Top 10 Most Viewed KPOP Girl Groups of Each Year

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  • AE Top Musics
    AE Top Musics10 miesięcy temu

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  • Padmashekara Shetty K P Bengaluru

    Padmashekara Shetty K P Bengaluru

    Miesiąc temu

    Hi AE Top Musics I think thanks to your channel I got to know about gidle's latata and gidle....Now I stan them as neverland....They are the amazing group...Thank you for having latata has your intro🥰😘

  • Starry._k


    Miesiąc temu


  • Kpop Scenario

    Kpop Scenario

    3 miesięcy temu


  • 정보가 돈이다

    정보가 돈이다

    4 miesięcy temu

    제 채널에 합 4만원받을수 있는 이벤트 올려놨어요~ 2009

  • Kim Alsa

    Kim Alsa

    5 miesięcy temu

    Me too

  • Rodrigo Orjeda
    Rodrigo OrjedaDzień temu

    SNSD are and always will be the kings of K-pop❤❤❤

  • Glaizamarie Francisco
    Glaizamarie Francisco3 dni temu

    I'm a blink!🥰

  • Zarella Chavez
    Zarella Chavez4 dni temu

    What is the intro? (Song)

  • Yash Gaming
    Yash Gaming5 dni temu

    Yeah blackpink is best it is on 1st number each year😘😘

  • Deepali
    Deepali5 dni temu

    I just hope blackpink to have more comebacks . . . OMGod when are you going to listen to me!!

  • Japjeet kaur Gill
    Japjeet kaur Gill6 dni temu

    IN 2016- blackpink be like here is come kicking the door

  • Ruby Litra
    Ruby Litra6 dni temu

    Blackpink now have 800m on how u like that

  • Ruby Litra
    Ruby Litra6 dni temu

    Blackpink took over the kpop girl industry from 2016 their songs are not so loud or slow Im glad I found them

  • Totyqueenmeme Lovely
    Totyqueenmeme Lovely6 dni temu

    In itzy and blackpink part I was like HIT YOU WITH THe DU-DU-DUu m-m-m ...OH YEAH OH YEHHhH and I WANnA BE MeH mE MEeE

  • Senay Nuray
    Senay Nuray6 dni temu

    ■■■■■■ ■ ■ ■■■■■■ ■ ■ ■■■■■■ ■ ■ ■ ■■■■■ ■. ■ ■ ■ ■ ■■■■■■■■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■■■■■ ■ ■ ■■■■■ ■ ■ ☆ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■■ ■ ■ ■ ■ 《《Blackpink 》》

  • Senay Nuray
    Senay Nuray6 dni temu

    Blackpink in your area!

  • Ayesha the gamer girl
    Ayesha the gamer girl6 dni temu

    Blackpink is always on top yay

  • enerel naranbayr
    enerel naranbayr7 dni temu

    t-ara so cool

  • ot4 blink forever
    ot4 blink forever7 dni temu

    Blackpink Quenn

    IPSHITA SHARMA7 dni temu

    if you will bring top 100 most viewed kpop girl groups of each year i am sure most viewed girl group will be blackpink

  • hasna narjish oshmi
    hasna narjish oshmi8 dni temu

    My blackpink is everytime first,,,,

  • amanda ilangasinghe
    amanda ilangasinghe9 dni temu

    one and only BLACKPINK

  • Garahe Bike
    Garahe Bike9 dni temu

    BLACKPINK Song Timestamps: 11:09 - Stay 11:29 - Whistle 11:37 - Playing With Fire 11:57 - BOOMBAYAH 13:36 - As If It's Your Last 15:15 - DDU-DU DDU-DU 16:54 - Kill This Love 18:32 - How You Like That This is only for Blinks!

  • Thota Siva Prasad
    Thota Siva Prasad9 dni temu

    Blackpink is best

  • 딜리버리튜브
    딜리버리튜브10 dni temu

    이렇게 모아서 보니까 기획사마다 특징이 다 다르고 그룹별로 특징이 다 다르네 신기할 정도로 달라 ㅋㅋㅋ

  • Black pink forever 💖💖
    Black pink forever 💖💖10 dni temu

    Black pink i love


    i hate blackp###

  • Yağmur Okuyucu
    Yağmur Okuyucu11 dni temu

    Blackpink is the REVULATION!!! 💗🖤

  • Kimmunir Khan
    Kimmunir Khan11 dni temu

    Black pink is Queens of Queens 👑👑 no one can beat them😎😎. Queen Lisa😍😍. Queen jennie😚😚. Queen jisoo😙😙. Queen Rośe😘😘. # stan black pink 😚😘😙😗

  • shobhaverma
    shobhaverma11 dni temu

    East and West Blackpink is the biggest

  • Shalin Adhikari
    Shalin Adhikari12 dni temu

    Best is BlackPink. Who agree with me? like.

  • Atsuko Kagari
    Atsuko Kagari12 dni temu


  • Zyanne Alea Guantes
    Zyanne Alea Guantes12 dni temu

    twice and itzy ofc

  • Zyanne Alea Guantes
    Zyanne Alea Guantes12 dni temu

    twice ofc

  • Iwayan Kerta
    Iwayan Kerta12 dni temu

    Blackpink the Queen

  • Wardah's land
    Wardah's land12 dni temu

    The whole video in a nutshell *Blackpink demolished the charts *gidle, Blackpink and itzy are queens in everything *EVERGLOW are power singing queens *Hann was missing a demand hann *Mamamoo are vocal queens *izone disbanding is one of the worst *izone and oh my girl are aegyo queens

  • Wardah's land
    Wardah's land12 dni temu

    BOOMBAYA, KTL AND AS IF IT'S YOUR LAST HIT 1B LET'S GOOOOO well they hit as if it's your last 1b like 1-2 months ago and BOOMBAYA 4-5 months ago maybe even before that and KTL love 1b 7-8 months ago

  • Humi Aynan
    Humi Aynan13 dni temu

    Here after BLACKPINK owned top 4

  • Александр Долматов
    Александр Долматов13 dni temu

    If you believe this rating, then I'm torn between 2011 and 2018 😅 . In these years, there are 4 songs that I listen to regularly. And in the rest of the years, no more than 2 of my favorite songs.

  • K 2017
    K 201713 dni temu


  • Sheila Riveros toledo
    Sheila Riveros toledo14 dni temu

    Como sempre BLACKPINK mantendo seu devido distanciamento social 🖐🙈

  • 월산애
    월산애15 dni temu


  • Louis Henderson
    Louis Henderson15 dni temu

    2010 10. 2NE1 - If Hurts 09. F(X) - NU Abo 08. Miss A - Breathe 07. 2NE1 - Don't Stop The Music 06. 2NE1 - Can't Nobody 05. Girls Generation - Hoot 04. 2NE1 - Go Away 03. Miss A - Bad Girl, Good Girl 02. Girls Generation - Run Devil Run 01. Girls Generation - Oh! 2011 10. Miss A - Good Bye Baby 09. T-ARA - Roly Poly 08. F(X) - Hot Summer 07. T-ARA & Davichi - We Were In Love 06. Sistar - So Cool 05. 2NE1 - Lonely 04. Sistar19 - Ma Boy 03. KARA - Step 02. Girls Generation - The Boyz 01. 2NE1 - I Am The Best 2012 10. 4Minute - Volume Up 09. Sistar - Loving U 08. Miss A - I Don't Need A Man 07. Girls Generation - Dancing Queen 06. T-ARA - Sexy Love 05. 2NE1 - I Love You 04. Girls Generation - Twinkle 03. Sistar - Alone 02. F(X) - Electric Shock 01. Girls Generation - I Got A Boy 2013 10. 4Minute - Is It Poppin? 09. Girl's Day - Female President 08. 4Minute - What's Your Name? 07. Sistar19 - Gone Not Around Any Longer 06. Girl's Day - Expect 05. Crayon Pop - Bar Bar Bar 04. Sistar - Give It To Me 03. F(X) - Rum Pum Pum Pum 02. T-ARA - Number Nine 01. 2NE1 - Falling In Love 2014 10. AOA - Like A Cat 09. T-ARA - Sugar Free 08. Apink - Luv 07. Apink - Mr. Chu 06. AOA - Miniskirt 05. Girls Generation - Mr. Mr. 04. 2NE1 - Come Back Home 03. Sistar - Touch My Body 02. Red Velvet - Happiness 01. EXID - Up & Down 2015 10. Sistar - Shake It 09. EXID - Ah Yeah 08. Girls Generation - Catch Me If You Can 07. Miss A - Only You 06. Girls Generation - Party 05. Girls Generation - Lion Heart 04. Red Velvet - Ice Cream Cake 03. Red Velvet - Dumb Dumb 02. 4Minute - Crazy 01. TWICE - Like Ooh-Ahh 2016 10. G-FRIEND - Navillera 09. 4Minute - Hate 08. G-FRIEND - Rough 07. Red Velvet - Russian Roulette 06. BLACKPINK - Stay 05. TWICE - Cheer Up 04. BLACKPINK - Whistle 03. BLACKPINK - Playing With Fire 02. TWICE - TT 01. BLACKPINK - Boombayah 2017 10. Girls Generation - Holiday 09. EXID - D.D.D 08. Red Velvet - Rookie 07. Red Velvet - Red Flavour 06. Red Velvet - Peek-A-Boo 05. TWICE - Signal 04. TWICE - Knock Knock 03. TWICE - Heart Shaker 02. TWICE - Likey 01. BLACKPINK - As If It's Your Last 2018 10. Girls Generation Oh! GG - Lil Touch 09. (G) I-DLE - Latata 08. Mamamoo - Starry Night 07. Momoland - Baam 06. TWICE - Dance The Night Away 05. TWICE - Yes Or Yes 04. Red Velvet - Bad Boy 03. TWICE - What Is Love? 02. Momoland - Bboom Bboom 01. BLACKPINK - DDU-DU-DDU-DU 2019 10. Red Velvet - Zimzalabim 09. Mamamoo - gogobebe 08. EverGlow - Dun Dun 07. Mamamoo - Hip 06. Red Velvet - Psycho 05. ITZY - Icy 04. ITZY - Dalla Dalla 03. TWICE - Feel Special 02. TWICE - Fancy 01. BLACKPINK - Kill This Love 2020 10. Apink - Dumhdurum 09. Loona - So What 08. IZ ONE - Secret Story Of The Swan 07. Oh My Girl - Nonstop 06. IZ ONE - Fiesta 05. (G) I-DLE - Oh My God 04. EverGlow - Dun Dun 03. TWICE - More & More 02. ITZY - Wannabe 01. BLACKPINK - How You Like That

  • Winter Bear Tae
    Winter Bear Tae15 dni temu


  • Hodam Asharani
    Hodam Asharani15 dni temu

    Black pink😍😍😍

  • Aditi Tripathi
    Aditi Tripathi15 dni temu

    From 2016 BLACKPINK became a legendary group!!

  • Chae Lin
    Chae Lin15 dni temu


  • Ardan Özarın Kanalıcı
    Ardan Özarın Kanalıcı15 dni temu

    Blackpink: - MY LOVE is fire Me: - MY BLACKPİNK love fire ım so BLİNCK ❤️

  • Karan Kriplani
    Karan Kriplani16 dni temu

    Ice cream wasn't included !! 😬😬

  • Shared Cal
    Shared Cal16 dni temu

    Girls generations... nothing stand out. Miss-A... We gonna harmonize... girls generation... let's become women... 2014 on...LET THERE BE SKIN! Korea is ready!... let's get strained vocals and MORE SKIN... Red Velvet we can be relatable queens. Blackpink... HOOCH BADASS-ery... Girls Generation, lets be girls again! Twice...Bye Girls Generation. Mamamoo... You missed good harmonies huh, Dont worry, we have a swag rapper too. Twice..Still here. Red Velvet... Still rocking. (G)i-dle...We have creative freedom and write our own music.. Twice..."no" ofther mega groups, no. Red Velvet+MAMAMOO+BlackPink RUN it! ITZY, we aren't balanced but Blah, we Dalla dalla Twice... too many of us to make money so we keep working, YUJIN... SHOULDER DANCE challenge. This gen works hard!

  • Chaelisa-Blink-Jo🥝🍒
    Chaelisa-Blink-Jo🥝🍒16 dni temu

    blackpink with a song that comes out every year they become number 1. Blackpink your patrons 👑❤️

  • Glory Biswas
    Glory Biswas16 dni temu

    Iam proud be a blink 😇😇

  • Chaelisa-Blink-Jo🥝🍒
    Chaelisa-Blink-Jo🥝🍒16 dni temu

    Blackpink 👑❤️



  • Myo Lily
    Myo Lily17 dni temu


  • Mia Ngwenya
    Mia Ngwenya17 dni temu

    Ever since Blackpink debuted they got number 1 on literally every year

  • Mia Ngwenya
    Mia Ngwenya17 dni temu

    twice was rockin it in 2017

  • Sreenija Thota
    Sreenija Thota18 dni temu

    Black pink blink anyone. .🖤💕

  • Fanny F
    Fanny F19 dni temu

    indians present here✋

  • Fanny F
    Fanny F19 dni temu

    Army 💜💜💜💜💯💯💜💜💜

  • The Mete ¿ •-• #saveralph
    The Mete ¿ •-• #saveralph19 dni temu


  • kristineyein lili
    kristineyein lili19 dni temu

    BLackpink: 2016 to 2020 no. 1 in every music videos Blinks: *pretends to be shocked* wow we won AGAIN :)

  • mary ann ybanez
    mary ann ybanez19 dni temu

    👑 Twice

  • Sohee
    Sohee19 dni temu

    Los grupos enpesaron a incrementar sus vistas gracias a Blackpink 🖤💟

  • deggho
    deggho19 dni temu

    RIP banana chacha

  • Valter Melo
    Valter Melo19 dni temu

    Blackpink are the best 😍💛

  • Ayesha Siddiqua
    Ayesha Siddiqua19 dni temu

    Blackpink is the queen in most viewed MV BTS is the king in most viewed MV I am just telling I am not shipping them :)

  • Aquisha Kylie Parinas
    Aquisha Kylie Parinas20 dni temu

    Childhood memories:apink ❤️

  • Aquisha Kylie Parinas
    Aquisha Kylie Parinas20 dni temu

    Best memories:girls generation and 2ne1❤️

  • shine M. s
    shine M. s21 dzień temu

    Always Blackpink uyirrrrr😊😊😊😊😊😊

  • Pushkar OP Gaming
    Pushkar OP Gaming22 dni temu

    Legends only know these girls group who has been perfect girl power ❣️❣️ Blackpink Twice Itzy

    GIRLY AGUST D22 dni temu

    BLACKPINK IN [ After Their First Debut ] , 2016 = 1 Place 2017 = 1 Place 2018 = 1 Place 2019 = 1 Place 2020 = 1 Place In Up Coming Years... They Should Be Number 1 GG THEY ARE SUCCESS IN THEIR KPOP LIFE

    RŒYÄL PRÊDÆTŒR22 dni temu

    It is really funny how blackpink was in the most viewed list for literal 5 years

  • George Thomas
    George Thomas22 dni temu


  • Nora Kemner
    Nora Kemner22 dni temu

    2019: everglow and itzy entered the room

  • phil liu
    phil liu24 dni temu

    YG Forever

  • Sarveswararao Tammineedi
    Sarveswararao Tammineedi24 dni temu

    Black pink

  • Sammm .-.
    Sammm .-.24 dni temu

    Surprised I didn’t see K/DA on this list

  • Billie you
    Billie you24 dni temu

    Girls Generation ruled before black pink

  • Sostenes Almeida
    Sostenes Almeida24 dni temu

    2rd : 2NE1 and Girls generation 3rd: BLACK PINK, Twice and Red Velvet 4rd: AESPA and ITZY

  • •AnimeArigato•
    •AnimeArigato•24 dni temu

    Hah Blackpink Qweens😊

  • 짱몸매
    짱몸매24 dni temu

    블랙핑크는 1위를 해도 압도적으로 해버림!!

    ONCEBLINK25 dni temu

    Twice & blackpink the best girl group

  • Ga Hat
    Ga Hat25 dni temu

    Từ khi blackpink ra mắt các bài bài hát đều đạt top1 khủng quá

  • lita febriani
    lita febriani25 dni temu

    blackpink queen of kpop

  • Jennie. Irene
    Jennie. Irene25 dni temu

    Blackpink queen 👑👸

  • Jennie. Irene
    Jennie. Irene25 dni temu

    Blackpink best girls😘❤️

  • ivan ruiz
    ivan ruiz26 dni temu

    Fan del kpop así tenga 80 y hasta el último de mis dias

  • sanjeev Seesurn
    sanjeev Seesurn26 dni temu


  • Teemu Rinnesalmi
    Teemu Rinnesalmi26 dni temu


  • Blink forever
    Blink forever26 dni temu

    11:59-2016,13:36-2017,15:21-2018,16:54-2019,18:32-2020 these years blackpink was the No1 (most viewed MV of the year) from their debut 🥰😏💅 blackpink is the revolution ❤️

  • Jacob Macabante
    Jacob Macabante26 dni temu

    Blackpink always saying social distancing😩

  • Blink forever
    Blink forever26 dni temu

    Blackpink is the revolution ❤️🔥🥰😏💅

  • Yoon JeongMee
    Yoon JeongMee26 dni temu

    AOA- like a cat is 58,041,322 views !!!!! not only 5M !!!!!!

  • Akane Okamura
    Akane Okamura27 dni temu

    Twice is the best

  • Twicuphobia 나뭇 가지
    Twicuphobia 나뭇 가지27 dni temu

    Twice may not be in the top spot but they have atleast 2 mvs that is most viewed in every year

  • Admini G
    Admini G27 dni temu

    Blackpink is love but can we appreciate Twice they got more songs, Itzy, red velvet is super big rn

  • Blink forever

    Blink forever

    26 dni temu

    Cuz blackpink don't have so many mvs

  • Rokeya Azam
    Rokeya Azam27 dni temu

    My big sister is an army but i am an blink

  • Rokeya Azam
    Rokeya Azam27 dni temu

    Who is blink tell mr

  • 최문숙
    최문숙28 dni temu

    Why don't have La vie en Rose in 2019?? La vie en Rose is 149,188,880views

  • Shan Pandit
    Shan Pandit28 dni temu

    Blackpink from their debut they rank on no. 1 position...

  • Mir Sabbir
    Mir Sabbir28 dni temu

    Whats your intro music name. Please tell me 😊😊🎶🎶

  • Blackpinkjisoo bias
    Blackpinkjisoo bias29 dni temu

    From 2016, 1st place is occupied by BLACKPINK. Blinks: It's obvious right...

  • muneeba naveed
    muneeba naveed29 dni temu

    My fav blackpink