Miley Cyrus Performs “Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High?” | Miley Cyrus Unplugged


Miley Cyrus performs a cover of “Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High?” by Arctic Monkeys in this 2014 MTV Unplugged.
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  • Natali Dani
    Natali Dani31 minuta temu

    I hope you guys know that this song isn’t by her

  • Tália Chabanová
    Tália Chabanová56 minut temu

    Just imagine her and Alex singing together 👀

  • Saga Åkesson
    Saga ÅkessonGodzinę temu

    heyy lgbtq+ community :))

  • Imxhel
    Imxhel2 godzin temu

    She’s incredible

  • Sarita Ospina
    Sarita Ospina3 godzin temu

    2:15 :)

    SCA-21 DOYELSHREE BHUI3 godzin temu

    Miley cannot be compared to arctic monkeys, they are real singers . And no she did not nail the cover .

  • Alseadi Aya
    Alseadi Aya4 godzin temu

    Miley needs to quit pop and sing rock and rock only

  • Rihanna Monteiro
    Rihanna Monteiro4 godzin temu

    6 years...

  • Karina Pysiak
    Karina Pysiak6 godzin temu

    I know for what you are here, here is it 2:15

  • İlkem Özcan
    İlkem Özcan6 godzin temu

    I am gay

  • nene chan
    nene chan9 godzin temu

    POV: you came to find this song because of yuri plisetsky!!

  • didn’t ask
    didn’t ask9 godzin temu

    Sorry but the song isn’t made for an American accent, the way she says ‘shite’ annoys me

  • Rojina Taji
    Rojina Taji13 godzin temu

    I like this so goodd🥵❤️

  • minihaletrains
    minihaletrains14 godzin temu

    Artic monkey's does it better

  • You’re No Fun
    You’re No Fun15 godzin temu

    My bestie was talking about this part of the cover 2:18 and she’s like talking about how it’s on tiktok or whatever and asked if I heard her sing it and I said no. She’s like “Really? It’s from Miley Cyrus” and I’m like “girl- no it’s not”🤠

  • luz aylén
    luz aylén18 godzin temu

    2:17 i'm dead

  • Misti Stallard
    Misti Stallard18 godzin temu

    She took this song and made it hers!

  • Elizabeth Carmichael
    Elizabeth Carmichael19 godzin temu

    Who signed her for pop

  • Daniela Garcia
    Daniela Garcia20 godzin temu


  • Forresst Davis
    Forresst Davis20 godzin temu

    I love this

  • Laxenia Roblx
    Laxenia Roblx23 godzin temu

    This is the part you are probs looking for 2:13

  • Jakob Whale
    Jakob Whale23 godzin temu

    Y'all better go listen to her *Plastic Hearts* album after this. It's everything and more. *Her best one and AOTY!*

  • sarah
    sarahDzień temu

    okay but what makes me mad is that right now everyone knows this song only for her cover and not because it's from Arctic Monkeys.. they deserve so much more

  • öykü ama matematikle arasını düzeltmeye calısıyor
    öykü ama matematikle arasını düzeltmeye calısıyorDzień temu

    2:17 here's the part you're looking for

  • Michelle P
    Michelle PDzień temu

    For the love of God Miley needs to cover Don’t Speak by No Doubt

  • Francesca Straface
    Francesca StrafaceDzień temu


  • xXanthonyXx54
    xXanthonyXx54Dzień temu

    This is horrible.

  • Ōkami Productions

    Ōkami Productions

    20 godzin temu

    Go spread your negativity somewhere else 🔫🗿

  • Let's help each other
    Let's help each otherDzień temu

    Love it

  • Ellie A-K
    Ellie A-KDzień temu

    chills...... i get chills its so friking AWSOME

  • Renan Vlogs
    Renan VlogsDzień temu

    This is definitely her song

  • Renan Vlogs
    Renan VlogsDzień temu

    Plot twist: this is more famous than the song itself

  • Renan Vlogs
    Renan VlogsDzień temu


  • Miguel Palomeque
    Miguel PalomequeDzień temu

    Asies te acabas de encontrar un comentario del 4 de diciembre de 2020

  • Anja Zookeeper
    Anja ZookeeperDzień temu

    She ist so gorgeous

  • Cherish Bermejo
    Cherish BermejoDzień temu

    She can be the daughter of Dolores

  • Sara Nuti
    Sara NutiDzień temu

    2:17 i suppose that part is why you are here

  • Moria Hakmon
    Moria HakmonDzień temu


  • Sugawara’s Wife
    Sugawara’s WifeDzień temu


  • Milou
    MilouDzień temu

    Magic ! 😍🤘🏻

  • aybüke koral
    aybüke koralDzień temu

    2.20 😍

  • abdulrhman Blank
    abdulrhman BlankDzień temu

    Wow amazing troye sivan ❤

  • John Lester Alcuino Caingles
    John Lester Alcuino CainglesDzień temu

    am i the only who feels sad everytime i replay the last part of the song?

  • Divio18
    Divio18Dzień temu

    Why do I feel like she was high singing this? Looks at her tics and the size of her pupils.

  • Alda Santiago
    Alda SantiagoDzień temu

    She looks better when she performs rock, Plastic Hearts Age❤️

  • Brooke Lesk
    Brooke LeskDzień temu

    2:17 your welome

  • Franshesca Calderon
    Franshesca CalderonDzień temu


  • zainab mansoor
    zainab mansoorDzień temu

    Lets just admit we came from tiktok

  • Ni gedeon

    Ni gedeon

    7 godzin temu

    True true

  • esther !!
    esther !!Dzień temu

    don´t you love it when miley cyrus

  • Duaa Joyo
    Duaa JoyoDzień temu

    She needs to cover this again not live i def want to hear this with like more high notes of her

  • Tavoalonso Sb
    Tavoalonso Sb2 dni temu

    Esta en spotify?

  • cry baby cry
    cry baby cry2 dni temu

    Algun comentario en español :v?

  • Ajla Kesetovic
    Ajla Kesetovic2 dni temu


  • chanti zalazar
    chanti zalazar2 dni temu

    Increíble komo siempre My reina

  • Neval B
    Neval B2 dni temu

    ok i like more the part at 2:17 that's it

  • e x h a l e
    e x h a l e2 dni temu

    2:16 :)

  • Alex /June
    Alex /June2 dni temu

    They use this song on tik tok

  • Daniela Marroquin
    Daniela Marroquin2 dni temu


  • Alicia Ang

    Alicia Ang

    6 godzin temu

    (copied from earlier comment) This is MTV Unplugged. These music sessions are very casual and they’re not as rowdy as regular concerts. For these kinds of things, you usually wait until the end of the song to clap.

  • Insha Syed
    Insha Syed2 dni temu

    shes so talented wth

  • Avril Torry
    Avril Torry2 dni temu

    ok wait bae killed it

  • Beyza
    Beyza2 dni temu

    Her high notes 😲 OMG

  • Mira hAN
    Mira hAN2 dni temu

    my Quen🕷🕷😎😎

  • sandy
    sandy2 dni temu

    2:17 2:17 2:17 2:17 2:17 2:17

  • Hania Wanessa
    Hania Wanessa2 dni temu

    2:17 tik tok

  • Ok
    Ok2 dni temu

    I like the original better but wow

  • Ok
    Ok2 dni temu

    Bro chills

  • Kimmay Ann
    Kimmay Ann2 dni temu

    She's beautiful with less make up besides with her powerful voice.

  • Joshy
    Joshy2 dni temu

    The original is better

  • Aliya Cody
    Aliya Cody2 dni temu

    WHY do I want to scram out the lyrics but I can't bc me siblings and parents are home ):

  • frasineanu iulia
    frasineanu iulia2 dni temu

    Loocks like No Doubt

  • Havnis Garcia
    Havnis Garcia2 dni temu


  • gothilda
    gothilda2 dni temu


  • Pink Ramen
    Pink Ramen2 dni temu

    The fact that this gave me goosebumps through out the whole song I LOVE it

  • Troy Da Boy
    Troy Da Boy2 dni temu


  • Nevaeh Burguette
    Nevaeh Burguette2 dni temu

    No crumbs left💅🏽😜

  • The Random Content Watcher
    The Random Content Watcher2 dni temu

    The fact that people now think she made this song offends me

  • Kumotta Kun
    Kumotta Kun2 dni temu

    Yooo those jeans are bomb. I probably can't afford it for life tho 😭

  • Amir Choudhury
    Amir Choudhury2 dni temu

    So you're telling me that Black Mirror episode was true

  • 24Katie Hanifin
    24Katie Hanifin2 dni temu

    if you guys think this is good, listen to her recent cover of "heart of glass" by blondie

  • Raphaela Machado
    Raphaela Machado2 dni temu

    Cagou a música. Essa versão me dá vontade de morrer 🤮

  • I Hate Moths
    I Hate Moths2 dni temu

    Btw to the dumbasses, this is The Arctic Monkeys song not hers lol

  • A sunflower
    A sunflower2 dni temu

    Am i the only one who didn't come from tiktok and actually knows the original song?

  • Tea Radojcic
    Tea Radojcic2 dni temu

    I hate mtv for being this late.

  • Rose Medvid
    Rose Medvid2 dni temu

    I need a studio recording of this asap.

  • Mélissa Delarbeyrette
    Mélissa Delarbeyrette2 dni temu


  • bettvny
    bettvny3 dni temu


    Mora PEREA CESPEDES3 dni temu

    2:17 the magic starts

  • Pickle Cat
    Pickle Cat3 dni temu

    Not overly a fan of this, much prefer the Arctic Monkeys. However, she is loving performing it and that's cool.

  • xNicolle123x xd
    xNicolle123x xd3 dni temu

    2:18 :)

  • liseth dismayli hidalgo camargo
    liseth dismayli hidalgo camargo3 dni temu

    Dua Lipa gana

  • Pia Asseo
    Pia Asseo3 dni temu

    put it on spotify

  • hoàng an
    hoàng an3 dni temu

    She made it much easier and catchier than the original but believe me, Alex's voice is way far more sexier than hers. Love both versions tho

  • The Bloxburg Trio
    The Bloxburg Trio3 dni temu


  • thetthetmaw8
    thetthetmaw83 dni temu

    I feel like a proud parent for her Omg

  • ware bereket
    ware bereket3 dni temu

    am I the only that keeps seeing Adam Levine

    JMAIL3 dni temu

    Apple Music is begging for this song.

  • M-R-S Group
    M-R-S Group3 dni temu

    Miley cyrus is a literall legend she could do any genere and it would be fire miley i freaking love you

  • Eleonora Beghelli
    Eleonora Beghelli3 dni temu

    I come to tik Tok lol

  • Alyson B.
    Alyson B.3 dni temu

    Miley's new album PLASTIC HEARTS is $4,99 on Amazon, get yours NOW!!!!

  • Pedro Ramos
    Pedro Ramos3 dni temu


  • averyzhunny
    averyzhunny4 dni temu

    the crowd be like 😐