NieR Replicant Review "Buy, Wait for Sale, Never Touch?"


Not NieRly as good as Nier Automata but is NieR Replicant worth your money? I review Nier Replicant for PS5. Its also coming on Xbox and PC. Code supplied by square
It comes out the 23rd ver.1.22474487139

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  • ACG
    ACG14 dni temu

    A good game but not without a lot of little sticking points and some drab environments. Still good

  • LoganTheKiwiMaster
    LoganTheKiwiMaster22 godzin temu

    People who don't like nier are most likely closed minded unable to pick up on the artistic qualities of the games, then for Automata, they're unable to pick up on the extreme symbolism and philosophical aspects of the game. Then u get a bonus to both games with their masterful soundtracks. If you don't like nier, ur an extreme minority

  • Crazy Gamer
    Crazy GamerDzień temu

    Awesome review now just need ps5 and this game lol

  • AverageSoul
    AverageSoul2 dni temu

    game of the year for me,but i dont if it counts since im a nier maniac

  • voidmind
    voidmind3 dni temu

    Not a big fan of the objectifying clothing of the main character

  • Jina
    Jina3 dni temu

    I was very broke but bought this game as a birthday gift for myself

  • Riteous Right Hand
    Riteous Right Hand5 dni temu

    i tried Nier, when it came out on PS3, and I dunno, it just didn't click with me. But, i wanted to complete this before I played Automata. I'm enjoying the game much more this time around.

  • John W. Smokes Jr.
    John W. Smokes Jr.5 dni temu

    Red Dead Replicant, I'm down.

  • Mike F
    Mike F5 dni temu

    I wasn't that crazy about Nier Automata and think it's a bit overrated. Where's my Bayonetta 3?

  • bobby Seasons
    bobby Seasons5 dni temu

    Is it worth getting the 2nd version? it's way cheaper.

  • ThatCoolDude 8897
    ThatCoolDude 88975 dni temu

    How did you get it in English?

  • BlueEchoos
    BlueEchoos5 dni temu

    This is 100% not a remake. Its a remaster. After going through it i can tell this is the original PS3 version of the game but with a new updated code of paint. A lot of the textures are the same on things that don't matter too much, Characters are new textures, clearly the lighting was redone. But calling it a remake is a stretch. This is more of a Remaster with some new updated textures.

  • PiquedFlow
    PiquedFlow7 dni temu

    The fifth element = easily one of the best movies of the 90s. Still holds up!

  • Yoshighomi
    Yoshighomi7 dni temu

    Yeah i think the need for more Japanese titles is apparent. They have more mystery and the combat is so insane. Love it! Thanks for the review ACG.

  • grumblekin
    grumblekin7 dni temu

    Is it possible to have a successful review channel that doesn’t rely on conflicts of interest to exist?

  • Cyber Punk
    Cyber Punk7 dni temu

    yep asian market title when they do open world 3rd person it'll be dragons dogma

  • Demon from the North Sea
    Demon from the North Sea7 dni temu

    I loved automata. I consider it one of my favourite games/best games I've ever played, so knowing this game was a prequel I bought it and have been loving it as well. Although I personally prefer automata. However, i am more then willing to admit the reason for that is because I played automata first.

  • Neo 007
    Neo 0077 dni temu


  • iHaveContrl
    iHaveContrl7 dni temu

    Man. YOU HAVEN’T PLAYED ENDING E YET? You gotta get the Ending E bro, NOW!! The review came up way too early, you gotta play through ending E, man, the feels man.

  • Gabriel Euripedes Vieira Correa
    Gabriel Euripedes Vieira Correa8 dni temu

    Let's all remember that this is a remaster, not a remake. The fact that they were able to upgrade the game so much with a remaster is pretty damn incredible in my opinion.

  • Darth Ku
    Darth Ku8 dni temu

    thanks man love the vids

  • Filip Agrippa
    Filip Agrippa8 dni temu

    It looks like a Switch game in terms of graphics and the hero looks laughable, but... damn it, it's Nier, it's gonna be awesome.

  • Tom Swift
    Tom Swift8 dni temu

    I think the graphics in this game were an artistic style choice, as this prequel, like Automata, incorporates so many aspects of gaming history. The story is fantastic, and the music even better. Additionally, there are so many things which supply background for much of the character, and world, of Automata - the beliefs, style, and actions. I played the earlier father/daughter version and am looking forward to playing this. Good and fair review.

  • Etheral101
    Etheral1018 dni temu

    I was dissapointed by Automata ans this looks worse. Least I safe money for thw Mass Effect Trilogy

  • Twisted Fart
    Twisted Fart8 dni temu

    So its not a remake or a sequel, what is it?

  • Eiad Tarabulsi
    Eiad Tarabulsi8 dni temu

    As someone who is a huge fan of Nier Automata, I appreciate being able to go back and play it's predecessor Nier Replicant. Sure, the game is rough around the edges, especially since it's an older title, but it's still enjoyable regardless. Nier Replicant may not be a full on remake, but it's OK. Originally, it only came out in Japan and I'm glad that it was finally able to get a U.S. release. Much like Nier Automata, Nier Replicant does a wonderful job of presenting to the player, a post apocalyptic world that's dilapidated and grim. It's definitely a world that's in a dire state and the dreary atmosphere is brought to the forefront rather nicely. The soundtrack is phenomenal as expected and it's an auditory treat to the ears. Despite a few issues and some less than interesting environments, Nier Replicant is a title that's worthy of a playthrough. Otherwise, thanks as always Karak for another honest and unbiased review. I really appreciate it!

  • #RedRocket
    #RedRocket8 dni temu

    definitely a step down from automata, good game, just not worth $65!

  • TheAnesthetics
    TheAnesthetics8 dni temu

    Its got graphics and combat system of a 2010 Korean MMO. I find it hard to believe this was not filled with sponsored bullcrap. Been watching for a long time and some titles its pretty clear you lean in the opposite direction than most players. This game is not good. Its not as good as the first one, you can see lack of effort in environmental design. Its very money grabby, trying to capitalize on the success of the first.

  • German V
    German V8 dni temu

    Amazing game loved the ps3 version. I've been waiting for this for 2 years ! The music Amazing. Best I've heard in game

  • Minotaur1776
    Minotaur17768 dni temu

    Glad to hear the music is as good as Automata. That soundtrack was legendary.

  • RationalDrift
    RationalDrift9 dni temu

    Game looks like hot garbage on ps5. Disappointing

  • Jahsin The Excitable
    Jahsin The Excitable9 dni temu

    I love the Nier Automata! I can’t wait to play this! Who cares about a little fidelity graphics when everything else is a 10/10!

  • WildOnionChase
    WildOnionChase9 dni temu

    The new ending they added after ending D deletes your save is so gooooood

  • George Washington
    George Washington9 dni temu

    The environment is boring, the loading screens are annoying, and some of the “puzzles” are dated: But the music is amazing, the world is interesting and the voice acting is too quality. The experimental gameplay moments are fun too

  • SødaMeløn FGG
    SødaMeløn FGG9 dni temu

    Came for the opinion, stayed for the quality and fun of your review style. Instant sub, definitely interested to see more of your reviews of past and future ones!

  • Energeyser
    Energeyser9 dni temu

    Nier is a very over-rated game. Everyone praised it, so I thought I couldn't go wrong buying it. But I was bored quickly and after I slogged through it I never played it again. There are way better games in the genre. I am baffled by the love this game gets.

  • Tara
    Tara9 dni temu

    Barely scoots into buy? I might as well wait for a sale.

  • Liad Goren
    Liad Goren9 dni temu

    I really love your videos dude. I love the lack of politically-correct bullshit - I appreciate your honesty. Thanks.

  • Alabaster green
    Alabaster green9 dni temu

    Last week I thought there was no way that nier automata could be any more emotionally devastating than it already is.... then I played this..its like my soul got kicked in the stomach by nier after getting sucker punched by automata

  • TomHenry David
    TomHenry David9 dni temu

    "Give it a thumbs up if you liked the video or subscribe if you didn't." Sneaky sneaky, got a chuckle out of me

  • Adam Boozer
    Adam Boozer10 dni temu

    I like the slooty outfits though...

  • curse Love
    curse Love10 dni temu

    For spoilers free you sure talk adout the story alot lol

  • Frank
    Frank10 dni temu

    Sup ACG, will you reviee Returnal comming out this friday? Keep up the great work mate

  • NPC 123
    NPC 12310 dni temu

    I can stand Low Detail Textures in a game like Nier! Dont bother me one bit. After Automata, I have been craving more. Sure, I own a ps3 but I want those 60 frames =)

  • Gamerz Zone
    Gamerz Zone10 dni temu

    This game is actually good 😂I am still playing it didn’t finished it yet but so far so good

  • azulithe
    azulithe10 dni temu

    "Solid gameplay and story, but graphics aren't groundbreaking" I've played fire emblem three houses, nothing fazes me anymore

  • Realm Of Beats
    Realm Of Beats10 dni temu

    This game is just ok so far. Not as good as automata. The beginning is full of boring fetch quests not gonna lie. Guess it's one of those games that start off slow then pick up later. Hopefully it'll get better when I keep playing

  • David Brown
    David Brown10 dni temu

    Grabbing your bacon? 🤔

  • David Roudebush
    David Roudebush11 dni temu

    I love this game so far

  • TriippyHD
    TriippyHD11 dni temu

    My favorite thing about this game so far is Grimoire Weiss. What a great character with a great voice actor. I love him.

  • Mabi Nerd
    Mabi Nerd11 dni temu

    The only thing I find strange about this remaster is them just pasting the android combat animations on young boy protag. He in no way should be able to move like that. lol it's still a MUCH welcome change from how the combat used to be though.

  • Zack Tessier
    Zack Tessier11 dni temu

    1:19 a what ?

  • FirestormMk3
    FirestormMk311 dni temu

    I appreciate you disclosing this as an NDA review at the risk of losing views.

  • Dave
    Dave11 dni temu

    what is this review? I want a video 2 minutes long and filled with sponsored bull crap

  • MagisterXII
    MagisterXII11 dni temu

    This. Game. Is. Not. A. Remake.

  • dogbert9999
    dogbert999911 dni temu

    Please tell me they took the stupid fishing quest out of the game. You know the broken one that they don't tell you how to fish and because you it doesn't tell you how to complete the quest after 30 game days the game automatically solves the quest for you since it wasn't completable by you?

  • Rolf family
    Rolf family11 dni temu

    They never fixed Automata. I certainly won't be buying this one! Black bars around the screen, poor resolution, etc. I shouldn't have to download mods/fixes to get the game to function on a BASIC level. No thank you

  • keyakku
    keyakku11 dni temu

    after spending some time with the remaster I had to say the combat changes alone make it worth getting for people who still own the original (like myself), as it makes the experience smoother and more enjoyable.

  • Mythicasura
    Mythicasura11 dni temu

    ACG console graphics review summary, Not PC. Your welcome.

  • Blur4strike
    Blur4strike11 dni temu

    The PC version of NieR: Replicant isn't worth the full price, lacking in basic options in the in-game graphics menu such as V-sync and framerate lock which forces customers to use external tools (Nvidia's Control Panel in my case, don't know the tools for AMD GPU users) plus having to rely on a community made mod to fix the visible mouse cursor issue while using a controller really shows Square Enix's lack of care towards their PC customers.

  • Novox Cage
    Novox Cage12 dni temu

    Let’s get the best game reviewer to 1M this year

  • Mike
    Mike12 dni temu

    Buy, buy, buy!!!

  • e1m1
    e1m112 dni temu

    11:39 yeah talk about that to sony fans lol

  • creakwood liege
    creakwood liege12 dni temu

    What console this on tho

  • Flynns Fortune
    Flynns Fortune12 dni temu

    Automata vs Replicant... I found automata pretty boring, hated the machine enemies. BUT I loved the music and vibe if the game. Would I enjoy this more?

  • Mal Andato
    Mal Andato12 dni temu

    My favorite reviewer on the net. Thank you for your work!

  • Hiroko Takashiro
    Hiroko Takashiro12 dni temu

    This is a buy if you have a pulse, the story,redone combat, and the mind blowing soundtrack make this a must play for anyone and everyone. I wonder will they do a patch for PS%/XboxSx.

  • Carry Me Anego
    Carry Me Anego12 dni temu

    before playing this game guys, Make sure to eat Depression med cuz you need one.

  • Humble Fudge
    Humble Fudge12 dni temu

    I thought this was a new Neir game i guess i should play the games as well not just watch your reviews lol 😆😉

  • Aston Martin
    Aston Martin12 dni temu

    The main character looks a lot different from the original game. He was older then the new version.

  • NarrowStone


    11 dni temu

    That's because it's a remake of the Japanese release of the game, where the protagonist is actually a brother rather than a father

  • The Milhouse Experience
    The Milhouse Experience12 dni temu

    The original 360 version will always be “something special.”🌕🥀

  • ShootingStar
    ShootingStar12 dni temu

    Can't wait to see cosplay girls wearing THAT OUTFIT at anime/gaming conventions ;)

  • Bruce Michael

    Bruce Michael

    11 dni temu

    The ode to the incel

  • Abdulla Pankhawala

    Abdulla Pankhawala

    11 dni temu

    That's even better

  • DHGMRZ17


    11 dni temu

    You'll probably end up seeing is a bunch of dudes crossdressing with it.

  • Skadisson Deboye
    Skadisson Deboye12 dni temu

    When they announced Nier Automata for Epic Game Store with the actual latest, patched build, they realized they still have the game on Steam, too, and patched it there aswell. xD

  • AscendantStoic
    AscendantStoic12 dni temu

    The chad Gestalt vs the virgin Replicant .. sry .. Gestalt dad MC is still superior XD

  • Sekiberius Welkesh
    Sekiberius Welkesh12 dni temu

    3:04 wtf type of outfit is that?

  • Firefly
    Firefly12 dni temu

    Looks cool but...meh 🤷‍♂️

  • Keg Mack
    Keg Mack12 dni temu

    Does this have the same composer as Automata for the OST? Music in that was soooo good, and the way you talked about Replicant's music makes me hopeful that it is.

  • SomethingWitty


    3 dni temu

    They have the same composer. Some of this game's music was even used for automata's ost

  • Sean Walaszek
    Sean Walaszek12 dni temu

    I’m like 18 hours into my first play through of automata . After trying it a few years and didn’t care for it .but now I have to admit I was wrong . This game has something special about it .And I can’t put it down👍

  • Ike of Pyke
    Ike of Pyke12 dni temu

    3:04 Kaineeeeeeee

  • Jeff
    Jeff13 dni temu

    A xylophone? Lawdy! I feel faint.

  • Itsjoeyourbro
    Itsjoeyourbro13 dni temu

    I’m surprised you have a problem with Kaine’s outfit, especially since it sounds like you played the original. In my opinion, the whole point of the odd character designs in Yoko Taro games are because the characters are usually instead reflective of taboo or subversive themes that cause you to examine them beyond just their appearance.

  • Maximum Powers
    Maximum Powers13 dni temu

    getting this and RE8 when i get the chance next month

    PUNANI_SLAYER42013 dni temu

    how is this a remake when it still looks like a ps3 game? This is just a glorified remaster they are charging 60 bucks for.

  • David Moore

    David Moore

    11 dni temu

    You can easily go see what the original looks and plays like to see that it is not a remaster. The amount of work the devs put into it isn't suddenly worth less because they didn't throw all of their money at the art. Talk about judging a book by its cover. lol

  • s bone
    s bone13 dni temu

    after playing the original, I don't know if i'll make the time to replay, but Im tempted to buy just to encourage Yoko Taro to keep making batshit games. Drakengard 4 anybody?

  • cariburn1


    9 dni temu

    Bro there's so mucb more story and context it's easily worth it.

  • Trevon Harris
    Trevon Harris13 dni temu

    Excellent review. Buying this for the scantily clad blonde alone. Or should I wait for Returnal?

  • Ayaz k
    Ayaz k13 dni temu

    I feel like i’m Anakin Skywalker when using my dark magic power😁

  • The Real Obscure
    The Real Obscure13 dni temu

    Got a Nier ad for a Nier video. Finally something that fits lol

  • jorgen thorstein
    jorgen thorstein13 dni temu

    I legitimately got a nier replicant and when I clicked on this video lol

  • Edgar Torres Berumen
    Edgar Torres Berumen13 dni temu

    if your first nier was nier automata, and you became obsessioned with it like me, get ready because yoko taro will take you for a wild ride with replicant. First 20 minutos i have played it and i already want to cry, the music, the memories, but worst of it all, i want to cry because i only played those 20 minutes and I already have a feeling what yoko taro will do to yonah and his brother 😓, devola...pepolaaa😣, but would somebody care why i feel like that? everybody seems worried, but they dont stop, no one stops.. and the few that do care, will they always be with me? so poetic, but yoko taro will not care and will make your life hell while playing replicant,,, i can feel it!! buy it is worth the 60 dollars..

  • Jay Bee
    Jay Bee13 dni temu

    Wait for sale. Wait for sale for any game unless it’s a AAA thing that you’ve personally been waiting for for years (a gta, mortal kombat or whatever). It’ll be Half price in a few months and the exact same game.

  • iset scott
    iset scott13 dni temu

    bacause i played this after automata it feels like a down grade, not enjoying it.

  • Sara Valestein
    Sara Valestein13 dni temu

    The art style is beautiful

  • matt judy
    matt judy13 dni temu

    Why am I not getting notifications when you upload? I have the bell set to all

  • binglee8000
    binglee800013 dni temu

    Nice review mate hopefully we get a Drakengard remake one day

  • Kanatatsu L
    Kanatatsu L13 dni temu

    weeb bait

  • whatever
    whatever13 dni temu


  • L N
    L N13 dni temu

    "the original was lauded for gameplay and story" Well.. it was definitely lauded for story.

  • Shin Shaman

    Shin Shaman

    11 dni temu

    Nier replicant is more repetitive overrated garbage like nier automata a remake of a game that originally got a 52 on metacritic absolute joke i made a groundbreadking video exposing it

  • Zetsubo
    Zetsubo13 dni temu

    Hmm...I think I might wait for a sale actually.

  • Travis Field
    Travis Field13 dni temu

    so graphics look fine to me

  • Luis Carlos Morales
    Luis Carlos Morales13 dni temu

    Don't touch it... taste it.