The iPhone XR Drop Test...I Didn’t Expect This

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I had to drop test the new iPhone XR vs iPhone XS Max to see how a durability test would go! The aluminum build on the XR vs the steel on the XS makes both flagship smartphones weird. For $750 the iPhone XR is cheaper but I didn’t expect this to happen…
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The iPhone XR has an all-screen LCD 6.1-inch liquid retina display, with multi-touch technology and an IP67 water resistant rating. The XR uses an A12 Bionic chip to take photos with the 12MP wide-angle rear camera, which shoots at f/1.8 aperture. It has optical stabilization, a digital zoom of up to 5x and a more advanced Portrait mode with bokeh and depth control, along with portrait lighting effects! The battery lasts up to 1.5 hours longer than the iPhone 8 Plus, so the upgrade is definitely worth it. The iPhone XR is running iOS 12, and comes in Product RED, Yellow, White, Coral, Black, and Blue.
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  • TechSmartt
    TechSmartt2 lat temu

    XR vs. XS Max drop test!!!

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    Dylan Dosanjh

    23 dni temu

    X-ray is way better

  • iDan Devices

    iDan Devices

    Miesiąc temu

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  • iDan Devices

    iDan Devices

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    iDan Devices

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  • iDan Devices

    iDan Devices

    Miesiąc temu

    @Nick Driskell no I’ll use whatever phone I like I’m not having an android

  • nick
    nick17 godzin temu

    How come people don't put a case on there iphone like me :)

  • lola Wilson
    lola Wilson23 godzin temu

    How to not break ur phone -put a case -put a screen protector -DONT DROP IT ON PURPOSE -buy a drop proof case which is better than a normal one

  • Pavao Mrazek
    Pavao MrazekDzień temu

    I would never leave iPhone unprotected! Like I didn't already pay too much for it.

  • Anas Khan
    Anas Khan2 dni temu

    Can u give me one device to check how strong is this

  • The anonymous Phoenix
    The anonymous Phoenix2 dni temu

    Bruh I walk past my room and throw my phone on my bed expecting it to land normally on the bed but it has different ideas and it bounces around and shatters on the floor?

    DANIEL JOHN2 dni temu

    Hello guys, if you need any help concerning your iPhone message Williams on WhatsApp +1 (208) 629-5780 he's a professional hacker

  • Dianaaa
    Dianaaa5 dni temu

    Parli troppo amico.. il video non è funzionale. Dovresti fare i drop test e non parlare mezz'ora ad ogni minima interruzione.

  • Mary Means
    Mary Means11 dni temu

    theres a thing called a hmmmmm A CASE

  • Your Editor
    Your Editor12 dni temu

    Me when I drop my XR: "I'm never gonna financially recover from this!"

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  • Malika Datoo
    Malika Datoo18 dni temu

    If you drop it in purpose it will not break

  • Kristopher D
    Kristopher D18 dni temu

    Get a case guys. Don’t risk it

  • Tri Tristan
    Tri Tristan18 dni temu

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  • Md Inam
    Md Inam19 dni temu

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  • mama milky
    mama milky20 dni temu

    Case. Screen Protector. All I gotta say

  • Angela B.
    Angela B.24 dni temu

    he be out there throwing iphones while i lay here wishing for one dood i just cant rn

  • dromakez doE
    dromakez doE24 dni temu

    brodie someone in need couldve used that

  • Jay Cee
    Jay Cee26 dni temu

    what you came for starts at 3:30

  • Josiah Fedock
    Josiah Fedock29 dni temu

    Why am I watching this I have the iPhone 12 Pro Max 😂

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  • Anne Sarmiento
    Anne SarmientoMiesiąc temu

    please give me iphone for vlogging. thankyou :)

  • iDan Devices
    iDan DevicesMiesiąc temu

    I have the red model and my mum has the white model

  • ProgrammerHut
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    Doesn’t anyone notice that he looks like an iPhone 11 with those sunglasses on his chest?

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    I smell baconMiesiąc temu

    So by your own logic because I don’t edit photos I’m not a real person?

  • Week Music
    Week MusicMiesiąc temu

    The fact that a iPhone is so strong until you accidentally drop it 🙄

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    Angelo R.Miesiąc temu

    That shirt is making me itch !! 😖

  • Jade Marie
    Jade MarieMiesiąc temu

    I love my xr other than the way that my 7+ had a better camera 😐

  • Samuel Holík
    Samuel HolíkMiesiąc temu

    You talk too much and drop too little

  • Toxic Coconut
    Toxic CoconutMiesiąc temu

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  • Salma Mn
    Salma MnMiesiąc temu

    Trust me or not i dropped my iphone xr by accident from the first floor but it's still working and it didn't break 😭😭 i was really surprised !

  • YRS Rose
    YRS RoseMiesiąc temu

    Hey can u please send me a phone or a laptop I need it for school and my family dont have any money and my device is being fixed and i costs 1000 dollars to be fixed so please help us out

  • xxunicondaverxx
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    hey keaton

  • mochiiquee
    mochiiqueeMiesiąc temu

    I drop my xr very day, my ant dropped her xs and it cracked a little bit so she went for the 11 pro max 😂

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    Instead of dropping it please donate it to me.

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  • xxDxolxphixn
    xxDxolxphixnMiesiąc temu

    The day my dad was gonna give me the 10s he dropped it in the shopping centre getting the iPhone 11 and the screen froze and was green like 👁️👄👁️

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  • Saffron Ridlington-White
    Saffron Ridlington-WhiteMiesiąc temu

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  • Saffron Ridlington-White
    Saffron Ridlington-WhiteMiesiąc temu

    Hi I am watching in my iPhone XR

  • It's Isla
    It's IslaMiesiąc temu

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  • •{It’s gachâ mïshä}•
    •{It’s gachâ mïshä}•2 miesięcy temu

    *poor IPhone*

  • Mia Odonnell
    Mia Odonnell2 miesięcy temu

    What if u have a shock proof case and screen protector like that also makes a difference and it only brakes like that when you purposely drop it

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    Sandy Eu

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    @Kumsari PAHAH okay, sit down babe 😌

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    umm we don't care

  • Elijah Huffman
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    you can also put a screen protector on the back

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    I want to drop my xr lol

  • Jay plays Games
    Jay plays Games3 miesięcy temu

    I suggest a 7 if your looking for something cheap it’s reliable and very durable I drop it a lot and I have no scuff marks at all had for a year but I do plan on upgrading to x or x r in a few months

  • Sparrow
    Sparrow3 miesięcy temu

    meanwhile androids being indestructible- iphones are way better, but like- My android got flung into a spinning ceiling fan, and flung into my wall across the room and back onto the floor and there wasnt a scratch on it and it wasnt effected at all- 💀🤚

  • D_LPS
    D_LPS3 miesięcy temu

    when u drop it for fun: *Doesn't break* when u accidentally drop it: *breaks* APPLE: *idk mate is just logic*

  • Rust
    Rust3 miesięcy temu

    put on a case Problem solved ;)

  • Rian Ball
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  • Astranyx
    Astranyx3 miesięcy temu

    I kid you not I freakin swung my iPhone XR around my room. It hit the wall and not a scratch. Apple... Kudos to you! (EDIT) Did not have a case at the time

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    I'm here watching on a note 20 just enjoying the destruction of iPhones as they know it

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  • Badmus Bola
    Badmus Bola3 miesięcy temu

    *My iCloud account was unlocked successful by jamihack9 on !nstagram, that man is the best*

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