Complete History and Lore of Overwatch


Here's an update on the Complete History and Lore of Overwatch. From the Overwatch Strike Team to the moments right before Overwatch 2, this is all we know about the history And lore of Overwatch up until 2020.
Voiced by Moxness
Written by Jeffrey Harris
Edited by Pedro "Fgeitas"
Thumbnail by Nancy Teeple
Production Music Courtesy of Epidemic Sound
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    Hey everybody! We know some of you have been waiting for this update!

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    Calls someone great enginneer. Can only create 2 forms of robots. And I wont go into details on how ridiculoous it is with the other characters :D

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    I need healing

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    @Caihong Li Qing Thank you for the tip, but no thank you, troll of the educational variety.

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    @AndreaPrime101 my friend i an advise not play over watch video game instead am allow for study of mathematical equations

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    #@Chris Tos I agree just a netflix series would be pretty cool to watch (over- watch)

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    Wait so why did Reyes join Talon? Did I miss something?

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    Mmm monke

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    Sigma and Sombra have such a flipping interesting lore.

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    It’s only been 30 minutes since Jeff has left overwatch and I already miss him....🥲

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    who remembers when everybody thought that liao was a guy from the original strike team? Also great video but there were three comics yo didnt reference: McCree doing a train heist or something like that, junkrat and roadhog blowing up a facility and Zarya's search for sombra

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    Overwatch would make such a sick anime

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    I wonder if u have a league of legends version

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    overwatch 2 is just tf 2 mvm

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    Even though this is old and the archives event has been out every kings row match I’ve done ended up losing

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    I want a lore Netflix series. That would be cool.

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    “Profesional Gamers”

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    Its literally just watered down borderlands

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    did you know? sigmas last name, Kuiper, is the name of the second closest belt of rocks and ice balls to the sun, resting past Neptune and a roughly equivalent distance from the sun to Pluto.

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    What I know is that Widowmaker and Tracer knew each other before her brainwash and before Tracer crashed in test flight with a teleportation jet.

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    There's so many games with great lore, but overwatch lore is all based on one game, and it's so damn convoluted

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    Istanbul? Damn we are even in Overwatch XD Also as always humans never learn

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    You said olivia but in her video they call her alejandra for sombra

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    “Winston *punched* and captured him” Hell of a punch to do that

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    does widowmaker get naked in this video?

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    I need this to eventually develop into a video series thing

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    I love overwatch and ally the lore. Great video

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    For reaper he didnt just get the powers, moira helped give him powers

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    Hi to people who will get this in recommended 3 years later

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    is 3:40 a weird genji or a new hero?

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    lol just send genji and they'll be rekt

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    This was a cool breakdown. Im happy w my overwatch experience for the 20$ I paid for it, but if they want a full 60/70$ from me theyll need to include all this story in an in-game campain w some of those nice utube vids acting as cut scenes. after seeing the trailer the 1st time I was so bummed there was no single player.

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    But what about roadhog

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    @spilt COFFEE thanks

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    He was part of the Australian rebellion that went on against the omnics, there is an archives skin thats called "militia" in game which was him when he was part of this rebellion, and before junkrat and him became partners in crime.

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    Moira lore since it was left out: Moira was a scientist working for overwatch. Her methods were extremely controversial and many of her peers censured her out of disapproval. She eventually published a work detailing her theories and methods. It got out into the public, and given that Commander Jack Morrison was already under fire, he couldn’t allow Moira to stay in overwatch because of the horrible publicity it brought. Moira was secretly recruited by Blackwatch’s commander Gabriel Reyes shortly after being fired from overwatch. She now has even less restrictions on the research she did, and she began experimenting on herself and commander Reyes. Moira gave herself and Reyes phase-like abilities as a result of her genetic experimentation, and later, once he became the Reaper, Reyes would use this ability to further Talon’s cause. Once overwatch fell, Moira traveled to oasis, where she did furthered her research. Then, she joined talon and reunited with Reyes. Currently, she works for talon because they supply funding for her research.

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    solider 76 vs reaper AKA captain america vs iron man

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    I think torbjorn's wife has some explaining to do as to why his daughter has brown hair while he and his wife have blonde hair

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    Isn't that possible anyway?

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    He’s not part of overwatch

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    Also why is doom fist a character if he is a talon operative?

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    2:26, hmm I wonder were we would have gotten that idea if this happened?

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    1:27 is it just me or does the guy on the right look like Agent John johns from Fortnite? Is he actually Hoping from game franchise to game franchise now?

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    24:44 that picture literally breaks my heart.

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    I don’t like that the omnic crisis is in 29 years

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    OverWatch 2 gameplay trailer

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    Can you pls make an updated version of this video pls

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    imagine if they just made overwatch 2 a campaign game explaining the lore

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    They basically are

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    Just wanna say when U talked about reapers Matter flowing through it was Moaria who created him power Either that or she helped him control it

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    You might explain fnaf lore, but you can't explain the whole story of overwatch. For real tho this game has the biggest lore out of every single game there is

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    Damn, i kinda wa t to make my own overwatch charachter now, he would resemble me in that universe

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    Ima put it out there, torbjorns wife a gold digger

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    It greatly pisses me off how little lore Junkrat is given

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    I think I know what echo is truly and obviously based off of The vision from marvel, like seriously they have so many things in common

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    It makes me so mad that sombra is supposed to be the elite hacker and stuff shes like "who's sombra no one will ever know" the a ripped Russian girl and a robot figure out her identity

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    I'm confused about three things: 1) Where exactly does the original Overwatch fall into this story? In some of the chapters, the narrator does say things like "about 8 years before the current events of the game", but only in some chapters. 2) How exactly does the actual game itself fit into the narrative? What narrative sense does it make that suddenly a random collection of 6 of these characters fights another random collection of of 6 of these characters in a random city? Or is it just like a beach episode in an anime that has absolutely zero relation to anything, where enemies are suddenly friends throwing beach balls with each other? I'm fine with it if it's just that, but I want to _know_ if that's what it is. 3) At 15:22 they say how the woman was brainwashed to murder her husband Lacroix. At 16:37 McCree and Reaper go talk to Mr. Lacroix. Did the actual murder of Lacroix happen later, even though it was described earlier?

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    Valorant literally copied reaper to omen and the main starting plot from owerwatch it seems but I still love valorant as it has guns and its free