The Best Upcoming ACTION Movies 2021 (Trailers)


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Included in this compilation are
00:00 The Best Upcoming ACTION Movies 2021 (Trailers)
00:03 Wrath of Man
02:25 Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard
04:21 Fast & Furious 9
07:32 Those Who Wish Me Dead
09:59 Top Gun 2: Maverick
12:11 Tom Clancy's Without Remorse
14:13 The Suicide Squad
16:57 Black Widow
18:49 Free Guy
21:16 The King's Man
23:27 Mortal Kombat
25:45 Dune
28:42 The Batman
31:00 Godzilla vs Kong
33:18 Jungle Cruise
35:12 Morbius
37:45 Vanquish
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  • Why You Trippin' Deebo
    Why You Trippin' Deebo5 godzin temu

    I remember when The Fast and The Furious movies used to be about cars....

  • Alex Taylor
    Alex Taylor5 godzin temu

    so many interesting trailers and cinemas are still closed due to paranoia hahaha, nice try

  • Uniklaire Plays
    Uniklaire Plays5 godzin temu

    37:12 Spiders Got A New Villiaim

  • Devhan Bohman
    Devhan Bohman6 godzin temu

    In one of the scenes in the Morbius trailer, you can see a painting of Spiderman with the word MURDERER written over it in white paint in the background.

  • Jason Al
    Jason Al10 godzin temu

    good DC..PLS PLS KEEP IT DARK!!..ILL go see this one!!

  • Jason Al
    Jason Al10 godzin temu

    wheres johnny cage?!?!!?

  • Jason Al
    Jason Al10 godzin temu

    hell the angelina jolie movie looks better even...:/

  • Jason Al
    Jason Al10 godzin temu

    can they redo the suicide a not so marvel way?? Its pretty stupid tbh...Make it like the cartoons..More adult and serious..Its better!!!..Wait to ruin it..:/..That witch was so awesome too...What a shame..:(

  • Jason Al
    Jason Al10 godzin temu

    the suicide squad cartoons were awesome..The movies ..not so much

  • Jeffrey Richardson
    Jeffrey Richardson11 godzin temu

    brinks security timothy brechts purity work place surety

  • Jesus Souless
    Jesus Souless18 godzin temu

    That villain in batman has to be HUSH! His childhood friend.

  • Barry Donnelly
    Barry Donnelly18 godzin temu

    Wheres army of the dead

  • Carlo Damaso
    Carlo Damaso18 godzin temu

    5:07 15:56 This is interesting F9 and Suicide Squad got their own narrator.

  • Kaboom Coba
    Kaboom Coba20 godzin temu

    About time, Mobius! I have been reading comic books of this blood drinking hero since I was a kid. For some, a anti-hero. While others think he is an angel. ;D

  • Federigo de la zion
    Federigo de la zion20 godzin temu

    TC no remorse looks like a mediocre action movie

  • Johnny Q
    Johnny QDzień temu

    How many times can Statham make the exact same movie?? Talk about one dimensional actor!! Dont get me wrong some movies are really good (not any of the FaF ones) but it gets old seeing him do the same thing over and over again

    SOBER AUBDzień temu

    fast and furious should stop making movies... its ther same shit all the time..

  • 4044ryan
    4044ryanDzień temu

    But, that new Dune though?

  • xiomara barbella
    xiomara barbellaDzień temu

    in spanish?? cual seria el nombre de la peli

  • Morten Bengtson
    Morten BengtsonDzień temu

    I have not seen this movie yet. And it don´t seem like a good story! but I get that. After 8 movies it must be tuff... Even though, Domenic must be running out of secret by now!!?? Give me some of the old school with Dominic just owning a dinner and have some street racing money out there...

  • Ricardo Álvarez Fonseca
    Ricardo Álvarez FonsecaDzień temu

    SS? No,thanks.

  • Ren
    RenDzień temu

    So Edward is now the blood-sucking vampire bat-man

  • Graeme Stansfield
    Graeme StansfieldDzień temu

    Not overall impressed with remakes but The Suicide Squad looks ok .

  • Graeme Stansfield
    Graeme StansfieldDzień temu


  • Graeme Stansfield
    Graeme StansfieldDzień temu

    Worth watch that Jason Stratham film Wrath of Man.

  • Lupe Barraza
    Lupe BarrazaDzień temu

    Since when can you go thru a wall and still get up and fight lmao Stupid ass exaturated movies

  • Holypikemanz
    HolypikemanzDzień temu

    My god the collection of TRASH this year....remakes of remakes of remakes

  • Charlie Ocampo
    Charlie OcampoDzień temu

    still reminds me how i hate hobb en shaw copy movie was released..

  • AzureSteel
    AzureSteelDzień temu

    What is the movie in the thumbnail?

  • Rafael Scott
    Rafael ScottDzień temu

    How many Fckin more batman films are they gonna do? 0 creativity. Enough maaaaan.

  • F L
    F LDzień temu

    Man with this trailers you don't even have to watch the mo ie it shows the entire movie on here 😂

  • Rafael Scott
    Rafael ScottDzień temu

    I've BEEN done with Fast and Furious since the 3rd or 4th installment. Wtf is it even about now and why is Hollywood still plaguing cinema with this r dried up franchise? Fast and Furious 17: Interstellar Drift🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Pien Tran
    Pien TranDzień temu

    Wrath of man, love this kind of man

  • Patrick Wentzell
    Patrick WentzellDzień temu

    It's way past time all fans let companies know that Star Wars belongs to fans not the Disney company itself. those worlds belong to everyone of us and there are those willing to defend them our way so that Disney company is gonna publicly apologize to all movie fans. It's decent thing to do.

  • Patrick Wentzell
    Patrick WentzellDzień temu

    MEGLA DEAD. because even the sea has ghosts too. wow I think I've invented a new movie trailer possibly. we'll sea about this in the meantime I'll listen to some hard rock bands that Wayle. making a splash best fins forward Aqua cleaner always making oceans tide dee dee dee. never trust an Octo con artist because he will squid you poorly. some animals in the sea play bass ball perhaps I'll go to a game down there sometime. Nemo town music is playing so we asked for some Dori toes snacks and drinks at this exellent house party that's under the sea most awesome.

  • Eagle775
    Eagle775Dzień temu

    For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. John 3:16 KJV, Jesus Christ is the only way..............

  • Dom Ran
    Dom Ran2 dni temu

    Did anybody else see in the wrath of man trailer the guy at 1:10 has a paintball gun

  • Ghalib Kays
    Ghalib Kays2 dni temu

    Nothing serious this year !!! What happened to the real movie directors like Antoine Fuqua, Peter Berg, Michael Bay, Jerry Bruckheimer...I'm tired of these superhero crappy movies!

  • David Bell
    David Bell2 dni temu

    False advertising show me a picture of a predator and no predator movie is coming out, that’s lame!

  • Orlando Palmer
    Orlando Palmer2 dni temu

    Kong all the way no joke

  • cheeseSwis
    cheeseSwis2 dni temu

    No fucking way they are releasing another Kingsman movie! Im so shocked and surprised imma scoop that shit up the day it drops.

  • Ian Mangham
    Ian Mangham2 dni temu

    Huge pile of SHITE

  • Victoria Relámpago
    Victoria Relámpago2 dni temu

    It is always the same. Badass women, new american-african heroes, funny hehe superheroes heheh jokes hehe, another jason statham movie, another remake of an old movie, another version of a comic character, another piano-dramatic-orchestral action-drama with hot cougars, another Fast and furious, and another british masturbation movie. Wake up sheeple

  • Mahku Malapotas
    Mahku Malapotas2 dni temu

    BOND !!!

  • Jason Ouellette
    Jason Ouellette2 dni temu

    Without Remorse was one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen in my life. Stay clear of this stinker.

  • BX0207
    BX02072 dni temu

    There's more dam ads than trailers!!

  • NPC Alfonso
    NPC Alfonso2 dni temu

    i can tell that suicide squad is gonna be horrible

  • FHAhab
    FHAhab2 dni temu

    jason stratham is the punisher.

  • An American Citizen
    An American Citizen2 dni temu

    Isn't it funny how all the people who say we don't need guns make movies showing us how dangerous the world is without guns to protect ourselves with from the criminal element in the world? Fact, the world is dangerous and there are a lot of violent criminals in real life, its not just in movies. We depend on guns to protect us every dam day with police and military, but I don't want to wait for someone that will take 30 minutes to reach me who also has 5 million other people to help when it only takes 1 sec for a criminal to kill me. But I'm not stupid like those idiots who say we don't need our own guns who probably have their own personal security who carry guns for them. The 2nd Amendment is not about hunting, its about my ability to protect myself from Aholes, Ahole Criminals and an Ahole Government..

  • Smatchimo
    Smatchimo2 dni temu

    yall just can't help syncing gunshots to music every damn trailer for a movie that has a gun in it now can you?

  • javier arreola
    javier arreola2 dni temu

    No way Yo yeah

  • MonarchX22
    MonarchX222 dni temu

    Now we can see you John Cena in ff9

  • Ali Sbeeh
    Ali Sbeeh2 dni temu

    just cant wait for top gun ..the others i dont care

  • Skeeter McSwagger
    Skeeter McSwagger2 dni temu

    Oh wow Dwayne 'THE ROT' Hasbeen with 'Touch a kiddie' Disney? No big surprise there. Good luck with that.

  • I like memes
    I like memes2 dni temu

    "In Soviet Russia You Don't Save Harley, Harley Saves You

  • John Strife
    John Strife2 dni temu

    I hope we get a third hot shots movie

    MILIND TIWARI2 dni temu

    rip scarlet johnson

  • amazingbei
    amazingbei3 dni temu

    I am just hoping no more postpone... 2020 movies were upsetting...

  • ourwayne
    ourwayne3 dni temu

    And we wonder why our "culture" is so violent. Now you can all assault me, lol.

  • Survival Free Life
    Survival Free Life3 dni temu

    "Dude what the fuck is that gunfire downstairs?" "Oh don't worry thats just Jason Statham. He's making making copies on the copy machine... and shooting people."

  • mr_nice_hearted
    mr_nice_hearted3 dni temu

    They should've cast Scott Adkins as Johnny Cage.

  • SSA:Julio Asphalt 8: Airborne
    SSA:Julio Asphalt 8: Airborne3 dni temu

    Boring xD

  • Steve Laminack
    Steve Laminack3 dni temu

    For gods sake producers stop with the slamming the throttle forward in jet fighter like it's a car shifter.

  • Cameron Hilgrey
    Cameron Hilgrey3 dni temu

    Can't wait for this

  • Shotwell Photos
    Shotwell Photos3 dni temu

    The Batman: Nope.

  • Kevin Siever
    Kevin Siever3 dni temu

    Why is F9 between the best upcoming action movies lol

  • Nick Otury
    Nick Otury3 dni temu

    Damn, 2022 movies are lit.

  • DanRage47
    DanRage473 dni temu

    Jason Statham doesn't get roles. Movies get him to be himself. Anything else and the cameras would break from fear. Also. The shark likes to nom-nom.

  • Khasnuri Husain
    Khasnuri Husain3 dni temu

    Do you often dream things that happened just as you dreamed them?

  • 柳岑焉
    柳岑焉3 dni temu


  • Hoil Man
    Hoil Man3 dni temu

    I thought he was gonna say when i bury grudge, I use soil.

  • jc4jax
    jc4jax3 dni temu

    The FF series keeps getting stupider and more ridiculous

  • Dя!zL
    Dя!zL3 dni temu

    Fast, Oceans and American pie series need to do crossovers. May as well since they seem like it'll get to #20

  • Roland Hkj
    Roland Hkj3 dni temu

    It's not Fast & Furious anymore, it's GI Joe ....

  • tarik chetat
    tarik chetat4 dni temu

    Fast and furious 9 .....🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  • C. L. G. C. L. G.
    C. L. G. C. L. G.4 dni temu

    Nigga Cena sounds like Xerxes in 300

  • Main Roblo
    Main Roblo4 dni temu

    Glad to see that there is a villain besides Shaw in fast in furious 9

  • Philthy Phil

    Philthy Phil

    15 godzin temu

    Is there? I didn't see anyone

  • Rafael Scott

    Rafael Scott

    Dzień temu

    You're actually looking forward to that crap? Man, Hollywood can entertain people with literal dog S these past few years

  • Sun of Sotep
    Sun of Sotep4 dni temu

    I see Petyr's up to his usual bs.

  • R.P. xxx
    R.P. xxx4 dni temu

    exept 3 its all over the top hollywood bullshit

  • Aubrey Luke bird
    Aubrey Luke bird4 dni temu

    Oh hell stelly dans dirty work ❤️❤️❤️❤️....heard it long back in 96😭😭😭 and

  • The Last Oracle
    The Last Oracle4 dni temu

    Mortal kombat was as bad as 1990s Street fighter!

  • Lucas Pena
    Lucas Pena4 dni temu

    Is Hollywood out of ideias? It's same movie story they been recycling for 30 years your eyes american producers, you're about to loose this fight to south korea.

  • Dogtorant
    Dogtorant4 dni temu

    I find it hard to watch Ruby Rose acting

  • Kevin N
    Kevin N4 dni temu

    Remakes, sequels, and origin stories is all Hollywood has left. Its because China doesnt know the origins of most movies so Hollywood has to show their new customers where it all started. Its sick and absolutely anti American. Just like Hollywood and the woke slimeball kiddie rapers that live there.

  • sno op
    sno op4 dni temu

    I hope Morbius will be same shit for 13yo kids without any horror atmosphere like Venom

  • Royal har
    Royal har4 dni temu

    I already finished Mortal Combat and I find this?-

    PC KILLER4 dni temu

    All of this is redundant hail marry garbage, instead of preaching elitist political rhetoric take the money it takes to make these "movies" and do something to help others in need.

  • Briar Song
    Briar Song4 dni temu

    Ok but for real, why is Robert Patterson Batman and not Nightwing?

  • Alex Elizarov
    Alex Elizarov4 dni temu

    There are times of retribution. Every American will be punished for the millions of innocently murdered children. For the destroyed and robbed countries. The blame for all this human misery lies with the United States. It's time to pay the bills. We will come after everyone and be cruel.

  • jade lo
    jade lo4 dni temu

    I am surprised hollyshiitz is ok with playing a good cop movie.

  • David Velar-Gaskill
    David Velar-Gaskill4 dni temu

    Whats up with these previews with Johnny Cash male country singers?

  • Media One Productions
    Media One Productions5 dni temu

    17 movies, and I will only pay to see 2, Top Gun and Dune...the rest, I'll pass thank you.

  • westerntui
    westerntui5 dni temu

    Gosh looks like a bad year coming up for movies, all look like chick and woke asf films.

  • Bihandu A
    Bihandu A5 dni temu

    I can't wait for The Hitman's Wife's bodyguard

  • Dan Tdr
    Dan Tdr5 dni temu

    I was wondering if these were gonna get even more ridiculous...I guess, I have my answer now.

  • MrKris286
    MrKris2865 dni temu

    What’s the screenshot from?

  • Alex Dufur
    Alex Dufur5 dni temu

    I can't decide which movie is the shittiest. Always the same bad and overrated actors everywhere. Fast and furious on Mars, shitty remakes. Only lights pew pew. What the hell is going on in that shitty American system?

    NICOLAS HEDZ5 dni temu

    Marvel & Disney: Motion Pictures's Cancer

  • kb be
    kb be5 dni temu

    mortal kombat was such a stinker

  • Zachariah Hoppo
    Zachariah Hoppo5 dni temu

    good movie