play final fight at 711 when we got slurpees

  • uwbadgerfan11
    uwbadgerfan114 dni temu

    Incredible story telling. Thanks!

  • A P
    A P4 dni temu

    6:55 Wrestler looks King from Tekken.

  • Victor Vila
    Victor Vila5 dni temu

    Great stuff. Congratulations!

  • DJustin Case
    DJustin Case5 dni temu

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  • Ahuman
    Ahuman6 dni temu

    Excellent doco

  • Anass .G
    Anass .G6 dni temu

    17:06 the scene i lived for

  • Jon H.
    Jon H.6 dni temu

    Well done! :) Thanks for creating this video.

  • Tradin War Stories
    Tradin War Stories6 dni temu

    I loved the soundtrack for SF2

    SRSHK6 dni temu

    Legendary game. Defined an entire new genre, spawned a huge franchise and created an entire generation of fighting game fans. And it still gets played in arcades almost 30 years after its release! NIshitani, Akiman, Shimomura and the SF2 team are video game legends.

  • Liars
    Liars6 dni temu

    Street Fighter 2 was a Master Piece , hats off for the creators .

  • Liars
    Liars6 dni temu

    omg Final Fight was also one of my absolute favorite games , this was just so much fun i cant explain it , i didnt knew that the creator was the same as on street fighter 2

  • Liars
    Liars6 dni temu

    the graphics were nothing compared to the games of today but i swear i miss these old days and playing games like steet fighter 2 on a Arcade Machine no new Steet fighter series ever reached this much fun , it was something special back in the days , today everyone can play mini games on their smartphone .

  • PC Hound
    PC Hound7 dni temu

    M Bison: "I'm the only one with an entry animation?! YES!!!...YES!!!!"

  • Mark Brenner
    Mark Brenner7 dni temu

    Thank you for taking the time to make such a great video. I really enjoyed this.

  • Emmett L Brown
    Emmett L Brown7 dni temu

    What a game!

  • Super Fun Stick
    Super Fun Stick8 dni temu

    16:27 Ryu has been struggling with addiction lately and shows up to every tournament loaded but it's overlooked because he brings in so much money and Ken just isn't as popular.

  • Boemtie
    Boemtie9 dni temu

    Arcades ...a short lived phenomenon with memories that last a lifetime. Now sitting at home watching this in the middle of the covid pandemic i realize how worth its was.

  • Brandon Hull
    Brandon Hull9 dni temu

    now we just need you to do Mortal Kombat

  • Nate Zsido
    Nate Zsido9 dni temu

    This's more of a History of SF 2 and not so much an inside the Capcom studio like the title suggested.

  • Ondorion
    Ondorion9 dni temu

    Very cool!

  • YoupSolo
    YoupSolo10 dni temu

    11:38 just hit blanka during his rolling attack (with hadoken ^^ for example) and you will almost kill kim :)

  • David Scanlon
    David Scanlon10 dni temu

    Timeless Classic.

  • Simon B
    Simon B10 dni temu

    anyone here after getting their KS pledge for the SF miniature game ?

  • kartikey satyarthi
    kartikey satyarthi10 dni temu

    all AKIRA named people are super talented

  • Wilr1000
    Wilr100010 dni temu

    In a hundred years time street fighter 2 will still be played and enjoyed .

  • Martin Garden
    Martin Garden11 dni temu

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  • strafefox


    10 dni temu

    Yep :)

  • Dwight Simon
    Dwight Simon11 dni temu

    lol at that kid with no shirt and a smoke in his mouth at the arcade 0:24

  • Tremors88
    Tremors8812 dni temu

    The gameing world has evolved so much I wonder what awaits in the future

  • 493
    49312 dni temu

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  • 493
    49312 dni temu

    What a documentary on a legendary game, this is amazing

  • Renatto Paes
    Renatto Paes14 dni temu

    Who is the voice actor for "Round 1 fight" "Sonic boom" "USA" "Japan" etc.

  • NotTheWheel
    NotTheWheel15 dni temu

    It must have been so difficult making these sprite based games back in the day. Drawing it out on paper and actually having to calculate the ram space by grid. How did they manage to translate it all?

  • Muhannad Elmansuri
    Muhannad Elmansuri16 dni temu

    what lovely doc!

  • Buckie Smalls
    Buckie Smalls17 dni temu

    Look what they could do with 48 megabits of memory.. Not the be confused with megabyte (8 times more). Now lots are just sloppy with their optimizations with the massive amounts of ram we have now days. Thanks for the video. Brings back some memories for sure.

  • jCS: F0oTRuB!
    jCS: F0oTRuB!17 dni temu

    Good ol 80's 💙

  • g c
    g c18 dni temu

    PLS a video for Killer instinct and Primal rage

  • strafefox


    18 dni temu

    Killer Instinct will get some coverage in an upcoming video. Love the original arcade version :)

  • Pablo
    Pablo18 dni temu

    I think SF2 is arguably the best fighting ever made but it has a major flaw. Really inbalanced difficulty in favor of the projectile-throwing characters, ryu and ken specially. Also the mid buttons pretty much serve no purpose.

  • Jack Whitewater
    Jack Whitewater19 dni temu

    How bout pit fighter

  • Nicholas Gerry
    Nicholas Gerry19 dni temu

    Can you do Harvest Moon next? 🥺

  • dashmasterful
    dashmasterful20 dni temu

    It's sad, but SF2 would be 'canceled' by the 'woke' culture in today's standard.

  • Naofumi Osato
    Naofumi Osato20 dni temu

    Funny thing is, the development of Super street fighter II had started before Street fighter II' turbo's development started.

  • Lemon Dishonor
    Lemon Dishonor20 dni temu

    I been playing SF 2 since 1992. A few years ago there was a tournament at my local GameStop. These young guys were in there acting like they were real good. I beat both of them bad. I didn’t go far in the tournament but I was the store champion. It felt good to shut those kids up.

  • Tiosh Chichok
    Tiosh Chichok23 dni temu

    The one thing that baffles and intrigues me the most of Street Fighter 2's development is 3 punch and 3 kick buttons. They probably would've had the same success with just 2 punch and 2 kick buttons. But they went the extra mile. An extra punch and kick means MORE memory consumed and MORE animations to consider.

  • sic as
    sic as24 dni temu

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  • MrSweeper
    MrSweeper27 dni temu

    I bought snes sf2 opening day for $80. Worth every penny

  • Tweekend27
    Tweekend2727 dni temu

    Sadly, arcades are no longer around. Yet again, being able to do something better without leaving your home has killed off a way of life. Arcades, video stores, cinema...

    CARLOS BARCELO III27 dni temu

    I remember buying my super nes, with SFII, nostalgia

    CARLOS BARCELO III27 dni temu


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  • Chris Stokes
    Chris Stokes29 dni temu

    What is it with American fighters have huge ,daft, exaggerated haircuts? Personally I think street ighter 2 is the greatest all round fighter ever made,the characters, graphics and sound effects are simply unique. God bless streetfighter 2 !!!!

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  • strafefox


    Miesiąc temu

    Thanks so much! Hope you enjoy the rest of the series.

  • Sir Ubisan
    Sir UbisanMiesiąc temu

    Final Fight was originally called Street Fighter 89 before SFII hit the market.

  • Sir Ubisan
    Sir UbisanMiesiąc temu

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    Ryan SwansonMiesiąc temu

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  • Ryan Swanson
    Ryan SwansonMiesiąc temu

    Playing as Chun Li was so much fun until going up against a skilled player 2. Her slow extra high jumps were easy to exploit. The jumping off of the invisible wall (edge of screen) was super fun too. In the end Ryu was my pick.

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