Gucci Mane - Potential feat. Lil Uzi Vert & Young Dolph (Official Audio)


Gucci Mane - Potential feat. Lil Uzi Vert & Young Dolph
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  • Billy Felder
    Billy Felder14 dni temu


  • VVS
    VVS2 miesięcy temu

    1 year later first time seeing November 28 2020

    YOUNG KHALID3 miesięcy temu

    Had to come here b4 the JEEZY battle !!!

    DRACO4 miesięcy temu

    Man this is so underrated. Fuck everybody's opinion gucci is legend and lil uzi is the goat.

  • Dave Rodrigues
    Dave Rodrigues4 miesięcy temu


  • Edvaards Alijevs
    Edvaards Alijevs4 miesięcy temu


  • Chris Reed
    Chris Reed4 miesięcy temu


  • Mash Rryuuh
    Mash Rryuuh4 miesięcy temu


  • Charlie Connell
    Charlie Connell5 miesięcy temu


  • Dominik Grunt
    Dominik Grunt7 miesięcy temu

    Heyyyy Its DOLPH

  • Trey Swey
    Trey Swey7 miesięcy temu

    no one talking bout how funny dolphs verse was😂😂😂

  • pink kisses
    pink kisses7 miesięcy temu

    This shit hot asf😍 🔥

  • Edwin Carrasco
    Edwin Carrasco8 miesięcy temu

    Lil Uzi rifa.

  • รวมคลิปโซเชียล HD
    รวมคลิปโซเชียล HD8 miesięcy temu


  • MrKillernacho34
    MrKillernacho348 miesięcy temu

    Straight strip club banger! 🔥

  • Jesus Barajas
    Jesus Barajas9 miesięcy temu

    Uzi: "then I got comfortable fucked her no condom"

  • Kristiyan Klichev
    Kristiyan Klichev10 miesięcy temu


  • Vivid Skiies
    Vivid Skiies10 miesięcy temu

    I got pulled over by a cop while I was playing this song loud in my car. I let him go with a warning 😂

  • Bo Gacious927
    Bo Gacious92710 miesięcy temu

    Idk why but everytime this song comes on I expect to hear, "Cardiiii"

  • Lotus Flower
    Lotus Flower10 miesięcy temu

    I swear 2chainz should be in this one.. Seem like he should come in singing 2 chainzzzzz.

  • lovinh22
    lovinh2210 miesięcy temu

    Gucci 🔥

  • Omar _
    Omar _10 miesięcy temu

    No Dolph 🐬 fan here? Huuh 🚮

  • Lil K
    Lil K11 miesięcy temu

    Gucci the goat for bringing Dolph & Uzi together.

  • phillyflyboy
    phillyflyboyRok temu


  • Bradley Ulrich
    Bradley UlrichRok temu

    Uzi killed it🔥🔥🔥

  • Chris Arguello
    Chris ArguelloRok temu

    “You got detention” I can’t unhear it


    After gucci I skip

  • Patrick Simon
    Patrick SimonRok temu


  • Travis Wells
    Travis WellsRok temu

    ITS DOLPH! 🐬

  • Laurentiu Porumb
    Laurentiu PorumbRok temu

    Dear rappers, The next generations are looking up to you, and you set up as an example by hate, violence and addiction. If you've got "bitches" that you treat like worthless beings, and drugs that you actually use to hide your emotional pain - instead of healing the cause - keep it to yourself, don't pass it on. Stop destroying this world more than it already is, and help it instead if you're in such a good position in the society. I'm not saying you should stop having an abundant life, but abundace does not have to come with negative influence. Showing off is the fool's idea of glory. Yeah go ahead, call me a hater ✌

  • brokeboijeff
    brokeboijeffRok temu

    this one of those songs that are fire but nobody really knows

  • Dominic Sierakowski
    Dominic SierakowskiRok temu

    uzi wasnt even that good lmao

  • 22caliBeatz
    22caliBeatzRok temu

    This that 2016 Uzi

  • TheAangzoe
    TheAangzoeRok temu

    "You got potench" - once you read this you'll never unhear it

  • andrei8o


    2 miesięcy temu


  • Ernesto Hernandez

    Ernesto Hernandez

    5 miesięcy temu


  • verga peligrosaa

    verga peligrosaa

    8 miesięcy temu

    😂fuck u man i cant stop laughing

  • Fear Kratos

    Fear Kratos

    8 miesięcy temu


  • Fear Kratos

    Fear Kratos

    8 miesięcy temu


  • EpicMeme Productions
    EpicMeme ProductionsRok temu


  • Courtney Scullark
    Courtney ScullarkRok temu

    Hard as beat. Gota be a zaytoven beat...💣💣 bomb beat

  • Jillian Chalfant
    Jillian ChalfantRok temu

    heard this in zumiez and here we are

  • G Kapa
    G KapaRok temu

    The fcccccuuuukkkk???

  • Terragamerz the 8th hoe-cage
    Terragamerz the 8th hoe-cageRok temu

    Club would go crazy

  • Taylor Bridges
    Taylor BridgesRok temu

    I said "shawty got potttteeennnnnntttiiiallllllll" wayyyyyy back in 2006........where tf my royalties @?!?!??

  • Steezy Doom
    Steezy DoomRok temu

    Just here for the king or Memphis BITCH

    STR8 DROP EAGLERok temu

    RIP BIG HULK!!!!

  • punchline
    punchlineRok temu

    this song was meant to pass one milion the 10/17

  • Caca Rodrigues
    Caca RodriguesRok temu

    Gucci mane é foda pdp


    Dolph went stupid

  • Michael Con
    Michael ConRok temu

    who made this fucking beat

  • Lark Ford
    Lark FordRok temu

    This uzi clown is GARBAGE!! Who tf let this Nigga in the industry

  • Cristi


    8 miesięcy temu

    yet eternal atake is fire

  • Aemztv
    AemztvRok temu

    Wow my headphones

  • WoolaMartian
    WoolaMartianRok temu

    This shit = Yes

  • Joshua Miranda
    Joshua MirandaRok temu

    Dolph run his state 😂😂😂 uzi running philly hell naw not even close 😂😂😂😂

  • K D
    K DRok temu


  • Juan M
    Juan MRok temu

    Just imagine this being a whole Uzi song. FML

  • Xavier Ahossouhe
    Xavier AhossouheRok temu

    “All in my crib I’m behind her”🔥

  • nick nunez
    nick nunezRok temu

    You keep spitting bars like that you got potential to be listened to

  • Just My Opinion
    Just My OpinionRok temu

    I keep having this song stuck in my head lmao

  • ASAP Boli
    ASAP BoliRok temu

    This is definitely one of Uzi's best verses.

  • tiichab971
    tiichab971Rok temu

    🎶🎶🎶🎶💪thanks gucci

  • Lu X
    Lu XRok temu


  • J
    JRok temu

    This the Uzi I like to hear

  • swbucham163
    swbucham163Rok temu

    Dolph went in

    ASKABOUTME42Rok temu

    gucci the goat

  • Dj John aka yms my YouTube johnathan Harris
    Dj John aka yms my YouTube johnathan HarrisRok temu

    🔈🔉🔊🤦‍♂️😮🖤🖤💯💪🏻🔥 bra

  • Dan Moore
    Dan MooreRok temu

    I'm upset gucci u ft these shit rappers like uzi and lil pimp come on mate I've been following u since back in the day them old school mixt tapes,I'm disappointed

  • tonyaleeann
    tonyaleeannRok temu

    Guwop never disappoints me

  • Fuck U Pay Me
    Fuck U Pay MeRok temu

    Boy I’m so high I ain’t landing ✈️😑☁️ 😆😆🤣

  • Fuck U Pay Me

    Fuck U Pay Me

    Rok temu

    Stephanie Thiel huh? Lol

  • Stephanie Thiel

    Stephanie Thiel

    Rok temu

    XDD 🌊

  • Dorian Payne
    Dorian PayneRok temu

    This shit suck ass

  • 100 benjamins
    100 benjaminsRok temu

    Vert vert 💯

  • Jose Gonzales
    Jose GonzalesRok temu

    Lit asf

  • Jose Gonzales
    Jose GonzalesRok temu

    This is dope

  • ART
    ARTRok temu

    Gucci Mane never disappoints

  • Ricky Eska
    Ricky EskaRok temu

    This shit gonna blow up. Bet this will be the next music video.

  • Michelle Brown
    Michelle BrownRok temu

    Need offset on a remix of dis 🔥🔥🔥

  • Seth Flood
    Seth FloodRok temu

    "if u nigga's ain't gettin no money please don't listen to me" 😈 that shit went in, Gucci always got them raw ass lyrics 💯

  • Johnny Rocketz
    Johnny RocketzRok temu


  • XxUnknownWrldxX
    XxUnknownWrldxXRok temu

    I see dolph i click

  • Huncho jack
    Huncho jackRok temu

    I swear Ricky Racks beats are out of the world 🔥

  • Deuceman Beats
    Deuceman BeatsRok temu

    You got potensh...

  • Pre 21
    Pre 21Rok temu

    Dolph and uzi need to drop one together

  • Acey Breeze
    Acey BreezeRok temu


  • Jalen Tucker
    Jalen TuckerRok temu

    Gucci mane like the best at hooks🔥🔥💯💯

  • Douglas Yang
    Douglas YangRok temu

    The cheers on this beat Hit hard

  • Olariu John
    Olariu JohnRok temu

    I like dolph when it says It's dolph

  • Samuel Steele
    Samuel SteeleRok temu


  • Johnny Rocketz
    Johnny RocketzRok temu

    Uzi committed a massacre with this one

  • just9600 just9600
    just9600 just9600Rok temu

    This is a good song The Best Song Ever listen to

  • just9600 just9600
    just9600 just9600Rok temu

    Turns awesome I want to listen to it every day

  • Kayla Jordan
    Kayla JordanRok temu

    Just here for Dolph’s part 💯

  • Rayonte Wilder
    Rayonte WilderRok temu

    This sound like a song that could’ve been on 1017 vs the world🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Alo Sixteenth

    Alo Sixteenth

    Rok temu

    no xap

  • p3rryn
    p3rrynRok temu

    uzi repeated himself more than mike jones

  • Sherwyn Jantjies
    Sherwyn JantjiesRok temu

    Pee ka boo, by Lil Yatchy type beat.

  • Elizabeth Solis
    Elizabeth SolisRok temu

    Dope video!!

  • Devin Coalson
    Devin CoalsonRok temu

    Gucci and dolph the shit

  • 02 chubs
    02 chubsRok temu

    I see uzi I stay away

  • Stubbo242
    Stubbo242Rok temu

    Gucci verse came in so hard bro

  • Trey Shacklett

    Trey Shacklett

    Rok temu


  • Liam Frege
    Liam FregeRok temu

    Uzi MVP

  • Jason Kar.
    Jason Kar.Rok temu

    How is even possible... That video doesn't have more than 1 million views!?!

  • Rosa Medrano
    Rosa MedranoRok temu


  • WiseNibba
    WiseNibbaRok temu

    Lil uzi sucks music

  • Damon Holsey
    Damon HolseyRok temu

    But uzi got the hardest verse that nigga went off

  • Damon Holsey
    Damon HolseyRok temu

    Man dolph bodied that shit 🐬🐬🐬