• Ms Fox
    Ms Fox13 dni temu

    Thanks for the kisses Kenji

  • Christopher Dominick
    Christopher Dominick13 dni temu


  • RobloxMaster Playz
    RobloxMaster Playz14 dni temu

    my AAA YOUR *ADORABLE* level is crazy

  • Liam Taylor
    Liam Taylor15 dni temu

    I'm a simple man, I see Kenji, I click 😄

  • I like food
    I like food15 dni temu

    Awww *Kenji starts licking* AHHHH NO! NO, KENJI PLEASE DON'T EAT ME!!

  • Weynner Guillen
    Weynner Guillen15 dni temu

    Who's A Cute Dog Kenji?

  • Anshuman Solanki
    Anshuman Solanki15 dni temu

    Hey, I just think the belt on his neck is too tight, can you please loosen it a bit

  • I like food

    I like food

    15 dni temu

    I was gonna comment that too

  • spiralo
    spiralo16 dni temu

    Pov:You are a piece of meat

  • Hello There
    Hello There16 dni temu

    The perfect animals ever

  • Shifsabre
    Shifsabre16 dni temu

    He's a criminal. Criminally cute.

  • Poke Master503
    Poke Master50316 dni temu

    Pov: you’re watching an apology video

  • Dos 34
    Dos 3416 dni temu

    Please untie him a little.His neck seems really thin

  • notagent
    notagent16 dni temu

    why do i feel like he is actually monching on my forehead

  • Fiery Foxfire
    Fiery Foxfire16 dni temu

    POV: Kenji is deciding which spice goes best with human flesh

  • GummyPop
    GummyPop16 dni temu

    alternative title: Kenji getting partners in crime for warcrimes

  • Teliu Productions
    Teliu Productions16 dni temu

    M. O. N. C. H.

  • shrirahul sp
    shrirahul sp16 dni temu

    I luv this 😍

  • Jacky Lam
    Jacky Lam16 dni temu

    Is it just me or does the collar look too tight?

  • Szymon Zagórski
    Szymon Zagórski16 dni temu

    Finally some good fucking channel

  • SolidAir Studios
    SolidAir Studios16 dni temu

    So flippin cute

  • spi ff
    spi ff16 dni temu

    Bro asmr

  • KriegLord
    KriegLord16 dni temu

    My life is complete. this is so incredibly cute

  • piyush goel
    piyush goel16 dni temu

    It just feels like kenji ate my soul.

  • Fim
    Fim16 dni temu

  • Mighty sun
    Mighty sun16 dni temu


    DEADSHOT16 dni temu

    He can monch you out of existence.......

  • Pablo Manzano
    Pablo Manzano16 dni temu

    this is just ASMR

  • somdutta nath
    somdutta nath16 dni temu

    Plz loosen his collar seems too tight

    LUKAC00LTV16 dni temu

    This is what dyeing feels like

  • Saneeka Haria
    Saneeka Haria17 dni temu

    Kenji Doing ASMR for the 1st ti e

  • Gray
    Gray17 dni temu

    Ah, it must taste like you.

  • No One
    No One17 dni temu

    Oxytocin blast

  • tobyvenom
    tobyvenom17 dni temu

    POV: You're a blueberry and Kenji has been told not to eat you

  • EndFox
    EndFox17 dni temu

    I feel like kenji and doge are distant cousins. They are both the same breed, they are meme dogs, etc (btw I’m just joking I’m not actually saying they are cousins)

    HYP3R G4MES17 dni temu

    kenji has your IP address, RUN

  • kris john
    kris john17 dni temu

    kenji is threatening us that he will eat us

  • NoOne
    NoOne17 dni temu

    I feel violated

  • Tormund GiantsBrain
    Tormund GiantsBrain17 dni temu

    This is legitimately nightmare fuel.

  • chocobear
    chocobear17 dni temu

    "Kenji eating human asmr video "

  • Vibhor Sharma
    Vibhor Sharma17 dni temu

    ASMR at its best 😂😂

  • spliter56_ Official
    spliter56_ Official17 dni temu

    Kanji is officially asmr creator! Keep going Kenji you are doing great

  • BX-7698
    BX-769817 dni temu

    Did kenji steal the camera

  • Umbrella Store
    Umbrella Store17 dni temu

    Shiba’s are derpy and cute by design

  • Hermitcraft Fan
    Hermitcraft Fan17 dni temu

    this would actually be terrifying in VR lmao

  • Kevin Odom
    Kevin Odom17 dni temu

    Huh, so that's what Armageddon looks like.

  • Kyler Ward
    Kyler Ward17 dni temu

    He attacc, he protecc, but most importantly... He want camera for snacc.

  • Wendy Bear
    Wendy Bear17 dni temu

    I wanna boop that snoot!!! He’s so adorable!

  • •
    17 dni temu


  • potato
    potato17 dni temu

    fun fact :- kenji has discovered how to turn on the camera

  • Mini Zem
    Mini Zem17 dni temu

    Kenji ASMR

  • Slawarth
    Slawarth17 dni temu

    Don't eat me mr. Kenji

  • Rolphin5540
    Rolphin554017 dni temu

    He started to vlog on his own sheeee

  • Rolphin5540
    Rolphin554017 dni temu

    Kenji can I get an owa owa

  • Mr Doland Trump.
    Mr Doland Trump.17 dni temu

    I really felt those kisses 🥰

  • BloodhoundPreston
    BloodhoundPreston17 dni temu


  • BoredSathvik
    BoredSathvik17 dni temu


  • Trouble Shooter
    Trouble Shooter17 dni temu

    Kenji - The Man Eater.

  • Stinky soup
    Stinky soup17 dni temu

    Kenji stay blessing our days

  • Zealous!
    Zealous!17 dni temu

    god that collar makes it look like his head is separated from his body 😂😂😂

  • Treshan Fernando
    Treshan Fernando17 dni temu

    POV: You're a victim of Kenji's war crimes

  • SpoiledMilk
    SpoiledMilk17 dni temu

    _This makes my forehead feel tickle-ish_

  • Don't Speak To Electrohead
    Don't Speak To Electrohead17 dni temu

    Kenji transmits his next crimes to his followers

  • Alice Fedele
    Alice Fedele17 dni temu

    he cabbaged us

  • Stop & Think
    Stop & Think17 dni temu

    Put this in the aminal ASMR archive

  • Oh my god Becky
    Oh my god Becky17 dni temu

    I want to be that camera

  • Miguel
    Miguel17 dni temu


  • Trí Minh
    Trí Minh17 dni temu

    Remove Kenji's collar , please !

  • Soni Singh
    Soni Singh17 dni temu

    Monchy boi

  • Twin Plays ROBLOX Bugoy Agapito
    Twin Plays ROBLOX Bugoy Agapito17 dni temu

    Plot twist 1: He is a human/camera eater Plot twist 2: There is food/fruit on the camera.

  • Bean The Suit Shiba
    Bean The Suit Shiba17 dni temu

    monch indeed

  • Ren
    Ren17 dni temu

    Rare footage of kenji locked in prison

  • Kylie
    Kylie17 dni temu

    It is a great honour to be monched by Kenji 😌

  • Ivander Keynan • 14 years ago
    Ivander Keynan • 14 years ago17 dni temu

    I think kenji will "chop chop monch monch" the camera so he will get into the jail 🤣

  • Muk
    Muk17 dni temu

    POV: You are Kenji’s next victim

  • I BlOcK bAllZ
    I BlOcK bAllZ17 dni temu

    If I'm gonna die, this is how I wanna go

  • bird uwu
    bird uwu17 dni temu

    POV: ur bone

  • One Bald Man
    One Bald Man17 dni temu

    ,,Ey, u got some flippin cheese?''

  • Half of Dumpling
    Half of Dumpling17 dni temu

    This will get him out of doggo prison because of his cuteness

  • Sandy Brown
    Sandy Brown17 dni temu


  • Elle_Boay
    Elle_Boay17 dni temu

    So curious

  • Sylva Farrar
    Sylva Farrar17 dni temu

    I was instinctively closing my eyes like Kenji was actually gonna lick my face

  • Michael Edmunds
    Michael Edmunds17 dni temu

    Kenji's video editing skills have improved, I see.

  • gigitrix
    gigitrix17 dni temu

    Dark Souls: "You Died" just writes itself

  • Channel Need Attention
    Channel Need Attention17 dni temu

    Why you monching the phone kenji😂

  • Manteigo
    Manteigo17 dni temu

    POV: You are in heaven

  • gamer_jucie juice
    gamer_jucie juice17 dni temu

    POV: you're a mango

  • Mia Vee
    Mia Vee17 dni temu

    This is the soothing KSMR content I crave

  • Jon
    Jon17 dni temu

    Who else likes their new home inside kenjis body

  • Uma loli qualquer :3
    Uma loli qualquer :317 dni temu

    Kenji ASMR

  • Glenn Laroche
    Glenn Laroche17 dni temu

    Mango no longer satiates this supervillainous beast. He now requires hooman flesh to fill his evil appetites.

  • Alter Ego Carson
    Alter Ego Carson17 dni temu

    Kenji ASMR

  • Luischaboii
    Luischaboii17 dni temu

    no joke all day I've been saying MONCH. am I a psychic??????????????

  • Juan Fazbear
    Juan Fazbear17 dni temu

    Kenji: REPORTING TO HQ, REPORTING TO HQ **1 second later** Kenji: how does human devices work

  • LemiaSerenDipity
    LemiaSerenDipity17 dni temu

    POV: you’re a piece of food on the floor

  • Fubar Gavin
    Fubar Gavin17 dni temu

    Yoooo we’re being vored

  • Lucasios 9
    Lucasios 917 dni temu

    POV: It's 8 AM and you own Kenji

  • Johanna Blahut
    Johanna Blahut17 dni temu

    Kenji ASMR?

  • Spring Isimeria
    Spring Isimeria17 dni temu

    pov: your laying on the ground after kenji has stabbed you and are bleeding out.

  • your normal youtuber
    your normal youtuber17 dni temu

    Pov: you are kenji's dinner

  • RinneEdo
    RinneEdo17 dni temu

    Pov: you're a blueberry