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Gucci Mane - Bottom
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    CMASON2 dni temu


    CMASON2 dni temu


  • Flipp Baby
    Flipp Baby29 dni temu

    Wizop Martian Manhunter

  • TokyoTenshi
    TokyoTenshi3 miesięcy temu

    Whoever is here has literally the best taste in music ever

  • Tyrin Snowden
    Tyrin Snowden4 miesięcy temu

    Rain sleet snow getting money! #goat

  • Will
    Will4 miesięcy temu

    Just posting this here before this blows up

  • Thomas Lucero
    Thomas Lucero6 miesięcy temu

    “drop my top in autumn”

  • Mr Sack CMT
    Mr Sack CMT9 miesięcy temu


  • Katie Dewitz
    Katie Dewitz9 miesięcy temu

    Ima try to get to the bottom 🤣🤣🤣 Of why this song bang so hard !!!!

  • MandODinerO
    MandODinerO10 miesięcy temu


  • cyclothymia
    cyclothymia10 miesięcy temu


  • LaDreka Howard
    LaDreka Howard11 miesięcy temu

    2020 I love this one here

  • Soltani سلطاني
    Soltani سلطانيRok temu

    Gucci man 🔥💥

  • Kat Stroud
    Kat StroudRok temu

    past her gutts boss shit im trying get to the bottom only for real to understand this lengo

  • Kat Stroud
    Kat StroudRok temu

    me in bea song we so fucking nasty together porn for our eyes smash spash tearing her shit clean up played no games with kittie she know wats up

  • Otis
    OtisRok temu

    "Gucci got to Angela Yee's Bottom, Envy jealous and mad his wife caught himmm"

  • Sapphire Films
    Sapphire FilmsRok temu


  • Matias 10_10
    Matias 10_10Rok temu

    Gta 6?

  • Troy Dunlap
    Troy DunlapRok temu

    Gotta meet Gucci mane braaa 👌👌🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Lor_kiahn 11
    Lor_kiahn 11Rok temu

    Yo this is hard

  • R. D. Bhaumik
    R. D. BhaumikRok temu

    This is the shit u drive past the middle school with to pick up the chicks fresh out of 8th grade 🔥

  • tando magazi
    tando magaziRok temu

    gucci season, woptober 2

  • Elizabeth Solis
    Elizabeth SolisRok temu

    Nice video!

  • Jamey Tillman
    Jamey TillmanRok temu

    This is what we want Gucci

  • Tylo Nkosi
    Tylo NkosiRok temu

    If this had an offset feature 🤞🏽

  • Star-Buck ZeR0
    Star-Buck ZeR0Rok temu

    This is one of the oldest and hardest bass lines ever, it's the first one you do when you first learn to beat box an all your boys like "aaaahhh omfg omfg ssshhhiiittt"

  • samuel gakobo
    samuel gakoboRok temu

    Those beats hard af mad love Gucci!!!! I thank God Gucci went to prison and got out enlightened.Dude is the trap god no debate!

  • samuel gakobo
    samuel gakoboRok temu

    Mad respect Gucci.Mad respect Tay Keith.Mad respect Mr.Davis!!!!Damnnnn masterpiece!!!

  • Josh Pitt-Crouch
    Josh Pitt-CrouchRok temu

    Work on me like Doc Mcstuffins

  • Ashton Swann
    Ashton SwannRok temu


  • SJ - DJ
    SJ - DJRok temu

    Dang it, this songs needs to blow up !

  • Beck Torres
    Beck TorresRok temu


  • Kyle Zodrow
    Kyle ZodrowRok temu

    Can’t....stop....repeating this song 💪🏻

  • Paul Branch
    Paul BranchRok temu

    My cousin tay keith x wop 🔥🔥🔥

  • nicelookingcockroach
    nicelookingcockroachRok temu

    Gucci should do a remix with Rico Nasty to Mood

  • Esteban ruiz palacios
    Esteban ruiz palaciosRok temu

    Damnn gucci !!!

  • Callel Barnaby
    Callel BarnabyRok temu

    I'll listen this general everyday just because of his flow

  • MrFizliputz
    MrFizliputzRok temu

    Wer ist auch wegen haftbefehls story hier?

  • Christina Leach
    Christina LeachRok temu

    Sounds like TRAI HARDY "MY PROBLEMS" 🙄🙄🙄 Gucci stealing again 😪

  • Iveta Eidikonytė
    Iveta EidikonytėRok temu

    Who came because of those scar vids?

  • YouTube Account
    YouTube AccountRok temu

    All the bottoms, this not for you! 😅

  • Princeton X
    Princeton XRok temu

    Scarlxrd brought me here 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  • Jesse Romano
    Jesse RomanoRok temu

    N a frame like a coke bottle

  • Jesse Romano
    Jesse RomanoRok temu

    Shawty got a face like a model

  • Jesse Romano
    Jesse RomanoRok temu

    Lamez keep callin her hunnie

  • Jesse Romano
    Jesse RomanoRok temu

    Herd da pussi drippin like 💧

    KING KALIKushRok temu


  • Mike C
    Mike CRok temu

    Video Wop Please.

  • Was this Helpful

    Was this Helpful

    Rok temu


  • Phoody Gang
    Phoody GangRok temu

    I knew from the beginning it was a hit 🐐🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Strayykidd
    StrayykiddRok temu

    smh gucci mane tryna rap like moneybagg lol

  • Strayykidd


    Rok temu

    Michael Cuellar lol good one ig

  • Mike C

    Mike C

    Rok temu

    Lol who the hell is that ??

  • Batuhan Gülhan
    Batuhan GülhanRok temu


  • Icy Robin
    Icy RobinRok temu

    Mr. Davis / East Atlanta Santa / Drop Top Wizop / Delusions Of Grandeur Are His Best Body Of Work From Start To Finish Since His Prison Release Back in 2016 🔥🔥 For Anyone Who Are New Fans And Are Looking To Check Out His Best Music

  • TheMma8055
    TheMma8055Rok temu

    This beat straps me in for getting into a Gucci Mane album deeper!

  • AB


    Rok temu

    🤣 damn you be listening that hard?

  • Printiss Graham
    Printiss GrahamRok temu


  • Marky Garcia
    Marky GarciaRok temu

    Tay Keith 🤜🏼🤜🏼🤜🏼🤜🏼😵😵, fucking everybody up like always

  • Printiss Graham
    Printiss GrahamRok temu

    Gucci back yesss

  • SJ - DJ
    SJ - DJRok temu

    Scar's favourite song at the moment 🤙🖤💣😅😄

  • SJ - DJ

    SJ - DJ

    Rok temu

    @Iveta Eidikonytė Nx Prxblem 😏🤙

  • Iveta Eidikonytė

    Iveta Eidikonytė

    Rok temu

    SJ The DJ I’m a girl, but it’s ok🤭😅

  • SJ - DJ

    SJ - DJ

    Rok temu

    @Iveta Eidikonytė LXVE BRX !

  • Iveta Eidikonytė

    Iveta Eidikonytė

    Rok temu

    Finally found who came because of scar vids XD

  • Afosix


    Rok temu

    his story xDDD

  • SJ - DJ
    SJ - DJRok temu

    Who's here from scarlxrd's girlfriend Gina Instagram story ?

  • Musik bibliothek

    Musik bibliothek

    Rok temu

    From the bottom off here bed

  • Musik bibliothek

    Musik bibliothek

    Rok temu


  • SJ - DJ

    SJ - DJ

    Rok temu

    @Jason 13 gang gang 🤙

  • Jason 13

    Jason 13

    Rok temu

    Right here

  • Radicalen
    RadicalenRok temu

    weeeee wanaaaa videooooooo, BULGARIA

  • Петър Петров

    Петър Петров

    Rok temu

    Lud si dea

  • Mike C
    Mike CRok temu

    I love gucci's Adlibs

  • GanGsta Marcus
    GanGsta MarcusRok temu


  • Moose G.
    Moose G.Rok temu

    this needs a remix!!!!!

  • doppy the dope boys
    doppy the dope boysRok temu


  • Distro Glo Music
    Distro Glo MusicRok temu

    Gu still got it he leading the way from day I come in to stay gota Hustle everyday chicks wana eat me like chickfale. Distro Glo music on sound-cloud distro_glo on instagram

  • Law
    LawRok temu

    ⛽ 🔥

  • Yamile Hernandez
    Yamile HernandezRok temu

    Wtf every song bumps with those beats gucci has the best production

  • DIZZLE2369
    DIZZLE2369Rok temu

    "Geeked up like David Ruffin" Album is 🔥

  • Puff N Stuff
    Puff N StuffRok temu


  • Justin Mcbeth
    Justin McbethRok temu

    🔥 🔥 🔥

  • Hi-G
    Hi-GRok temu

    Had to make an instrumental for this one cause Keith really snapped on this one 😤 check me out

  • MichaelSwg
    MichaelSwgRok temu

    "and a frame like a koala" i swear thats all i hear lmao

  • Mike C
    Mike CRok temu

    Wop went nuts

  • Zoë Shines
    Zoë ShinesRok temu

    Hardest song on the album . Her friend look like a coke bottle🥶burr burr burr

  • south east goon
    south east goonRok temu

    This shit just took me back 10 years for sum reason🔥🔊😭💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯 this that old gucci 💪💯💪💯💪💯💪💯💪

  • Lorenzo Swink

    Lorenzo Swink

    Rok temu

    south east goon man I swear this that old 10.17 brick sqaud Gucci this shit fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • rafael alvarez
    rafael alvarezRok temu


  • Mano Hobis
    Mano HobisRok temu

    I miss lex beats

  • Esteban ruiz palacios
    Esteban ruiz palaciosRok temu

    applause applause for Mr. Gucci thank you for delusions of grandeur!!!!

  • High Artist
    High ArtistRok temu

    Wizzzoooopppp 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Marcus FiggersSr.
    Marcus FiggersSr.Rok temu


  • Dee star Music
    Dee star MusicRok temu

    Make easy money

  • Lil Pickle Rick
    Lil Pickle RickRok temu

    Gucci & Tay🔥🔥 great combo 🔥🔥

  • World Peace
    World PeaceRok temu

    🎧🎤 😁💕😁💕😁💕😁💕😁💕😁💕

  • NPS Big V vicandmaribel
    NPS Big V vicandmaribelRok temu

    🍦new Shit El gato that's rite

  • xShawny Mane
    xShawny ManeRok temu

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 damn

  • Lewis Powell
    Lewis PowellRok temu

    Peeway Longway woulda killed this as a feature, still goes hard 🌊

  • MONEEB An Artist
    MONEEB An ArtistRok temu

    Damn! Should have been OFFSET on this beat. It could've been the best track of 2019.

  • MONEEB An Artist
    MONEEB An ArtistRok temu

    Tay Keith went hard on this one. Best produce. Period I Wish to make a song with him one day. 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

  • RichHood Mig

    RichHood Mig

    Rok temu


  • power station

    power station

    Rok temu

    He is good but don't forget about metro

  • Gonzalo Cajo
    Gonzalo CajoRok temu

    My favorite of álbum

  • David Bowes
    David BowesRok temu

    Need 21 on this ASAP 🙅🏾‍♂️💆🏾‍♂️

  • Lorenzo Swink

    Lorenzo Swink

    Rok temu

    21 21 #facts

  • Houdini Hensley

    Houdini Hensley

    Rok temu

    21 21

    BRSSPRok temu

    Piano Beat is 10/10

  • Amanda D
    Amanda DRok temu

    My favorite off the album 💎🔥🔥🔥

  • Gooseggm ?
    Gooseggm ?Rok temu


  • Darrell & Veronica Ball
    Darrell & Veronica BallRok temu

    The G.O.A.T of Trap Music

  • Darrell & Veronica Ball

    Darrell & Veronica Ball

    Rok temu

    MXRVIN BXNKZ YEP !! Nobody better .



    Rok temu

    Darrell & Veronica Ball NOPE.

  • Shears Billy
    Shears BillyRok temu

    This shit goin 🔥

  • Muero Rico
    Muero RicoRok temu


  • Edwin JB
    Edwin JBRok temu


  • Derrick Hawkins
    Derrick HawkinsRok temu

    Damnnnnn you slayyyeedd btw 😅😭🤩🤩😝

  • MJE520
    MJE520Rok temu

    Tay Keith, fuck these niggaz up!!!!

  • Kurt Hendrix
    Kurt HendrixRok temu

    #GucciMane ❄️❄️

  • L C
    L CRok temu


  • Leanthony Booker

    Leanthony Booker

    Rok temu

    Song sounds kinda goofy though.. Trap God 1 & 2

  • Leanthony Booker

    Leanthony Booker

    Rok temu

    Lorenzo Swink that’s true too.. just put them all on the track

  • Lorenzo Swink

    Lorenzo Swink

    Rok temu

    Leanthony nah let me tell y'all who would kill this beat and that's Eminem

  • Leanthony Booker

    Leanthony Booker

    Rok temu

    MoneyBagg Yo

  • Good Apollo

    Good Apollo

    Rok temu

    that would actually b a fire remix lol