Overwatch 2 Full Presentation | BlizzCon 2021


PvE gameplay, skill trees for each hero, new maps, story update, and more! Here's everything that was shown for Overwatch 2 from Blizzcon 2021!


  • Meatballs Yes
    Meatballs Yes11 godzin temu

    I just hope they’re is pve/pvp where one player can play as special null sector enemies kind of like left for dead

  • Caitlin
    Caitlin19 godzin temu

    2:13 jeff: you can do it officially now! 2 months later Aarons the new game director... hmm

  • Hunter Levandoski
    Hunter LevandoskiDzień temu

    Cross play?

  • Endojago
    EndojagoDzień temu


  • E
    EDzień temu

    Even if I have to wait 5 years, Im still going to be pumped for this game!

  • MrBubbles4U
    MrBubbles4UDzień temu

    Jeff: "We're going to be crossing the finish line." 2 Months later: "Haha cya! lol"

  • Strider Zessei
    Strider ZesseiDzień temu

    Aaaaaaand now Jeff is gone.

  • hypezoneninga
    hypezoneninga2 dni temu

    32:01 what was Reinhardt finna do to bastion

  • Why Really
    Why Really3 dni temu

    Just implement a goddamn map maker into it so anyone could start making maps for the game. The ability to choose the map you want to play on or atleast just ignoring the maps you don't want to play on would be great. If even that is too much, just let us choose what kind of mode we want to play inside quick play. (goddamn trashy Paris, and HLC).

  • PhenomenEdits
    PhenomenEdits3 dni temu

    I love how Jeff sounds like a high teenager

  • Sweet boy
    Sweet boy3 dni temu

    This game looks exactly like Overwatch 1. Why don't they just add to the original game?

  • Plastique heart
    Plastique heart3 dni temu

    You know what I will come back

  • Eric Schneider
    Eric Schneider4 dni temu

    OUR PATIENCE IS WEARING THIN. We want some Overwatch 2 in our lives.

  • Nota M
    Nota M4 dni temu

    I havent seen any wrecking ball Where is he? Is he safe?

  • prod. moose
    prod. moose4 dni temu

    Has anyone noticed winston’s shield takes no damage?

  • Nergigante The eater of elders
    Nergigante The eater of elders4 dni temu

    My 2 favorite characters genji and reaper are looking hella good

  • Dakota Wyatt
    Dakota Wyatt5 dni temu

    I can hear it now when people are being toxic in pvp “stick to story mode noob”

  • TheRedStoner MC
    TheRedStoner MC6 dni temu

    I think it would be super cool to see an overwatch game mode similar to the original star wars battlefront games. Objectives are bases that you capture that give points over time. Capturing bases gives you different spawn points over large maps . Each base gives different buffs when you're within proximity so defending or capturing is interesting and different. Maybe there's generators or something to destroy to deactivate the buffs making bases easier to capture. They could even have their new AI on the battlefield like in battlefront. Idk. I think they could do it.

  • Prageeth Pxyle
    Prageeth Pxyle9 dni temu

    Overwatch 1 is just a crappy game hope this gonna be bit better...

  • Yeet Quit
    Yeet Quit9 dni temu


  • Yeet Quit

    Yeet Quit

    9 dni temu


  • Otto Looström
    Otto Looström11 dni temu

    I love Overwatch

  • FuzzyRacoon 08
    FuzzyRacoon 0811 dni temu

    When does overwatch 2 come

  • Jamie Jones
    Jamie Jones11 dni temu

    Wait was Bastion walking slowly in turret mode!? 35:42

  • Nate Kelly

    Nate Kelly

    4 dni temu

    Think he was on a payload

  • Tim Schneider
    Tim Schneider12 dni temu

    Hopefully there are missions where your sole goal is just kill a ton of shit

  • Circumflêx ÂÂÂ
    Circumflêx ÂÂÂ12 dni temu

    I can’t imagine how frequent it will be for a hero to get buffed or nerfed in OW2

  • Lyssa Elli
    Lyssa Elli12 dni temu


  • Alexander Failoni
    Alexander Failoni12 dni temu

    Overwatch 2, because we can't just update our live service skinner box, we have to sell it to you as an entirely new game. Greedy AAA game development for a game that's not even that complex, punishes skill based gameplay, and still doesn't hold a candle to Gigantic years down the line.

  • Mason Falco
    Mason Falco12 dni temu

    rein being able to cancel charge completely changes the play-style of rein, as a rein main i’m excited to see what combos can be done

  • Krakus Krak
    Krakus Krak12 dni temu

    Biggest innovation - payload can take a different route

  • Remedy4theheart
    Remedy4theheart13 dni temu

    One of the best teams? Jeff....half of your team's resumes including yours, has "Was fired/laid off from a previous Blizzard Game title."

  • Chompy Pepper
    Chompy Pepper14 dni temu

    I can't wait to come home from school to play this, then have nostalgia years later.

  • sic parvis magna
    sic parvis magna15 dni temu

    29:38 it's just me or is new one of that green hero on the left? Could be Lucio thought

  • Clayton Mathis
    Clayton Mathis15 dni temu

    Idk why I just watched this now, I'm hyped now.

  • Unknown
    Unknown15 dni temu

    I just hope there is a balance of defense and offense, so there is a skill gap in the game.

  • Stephen Bravata
    Stephen Bravata16 dni temu

    This universe is so amazing. Just makes everyone and everything within overwatch feel like a family

  • Matthew Wilcox
    Matthew Wilcox16 dni temu

    Soldier 76 needs an FBI or SWAT skin

  • Henri
    Henri16 dni temu

    So, when Overwatch 3 comes?

  • KallMeRook
    KallMeRook17 dni temu

    Hope it’s not like every other game and is basically in beta for a year

  • Johnny Joestur
    Johnny Joestur17 dni temu

    overwatch 2 is like a tf3, we dont need it.

  • CupofCoffy


    17 dni temu

    Dude what kind of crack are you smoking

  • ur mad lol
    ur mad lol18 dni temu

    Shit looks good lol i can’t wait

  • BabaDucks
    BabaDucks18 dni temu

    luffy will become the pirate king before ow 2 comes out

  • Nek k
    Nek k18 dni temu


  • Nek k
    Nek k18 dni temu


  • Mullygrubb
    Mullygrubb19 dni temu

    All these sweet looking maps based on real world locations, meanwhile Australia gets a set from Mad Max...

  • Riley D

    Riley D

    7 dni temu

    No matter what we'll get half-assed borderline racist depictions in media. Never once in my life heard a believable Australian accent in a game/movie

  • darkree64
    darkree6419 dni temu

    Ok is it just fortnite stw but overwatch what's going on here?

  • konan


    16 dni temu

    Yes exactly like Fortnite

  • Conroy
    Conroy19 dni temu

    It'll probably be an okay experience for the casual players, we'll see. Overwatch 1 was a major disappointment.

  • LilScotty777
    LilScotty77720 dni temu

    I'm so excited . Hope that I want cross play

  • Curtis Young
    Curtis Young21 dzień temu

    ummm....it looks exactly the same as overwatch 1

  • konan


    16 dni temu

    @Curtis Young Exactly, I've always thought why keep releasing new games and new tech just make updates for the iPhone 4 for example instead of making a whole new phone then charging money for it, it's unnecessary since they're exactly the same.

  • Curtis Young

    Curtis Young

    21 dzień temu

    @krisp i just dont get how they couldnt just add all this with an update. they are making you pay 60 dollars for this? Why not just update the game?

  • krisp


    21 dzień temu

    Do you want a different artstyle?

  • Meme Monsterrr
    Meme Monsterrr22 dni temu

    I only got the game a few months ago and I have been CRAVING a story mode to this game, it has such an interesting yet confusing story and I love it! A story mode would make it so much better! And now there will be 1 :D

  • krisp


    21 dzień temu

    I believe in a month or two a event will drop with story missions

  • Meme Monsterrr
    Meme Monsterrr22 dni temu

    Thank god Reinhardt can cancel his charge, now we can pin ppl off the map and cancel right before we fall off lol

  • openSinguPLANTity
    openSinguPLANTity23 dni temu

    i honestly just wanna play this for bastion, he's so adorable

  • Immortal king
    Immortal king23 dni temu

    Over watch 2 , 2021?

  • cloutsucka
    cloutsucka23 dni temu

    Full of 💩

  • King K
    King K23 dni temu

    you guys just reopened my hype for the game

  • Atma
    Atma24 dni temu

    i cant wait to see the new skins for events nshit omg

  • William Cork
    William Cork24 dni temu


  • Kappn' K
    Kappn' K24 dni temu

    I just hope they give the attacks a lot more force and make it feel better to hit

  • Eviles Perez
    Eviles Perez25 dni temu

    Why they only doing so much co-op what really they should do is having a skill tree in pvp

  • konan


    16 dni temu

    How would you feel if you were in a duel with someone who's worse than you and they end up winning even though you're better, simply because they have more upgrades. That sounds like a lot of fun

  • krisp


    21 dzień temu

    Yo imagine this your a bronze and your with all bronze But no a plat joins and has all skills i much perfer skills in pve

  • Eviles Perez
    Eviles Perez25 dni temu

    Of course widowmaker looks the hottest

  • Dyslexci
    Dyslexci25 dni temu

    Ayo whats the green health at 7:16 that reinhardt is gaining? Is it from a brig ult?

  • rockboiler
    rockboiler25 dni temu

    there's a significant lack of my favourite animal in a ball in this video

  • rockboiler
    rockboiler25 dni temu

    It would be sick if you could freeze the ground as Mei for a movement option

  • Kaleb
    Kaleb25 dni temu

    IS there PvP like the first one

  • 박스터
    박스터26 dni temu

    dead game lul

  • konan


    16 dni temu

    Technically yeah almost nobody playing it

  • Cynthia Trudeau
    Cynthia Trudeau26 dni temu

    11:53 not a good sign haha

  • Victor0326
    Victor032627 dni temu

    2:54 Did I just hear.... Leveling up heroes?.... Pay to win inbound...

  • krisp


    21 dzień temu

    Its for the modes where you fight ai no p2w here

  • Victor0326


    27 dni temu

    17:16 smirk

  • Victor0326
    Victor032627 dni temu

    Yeah this is just a money grab. Why couldn't they just do this on 1?

  • krisp


    21 dzień temu

    Change practically all the code on the game

  • PG Hong An
    PG Hong An27 dni temu

    The promises and potential of this game looks absolutely amazing. But remember Warcraft III Re-forge...

  • Blackout 21
    Blackout 2127 dni temu

    But what about bastion?

  • C Smith
    C Smith27 dni temu

    This is fucking utter sSHIT. Why do they keep calling OW1 "live" it's because OW2 is just a fucking shitty what should be free update. Fuck that. FIX THE RANK SYSTEM.

  • Palo Kan
    Palo Kan27 dni temu

    25:51 looks like keanu reeves with a beard xD

  • Adam Shumate
    Adam Shumate27 dni temu

    Interesting to see Overwatch copying Paladins and adding a talent system...

  • cyrax1311
    cyrax131128 dni temu

    Too many ads

  • Gex who is Exulted
    Gex who is Exulted28 dni temu

    Jeff as someone who’s put a thousand hours in OW I’m perfectly fine with progression resets. I want a fresh start so I can relive the first time I played the 1st instalment

  • Spence McFence
    Spence McFence29 dni temu

    This looks really promising actually! The one concern I have is that they decide to bring talents into multiplayer, because that could cause problems with balancing, and complaining like people do in cod with different guns and gadgets

  • osyrys official
    osyrys official29 dni temu

    Looks exactly like the first game

  • 《Cro》
    《Cro》29 dni temu

    A desperate attempt to revive a once legendary game. And so far it's looking like a massive trainwreck.

  • konan


    16 dni temu

    @Xavii.t21_ yeah can't wait, I prefer PvE to PvP and I loved exploring the maps so this is dope

  • Xavii.t21_


    29 dni temu

    how? this game looks so much better than the 1st one

  • M Lionize
    M Lionize29 dni temu

    WHERE IS HANZO!!?? He's like my favorite character and his backstory is really interesting. Does he rebuild his empire or not? I want to know man give me a sneak peak.

  • O.G. Goku
    O.G. Goku29 dni temu

    17:15 the guy smiles and shakes his head like “fuck yeah that was my idea” 🤣

  • O.G. Goku
    O.G. Goku29 dni temu

    That Reinhart Ult at 13:04🤯 thats gonna be deadly in PVP

  • Red Offline Channel
    Red Offline Channel29 dni temu

    "new character looks" - in the dark corner of internet:

  • xabrat
    xabrat29 dni temu

    imagine if they just didn't ruin the first game

  • Fosty
    Fosty29 dni temu

    So is this a new game or an update?

  • Keenan Perkins
    Keenan PerkinsMiesiąc temu


  • Daeson
    DaesonMiesiąc temu

    Someone help me out here, I'm slightly confused. The PvE content and perhaps game modes could have been a DLC and the changes to characters could have been implemented in a patch - am I missing something here, why is it a straight up sequel to Overwatch?

  • Argon2020
    Argon2020Miesiąc temu

    Too little too late

  • destinies Released
    destinies ReleasedMiesiąc temu

    Wow...looks the same...why would I play this again?

  • konan


    16 dni temu


  • chrisrey001
    chrisrey001Miesiąc temu

    This really, REALLY inspires me so much that I started trying to program and so far nothing but I've been doing tutorials and things that have helped me over the past weeks, and right now i'm just using roblox studio but when I get the hang of it I will try to learn Java and etc.

  • Lief The Beef
    Lief The BeefMiesiąc temu

    Honestly a more casual Overwatch with more PvE is exactly what I would want. I try to play Overwatch casual quickplay and it's still kinda tryhard.

  • CDesigner
    CDesignerMiesiąc temu

    Maaan, they did my boy Reaper right.

  • Weez2202
    Weez2202Miesiąc temu

    Looks like exactly the same game.

  • Alfi Halma
    Alfi HalmaMiesiąc temu

    Please. Make. An. Overwatch. Movie!

  • Karyn Re:
    Karyn Re:Miesiąc temu

    My only problem with this game is the naming 2, is more of the same shit sure theres new characters and new maps as to be expected, and a few gimmicks added to it, this is more of an update than an entire new game to call it overwatch #2, it almost seems like they try to pull a fast one to sell the same game again 🤔 to back up my comment there is many ftp esports games that remake their maps, revamp characters and talents/perks etc. and everytime they do that they don't call it a new game #2,3,4 or anything like that because is not a different game, it is still the same game even if is reworked entirely is just a new season or patch etc. The sad reality is that overwatch is dead, so it is just a new season of the same game just selling it as new game and blizzard need that 💰💰💰

  • Kristoph
    KristophMiesiąc temu

    Can't believe you guys still trust blizzard after all they've done

  • Matthew Wilcox
    Matthew WilcoxMiesiąc temu

    Overwatch 2 needs a hero with a flamethrower

  • konan


    16 dni temu

    This is the only good idea in this entire comment section of mouth breathers I swear.

  • Ben Fletcher
    Ben FletcherMiesiąc temu

    Now with PS5’s haptic feedback in the controllers, that’d be really cool if they take advantage of that

    ANTMKMiesiąc temu

    I have my fingers crossed that OW2 comes out next year, but not having my hopes high.

  • Nick Levi
    Nick LeviMiesiąc temu

    Bro all this development? It’s the same game. Completely indistinguishable from the first. 😂 They ain’t getting my money.

  • Brandon Roman
    Brandon RomanMiesiąc temu

    How much time do they need to make some fuckin dlc

  • Joseph Ross
    Joseph RossMiesiąc temu

    Just watching this and I bet this will be one of the best games of ever!!! I cant wait to play this!