Is the SSC Tuatara as fast as they say? Racing my Bugatti Veyron.


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  • Harsh vardhan Sahay
    Harsh vardhan Sahay10 godzin temu

    Chiron will make tuatara cry

  • Trapzilla
    Trapzilla12 godzin temu

    10:00 yeah don’t say that 😂😂😂😂

  • BeersAndBacon Gaming
    BeersAndBacon Gaming15 godzin temu

    Love the look of that Tuatara. For some reason it reminds me of the 50's batmobile with those rear winglets and the red/black color scheme.

    J BEAST21 godzinę temu

    Supra - that's cute

  • Gusti Aryasatya
    Gusti AryasatyaDzień temu

    I thought when i read ssc tuara like ssc trust lol

  • Echo
    EchoDzień temu

    That thing made going 240 look like nothing

  • Jack Yt
    Jack Yt2 dni temu

    Test the new bugatti bro 😈

  • Jack Yt
    Jack Yt2 dni temu

    Search it in google

  • Jack Yt
    Jack Yt2 dni temu

    World's Fastest Cars SSC Tuatara: 316 mph. Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+: 304 mph. Hennessey Venom F5: 301 mph* Koenigsegg Agera RS: 278 mph. Hennessey Venom GT: 270 mph. Bugatti Veyron Super Sport: 268 mph

  • محمد العنزي
    محمد العنزي2 dni temu

    ☢️☢️☢️If I had a NISSAN G-TR 2000 HP V6 winning was easy 😈😈😈... Tuatara and bugatti to ⚙️🔩⚒scraps

  • Elias Aldallal
    Elias Aldallal2 dni temu

    Atleast put a time stamp. Too much talking

  • Danny1775
    Danny17752 dni temu

    "I don't really have any ego" said the arrogant assclown that exudes

  • Dylan Holzer
    Dylan Holzer2 dni temu


  • 4Řangers Ređ
    4Řangers Ređ2 dni temu

    Bugatti vs Tuatara = tuatara??? feka feka fekaaaaa!!!!

  • hakan kağan
    hakan kağan2 dni temu

    thats it? i expected more. what a poor video..

  • Junaid Parvan Mollah
    Junaid Parvan Mollah2 dni temu

    heya bro... everything is fine but i seriously sometimes dont want to watch your videos just cuz they move a lot and make me feel dizzy........

  • justin tyme
    justin tyme3 dni temu

    It was at 7:38 he knew... he fucked up...

  • justin tyme
    justin tyme3 dni temu

    The veyron is really looking and feeling dated now

  • Kim Taehyuang
    Kim Taehyuang3 dni temu

    Chiron and Agera are eager to know the place

  • Official YNT
    Official YNT4 dni temu

    First real race I ever really seen

  • Scallywag Cwawim
    Scallywag Cwawim4 dni temu

    The tuatara makes the Bruton look like a prius

  • diego diegui
    diego diegui4 dni temu

    Wow the tatuara is sexy

  • rpr6.5 creedmoor
    rpr6.5 creedmoor4 dni temu

    So you name it after our Reptile which has the fastest molecular evolution in the world and this car has taken 10 yrs to this point and lie about its top embarrassing to the Tuatara

  • Sarah Appleton
    Sarah Appleton5 dni temu

    No, no, no! You Americans are soooooooo biasd, that, in order to make your Ssc Tuatara look faster than the bugatti, you drove the bugatti slowly.

  • Marcello o j n Ndagirwa
    Marcello o j n Ndagirwa5 dni temu

    I miss this guy

  • Fizzy Fozzy
    Fizzy Fozzy6 dni temu

    Bugatti Verons are quite out dates now

  • Valt Ahoy
    Valt Ahoy6 dni temu

    yeyy september is my birthday sep 24

  • steve young
    steve young6 dni temu

    James I'm American and I am proud of the tuatara but I got to say you didn't give the veyron it's full power

  • Miguel LF
    Miguel LF6 dni temu

    7:51 monicaaaaaa

  • nicholas gakuu
    nicholas gakuu6 dni temu

    it wont touch the chiron 300+

  • Dwayne Duncan
    Dwayne Duncan6 dni temu

    That was awsooooommmmmmmeee

  • Dwayne Duncan
    Dwayne Duncan6 dni temu

    That was awsooooommmmmmmeee

  • Kartik.A
    Kartik.A6 dni temu

    you should have put in your top speed key

  • Branson Barr
    Branson Barr6 dni temu

    WOAH!!! Looks like an alien spaceship

  • Harshul Rai
    Harshul Rai7 dni temu

    Chiron Pur Sport Vs Tuatara most awaited race. Chiron will kill it!

    PRINCESO FF YT7 dni temu

    Era más que evidente que se le iba a meter doblada :'(

  • ShaanJan
    ShaanJan7 dni temu

    That car is just beautiful

    AYOUBE EDDAOUDI7 dni temu

    Tuatara : 330 mph Jdm fans: “i would hit it with a 2jz “

  • Harsh vardhan Sahay

    Harsh vardhan Sahay

    10 godzin temu

    Yeah true

  • Zee Knights

    Zee Knights

    Dzień temu

    Yeah JDM so overrated

  • Pablo Guzmán

    Pablo Guzmán

    4 dni temu


    HIDEN WORDS8 dni temu

    This Buggati is about 12 year old now if u really want a comparison try with new wheels of buggati

  • Avil Georgescu
    Avil Georgescu8 dni temu

    good job

  • don kendez
    don kendez8 dni temu

    the tuatara doesnt have mirrors

  • Reee Kid
    Reee Kid8 dni temu


  • Reee Kid
    Reee Kid8 dni temu

    when i saw the car my jawdraopped

  • ShugoTenshi
    ShugoTenshi8 dni temu

    Not really that impressed, stradmans Bugatti would get beat like that by the Chiron so.... tuatara looks great tho

  • ary ary
    ary ary8 dni temu

    Over talk bro... 🗣

  • Samson Crumbley
    Samson Crumbley8 dni temu

    im getting a car like that

  • dashingthunderG
    dashingthunderG9 dni temu

    That's not your Bugatti that's my Bugatti

  • dashingthunderG
    dashingthunderG9 dni temu

    That race was awesome

  • Samer Masoud
    Samer Masoud9 dni temu

    😱 😍😵🙏👍omg

  • Baseballboi
    Baseballboi9 dni temu

    The Bugatti veyron got clapped

  • Baseballboi
    Baseballboi9 dni temu

    It’s crazy to me that the tuatara was only going 60%

  • José Carriel
    José Carriel9 dni temu

    Poor Bugatti, got raped

  • Julie Ann Dela Torre
    Julie Ann Dela Torre9 dni temu

    bugatti is the fastest car brand in the world 🤪

  • Julie Ann Dela Torre
    Julie Ann Dela Torre9 dni temu

    my forever i'd love sports car brand is bugatti bugatti is better than the SSC Tuatara :(

  • MythicMeowYT
    MythicMeowYT9 dni temu

    About that Camry tho

  • B E L I E F
    B E L I E F9 dni temu

    Shoot it’s not even a prototype I wonder how many they made lol

  • Lance Ropiha
    Lance Ropiha10 dni temu


  • Shakeel Rahman
    Shakeel Rahman10 dni temu

    You should race the Tuatara against the Bugatti Chiron Guess who won, lol, it’s obvious 😂 Imagine the butterflies you get in this car!!

  • Norse Viking Æsir
    Norse Viking Æsir10 dni temu

    Speech therapists help will slurring and yelling at cameras non-stop.

  • Norse Viking Æsir
    Norse Viking Æsir10 dni temu

    It's just a Veyron, no wonder it lost. You should've at least got the Sport edition Veyron.

  • TripledogMLG F

    TripledogMLG F

    13 godzin temu

    @Daddy vortex bruh stfu

  • Daddy vortex

    Daddy vortex

    13 godzin temu

    @TripledogMLG F still the fastest

  • TripledogMLG F

    TripledogMLG F

    14 godzin temu

    @Daddy vortex why would it still be the fastest when it never was because it might’ve been faked? That doesn’t make sense.

  • Daddy vortex

    Daddy vortex

    14 godzin temu

    @TripledogMLG F ssc

  • TripledogMLG F

    TripledogMLG F

    15 godzin temu

    @Daddy vortex which one we talking bout?

  • Dasher Fox
    Dasher Fox10 dni temu

    Anyone think the front of the Tuatara looks like a Grotti Turismo from GTA or just me?

  • r e v e l a r e_ XVII
    r e v e l a r e_ XVII10 dni temu

    *The fact that the Tuatara is American. Its about time Hennessey isn’t the only one.*

  • Teacher Stefan
    Teacher Stefan10 dni temu

    But Top Gear guys ctually drove, drifted and raced cars on the track. Fun factor 10/10

  • Seemon The Gac
    Seemon The Gac10 dni temu

    looks like a koenigsegg

  • BBXR 107
    BBXR 10711 dni temu

    This man is so annoying what the hell

  • BBXR 107
    BBXR 10711 dni temu

    When does the race start?

  • BBXR 107

    BBXR 107

    11 dni temu

    @thegreatking maybe

  • thegreatking


    11 dni temu

    @BBXR 107 did you just thank yourself?

  • BBXR 107

    BBXR 107

    11 dni temu

    Thanks bro

  • BBXR 107

    BBXR 107

    11 dni temu


  • BIueMew
    BIueMew12 dni temu

    But I mean the Bugatti was kinda competitive against it

  • hadie rich
    hadie rich13 dni temu

    TUATARA... TUA-OLD! TARA-FIGHT! OLDFIGHT... hehehe... malaysia words...

  • kristian jaramillo
    kristian jaramillo13 dni temu

    Supra: r u sure about that tuatara?

  • Kei
    Kei13 dni temu

    It is

  • Bhavya Bhalla
    Bhavya Bhalla13 dni temu

    It looks like a car from a GTA

  • The WildCard
    The WildCard13 dni temu

    Does a fucking bear shit in the woods? Of course the bugatti is going to get its fucking ass raped

  • ahulin49
    ahulin4913 dni temu

    1of1?...must have painted it

  • Ray Stand Up
    Ray Stand Up14 dni temu

    So now what?

  • Cris Azucena
    Cris Azucena14 dni temu

    You have to buy a buggati chiron

  • samia aadil
    samia aadil14 dni temu

    I love ur cars a lot

  • Bruno Gajdos
    Bruno Gajdos14 dni temu

    So fake reaction of him.

  • nara abner
    nara abner14 dni temu

    Tuatara just like a jet plane, really😲 Look at those materials that its used😲😲

  • Ruly Parvin
    Ruly Parvin15 dni temu

    That’s fast

  • tesla 197
    tesla 19715 dni temu

    I'd like to see charon super sport

  • peter Hajzer
    peter Hajzer15 dni temu


  • Sinue Mondragon
    Sinue Mondragon15 dni temu

    My bugati my bugati my bugati probably takes a bugati up his a$$$

  • Jon-Michael St. Louis
    Jon-Michael St. Louis15 dni temu

    I bet I could beat both of them in my Honda civic

  • Franklin Ayala
    Franklin Ayala15 dni temu


  • Ottman
    Ottman15 dni temu

    Koenigsegg one 1 🤔

  • eman saad elshamy
    eman saad elshamy15 dni temu

    that car is the fastest car in the world

  • Yuhmajusti Black
    Yuhmajusti Black16 dni temu

    Bullet vs Aero race!!!

  • Koasizm World
    Koasizm World16 dni temu

    wel things aint looking so good for Jarod & hes 'fake' record run now, Tuataras name has been tarnished...

  • sapna dhingra
    sapna dhingra16 dni temu

    I was right

  • Cryotic
    Cryotic16 dni temu

    Is ssc related to carrol shelby?

  • Casey Peck
    Casey Peck16 dni temu

    I don’t know how this all came together, immediately explains how it came together

  • gul mohammad
    gul mohammad16 dni temu

    Compare this with bolide

  • Shyne Tainyun

    Shyne Tainyun

    7 dni temu

    the Bugatti Bolide will absolutely destroy this poor little slow SSC Tuatara. 😊😂😂😂😂

  • José Giovanny Silva Gonzlez
    José Giovanny Silva Gonzlez16 dni temu

    Tuatara sounds like a cammed Corvette

  • Becky Bowers
    Becky Bowers16 dni temu

    The tuatara has a lot of turbo lag

  • Harry Hamburglur
    Harry Hamburglur16 dni temu

    This young man is enjoying his life on a scale I've never seen before. I don't know how he became so rich at such a young age, but even if his parents are the reason, he is such a positive force that I won't begrudge him for that. For all I know his wealth was created through his own choices. Love the videos and this one in particular. History was made ! Cheers

  • michele•-•


    15 dni temu

    In this video he explain all:

  • DrDajom
    DrDajom17 dni temu

    I am a bit underwhelmed. It’s racing an old car :-)

  • Jey Cee

    Jey Cee

    16 dni temu

    Old car on low octane fuel for 850 hp. Agera R was beating 1200 hp Veyron with similar margin in 2013.

  • edbro Aotearoa
    edbro Aotearoa17 dni temu

    Dude ease up on the coke

  • José Ortiz
    José Ortiz18 dni temu

    God bless you... You are a real happy man... Enjoy that beautiful life...

    VENOM VENOM18 dni temu

    Bugatti Sıçmış Laa Ssc tuatara Yanında 😆😆

  • Jaya sudha
    Jaya sudha18 dni temu

    Wait a minuuute