Looking Back At Rainbow Six Siege’s Bizarre Reveal Trailer


Leo revisits the E3 2014 reveal trailer for Rainbow Six Siege, picking apart the vision for the game 1.5 years before it launched. Follow him at his new channel, plclip.info.


  • Luca Cassar Lewis
    Luca Cassar Lewis8 godzin temu

    "Wait,i'll send in a drone." *throws the stick the dog found at the park*

  • dawn
    dawn2 dni temu


  • lil laden
    lil laden3 dni temu

    "Wait wait ill send a drone" *throws vape on the floor*

  • J K
    J K4 dni temu

    Its because Ubisoft does nothing but lie.

  • Redwood althalwolf
    Redwood althalwolf4 dni temu

    "if you know there's booby traps, shoot the booby traps" **Shoot exsplosive container**

    PEDOBEAR6 dni temu

    “Wait, I’ll send in a drone” *Throws unoriginal comment* ...I even stole this joke that’s how unoriginal it is

  • Dheer #TK
    Dheer #TK6 dni temu

    "I'll throw in a drone" *Proceeds to throw in Tuthankamuns tibia*

    LEMMIIX7 dni temu

    i really wish those door and window barricades were in siege. Like, they actually take like 2-3 punches to even make a hole in them. Also they look way cooler

  • KTifaz
    KTifaz7 dni temu

    I havent played in 3 months but I have better aim then the guy in the trailer

  • Koan
    Koan8 dni temu

    It’s sad that it looked like an actual Tom Clancy game :/

  • VirgoIn VR
    VirgoIn VR10 dni temu

    5 million views

  • drexm8k Modzzz

    drexm8k Modzzz

    9 dni temu


  • hobgobli thrsty
    hobgobli thrsty10 dni temu

    ww should get event in that kinde playing game

  • Danny Coleman
    Danny Coleman10 dni temu

    Funnily enough, after playing some of the other R6 games... stealth missions aren't that different actually. Also funnily enough, the drone was that way before. It was a snake drone that you'd feed through a lock to see the other side. I do wish for more PvE gameplay, but that doesn't seem as big as it used to be, so oh well.

  • Wolf Wang
    Wolf Wang11 dni temu

    Dude that squad chatter you heard and said it was real squad chatter was so opposite of that. That was a clear script. This whole video is a cinematic scene and scripted

  • Namelesss


    9 dni temu

    No shit what gave it away the fact that it’s a trailer?

  • Wolf Wang
    Wolf Wang11 dni temu

    Dude hostage is a literal person with emotions and feelings and you can feel it as the player in this video. Saying It reminded you of a real person is silly LOL. What does the hostage have to do or look like to remind you of a real life person? The cinematic hostage is just that. It’s a cinematic scene. its set up. I guarantee you the game never once looked like this.

  • Wolf Wang
    Wolf Wang11 dni temu

    The helicopters are for the defenders to use the same way the outdoor cameras are. So yes the helicopters would be great help.

  • Wolf Wang
    Wolf Wang11 dni temu

    I don’t believe this is actual gameplay at all. This is purely a cinematic sequence made to look like it’s real and someone’s really playing but it’s just a video they made.

  • lane dobbin
    lane dobbin12 dni temu

    Tbh it looks really cool. It's looks like battlefield

  • Erik Logan
    Erik Logan12 dni temu

    i wish rainbow looked like that

  • Namelesss


    9 dni temu

    I don’t, I would not want to play a competitive shooter where I’m squinting to see people in the dim lighting and am constantly blinded by particle effects.

  • Nathan Viana
    Nathan Viana13 dni temu

    Bizarre cause the realeased isnt realistic

  • Szalaii.
    Szalaii.13 dni temu

    At 5:00 the safest thing in the room is the enemy..

  • Flixcer
    Flixcer14 dni temu

    Even if the actual game are like this Most people gonna play with Low-setting with 4:3 anyway HAHA

  • Wira
    Wira14 dni temu

    Honestly i didnt notice all of that because i was distracted by the dogshit aim these 'real players' have

  • C Bou
    C Bou15 dni temu

    4:18 4:20 anybody see something on the wall

  • TooDamnSalty
    TooDamnSalty16 dni temu

    "so that was a fucking lie"

  • DraculaFromRo
    DraculaFromRo16 dni temu

    Comparing the game it s not a good ideea. Ucan t compare what was yeas back with what we have now.

  • Beny X
    Beny X16 dni temu

    The first video is just a cinematic

  • vl-Snxpz-lv
    vl-Snxpz-lv17 dni temu

    4:19, is what I think it is on the left wall? xD

  • Rodrigo Diaz
    Rodrigo Diaz18 dni temu

    huge downgrade also

  • Roktrum
    Roktrum18 dni temu

    It kinda sucks tbh, the trailer looks so atmospheric and has better graphics and everything, the current game feels like yandere simulator

  • Roktrum


    9 dni temu

    @Namelesss As in the graphics, it feels really flat

  • Namelesss


    9 dni temu

    What?? How is it like yandere simulator it’s an FPS for a start.

  • KokFe
    KokFe19 dni temu

    0:54 снюс!

  • arturo barboza
    arturo barboza20 dni temu

    Bro, it was just a pilot, dont make a trouble out of something so simple

  • Pedro
    Pedro20 dni temu

    The game still a mess in 2021

  • Mikestion
    Mikestion20 dni temu

    This was painful to watch. The trailer, I mean. The video's fine.

  • Dexyn
    Dexyn21 dzień temu

    "Wait wait I'll send a drone." *throws down grenade pin* .........WHAT THE FU- 1v3

  • America Scottish ball
    America Scottish ball21 dzień temu

    I would like both games this is more realistic which I and many others would love

  • CJ
    CJ21 dzień temu

    Since when was siege designed to be competitive? It only became that after Ubisoft realized they could earn fuck ton of money off of competitive gameplay.

  • Eclipse3131
    Eclipse313121 dzień temu

    how i kinda wish the game would go at times lmao

  • Yosiah Smith
    Yosiah Smith21 dzień temu

    I want this back

  • Eric Keolaphanh
    Eric Keolaphanh22 dni temu

    anyone see that thing on the wall? just me? okay 4:19

  • Veljko Milic
    Veljko Milic22 dni temu

    Flash bang can acually destroy very soft wall.

  • Andy Panda
    Andy Panda22 dni temu

    That would’ve been a much better rainbow instead of what they made

  • Tai Liu
    Tai Liu22 dni temu


  • Darky
    Darky22 dni temu

    Wait i'll send in the drone Throws a barbie doll on the ground

  • Lorenzo Esposito
    Lorenzo Esposito23 dni temu

    well that the drone may look like a pen is okay otherwise as it passed under the doors at the minute 5:29 xD

  • Q2525
    Q252523 dni temu

    The old seige looks sooooo better

  • LN44 Ln88
    LN44 Ln8823 dni temu

    4:15 and then they did

  • Scott Patnode
    Scott Patnode24 dni temu

    39 terrorists dead disarming bomb Yeah I made it all the way through got the first bomb disarmed I got the second one almost all the way disarmed I was only be able to take cover behind the shield while all the claymore's were going off and then they kept charging me up to my shield where I was hiding that and then they were able to disarm the last bomb damn it they didn't kill me but I lost the mission , alone.. plclip.info/show/Yoh8mZW5oa6yaJQ/wideo plclip.info/show/l5eevKmvfKupnqA/wideo Disarm plclip.info/show/hW-HrqG1gq6ccKA/wideo Hostage plclip.info/show/n5ijtY24qmmRaaQ/wideo I've disarmed two bombs once on lone wolf on difficulty hard level both bombs alone once just once so far Terrorists plclip.info/show/mKmHrIbejXrFjqQ/wideo Lonewolf Terror hunt plclip.info/show/noSK26qyo3rSp4Y/wideo plclip.info/show/p4Nh0KTfmoqpkoo/wideo plclip.info/show/oolh3JvLe4m-r3Y/wideo plclip.info/show/p6Z-22TejqnKsIY/wideo Disarm bomb plclip.info/show/YoKAvKq0jnqakZg/wideo

  • Just A Guy Eatin' Pizza
    Just A Guy Eatin' Pizza24 dni temu

    "wait I'll call the drone" Im braindead I can't think of a joke that wasn't used yet

  • Vincent Piazza
    Vincent Piazza24 dni temu

    The trailer was meant to present it as something similar to the SWAT games as opposed to the call of dutyesque semi tactical shooter that we now know it for.

  • Hydrocurry
    Hydrocurry24 dni temu

    cough cough grand larceny what would happen in-game mode falls through 3 stories

  • Vice
    Vice24 dni temu

    3:44 Someone dropt his Pen

    GWENT KENYA24 dni temu

    Gets killed Teammate 1: Where did they get you from? Killed teammate: SHUT THE FUCK UP! Teammate 2: YOU DUMB DUMB! Teammate 3: WHAT THA HECK! Teammate 4 kills teammate 1 I NEEED THIS TEAM IN MY LIFE!

  • TTH Jordan_YT
    TTH Jordan_YT25 dni temu

    its not ubiosft its ubisoft not u

  • Wet Sheep
    Wet Sheep26 dni temu

    Guys stop throwing in drones honestly it is just too many drones at this point please.

  • StrikerPlays
    StrikerPlays26 dni temu

    Can we talk about the hostage for a sec.... She a snack bro.

  • LyNx affect 01
    LyNx affect 0128 dni temu

    Wait wait wait I’ll send in the drone throws down a Amazon fire stick

  • JohnPasSmith
    JohnPasSmith28 dni temu

    So you prefer the game because you can play it ?! Understandable have a nice day.

  • Floorless
    FloorlessMiesiąc temu

    i wish rainbow six turned out like this... this footage shows a decent tactical shooter which actually feels like a rainbow six game (unlike the hero shooter we have now) when I bought siege, this is what i expected not the game that we received.

  • Zyl
    ZylMiesiąc temu

    2021 still waiting for something like this

  • Mr Anime
    Mr AnimeMiesiąc temu

    i wish the hostage would look at the drones for help the hostages would not seem like there just an ai like they would fell like 10% more alive

  • Nathan Quintal
    Nathan QuintalMiesiąc temu

    "Wait, I'll send in a drone" *throws in its British brother, scone*

  • Dillydoe
    DillydoeMiesiąc temu

    I remember being giddy as a schoolboy when a new rainbow six was announced. I’m incredibly disappointed that its just a stupid overwatch clone instead of a tactical shooter.

  • XxX-
    XxX-Miesiąc temu

    am dying from the part at 3:56

  • Benbo
    BenboMiesiąc temu

    Cursed sub count 666

    ALEX SKAYMiesiąc temu

    Multiplayer match its ugly dirty lie to players. It's only CJI - how creators see the gameplay process of this game is

  • Demian Esselens
    Demian EsselensMiesiąc temu

    “I’ll send in a drone” *throws wife’s pregnancy test*

  • D T
    D TMiesiąc temu

    I love the lighting effects. With no campaign, they were capable of pulling this off Just waiting for *ready or not*

  • Killjoy
    KilljoyMiesiąc temu

    they should have just done the trailer without the gay voices

  • Land967
    Land967Miesiąc temu

    So that House rework they did, why didn't they just move that under-construction house next door and link them up with an underground tunnel and a bunch of garden stuff IE hedges/sheds/conservatory

  • Rio Thompson
    Rio ThompsonMiesiąc temu

    666 k subs

  • Just Some Guy Without a Mustache Jr.
    Just Some Guy Without a Mustache Jr.Miesiąc temu

    "Hostage was too detailed and emotional" Me: -She kinda hot...

  • Agustin Morales
    Agustin MoralesMiesiąc temu

    The ability to move the hostage could be a neet feature

  • Raffy
    RaffyMiesiąc temu

    4:35 poor guy

  • Muzamil Nabi
    Muzamil NabiMiesiąc temu

    The game got better only after the developers of Killzone joined the staff.

  • Sappyy
    SappyyMiesiąc temu

    “Wait I’ll send in a drone’’ *throws a toothpick on the floor*

  • LeShawnDeQuea
    LeShawnDeQueaMiesiąc temu

    The segments where you make fun of certain points in the trailer with your friends are so goddamn hilarious lol

  • Anthony Fors
    Anthony ForsMiesiąc temu

    I was in a dark room with my screen brightness abot 60% when he tested the flashnade. My eyes are suffering

  • Bokusai Chiyoda
    Bokusai ChiyodaMiesiąc temu

    Biggest lie in video game history.

  • Access Gaming
    Access GamingMiesiąc temu


  • Babybreadcrums
    BabybreadcrumsMiesiąc temu

    666k subs :O

  • GrizScrumptious
    GrizScrumptiousMiesiąc temu

    Incredible how the game looked way better before. It looks like it is drawn by a kindergartener now...

  • Banks Wooten
    Banks WootenMiesiąc temu

    Honestly I just want to go back to the good old days of rainbow six

  • ElectroWolf 97
    ElectroWolf 97Miesiąc temu

    "Wait wait wait,I'll send a drone" *Throws a pockystick*

  • Dechee Batbaatar
    Dechee BatbaatarMiesiąc temu

    obisoft not ubisoft

  • Azarinio._
    Azarinio._Miesiąc temu

    Ngl I would like to drop down from a helicopter or atleast have a more cinematic entry rather then just spawning in maybe like a police car some something

  • IDoStuff


    Miesiąc temu

    yeah that would be cool

  • Gun Kid
    Gun KidMiesiąc temu

    It’s scary how rainbow six back then looked better than it does now..

  • Cloaker Boi
    Cloaker BoiMiesiąc temu

    “Wait I’ll send in a drone “ *throws a lego brick*

  • Dark Reaper
    Dark ReaperMiesiąc temu

    My step brother think rainbow was the first game ever made

  • nepareizi
    nepareiziMiesiąc temu

    the r6 from that trailer would make a great single player games

  • Nightsandpiper0
    Nightsandpiper0Miesiąc temu

    I liked siege but the trailer definitely was faked solely based on how the game looked versus now. Definitely would have rather had the trailers graphics rather then the cartoonish look we got. Also they had high hopes for how people would play. Never have I once been in a game of anything and had someone doing call outs like that.

  • Daniel KF
    Daniel KFMiesiąc temu

    this is more like zero-hour trailer which is aka good rainbow six. Ubisoft said they want to make a CQB game and a game like csgo as well. which goes worng. but still fun i got to say.you can see and feel a lot of detail that rainbow six have that is suppose to be helpful in a actually helpful cqb game. for example different sound effet when you walk on different serface. and i ll say the sound in this game is amazing.

  • A Specimen
    A SpecimenMiesiąc temu

    Wait wait wait, I’ll send a drone, he says as he proceeds to throw a pen on the ground

  • danii ciobanu
    danii ciobanuMiesiąc temu

    666k suscriber

  • miscellaneous dreams
    miscellaneous dreamsMiesiąc temu

    "Wait wait, I'll send the drone." *Throws pencil*

  • vRevxngez
    vRevxngezMiesiąc temu

    "I'll send in a drone" *Throws an E-cigarette*

  • Courier 6
    Courier 6Miesiąc temu

    What the person in this video doesn’t realize is that this wasn’t a “conceptual (or early) version of the game”, this was Ubisoft straight up just lying and showing a a false game at the premiere. They knew this wasn’t at all accurate (graphically or gameplay wise). They lied on purpose. They’ve literally done this so many times and people don’t seem to care HOW IS THIS NOT ILLEGAL

  • ahoj janvm
    ahoj janvmMiesiąc temu

    U are devil u have 666 k subs :D

  • Ryan the Canadian
    Ryan the CanadianMiesiąc temu

    Imagine if they made the guys keeping hostages actual bad guys. Crazy

  • Brian LikesToTalk
    Brian LikesToTalkMiesiąc temu

    666k subs nice