Everything GREAT About Shaun of the Dead!

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Shaun of the Dead! The first in Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg's Cornetto Trilogy. I guess you gotta throw Nick Frost in there too. Much requested, excited to break it down this week. Here's everything right with Shaun of the Dead!
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  • James Flynn
    James Flynn9 godzin temu

    Why did it cut out when asking is it gay to love your ex-girlfriend? Also British.

  • Confessor X
    Confessor X15 godzin temu

    I know it would have stirred up a $*** storm, but I'm a bit disappointed that "Sup n****s" didn't get "Winned" because in my opinion was the most hilarious scene in the movie.

  • sreetama datta
    sreetama dattaDzień temu

    also shaun slipped on some blood on the floor of the shop. i found that hilarious

  • James Matthew Thomas
    James Matthew ThomasDzień temu

    the last samurai and kung fu hustle

  • Alex Stewart
    Alex Stewart2 dni temu

    A slice of fried gold was a term they used behind the scenes of Spaced. Presumably the only way you can improve Gold is by frying it...

  • Juanita Perkins
    Juanita Perkins2 dni temu

    Sooo, does this mean we're heading into "Everything Great about Hot Fuzz" soon?

  • Kimberley Morris

    Kimberley Morris

    Dzień temu

    They’ve already done it

  • Chris Goodluck
    Chris Goodluck3 dni temu

    Can't believe I've never noticed just how many callback lines are in this. I've always though it was a bloody brilliant movie, but I missed so much of the effort that clearly went into making it so.

  • xd MelloR
    xd MelloR3 dni temu

    First time I saw this film I was like 6, the scene where David gets ripped apart traumatised me 😂 I'd be too scared to turn my back to a window through fear of being ripped apart

  • Peter Badger
    Peter Badger4 dni temu

    As an English person with knowledge of drug terminology, allow me to elaborate on that "I've only got a henry" line for any Americans who might not get it. A 'henry' is slang for an Eighth (of an ounce), or 3.5 grams. But why a 'Henry'? King Henry VIII (Henry.... the 8th....)

  • Kristian Fischer
    Kristian Fischer4 dni temu

    No, it’s not gay to love your ex girlfriend. Especially if you’re trying to better yourself.

  • Evan Denison
    Evan Denison4 dni temu

    Well, except for that bit where Ed says the N-Word...

  • Vova 1111
    Vova 11115 dni temu

    damn, so much stuff gets lost when you're not a native and can't make out half of what they're saying. guess i'll go rewatch it

  • PenDragon 24601
    PenDragon 246016 dni temu

    Dude, i love your work but it is an insult to Monty Python to be compared to Scary Movie

  • Brian March
    Brian March7 dni temu

    Simon Pegg (Shaun) and Jessica Haynes (Yvonne) first appeared in a comedy called “Spaced” where they were best friends sharing an apartment so extra foreshadowing

  • Txajkhai Vang
    Txajkhai Vang7 dni temu

    Aye he was playing time spiltters

  • Jose Ortiz
    Jose Ortiz7 dni temu

    My favorite movie of all time!

  • Hairy Welder
    Hairy Welder8 dni temu

    Never noticed Tyres before this 😳

  • Johan Fredriksson
    Johan Fredriksson8 dni temu

    This video should have just been 10 seconds long. Everything Great with Shaun of the Dead.......... answer: everything.

  • Cara Salusc
    Cara Salusc8 dni temu

    American perception of british comedy/humour is crazy to me, I know you all watched monty py(THIN!!!!!! NOT THOOOON! python is pie thin/thun) But british humour is objectively the funniest humour. I'm not, nor have ever been to the UK, but it's just standard. Recommend you watch 'would I lie to you' hilarious brit panel show

  • Cara Salusc
    Cara Salusc8 dni temu

    Lee, there's plenty of irish female names that could be for sean/Shaun, seana (shauna) would be the main one, there's also names like Shona etc, irish masculine names usually end with an 'n' and female with an 'a', Ciaran/ciara, sean/seana, Keelan/Keela Etc ofc some irish female names like Meghan/Megan have an n. Also Ciaran is pronounced 'kier-ron', brits spell it Kieran but pronounce it kier-in, that's not the irish pronunciation

  • Frank Jones
    Frank Jones8 dni temu

    I've been in the wretched hellhole of Great Britain for a good many years and I've never heard of the word prang'd learning about my culture win?

  • aglitch
    aglitch8 dni temu

    additional win: when ed is dying at the end and he says, "ill stop doing it when you stop laughing..." and shaun was crying. it was the last time ed did it. :'(

  • Timetraveling Necromancer
    Timetraveling Necromancer9 dni temu

    Great video. I strongly respect your ad segue.

  • Ben Davies
    Ben Davies9 dni temu

    Great video. I'm watching it for a third time. Just a note about the word 'pranged': us British use it mostly for a pretty minor car accident, so when Ed uses it, the joke is that he is understating what had actually happened, because we'd probably think his accident was serious enough to be called a crash.

  • Emiliano Zapata
    Emiliano Zapata9 dni temu

    Thanks for this!!! Brilliant movie, watched it 23 times. You missed the changing sayings on his coffee mug in the shortcuts tho 😉😋

  • Spoopy Blogs
    Spoopy Blogs10 dni temu

    I wanted to see this as a comedy and it just made me sad

  • Renske050
    Renske05010 dni temu

    Ah yes, the film that traumatised me! We watched this on religion week in school (my school was awesome) when I was 14. I couldn't sleep for 2 weeks and had visions of zombie eyes staring at me in the dark for months. Oh and of course I could NOT enter a bathroom without opening the shower curtain. And I still can't. Over a decade later. Damn shame i was juuuust too young and innocent when I saw this for the first time XD

  • Steffen Pedersen
    Steffen Pedersen10 dni temu

    No comment on the Cornetto at 7:42? Considering it's the first of the Three Flavours Cornetto film trilogy?

  • Rusty Shackleford
    Rusty Shackleford10 dni temu

    I burned myself out on this movie about ten years ago, but I still quote it all the time. "You've got red on you" and "I ran it under a cold tap" and "wait for all of this to blow over" are things I say way too often out of context.

  • gingergamergirl98
    gingergamergirl9810 dni temu

    Just saw this and Hot Fuzz for the first time a few years ago. Man, I wish I had seen them earlier.

  • Mr. Winter
    Mr. Winter10 dni temu

    This just brought me back to watching this and Hot Fuzz on double sided disc with Hot Fuzz on one side and Shaun of the Dead on the other. Wonderful.

  • Frendy Rusman
    Frendy Rusman10 dni temu

    I just realize Martin Freeman was in this movie.

  • PinkTribble
    PinkTribble10 dni temu

    When Brits say, "What's that supposed to mean?", we're actually inviting the person to be even more antagonistic, so we can punch them in the face. 😀

  • Tom 273
    Tom 27310 dni temu

    The thing I find the most weird about this film and a lot of film and television is that no one is social distancing

  • Red Nightshade
    Red Nightshade11 dni temu

    16:50 gotta love a good bromance lol

  • 「miaki ikazu」
    「miaki ikazu」11 dni temu

    im only 12 but I love watching this with my brother because it's so funny (we also watch hot fuzz)

  • Em Brown
    Em Brown11 dni temu

    The Mike's rabbit going next door joke made me laugh so hard. I've just finished Spaced again. Brilliant.

  • NEFF•ie
    NEFF•ie11 dni temu

    since you mentioned battle royale, id love if you could do a vid on that!!! its one of my favorite movies of all time

  • Road_OW
    Road_OW12 dni temu


  • spacious
    spacious13 dni temu

    The most depressing thing about the ending bar scene is the fact that all of shauns friends died asides from liz, right before the military arrived to save them. If they made the right choices they would've probably be all alive.

  • Sean M.
    Sean M.14 dni temu

    This movie is brilliant

  • ThatGeekyFanBoy
    ThatGeekyFanBoy14 dni temu

    Please tell me this means you are going to do the Cornetto Trilogy, because that’s my favourite trilogy of all time!

  • GabrielAndryus
    GabrielAndryus14 dni temu

    Make sure you check out 'Paul' another gem with Pegg & Frost.

  • ctk4949
    ctk494914 dni temu

    Awesome!! Please do Hot Fuzz and Paul

  • bossfight1
    bossfight114 dni temu

    6:18 They actually developed the photo that Ed took there; it was posted on Edgar Wright's twitter.

  • J Starr
    J Starr15 dni temu

    i like this better than cinema sins

  • Kaim Argonar
    Kaim Argonar15 dni temu

    I didn't really get this movie when I watched it a year or two back-

  • The Possessed
    The Possessed15 dni temu

    Please watch the outtakes, they’re so fucking funny & it’s called *The Cornetto Trilogy*

  • Jack Willy
    Jack Willy15 dni temu

    I never realized, but the “how’s that for a slice of fried gold” line is where nick frost’s Instagram handle came from

  • Unclaimed Username
    Unclaimed Username15 dni temu

    Not so much "Deleted", it was on the DVD with Shaun explaining it.

  • jezusmylord
    jezusmylord16 dni temu

    wait shoun is a pg18 movie?

  • Macid11
    Macid1116 dni temu

    Newly subscribed. Loving it so far. My recommendation is king Arthur legend of the sword.

  • Bendy Fish
    Bendy Fish16 dni temu

    remember when nick frost said the *_N W O R D_*

  • Savage Dawg
    Savage Dawg17 dni temu

    Good Lord, Wright is such a master that I SOB every time I watch the scene where Barbara is dead/dying at the Winchester... It even tore me up watching here...

  • pfguo87
    pfguo8717 dni temu

    is anyone else hoping the covid pandemic will turn into a zombie movie like this? 🤣

  • Inazuma_ Fan96
    Inazuma_ Fan9617 dni temu

    Please do all three

  • RF Impluse
    RF Impluse17 dni temu

    Kill the queen is a reference to another queen song killer queen

  • TheLivingDarkness
    TheLivingDarkness18 dni temu

    One of my favorite small details is how Shaun's mother presses her hand against where she was bit in almost every scene she is in after the bathrobe zombie.

  • egg arts
    egg arts19 dni temu

    I think it’d be really fun to see you do the final destination series because it’s the same sort of thing where at face value it’s a stupid shock value gorefest but if you look a bit deeper you can see how clever some of the bits are like the way they have death as a character with emotions despite not actually being there (thought the demonetisation gods definitely won’t like it because of said ‘shock value gorefest’- ness)

  • puffer fish
    puffer fish19 dni temu

    i just watched this movie and JESUS CHRIST this is bloody

  • Warren Peace
    Warren Peace19 dni temu

    3:38 So are kids zombies now? I mean, me and my friends did that as kids whenever we fight.

  • Kevin Collado
    Kevin Collado19 dni temu

    I've been waiting for more edgar wright!! The world's end next please!

  • Joshua Baker
    Joshua Baker19 dni temu

    Do bohemian rhapsody please it has more british humour

  • Felipe Antonio
    Felipe Antonio20 dni temu

    Oh yeah a cinema wins on one of my favourite comedy horror movies

  • Seven Ellen
    Seven Ellen20 dni temu

    "Prang" in English usually means the result of a small crash, like denting something, so, when Ed says he 'pranged it' and the car's a write-off, it's funnier for us Brits. :D

  • Tim Dahl
    Tim Dahl20 dni temu

    The four-eyes part is my favorite. Love this one and I stand by the fact that Hot Fuzz is a perfect film!

  • Isai Frenette
    Isai Frenette20 dni temu

    I love this movie

  • Daniel Tiger
    Daniel Tiger21 dzień temu

    Please, PLEASE! Please do a vid on either "Lock, Stock, and Two smoking Barrels" and/or "Snatch" and/or "Rock'n'Rolla". (I know you've seen Snatch from your Casino Royale video) I believe I speak on behalf of the Brits that these films are fucking classic, and since we know how much you like the style Guy Ritchie and Matthew Vaughn, it would be great to see your work for any of these films.

  • EA Cleversley
    EA Cleversley21 dzień temu

    8:28 Pete got bit on his hand , hence why his right side of his body is red cause of the infection led to the brain

  • Smithp24
    Smithp2421 dzień temu

    Love this movie so goddamn much

  • PC
    PC22 dni temu

    Wait are they playing time splitters??

  • Filip Hovland
    Filip Hovland22 dni temu

    Would love to see a EGA Disneys Brother Bear!!!

  • Scr!m
    Scr!m23 dni temu

    I never even noticed Tyres was in this fuck sake

  • Scott Reynolds
    Scott Reynolds23 dni temu

    The joke about "pranging" the car is a prang is only a small knock , he'd smashed it into a pole completely writing it off.

  • Kyle Coffey
    Kyle Coffey23 dni temu

    Oi wanna do me a favor Please continue the pirates of the Caribbean

  • CIM Films
    CIM Films24 dni temu

    Zonmbie movie British addition

  • SpideyAnonymous
    SpideyAnonymous24 dni temu

    Hot Fuzz and The World’s End next dude!! Loved this one!

  • M. Evripidou
    M. Evripidou24 dni temu

    Pls do hot fuzz and the world's end

  • OneDaxSter
    OneDaxSter24 dni temu

    Will you do one of these videos on every movie in the Cornetto trilogy? I'd really love to see you do one on The World's End.

  • World Weaver
    World Weaver25 dni temu

    that moment when you switch from sins to wins and don't even realize until WInsdude directly mentions wins. I was wondering why this video praising.

  • Rogue Guardian
    Rogue Guardian25 dni temu

    I'm a cashier and I can confirm it's a miserable job. At least nowadays it is. I'm sure back then things were better.

  • Marcus Ong
    Marcus Ong25 dni temu

    6:49 Ah yes, the demon gods of Google that will poof your monetization

  • Bill No93
    Bill No9325 dni temu

    My favorite part about this movie is just how "realistic" it is. The zombies are slow and easy to dispatch, as shown in the end when the military shows up, and life mostly returns to normal. It doesn't have to deal with problems you'd have making a "realistic" zombie movie set in a country like the United States, where they'd be easily dispatched by a fairly well armed population. I'd personally love to see a more serious "realistic" zombie apocalypse movie taking place in Europe or Asia, where a civilian population doesn't have access to firearms and efficient melee weapons to clear a path through the hordes.

  • Wublic Indecency
    Wublic Indecency25 dni temu

    How about a monty python?

  • Baron B. Baronson
    Baron B. Baronson25 dni temu

    I prefer cinemasins

  • Caleb Minard
    Caleb Minard26 dni temu

    Should totally do the Tremor movies. At least the first 3. Some of my favorite B tier movies

  • J D
    J D26 dni temu

    I have a battle royal poaster

  • Film Is 4 All
    Film Is 4 All26 dni temu

    Love all the Spaced references you drop on the commentary such a brilliant show also cinema wins gets a character continuity/honesty win as you said you’d go back and rewatch spaced after Star Trek beyond 😂

  • Ralf Engelmann
    Ralf Engelmann26 dni temu

    The Jaguar XJ definetly is worth an additional win!

  • lexie muncy
    lexie muncy27 dni temu


  • jude anne *the candor channel*
    jude anne *the candor channel*27 dni temu

    Another great one. Still waiting for you to do a 180 and speak up for Twilight & FSOG.

  • jude anne *the candor channel*

    jude anne *the candor channel*

    27 dni temu

    I Love Fun & Fair Twilight and FIFTY SHADES content~ Check out my TWILIGHT & FSOG playlist--especially the comments--on my small, non-monetized channel for my enthusiast analysis of Edward's guilt, Christian's struggles with honesty, Ana's personal substance, and Bella's intelligent introvert PERSONALITY. plclip.info/ex/PLm9abpGXneSbdCyfFBlTb8v2d5Mt-BYkK

  • Laegon Waters
    Laegon Waters27 dni temu

    Someone needs to tell Big Al that dogs CAN look up.

  • Gary Nolan
    Gary Nolan28 dni temu

    Another win: the gun is a Winchester and the pub is the Winchester Another: 12:42 him hopping over the fence is a reference to Hot Fuzz

  • TheDude_59
    TheDude_5928 dni temu

    Good stuff. Some added points; Didnt Ed apologize in the end cause he ripped a deadly fart (pun intended)? Edit: I see you covered it a bit later in the video, nevermind. Also one very good moment you couldnt show here; When he picked the up from lizs place he shouted 'sup n-words' in a squeeky high voice from the car xD

  • Yeetus Beteetus
    Yeetus Beteetus28 dni temu

    Man I feel bad for the people in Z word movies. The fun of Z word costumes on Halloween or even the movies IN the universe of said movie will trigger PTSD in everyone

  • Sam Bas
    Sam Bas28 dni temu

    Do Second hand lions

  • murderoustendencies
    murderoustendencies28 dni temu

    LOL at that random Parasite joke !

  • Mathew Lombardo
    Mathew Lombardo29 dni temu

    I always thought the "you've got red on you" comment was a cheeky hint at someone about to be turning a zombie. I.e., they point it out because the virus maybe made them begin to lust for blood? Kinda like the moms "I don't eat meat" comment before we found out she's been bitten and will inevitably turn into a meat eating zombie.

  • Jadzebra
    Jadzebra29 dni temu

    Cool that the DVD had a huge amount of cute little facts

  • Jacoby Dodge
    Jacoby Dodge29 dni temu

    This movie is in number 6 favorite. beaten only the Shawshank redemption, Zombieland 1-2, Paul, and Megamind. I know, I have weird taste in movies.