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Check out the official Mortal Kombat Clip starring Lewis Tan! Let us know what you think in the comments below.
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US Release Date: April 23, 2021
Starring: Lewis Tan, Jessica McNamee, Josh Lawson
Directed By: Simon McQuoid
Synopsis: Earth's greatest warriors battle enemies from the Outworld to save the planet from total destruction.
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  • Randy Johnson
    Randy Johnson4 godzin temu

    This is one of my favorite seances

  • Mr fry
    Mr fryDzień temu

    I had a panic attack cause I started Kung fu lol now I’m better than my brother

  • Adrian Bowen
    Adrian Bowen2 dni temu

    I think being angry is being beautiful

  • stupidcakeboy
    stupidcakeboy2 dni temu

    Can't believe they made a whole movie based on a simple video game

  • Khaled Abokuhil
    Khaled Abokuhil2 dni temu


  • Malik Bagwala
    Malik Bagwala2 dni temu

    Man. The first 7 minute set this movie into its own league. Feels like an art movie.

    TMG TCG2 dni temu

    preseq for subzero & scorpion pls!!

  • Zelda Of Hyrule
    Zelda Of Hyrule3 dni temu

    The only good actors in this movie were Scorpion and Kano and Liu Kang. But Kano was the best one of all of them %100 Awesome.

  • TheReal Deal
    TheReal Deal3 dni temu

    The film is worth watching for nostalgia but overall its going to barely live up to the hype. 4 out of 10

  • Harry Cooper
    Harry Cooper3 dni temu

    Where can I watch this

    CINEFLIX4 dni temu

    if you write yourself on my channel

  • TransAm 2020
    TransAm 20204 dni temu

    I miss the good music during the fights like there was in the first 2 MK. It was a good movie tough.

  • Dan Baker
    Dan Baker4 dni temu

    Hanzo that still a thing? i am so old...and yet so childish

  • Doggey
    Doggey5 dni temu

    7:23 Dont get cocky so fast Bi-han :)

  • Books and Movies
    Books and Movies5 dni temu

    Oh my..... some much blood!!! I love ❤️ this so much action witty and gory yeah my type of movie!!!

  • C S
    C S5 dni temu

    Mortal Kombat new music is weak, I understand it is made on the basis of the old, but very weak, there is no cool effect. previously, when the music started immediately, the effect is so serezny, cool fight is expected and super chic sounded, the whole world was in love with the music of mortal kombat, and now it is weak and does not sound at all, this is not only my opinion, this is the opinion of all my friends and acquaintances, everyone says that the new film is good but the music is very weak, it does not sound

  • Riska Dan Madi
    Riska Dan Madi5 dni temu

    Joe Taslim

  • Miguel Hernandez
    Miguel Hernandez6 dni temu

    mooortal kombaaaaat turun turun turun tun tun

  • Gunn Kata
    Gunn Kata6 dni temu

    Plot hole, why didnt bihan get the mark when he killed hanzo?

  • Denis Lewis
    Denis Lewis6 dni temu

    Don't like any film versions of Mortal combat Animation is far better acting is zhit in the new Mortal Combat

  • Ash VRMediaCast
    Ash VRMediaCast7 dni temu

    Bi-Han: *threatening supervillain speech of triumph and gloating* Hanzo: "I don't know what you just said"

  • JaydoDre
    JaydoDre7 dni temu

    I always thought Scorpion was supposed to be the bad guy.

  • Qwyuil
    Qwyuil7 dni temu

    That heartbeat sound really sets the scene

  • Bisa
    Bisa7 dni temu

    the blood spray effects are a little over dramatic...

    RIVAL PLAYER X7 dni temu

    Maybe I missed it.. but can someone explain how Cole was a baby sister as a child..?



    7 dni temu

    Ahhhhhh thanks for that😅

  • PhluppeHimself


    7 dni temu

    Cole wasn't the baby. The fight at the start of the movie is set in the 17th century, 400 years before the main story in the movie. Raiden took the baby girl and hid it (somewhere?), that baby girl is cole's great-great-great-grandma. Cole and Scorpion are family, but there's 400 years between them. Sub zero could get that old because he works for Tsung who prolly gave him even more strenght/powers

  • Agan Saputra
    Agan Saputra7 dni temu

    Keren bang joe taslim nya

  • Ndena Adja
    Ndena Adja8 dni temu


  • Sunny Khan
    Sunny Khan8 dni temu

    Can someone link my mk mobile acc to mk11 console pleaseee

  • BlackBoy 27
    BlackBoy 278 dni temu

    Due to there being no actual tournament in this film, it was disappointing ☹️

  • Pélé Sync
    Pélé Sync9 dni temu

    After these 7 minutes, it's all down hill from there.

  • Nizer Weatherby
    Nizer Weatherby9 dni temu

    Is it just me or did it look like bi han was in pain when he was first learning how to use his Frost abilities?

  • Big Boy Animation
    Big Boy Animation9 dni temu

    The fight between subzero clan and hanzo was better then this movie in the anime movie, i am exited to see this movie but i dont think this movie will be better then the old movie of 1995

  • Rep_Joe_Walsh
    Rep_Joe_Walsh9 dni temu

    Great movie

  • HDtwist
    HDtwist9 dni temu

    The movie would have been better if they made it a metaphorical tournament instead of a literal one. Each fight should have a story behind it like Scorpion vs Sub Zero. Instead of a one day tournament why not make it transcend through time based on the characters storyline. And at the end of the movie show that the whole thing was being observed by the elder gods. They should have made the whole movie about Scorpion and Sub Zero.

  • Rifky Oye
    Rifky Oye9 dni temu

    Sub Zero ,amazing, epic, 10 thumbs up best of the best...🧊❄🧊❄🧊❄🧊❄🥰🥰

  • Narcotic Opium
    Narcotic Opium9 dni temu


  • Alucard Bionic
    Alucard Bionic10 dni temu

    Bi han speak chiness it is quanchi

  • Screwface Capital
    Screwface Capital10 dni temu

    Trash movie

  • ronnie allen
    ronnie allen10 dni temu

    Man Jackie chan already killed him in rush hour. How's he back

  • Matty Monticello
    Matty Monticello10 dni temu

    Well this scene was a lie lol. No wonder they only released this part first, this movie would be way better than the rest of what we got

  • Stuart Stanford
    Stuart Stanford10 dni temu

    I honestly can believe how terrible this film is!! One of the worse films ever. They have RUINED this. The first half hour is good with subzero the rest is awful.

  • Dr Blitz
    Dr Blitz10 dni temu

    the blood is like in those cheap syfy channel movies.

  • AH Designs
    AH Designs10 dni temu

    "The first 7 minuets" is the Only good minutes. Seriously! I'm not joking, the rest of the movie is a big joke. The biggest disappointment of my life. And the problem is; it had a potential to be an amazing movie and a big hit. Some cast were not even good for high school project. The story sucked and the budget went only on special effects only. Fighting scenes were kind of fake and it doesn't feel like the game at all. Music and sound design were done by amateurs. Any storyline in any of mortal Kombat games were way better than this film sequence. Any new director in a good film school would do way better than this director " Thank you for ruining this movie".

  • Wide Mouth
    Wide Mouth11 dni temu

    when he said BI HAN

  • Fish Sauce
    Fish Sauce11 dni temu

    This was the only good part of the movie ..... the rest suck!! SUCK!!! Where the FOck was the story!!! How the fock did the baby ended up in the USA!!!? Fokcen learn how to write a story!!!!

  • Munk81
    Munk8111 dni temu

    Something is wrong with Hiro Sanada's face in some of these scenes here, 5:25 here you can see he is normal and when he strikes and kicks he does facial expression but here 6:11 its like his face is totally dead like a mask no expression like cgi polished like they used some stunt double guy and cgi Hiro's face on him or something, also here 6:20 and here seems like a stunt double 6:03 , i dont know maybe i am wrong.

  • Jinty
    Jinty11 dni temu

    this was an amazing and sad movie i jus watched

  • AllThisStuff
    AllThisStuff11 dni temu

    as a die hard fan, dont go see this movie, it's so bad & a diservice to the franchise

  • White Ranger Tiger Power
    White Ranger Tiger Power11 dni temu

    Speaking of which I think I should check out fatality’s today

  • David Fallows
    David Fallows11 dni temu

    They should have kept this setting for the entire story. As soon as this ended the film went to complete garbage.

  • Jon Snow

    Jon Snow

    11 dni temu

    For real. So disappointing

  • Lobo The Main Man
    Lobo The Main Man11 dni temu

    For me this was a huge letdown... I was so pumped to see this movie, and the only good thing was Scorpion and Sub Zero, the editing was awful, the casting was meh... The CGI was ok i guess.. Overall overrated.

  • Jon Snow

    Jon Snow

    11 dni temu

    The editing was horrendous, so many freaking cuts. They should've just made the movie about Scorpion and Sub Zero

  • Gabriel Garcia
    Gabriel Garcia11 dni temu

    In mortal kombat 2 scorpion was the bad guy and subzero was the good guy.

  • Haven Tran
    Haven Tran11 dni temu

    They use all their budget in this scene, so the rest of the movie have to be tv quality.

  • Tyler Durden
    Tyler Durden11 dni temu

    Movie was ultra dissapointing

  • IF7


    11 dni temu

    I haven't watched it and probably won't even for free. I had zero expectations that this would mount to anything other than trash, despite this particular preview actually being dope!

  • BVBrocks927
    BVBrocks92711 dni temu

    Its like this scene is from a completely different movie cause the rest of it sucked

  • andre brown
    andre brown11 dni temu

    The movie sucked...major disappointment

  • Brien Bloomfield
    Brien Bloomfield11 dni temu

    This is the only 7 minutes worth watching. The film is terrible

  • Mr. Mister
    Mr. Mister11 dni temu

    After seeing the movie, I thought the dialogue was a bit cheesy but hey, its mortal kombat. It's supposed to be cheesy dialogue, epic fighting and lots of gore and this movie delivers.

  • 224wwefan
    224wwefan11 dni temu

    This guy is the asian version of Hector.

  • Fruitydc ri
    Fruitydc ri11 dni temu

    Watched it. It was bad... sad... action packed? 2 or 3/10 times. Rest are cheesy dialogues. Same league as Hollywood Dragonball or street fighter. Everyone speaks English, made for Westerners

  • The Creed
    The Creed11 dni temu

    to be honest the beginning of the movie looks something like a Ghost of Tsushima movie

  • Extra Strong
    Extra Strong11 dni temu

    I have watched this illegally. And no.....I'm not going to ask for refund. :P

  • J4IRU5 D4DDY
    J4IRU5 D4DDY11 dni temu

    Glad im still alive to see this. I spent my childhood playing mortal kombat ultimate on super nintendo. They finally got it right on this one. 🙏

  • Joey Blanco
    Joey Blanco11 dni temu

    This is the only part worth watching. The rest are waaaaaaaaaaaaay crap

  • Kwazimo Kava
    Kwazimo Kava11 dni temu

    This movie was a disappointment...3/10

  • Conall Ó hÓbáin
    Conall Ó hÓbáin11 dni temu

    I know how you feel, Scorpion. I know how you feel. 😔

  • Rudi Herdianto
    Rudi Herdianto11 dni temu

    Love Jo taslim

  • David Gallows
    David Gallows11 dni temu

    Yea, after the first seven minutes, the movie is a train wreck

  • Tharansis
    Tharansis11 dni temu

    It is so magical that daughter becomes son ... facepalm

  • NubbYD
    NubbYD11 dni temu

    Joe taslim meng GG

  • Concentrator
    Concentrator11 dni temu

    "What took them so long?"

  • Danny Navag
    Danny Navag11 dni temu


  • _6EQUJ5_
    _6EQUJ5_11 dni temu

    I loved this movie. No, seriously, it was great. However, there's this one part, one stinking goddamned part that... Why?

  • Street Jesus Ministry
    Street Jesus Ministry11 dni temu

    If scorpion spoke Japanese who taught him how to say “get over here” And will they reveal the guy who says “flawless victory” ..? 😉

  • Julien Diaz
    Julien Diaz11 dni temu

    kano was honestly the only thing I liked about the movie

  • Michael
    Michael11 dni temu

    So 2021 mortal combat is now released on PLclip. Just find the so called trailers in the right order 🤣

  • Marty Marty
    Marty Marty11 dni temu

    Waited so long for the movie, and the first 7 minutes was the best part. Other than that...GARRRRRRRRRBAGE. Cole young is the worst character in the movie. Story line is horrible as well. All the pointless and lamest characters that never even mattered. This movie is on the same level as Star ship troopers 4. They should’ve made MK rebirth real if Anything

  • Vicky Ghuman
    Vicky Ghuman11 dni temu

    the first 7 min of the movie were the best part about this movie

  • TankandSpank
    TankandSpank11 dni temu

    You know there's plenty of room in the black bars to put in sub titles, its hard to read white on white.... PRO TIP

  • Osman
    Osman12 dni temu

    movie is so bad

  • EL SaSarT
    EL SaSarT12 dni temu

    Dam sub zero he was my fav character in MC

  • lukas Van Der Westhuizen
    lukas Van Der Westhuizen12 dni temu

    The perfect Johnny Cage for the next movie will be Sage Northcut - Lets make this happen

  • Goran Trajanovski
    Goran Trajanovski12 dni temu

    The movie was terrible

  • Vuong Dinh
    Vuong Dinh12 dni temu

    too bad the covid 19 wont allow us to go see it

  • BG Ninja123
    BG Ninja12312 dni temu

    добър е!!

  • FlamingJoe Official
    FlamingJoe Official12 dni temu

    This movie is amazing I watched it yesterday night

    FLAWLSS112 dni temu

    This was the best part of the movie. Everything else was trash

    THE DECEPTICON FAN12 dni temu

    This movie was az cheeks...👎👎👎

  • Jared Wireman
    Jared Wireman12 dni temu

    Movie was ok

  • ItsGoodSuave
    ItsGoodSuave12 dni temu

    What else can I watch like this? Any movies someone can recommend that comes to mind

  • VasMasta
    VasMasta12 dni temu

    they had me sold on 7 min, the movie turned into complete pile of garbage 1 min later lol

  • Crazyslimz
    Crazyslimz12 dni temu

    fine i like the back story but honestly my opinion this movie still doesn't beat the original mortal kombat.

  • Marcio Soares
    Marcio Soares12 dni temu

    Foda! 👏👏👏

  • R G
    R G12 dni temu

    They should have call this movie scorpion and cole young’s revenge it had nothing to do with the tournament or the characters they play second fiddle to that new character cole young which was a terrible character he look so out of place in the movie

  • Prince Zane

    Prince Zane

    12 dni temu

    Luckily it'll be a sequel Actually I think it'll be a trilogy

  • ams342t0
    ams342t012 dni temu

    The movie in general starts off at a very high note but unfortunately tapers down after Scorpion's opening act and never reaches that same high note again. Even if they made Sub-Zero's fatality more spectacular it wouldn't have saved the dull ending from the specter of a sequel which became rather obvious even before Shang Tsung's last scene.

  • Aurion Blackfyre
    Aurion Blackfyre12 dni temu

    I’m gonna love this when it comes out but if it doesn’t have the original theme atleast once with “MORTAL KOMBAT” I’m gonna be annoyed

  • Captain Kurd
    Captain Kurd12 dni temu

    Just watched the movie. Not bad 10 out of 10 i would give 6

  • LegaL AmiGo

    LegaL AmiGo

    12 dni temu

    6 is too generous

    JAGUAR COSMIC12 dni temu


  • Here's Johnny
    Here's Johnny12 dni temu

    Hanzo having quality time with his family All MK fans: 👀

  • Keen Nickolas

    Keen Nickolas

    9 dni temu

    right in the feels ...



    9 dni temu


  • teioh
    teioh12 dni temu

    First 07:25 minutes = Scorpion Origins, rating 10/10 From 07:26 to 07:40 = 2020s MK remake, rating 6/10

  • C C

    C C

    12 dni temu

    Feels like the first scene was filmed by a different director. definitely 10/10. The rest of the movie took a U-turn.