The BEST Anime of Spring 2021 - Ones To Watch

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Spring 2021 has Sprung 30 new anime on us, and most of them are pretty good. What a nightmare! But worry not, I've watched them all to help you separate the pretty good from the 10 pretty goodest!
0:00 Even More Too Many Anime
1:15 Express VPN
2:50 A Quick PSA
3:57 Vivy -Flourite Eye’s Song-
6:33 Don’t Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro
8:40 86 (Eighty Six)
11:09 Odd Taxi
13:50 Mars Red
16:21 Pretty Boy Detective Club
18:29 Those Snow-White Notes
20:12 Backflip!!
22:05 Tokyo Revengers
24:08 To Your Eternity
26:30 Honourable Mentions
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  • Malachi Watanabe
    Malachi Watanabe4 godzin temu

    2020-2021 is basically like the last 2 episodes of the good place...................... nothing.................. to...................... do...............................

  • Izure-teppen- Ni-koe-reru
    Izure-teppen- Ni-koe-reru8 godzin temu

    To my everything seems so good.. Gonna go watch it~

  • Nimsara Gamage
    Nimsara Gamage13 godzin temu

    What about Godzilla Singular Point

  • Akisautumn
    Akisautumn13 godzin temu

    27:36 She's 20, not 30.

  • Manu Augustine
    Manu Augustine15 godzin temu

    Man I love 86

  • storm h
    storm h23 godzin temu

    I watched the first 3 episodes of to your eternity and immediately spent 2 days reading the manga up until chapter 132 😬 I was HOOKED

  • Raptor Hawk
    Raptor HawkDzień temu

    im really looking forward to to your eternity

  • Aurore Rousseau
    Aurore RousseauDzień temu

    Finally someone said something about the pretty boy detective club! I felt like this show was underrated because of the vibe it gives off

  • LegendBb
    LegendBbDzień temu

    The rise Of The Shield Hero !! Best anime

  • kadachi16
    kadachi16Dzień temu

    Wow! As someone who has been busy lately, this is a lot of promising anime to add to the backlog. Really good stuff from what you displayed.

  • Guy Shafor
    Guy ShaforDzień temu

    Yo, i am now hype for ODDTAXI. Thanks for letting me know, Geoff.

  • Olivier Mongeon
    Olivier MongeonDzień temu


  • iron claw338
    iron claw338Dzień temu

    These are the best Anime to watch and deserve a season 2 Awakening in another world.! The misfit of demon king academy.! Chivalry of a failed knight.! Darling in the franxx.! Akashic Records of a basturd magical instructor.! I highly recommend them!!!!!

  • Gyroscopic Zeppeli
    Gyroscopic ZeppeliDzień temu

    Sussy Baka

  • Random User
    Random UserDzień temu

    No offense but the best anime of the year has been Invincible. And it's not even an anime.

  • Titan Hero
    Titan HeroDzień temu

    Tokyo revengers seems interesting I'm a sucker for revenge and time travel

  • Daryl Ahengga
    Daryl Ahengga2 dni temu

    Is it really worth watching pretty boy detective? I want impressive plot like Vivy

  • StarDragonJP
    StarDragonJP2 dni temu

    To Your Eternity is so good. After I started reading it I didn't stop until I finished the entire thing. I read 100 something chapters in like 3 or 4 days.

  • Joshua Dela Cruz
    Joshua Dela Cruz2 dni temu

    Why do I find most of these animes boring, but I do like the Saint's Magic Power is Omnipotent and Higehiro very much. They are the only anime this season I am eager to watch... Bruh, what's wrong with me?!

  • Alero Cillo
    Alero Cillo2 dni temu

    That megalobox song

  • Bayeyaz
    Bayeyaz2 dni temu

    b-b- baka

  • Cool Person
    Cool Person2 dni temu

    Must recommend to your entity it's so sad and more

  • Antoine A.N
    Antoine A.N2 dni temu


  • Thulansan Manivannan
    Thulansan Manivannan2 dni temu

    I read to your eternity . DONT READ ITS TOO SADDDDD

  • Nkosiyapha Ncube
    Nkosiyapha Ncube2 dni temu

    Think I do not want to watch don't toy with me

  • Enoliksz
    Enoliksz2 dni temu


  • Loli Raccoon
    Loli Raccoon2 dni temu

    I see your a man of culture as whale 🦝

  • p-y
    p-y2 dni temu

    Definitely gonna watch that vampire anime

  • killh4ngman
    killh4ngman2 dni temu

    U needa lay out your videos differently like I have no idea what anime to watch 🤣

  • killh4ngman
    killh4ngman2 dni temu

    Bro I have no idea what you are saying

  • 4 Ever Young
    4 Ever Young2 dni temu

    What's the name of that anime with Giant Robots 0:22?

  • Anushka
    Anushka2 dni temu

    When will season 3 come of snow white with the red hair .

  • Matt Laub
    Matt Laub2 dni temu

    I just watched the first five Shaman King episodes and cried at the end of the last one. Hope there are legal means to watch it soon.

  • sorryionlysuckventisboobs
    sorryionlysuckventisboobs2 dni temu

    i've been waiting for this video

  • Panda Gaming4760
    Panda Gaming47602 dni temu


  • Mongrel
    Mongrel2 dni temu

    Odd Taxi and To Your Eternity look like exactly what I've been looking for. Thank you 😊

  • B4Yukine
    B4Yukine3 dni temu

    I swear when *THAT* song started to play in the background at 22:05 ... Such a nostalgic feeling lmao

  • That Blox Guy
    That Blox Guy3 dni temu

    I loving Vivy & Mars Red

  • RealityGenerator
    RealityGenerator3 dni temu

    You forgot Edens Zero

  • Big Bomb
    Big Bomb3 dni temu

    Yes I love them to much that I cant watch them without getting on my pervert personality

  • Big Bomb
    Big Bomb3 dni temu


  • Road to Dawn
    Road to Dawn3 dni temu

    Real talk, Nagatoro is fantastic. It’s been my weekly “you survived another exhausting day at work - treat yourself” reward. Thank you so much for highlighting it in this video because I hadn’t known it had come out before you said so

  • Roshan Karki
    Roshan Karki3 dni temu

    I really loved odd taxi

  • Kushagra Singh

    Kushagra Singh

    3 dni temu too But too sad, its so underrated

  • oppai dragon
    oppai dragon3 dni temu

    Guys please watch vivy: fluerite eye's song

  • Kirill Fatun
    Kirill Fatun3 dni temu

    Cloveworks sacrificed TPN for Shadows House!

  • Mr green bean booger foot lick happymeals poo head
    Mr green bean booger foot lick happymeals poo head3 dni temu

    I’m sticking the biggest and longest middle finger at my fucking screen

  • Randi Matsuzaki
    Randi Matsuzaki3 dni temu

    Correct. Fans of Bookworm do like the Saint’s Magic Power is Omnipotent. ^_^

  • TengenToppaGurrenLogan
    TengenToppaGurrenLogan3 dni temu

    Hey, I recognize that song in the credits.

  • Dhan r _
    Dhan r _3 dni temu

    Odd taxi is a vibe

  • Coert Vds
    Coert Vds3 dni temu

    Anime is gay

  • Francis 11
    Francis 113 dni temu

    the web novel How Not To Summon A Demon Lord turned into crap, all of a sudden some random chick and a bunch of people that level 300 pop up. rendering the MC whose only lv 150 look super weak destroying the whole concept of the story

  • Jimmy
    Jimmy3 dni temu

    I love those snow it's so a cool anime

  • Charyll Gabriel C. Aclao
    Charyll Gabriel C. Aclao3 dni temu

    terminator the anime

  • Rolly Dumpay
    Rolly Dumpay3 dni temu

    I have to disagree, Winter is more stacked than Spring, but I have a lot of Anime in my Watchlist minus MHA. Probably my Top 3 this season is: To your eternity 86 Vivy Animes with High Production Value and Great story, but most of all Feels.

  • Curry Rice
    Curry Rice4 dni temu

    Just as a heads up, gravure is a (french?) loan word and pronounced grav-yoor. It was ages before I figured this out myself.

  • tommy nguyen
    tommy nguyen4 dni temu

    If you followed the first season Megalo box season 2 is a goddamn banger

  • Pa Chi
    Pa Chi4 dni temu

    Tokyo revengers is the best

  • とが
    とが4 dni temu

    That promise that never landed wow

  • That one dude
    That one dude4 dni temu

    Godzilla singular point: why we still here just to suffer

  • Tryy Oncemore
    Tryy Oncemore4 dni temu

    Thoroughly intrigued by Odd Taxi. 🚕

  • Max Goldstein
    Max Goldstein4 dni temu

    After 1st watching this video 2 weeks ago, I started watching all the anime he was suggesting that I hadn't already picked up... WORTH IT! Seriously, every single one was a BANGER!! This season is ridiculous stacked!

  • Jovana Cornejo
    Jovana Cornejo4 dni temu

    Here are anime’s that I recommend - Attack on Titan - clannad -haikyuu - black clover - 7 deadly sins - food wars - Tokyo ghoul - my hero academia - fairy tail - one punch man - black butler - erased - hunter x hunter - death note - banana fish - demon slayer - balance unlimited - dr. Stone - Assassination Classroom - Free - Death Parade - Kakegurui - Bunny Girl Senpai - The Promised Neverland - A silent Voice - The Future Diary - Cowboy Bebop - Children of the Whales - Fruits Basket - Dororo - Beastars - Bungou stray dogs - Another - Owari no Seraph - Black Lagoon - Classroom of the Elite - Toilet Bound - Danganronpa - Fire Force - Made in Abyss - The devil is a part timer - Terror in Resonance - Given - Michiko to Hatchin - Oregairu - Wolf Children - Charlotte - Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 - Darling in the Franxx - Perfect Blue - 91 Days - Jormungad - Nana - Ride your Wave - Kiznaiver - High school of the Dead - Danmachi - The ones within - Inuyashiki - Shimoneta - Nanbaka - Jujutsu Kaisen - Happy Sugar Life - When they Cry - Zodiac Wars - Killing Bites - Oresuki - Asobi Asobase - Moriarty the Patriot - Love is hard for Otaku - That time I got Reincarnated as a Slime - Monster - sk8 the Infiniti - Wonder Egg Priority - Fate/Zero - Magical Girl Site - Vinland Saga - Spirited Away - High Rise Invasion - Rent a Girlftiend - Angels of Death

  • James Boldt
    James Boldt4 dni temu

    Magalo Box: Nomad the hype is real

  • Grant Lambert
    Grant Lambert4 dni temu

    No mention of Higehiro?

  • Greg Gorman
    Greg Gorman4 dni temu

    Shit bag lol nicely slipped that reference in there didn't you

  • Greg Gorman
    Greg Gorman4 dni temu

    It's OK odd taxi will die but that's when it will come to life. People won't start a show like that unless there are enough episodes to get through cringe. From what you said People will fall in love after a taste

  • Greg Gorman
    Greg Gorman4 dni temu

    Vivid is the realization that man and ai will be competing and man will be the one making mistakes and loosing In the end because we are only human....

  • Eva R.
    Eva R.4 dni temu

    I can’t believe how many good ones their are !!

  • Sukhchain Singh
    Sukhchain Singh4 dni temu

    At 18:40 I was like, I can't keep up with the amount of anime he is showing. But I'm glad I watched it full and got the punchline "Promise that never landed", I laughed 3 times in a row.

  • Ancient Faith Crimson Bible CSB
    Ancient Faith Crimson Bible CSB4 dni temu

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  • That One Guy You Know
    That One Guy You Know5 dni temu

    Odd taxi hype af

  • Komal Patel

    Komal Patel

    Dzień temu


  • Ikenna Ihenatu
    Ikenna Ihenatu5 dni temu

    He kinda went overboard with the Tokyo Revengers explanation jesus lmao

  • leon2356
    leon23565 dni temu

    pretty boy detective club reminds me of Nanbaka. with the style and characters.

  • Tammy
    Tammy5 dni temu

    I actually love Odd taxi I am not a furry

  • nikolakis6
    nikolakis65 dni temu

    Basically all the new spring animes lmao

  • Desmond Ambedian-Heaton
    Desmond Ambedian-Heaton5 dni temu

    I'm surprised you didn't mention Blue Reflection Ray. The exposition isn't handled very well, but it's an intriguing (albeit slow) series.

  • arcadian mystic
    arcadian mystic5 dni temu

    is it just me? or does it seem like the whole bl/shotacon factor for this year has gone through the roof?.... i dont know whether to laugh or cry at these writers of these shows......(p.s., what i mean by bl is the writers, not in the show itself)

  • yumlam yape
    yumlam yape5 dni temu

    To your eternity made me cry,somehow I've got stone cold heart.

  • Astou sy
    Astou sy5 dni temu

    Tokyo revengers I just watched it I recommend 💯%

  • Jex Revan
    Jex Revan5 dni temu

    I couldn’t stand Re:Zero, but I wanna look into Vivy.

  • Zedrick Canopin
    Zedrick Canopin5 dni temu

    Top 25 new Best Anime One punch man Welcome to demon school Dr stone My hero academia Suppose a kid from the last Dungeon Jobless reincarnation That time I got reincarnated as a slime The Shield hero Beastars Arifureta Kaifuku Attack on titan How not to summon a demon lord Kyuukyoku To your eternity Hige wo soru Sentouin Kumo desu ga Uchi no ko no Tokyo revengers Eden zero Ijiranaide Slime taoshite Shaman king 2021 Seijo You can watch it in (Anime.Dao) Or In (

  • Kushagra Singh

    Kushagra Singh

    3 dni temu

    OPM new anime?

  • Kibruh
    Kibruh6 dni temu

    Yooooo!! My guy, could you please make a video about OMORI? It came out a couple months ago, and you could give it the recognition it deserves, cuz dammm it's a great game

  • Gorn
    Gorn6 dni temu

    Backflip sounds promising.I have no interest in gymnastics but alot of sports anime were the same for me and i still enjoyed them alot.

  • Ritsu Boii
    Ritsu Boii6 dni temu

    Three things to just watch here that's interesting to your eternity, 86, and odd taxi

  • Jitszu
    Jitszu6 dni temu

    Shadows House is the sleeper hit of the season for me.

  • Iceman
    Iceman6 dni temu

    Great 👍🏻 video nice 👍🏻 hype!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nishant Kadlak
    Nishant Kadlak6 dni temu

    Odd taxi is my fav this season

  • Andrea De Angelis
    Andrea De Angelis6 dni temu

    I'm watching Don't Toy With Me Miss Nagatoro, Burning Kabaddi, Backflip!, Pretty Boy Detective Club, Tokyo Revengers and To Your Eternity. The latter two are just amazing; PBDC have stunning visuals and An interesting style; Backflip is loveable; Burning Kabaddi is pretty fun so It's easily watchable; and Miss Nagatoro I didn't like at first and was actually pissed by all the bullying, but after 3 episodes now I think and hope the goal of the series will be to condamm bullyism and teach how to deal with it

  • olbod1400
    olbod14006 dni temu


  • Midnight Marauder
    Midnight Marauder6 dni temu

    Is it just me or is anime getting ridiculously good on a super consistent basis

  • Blahbox Drawz
    Blahbox Drawz6 dni temu

    I recommend Godzilla Singular Point The characters are really likable, the fights are awesome as always It’s just good

  • Kyle Clark
    Kyle Clark6 dni temu

    Super Cub has that "Laid back camp" kind of feel to it. Each episode is just a relaxing adventure on the cub.

  • Singo Sudiro
    Singo Sudiro6 dni temu

    u r talking way too much. strict to the point.

  • Soibeni Bazie
    Soibeni Bazie6 dni temu

    what is the anime on 0:17

  • A Sad Potato
    A Sad Potato6 dni temu

    I already use nord vpn ._.

  • FullMetal Atheist
    FullMetal Atheist6 dni temu

    Wait, The Promised Neverland was cancelled?

  • Keidon Shi
    Keidon Shi7 dni temu

    "Demon lord real estate agent"...?

  • Mousa Almukahal
    Mousa Almukahal7 dni temu

    Odd taxi is pooooog

  • Vadercon
    Vadercon7 dni temu

    Vivy - Great show. You are the second reviewer I've watched that has said it's good, but the time jumps and flashback transitions could be a little smoother. Nagamoto - pfft. No comment 86 - derivative, but you knew that. Kind of clishe and boring honestly. Mars Red - Visually, it's pretty. Artsy and weird and waiting for the plot to go somewhere? Anywhere...? Od TAxi - Haven't seen it...yet. MB is the second person give it a positive response. PDC - eh...meh. Not my kinda show so dunno. Those Snow Wite nnotes- OK, ok..I'll watch it. Backflip!!- ANOTHER sports anime? Tokyo Revengers - Just don't like the animation style tbh. To Your Eternity - ON my to do list. TRPG is even Shh!T!er that real LIfe - So far, I like it. THe Saint's Magic Poer... - LIke it so far. Joran - Eh..yeah, well..I Like it better than MArs Red.

  • LiveInTheRhythm
    LiveInTheRhythm7 dni temu

    Is 86 Ender's Game??