Battlefield 4 had everything we needed...


Battlefield 4 really offered everything that makes Battlefield great. It wasn't perfect certainly, but even today it's a fantastic sandbox experience that stands the test of time. Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching.


  • Ryan Jansen
    Ryan Jansen10 godzin temu

    Battlefield may have lost its stride. But COD is on crack.

  • Keith Newberry
    Keith Newberry21 godzinę temu

    Lets be real you guys shit all over this game when it was released.

  • Ryan Hinson
    Ryan Hinson23 godzin temu

    So there’s two Easter eggs on the map because I know that there’s I like a yeti in the bath house on the hill but idk what the second one would be

  • Xpert Karma
    Xpert Karma23 godzin temu

    BF4 HAD? I'm still playing it as my main game with my friends.

  • CTxG Psylince
    CTxG PsylinceDzień temu

    BF4 still looks and feels better than CoD WZ.

  • Lester Rivera
    Lester RiveraDzień temu

    22 ping... explains a lot of your kills

  • Eddie Andino
    Eddie AndinoDzień temu

    3 is best. 4 is up there though.

  • Xela Oso
    Xela OsoDzień temu


  • Alfonso Chouhy
    Alfonso ChouhyDzień temu


  • Cidney Borges
    Cidney BorgesDzień temu

    So no ones gonna talk about how US is going against US

  • TheGamingGeek
    TheGamingGeekDzień temu

    I want battlefield 4 remastered

  • Mr.bossman
    Mr.bossmanDzień temu

    Undiscovered Easter egg? I really hope they tip us I wanna know

  • Hunter
    HunterDzień temu

    love the verbal "hello?" when entering a seemingly empty objective lmao

  • Santy Vieyra
    Santy VieyraDzień temu

    Jumped back to watch BF4 videos, this intro still makes me giggle.

  • MascoTix
    MascoTix2 dni temu


  • Oshura
    Oshura2 dni temu

    Battlefield 4 is easily the worst battlefield game

  • Gangleshmorp 1
    Gangleshmorp 12 dni temu

    I liked bf4 but bf1 was just the magnum opus of battlefield

  • Chillies Gaming
    Chillies Gaming3 dni temu

    7:27 Halo music? Edit: literally a couple seconds later he said it I feel stupid

  • Sofly25
    Sofly253 dni temu

    BF4 has the worsttttt campaign ive ever played but the multiplayer is nexted level

  • Bryan C
    Bryan C3 dni temu

    That ping? Where was the server in? Andromeda Galaxy?

  • Tim
    Tim3 dni temu

    If there wasnt the stupid punkbuster

  • ĸaѕperły
    ĸaѕperły3 dni temu

    Little Bird needs a nerf

  • MooShoo
    MooShoo4 dni temu

    I didn't start playing BF until BF1. Fucking wish I played BF4 at its peak

  • Ray Joestar
    Ray Joestar4 dni temu

    Guys should i buy btf4? Just got to battlefield recently and wanted to know if it's worth it

  • Skikopl
    Skikopl4 dni temu

    2 Million Ping lmao

  • double bigone
    double bigone4 dni temu

    Game has never even died, been playing it on and off for years now, whenever i get annoyed at another fps i always come back to bf4, best fps multiplayer period.

  • Gambit Killerbeats
    Gambit Killerbeats5 dni temu

    This was a perfect game. They should just remaster it with new engine and some new goodies.

  • Ghost 7132
    Ghost 71325 dni temu

    - Operation Locker/Metro - M320/GP-25 - XM25 airburst - RPG-7V2 - EOD Bot - Any LMG with a bipod - Any Shotgun - AEK-971 Damn those were the times

  • Alan Sebastian
    Alan Sebastian5 dni temu

    BF4 was the perfect game

  • Cael Caldwell
    Cael Caldwell6 dni temu

    I really hope this sparks the community to come back to BF4 I’ve been playing this game again after dropping it for the last 2 years

  • Endzik 1920
    Endzik 19208 dni temu

    Battlefield 4 it's very ugly on ps4 / xone, so no, it's not perfect :(

  • BOI No0k
    BOI No0k8 dni temu

    Apache Pilot was Epic! Straight downloaded bf4 again :)

  • scott quinn
    scott quinn9 dni temu

    yeah no it didn't, had too much of what we needed.

  • veryFamous
    veryFamous9 dni temu

    I brought a stella gaming laptop 32gb ram, the best nvidia card you can get and the best screen. I brought primarily for rust and dayz and I installed this and all graphics are ultra. Haven't played for 5 years and I got plenty of kills and I think the graphics helped

  • veryFamous
    veryFamous9 dni temu

    People who say COD is better have never played BF4

  • veryFamous
    veryFamous9 dni temu

    I downloaded other night on the strength of your other video. It was £4 on origin. Got absolutely ring raped in a map. Wasn't the best choice to jump back into bf4 but was still fun.

  • LuridFTW Gaming
    LuridFTW Gaming9 dni temu

    BF4 is what got me into the series. I just disliked how op tanks were with those thermal sights. Having an 80:2 conquest game wasn’t abnormal for me. Yes I disliked it but I couldn’t resist.

  • Kyler Mckay
    Kyler Mckay10 dni temu

    when he got cf4'd "nice, well played", when I get cf4'd *intense screeming*

  • Scott M
    Scott M11 dni temu

    Can't believe it's almost been a decade without a modern BF........

  • Pedro Fraga
    Pedro Fraga11 dni temu

    Tinha que ser um servidor Brasil... Mas alguém br aqui= curti!

  • Nathan Nicholson
    Nathan Nicholson11 dni temu

    dirty headshot hahahahahaha

  • Krushang patel
    Krushang patel12 dni temu

    Just sad couldn’t play this game when it was in its prime. Hope Dice makes bf6 just like bf4.

  • Devin insky
    Devin insky13 dni temu

    " I loaded up this game and i said...............this game is good...................." definition of this game

  • paul1979uk
    paul1979uk13 dni temu

    I really envy anybody who can play these games because they look so fun. After a year ive had to delete warzone because I still don't have a win and would even settle for a 3 kill loss. I am genetically incapable of playing these games.

  • DoctorORBiT
    DoctorORBiT14 dni temu

    Battlefield 4 looked so much fun that I got that Origin play thing. Never played it before, since I mainly played BC2 (which I got banned from for no apparent reason). It's a blast! :D

  • Riley Gibson
    Riley Gibson14 dni temu

    Your commentary is hilarious Jack!

  • Jordan Blankenship
    Jordan Blankenship15 dni temu

    I still miss 2142, port Bavaria, bridge at remagen, suez Canal, sidi power plant. Just such a different and iconic experience.

  • AlexHeartKill
    AlexHeartKill15 dni temu

    Dude if I didn't know about this game you could have told me it came out yesterday, and I would believe you!!! This game graphically still looks good...

  • ShitThe BedFred
    ShitThe BedFred15 dni temu

    I hope BF6 is cross platform like the more recent CoD games are... it would keep the game's lifecycle going waaay longer than it would otherwise!

  • Jared Thomson
    Jared Thomson15 dni temu

    Still looks better than warzone

  • Den
    Den17 dni temu

    why my servers are 1/64 and yours 62 64 64 64 64 64

  • Siveon Farcloud
    Siveon Farcloud17 dni temu

    This just makes me want to play Planetside 2

  • Phymatic
    Phymatic17 dni temu

    Something about BF4's gunplay always felt off to me. Loved the maps though. BF3 definitely my favourite though.

  • item
    item18 dni temu

    Is bf4 still active on ps4?

  • Worgan Freeman
    Worgan Freeman18 dni temu

    @4:46 you can't just do stuff like that come on! Give the rest of the world some chance will you hahaha

  • mr jack
    mr jack18 dni temu

    Man i miss battlefield 4 so much lol

  • aiden demayo
    aiden demayo18 dni temu

    The frags and jacks keep moving tracks ;)

  • Mister Owl
    Mister Owl19 dni temu

    you can find a propaganda map on xbox one ! I promise you should check it out

  • Alex
    Alex20 dni temu

    Should i buy enought on? Looks better than bf5

  • item


    18 dni temu

    Is it still active on ps4?

  • I_AcTiivE_x
    I_AcTiivE_x21 dzień temu

    the server with the 200million ping was located on mars

  • Daniel Bergamini
    Daniel Bergamini22 dni temu

    If battlefield 6 ain’t like this or better we are fucked

  • The Thing That Should Not Be
    The Thing That Should Not Be22 dni temu

    FALSE - cant cook a grenade in BF.

  • Marvin Wiik
    Marvin Wiik23 dni temu

    I play alot of bf3 still. gonna play bf4 also!

  • item


    18 dni temu

    Is bf4 still active on ps4

  • Leonard Müller
    Leonard Müller23 dni temu

    BF4 will always be the best FPS I ever played. -

    LDKPLAYZ23 dni temu

    Made some videos for BF4 when i was 12, please check it out

  • clockwork orange
    clockwork orange23 dni temu

    Has* .... still playing it on ps4 and loving it, tried bfv again and om i hate , the movement and way the guns are held are horrible

  • Louise Moreton
    Louise Moreton24 dni temu

    Time to install this game for the 8th time

  • Manny Calavera
    Manny Calavera24 dni temu

    BF3 and BF4 were so great. After that the series lost what made it great in my opinion. Most importantly that open sandbox feel.

    RECON SCOUT24 dni temu

    You have one of the most annoying voices ever..

  • geit523
    geit52324 dni temu

    What is better battlefield 3 or battlefield 4??

  • Taylor Brown
    Taylor Brown24 dni temu

    I downloaded it again Man it brings back some memories

  • Logan
    Logan25 dni temu

    They should just make BF6 a remake of BF4

  • J C
    J C25 dni temu

    I jus bought this game again yesterday

  • Brandon Piper-Andrews
    Brandon Piper-Andrews25 dni temu

    I miss this game. Battlefield please remake Vietnam and BF2. Just remaster them with the customisation.

  • Ben Bartenbach
    Ben Bartenbach26 dni temu

    The Ping is a Server from Elon Musk on Mars.... he is working on that!

  • Mo Geb
    Mo Geb26 dni temu

    They should remaster this game ❤️

    RUM REAPER26 dni temu

    What do you use to get such crisp recordings ? Thanks

  • Frenzy Nhi
    Frenzy Nhi26 dni temu

    I assume some of us are coming back after hearing the teasers for bf6

  • Κωνσταντίνος Ραφαήλ Γεωργέλης
    Κωνσταντίνος Ραφαήλ Γεωργέλης27 dni temu

    Who thinks battlefield is better than the new cod

  • Ryan Birr
    Ryan Birr27 dni temu

    God damn I miss battlefield

  • RoosterBoi
    RoosterBoi27 dni temu

    Oi i have funny BF4 clips

    NEMO BANDZ BEATS28 dni temu

    I’m so mad battlefield 5 was wack. I thought this was gonna be the Cod killer for sure. One of my favorite multiplayer games of all time

  • Mike Giorgianni
    Mike Giorgianni28 dni temu

    They were hosting the server from the ISS with that ping

  • Bobby Pork
    Bobby Pork28 dni temu

    It didnt have the cliff level to drive humvees off the cliff... Or the one where the hoverboats bring the Abrams tanks across the sea.... Fucking loved both BF3 and BF4; but, I like BF3s levels more...

  • Melvin Kohler
    Melvin Kohler28 dni temu

    bf4 the last game my father and i played together before he died. after that i coud not play this anymore. it was to painfull. still i have a lot of nice memories from it.

  • Patrico Fritz
    Patrico Fritz29 dni temu

    Someone help me I'm in love with Battlefield 4 and can't stop ..... Watching it

  • Alex Smith
    Alex Smith29 dni temu

    BF4, like the entire BF series, is fucking garbage.

  • FrAsS BrAsS
    FrAsS BrAsS29 dni temu

    this game is just hacker and abuse ...c4 from above and kill like this ...

  • Alec Ingersoll
    Alec Ingersoll29 dni temu

    Still play this game daily

  • Penga
    Penga29 dni temu

    That server must be in another Solar System lmfao

  • Estra Gon
    Estra Gon29 dni temu

    BF4 was the best

  • 4Heed Indeed
    4Heed Indeed29 dni temu

    Can't wait for Battlefield 6

  • Will Burton
    Will BurtonMiesiąc temu

    The guy u headshot at 4mins50 called hacks for sure🤣

  • Damianos Dimitris
    Damianos DimitrisMiesiąc temu

    I keep saying to people that there is nothing like BF4 out there right now.. I thought I was the only ! We are just so many omg !

  • Luciano
    LucianoMiesiąc temu


  • Jacob Baker
    Jacob BakerMiesiąc temu

    Server: 59/64 Also server: 0/64

  • jt
    jtMiesiąc temu

    BF4 was my first battlefield I owned I played the shit out of it on PS3

    FUEGOxGHOSTMiesiąc temu

    This map reminds me of BF1 Italian map


    First played this on ps3 then ps4. Had a blast, I would love to try it on PC.

  • Anton Jokela
    Anton JokelaMiesiąc temu

    Man i loved this game but forgot my account for origin xD