[ 8K ] GOT7 "Breath (넌 날 숨 쉬게 해)" Dance Practice


[ 8K ] GOT7 "Breath (넌 날 숨 쉬게 해)" Dance Practice
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  • Turkısh Ahgase
    Turkısh AhgaseGodzinę temu

    Mükemmel koreografii

  • sol solecito
    sol solecito10 godzin temu

    Love 👏🏼

  • Bad Captain
    Bad Captain12 godzin temu

    I'm looking for Jaebeom's comment omg

  • Mia Merez
    Mia Merez13 godzin temu

    Wahhh the choreographyyyyy 😍❤️🤘

  • Eurie Mytchell Arriola
    Eurie Mytchell Arriola15 godzin temu

    I'm literally getting curious because of their outfits, what's the real weather? jkjkjkjk

  • jnls
    jnls18 godzin temu

    wait i just realised mark was wearing no fake friend’s hoodie 😳

  • Gabriela
    Gabriela20 godzin temu

    I just know that the switch version of this would be chaotic but totally worthy

  • Shaira Alyza Serrano
    Shaira Alyza Serrano22 godzin temu


  • def: ur leadernim
    def: ur leadernimDzień temu

    yes, still here.

  • Nisa Yougii
    Nisa YougiiDzień temu

    My love

  • 7forigot7
    7forigot7Dzień temu

    jaebeom dijo que stream breath

  • Fitri YA
    Fitri YADzień temu

    can't take my eyes from park jinyounggg🥺

  • หนึ่ง วีไอพี
    หนึ่ง วีไอพีDzień temu


  • Patricia Cruz Herrera
    Patricia Cruz HerreraDzień temu

    Mark and Youngje laughing

  • H.
    H.Dzień temu

    Their individual styles are so unique

  • Last Piece
    Last PieceDzień temu

    I miss them together

  • wdz
    wdzDzień temu

    1:09 smoother than butter

    MINI VLOGSDzień temu

    How many of you came back to watch this after seeing jayb has commented under this video ??!

  • lonelypotato jin never found

    lonelypotato jin never found

    Dzień temu


  • anna iqan
    anna iqanDzień temu

    datang kesini buat liat komen jayb 🤣💚

  • M&D
    M&DDzień temu

    got7 for ever 😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍

  • M&D
    M&DDzień temu


  • azra aghajani
    azra aghajaniDzień temu

    It made my eyes feel blessed

  • jojo chy
    jojo chyDzień temu

    for mee this is their coolest dance everrr

  • Dandelion Bam
    Dandelion BamDzień temu

    a moment of silence to the ones who coming back here cause jayb comment👀

  • Miray Çelik
    Miray ÇelikDzień temu

    Even if you don't see their faces you know who is who. Because their style is unique

  • R D
    R DDzień temu

    still, bambam in a freakin gucci tracksuit for a dance practice is iconic

  • snow fall
    snow fallDzień temu

    Leader commenting on got7 videos :')

  • curiousdef
    curiousdefDzień temu

    If you looking for Lim Jaebeom comment , 13th replied after my comment :D

  • so what?
    so what?Dzień temu

    where is JayB's comment T_T

  • curiousdef


    Dzień temu

    12 comment under yours

  • Friendly Friend
    Friendly FriendDzień temu

    miss them together.... :'(

  • Safira Alifia Husna
    Safira Alifia HusnaDzień temu

    Leadernim... I miss youu

  • Dina Riski
    Dina RiskiDzień temu

    Jayb is here guys so we must str3am

  • def cnvs
    def cnvsDzień temu

    I'm looking for jaebeom's comment:

  • jennie v

    jennie v

    Dzień temu

    Mee too!!!

  • def cnvs

    def cnvs

    Dzień temu

    @Dina Riski already find it^^

  • Dina Riski

    Dina Riski

    Dzień temu

    Hhahha me too

  • HB
    HBDzień temu

    Lol..I'm looking for Jay B's comment

  • Tessa W
    Tessa WDzień temu


  • Isabeomars A
    Isabeomars ADzień temu

    JAY B in the house

  • Jackie 0
    Jackie 0Dzień temu

    Here to see JayB comment

  • ana bia
    ana bia2 dni temu

    is this... one of the best dance practice videos in kpop history? i think so

  • jaera park
    jaera park2 dni temu

    I just want to know what is the room temp there...

  • Kath Diaries
    Kath Diaries2 dni temu

    missing GOT7

    JAE BEOM LIM.2 dni temu

    오랫만에 보는데 좋구만...

  • Ali-li Bashier

    Ali-li Bashier

    15 godzin temu

    Stop.. my baby is missing his brothers 😭💔

  • Namfon Thaipranee

    Namfon Thaipranee

    15 godzin temu

    Jaebom ~~`~`~~

  • Namfon Thaipranee

    Namfon Thaipranee

    15 godzin temu


  • Eurie Mytchell Arriola

    Eurie Mytchell Arriola

    15 godzin temu

    JAEBUM AH post a video on you yt channel when you're free bestie

  • Andy Ahgase

    Andy Ahgase

    16 godzin temu

    That´s my idol

  • Hndm
    Hndm2 dni temu

    2:19 LOOK YUGYEOM! 💚

  • Rekha ekka
    Rekha ekka3 dni temu


  • Sulliminmin
    Sulliminmin3 dni temu

    I miss them so much 🥺

  • fuzna ruhana
    fuzna ruhana3 dni temu

    miss them.

  • 성지연
    성지연3 dni temu


  • 성지연
    성지연3 dni temu


  • Robin Cagas
    Robin Cagas4 dni temu

    Jackson and Bambam dancing skills is like a uggh wala aking masabi ang galng nila😍👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏾

  • jaera park
    jaera park5 dni temu

    They look exactly the seven ideal boyfriends I'll never have.

  • 전정국김석진
    전정국김석진6 dni temu

    1:20 tt twice 이미 난 다 컸다고 생각하는데

  • Jahsjdhjsbbx
    Jahsjdhjsbbx6 dni temu

    2:02 how jackson turn that fast 😭😂

  • Jahsjdhjsbbx
    Jahsjdhjsbbx6 dni temu

    i love this choreography

  • Verriana Nicole
    Verriana Nicole7 dni temu


  • namuun altantsooj
    namuun altantsooj7 dni temu

    ahgase, igot7 not fandom.We're big family💕

  • the blue spirit
    the blue spirit8 dni temu


  • Gülşah Nur
    Gülşah Nur9 dni temu

    I MISS YOU BOYS GOT7 ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  • s f
    s f9 dni temu

    Miss u all 😭

  • ArohAhgase Baymax
    ArohAhgase Baymax10 dni temu

    missing these dorks..

  • Speak of the Devil
    Speak of the Devil12 dni temu

    Ughhh. How do you guys do this ??? I'm not a K-pop fan and I'm having a hell of a time trying to figure out who's who. When you guys say that JB is dressed like a rapper...what exactly do you think a rapper dresses like ? Which one is he ? I can't tell without the overly bouncy hair ??? 😭😭 I'M SO FUCKING FRUSTRATED

  • Vidhi Punjabi

    Vidhi Punjabi

    12 dni temu

    JB is the one with Khaki pants 😊 Also, Don't worry, at first it was difficult for me to differentiate too, but you'll get it with time! Dont sweat it, just enjoy this masterpiece 😊

  • Fer Valencia
    Fer Valencia12 dni temu

    they’re all just smiling it’s so cute LOL

  • GinnyGae
    GinnyGae13 dni temu

    i miss these boys so much!!!

  • Thon Sokha fiya
    Thon Sokha fiya13 dni temu

    love you got7

  • Thon Sokha fiya
    Thon Sokha fiya13 dni temu

    i am going to miss all there dance video

  • Thon Sokha fiya
    Thon Sokha fiya13 dni temu

    they all have different style

  • Rencel Nido
    Rencel Nido13 dni temu


  • ahsa
    ahsa14 dni temu

    they vibing.

  • Liliane Rocha
    Liliane Rocha14 dni temu


  • lullabysvn
    lullabysvn14 dni temu

    yugyeom's fit is a whole ass VIBE!! his hair as well- goddamn this man is handsome

  • JAY B - iGOT7
    JAY B - iGOT715 dni temu

    7 dancers

  • Fernanda Bermudes
    Fernanda Bermudes15 dni temu

    please i need jackson and jb collaboration!!!!!

  • Fernanda Bermudes

    Fernanda Bermudes

    13 dni temu

    @JAY B - iGOT7 yes i heard it but i want something more...with choreo dance mv.... everything!!!

  • JAY B - iGOT7

    JAY B - iGOT7

    15 dni temu

    There's a song for both of them (U and I)

  • Nightfury
    Nightfury16 dni temu

    That hand fan

  • A Z
    A Z17 dni temu

    They're enjoying themselves 🥺

  • Callioape imagination
    Callioape imagination18 dni temu


  • Rafaela Souza
    Rafaela Souza18 dni temu

    A sincronia do Got7 é impressionante

  • 갓세븐
    갓세븐19 dni temu

    Bambam: can i borrow your pajama bro? Jaehyun: of course bro!

  • ChaeTV
    ChaeTV20 dni temu

    Who is that guy wearing white t shirt and dark blue jacket??

  • ChaeTV


    19 dni temu

    @Sardines and pyjamas thank you

  • Sardines and pyjamas

    Sardines and pyjamas

    19 dni temu

    That's Park Jinyoung

  • GOT7 for 7
    GOT7 for 722 dni temu

    I love this coreo soooooo much 😍💚💚💚

  • Atik Setyoningsih
    Atik Setyoningsih23 dni temu

    Rinduuuuuuuu bangeetttttttt

  • ChiM
    ChiM23 dni temu


  • SS For 7
    SS For 723 dni temu

    Breath choreo look like they are Fighting wth each other thats why its nt sync most of the time, then when the choreo sync Its after their meaningless fight😂

  • Third Samson
    Third Samson23 dni temu

    JB is my favorite dancer

  • Dani The Foodie
    Dani The Foodie23 dni temu

    I miss them..

  • Shaina Enriquez
    Shaina Enriquez24 dni temu

    Different outfits, different styles and personalities

  • lonelypotato jin never found
    lonelypotato jin never found24 dni temu

    Have to pass my project today but I'm so not ready that I'm getting mentally ready for a disappointed look of my teacher by rewatching Jaebeom's part...

  • Jada Parks/Villanueva
    Jada Parks/Villanueva24 dni temu


  • Hodi Gall
    Hodi Gall25 dni temu

    I just miss got7 soo muchhhh, im crying😭

  • Syd Deng
    Syd Deng26 dni temu

    I'm here again.

  • farah arisha
    farah arisha27 dni temu


  • Rochelle Araga
    Rochelle Araga27 dni temu

    Officially lost track on how many times I’ve watched this, so aesthetically pleasing.

  • Aliyeva Noor
    Aliyeva Noor28 dni temu

    Omg its perfect 💕

  • Flower White
    Flower White29 dni temu

    Guys, we are getting better content since they are all free, just one example there are subs in many languages( chinese, thai ,french, spain, turkish etc more than 10 ) in the behind the scenes of ENCORE mv

  • Flower White
    Flower White29 dni temu

    GOT7 have new youtube, channel let s support and stream ENCORE mv, also subscribe to members personal channels JAE BEOM LİM, Mark Tuan, TEAMWANG, BamBam SPACE💚💚💚💚💚💚💚

  • Naziha Irfan
    Naziha Irfan29 dni temu

    the personalities coming thru their outfit 😂

  • Mariana Domingues
    Mariana Domingues29 dni temu

    Maior do mundo!!!

  • 陳麗真Eye Of Beast 2007 Action Horror
    陳麗真Eye Of Beast 2007 Action HorrorMiesiąc temu


  • 陳麗真Eye Of Beast 2007 Action Horror
    陳麗真Eye Of Beast 2007 Action HorrorMiesiąc temu

    جمال الشباب مرحبا ، أتمنى لك السعادة ، السعادة ، الميمون ، السلام والسعادة ، أزهار الربيع الدافئة تتفتح ، أتمنى لك التوفيق ، الفرح ، الميمون ، الراحة ، الجمال والعذوبة ، وضعك الراقص هو الأفضل ، الجميل والمؤثر ، ووترات القلب ، youku ، متفجر ، قوي ، قوي ، قوي ، مثالي ، ورائع

  • A R
    A RMiesiąc temu

    0:49 my favorite part 💘

  • 신문부 현수
    신문부 현수Miesiąc temu

    뭐냐뭐냐 처음에 영재랑 진녕이 뭐냐 왜 너들끼리 웃냐... 나도 알려조

  • Tinh Poo
    Tinh PooMiesiąc temu

    Got7💚igot7 forever

  • Ami A
    Ami AMiesiąc temu

    GUYS GO SUBSCRIBE TO GOT7’s NEW CHANNEL: plclip.info/run/NtZPzvkjjB3EuPMNY71cmA