If this keeps up... NVIDIA will be in serious trouble...

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I know that you are all probably VERY sick of hearing about GPUs by now, but it's important to still share how these cards perform that way you know what to buy once they become more available... and today the XFX 6800XT Merc 319 shows us just how good AMD is this time around... holy cow!
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  • Josh
    JoshDzień temu

    Merc 319 6800xt or asus tuf 3080 if they were the same price?

  • My Hero
    My HeroDzień temu

    Anyone know where he get his test bench or case?

  • James leicher
    James leicher2 dni temu

    love to see 6900 xt reveiw

  • Stephen Naylor
    Stephen Naylor2 dni temu

    I have to say its not impressive because its fucking huge... like if you're not having size as a limiting factor make a gpu the size of a whole damn pc and be done with it. Its like having a mobile phone the size they were in the 80s and saying its the best phone out 🤷‍♂️ might be wrong here but that's how I feel about this gpu.

  • Yossman
    Yossman2 dni temu

    The problem with AMD is that I like the cards and I have one but the drivers cause so many problems I went staright back to Nvidia with my new build.

  • Eric Bostick

    Eric Bostick

    2 dni temu

    Outdated thought. I have just as many driver issues with nvidia.

  • *gerald the seal*
    *gerald the seal*3 dni temu

    7:22 nice one jay

  • alfa-psi
    alfa-psi3 dni temu

    500W for a graphic card is too much for my taste.

  • Ichabod Graves
    Ichabod Graves5 dni temu

    "Steve I get it now" GAHAHAHAHA!

  • Schnapsbrenner
    Schnapsbrenner5 dni temu

    It IS symmetrical, though...

  • Schnapsbrenner
    Schnapsbrenner5 dni temu

    Finally the xfx. I love their design in general and also this one. Can't compete with my 5700 thicc 3, though

  • Quantos
    Quantos6 dni temu

    Really Jay? Mercury is a liquid at room temp....

  • Yourubecan Blowme
    Yourubecan Blowme7 dni temu

    Well amd doesnt shit talk people or at least i dont hear about it so its an easy choice for me. Want things to change? Vote with your money.

  • Michi Nmr
    Michi Nmr8 dni temu

    I Love seeing no Fanboys bitching in the Comment

  • MaxBeejax
    MaxBeejax9 dni temu

    I actually managed to get one of these. Blew my mind of how big it actually was! Massive upgrade from a 1060 strix. Over 200 fps on ultra nightmare in 1440p in doom eternal so I'm happy.

  • Rep Streets
    Rep Streets9 dni temu

    Jay was talking about me not watching vids of cards I can't buy. But I got a 3080 now, so back to the vid!

  • David Pineault
    David Pineault9 dni temu

    This is my current setup. i was looking to do a few upgrades.. what would you recommend i upgrade out of the components below. note . i game and stream at the same time. proccessor: amd ryzen 5 2600x motherboard: asus rog strix x470-f motherboard amd 590 fatboy graphics card 32 gb ddr4 3200 ram

  • Bill Clark
    Bill Clark10 dni temu

    i have seen these listed for about $1800 (all i need is another $1730 and it is mine... and something to put it in...)

  • Gri4a
    Gri4a11 dni temu

    Oh wait, I cant buy one, cause I cant afford it...

  • Steven Sines
    Steven Sines11 dni temu

    Well you won't find one of these in any of my systems. They are priced beyond what I'd pay for a whole system, much less Graphics only. 4 figures? NO thank you.

    SMA MAS11 dni temu

    XFX is the best looks and works great (Y)

  • Samuel Lourenço
    Samuel Lourenço11 dni temu

    That GPU doesn't fit inside my tower.

  • MrNYCEyes
    MrNYCEyes12 dni temu

    I’d rather buy the founders edition of these graphics cards. These 3rd party ones are bulky asf.

  • Fluid Husky
    Fluid Husky13 dni temu

    bruh Ryzen is killing NVidia and intel.

  • Paddy O'Driscoll
    Paddy O'Driscoll13 dni temu

    What’s the temp of liquid mercury? Wow, is that stupid...

  • Alex K
    Alex K13 dni temu

    This pisses me off, RX 6800 Xt and 3000 series Nvidia GPUs reviews. Review of what? Where are the last year's GPUS? 4 months later not one is anywhere in existence except in the hands of PLclip hardware reviewers and in hands of a shit load of BitCoin mining farms. How did this happen? Supposed to be ONE per person? When the first BitCoin Rush happened in 2018 GPUs went up in price by $200 each, then once bitCoin crashed all of the sudden NVIDIA got caught with a surplus of GPUs that they had to sell off to regular consumers, some of which did not have display ports. AMD and NVIDIA are supplying BitCoin Crypto mining farms first and for that, the demand is so high that these two are not able to feed the supply and demand of regular consumers as well as those who buy shelves worth of these GPUs to mine BitFuckingCoin Even the factories AMD and NVIDIA use are booked to make ANTMiner machines before they do RTX 3000 cards. FACTS! When the ne RTX 3080s were announced there were many memes and jokes about 2080 TI owners being screwed for buying $1200 GPUs Guess what.. the beatup USED 2080 TI is worth more today than it was brand new and who is screwed now? Those who dont have a 2080 TI, They sold 2080TIs and got screwed Then others did not buy any because they hoped to jump over the 2000 series and now cant buy neither not even a 4-year-old Vega cards because these sell used and beat up with dry thermal compound for $550 if you can find one. Thanks to BitCoinMANIACS Once this madness ends, all the used cards that will flood the market will be Bitcoin mining cards that worked 24/7 and will require a full rebuilt, new fans, new paste and still that is if the die is ok after being toasted for years.

  • Roger Skagerström
    Roger Skagerström14 dni temu

    Actually a nice looking graphics card! I do like :)

  • Rrok Daragjati
    Rrok Daragjati15 dni temu

    I’ll just stick to my 1080ti. Still gets the job done

  • undeadbobop
    undeadbobop15 dni temu

    You mean maybe 2022

  • MagicAyrtonforever
    MagicAyrtonforever15 dni temu

    They already are people leaving the PC scene left right and centre including me. Total B$ and a total insult to the gaming community IMO

  • Ogre


    13 dni temu

    What do you mean leaving. You gonna do your taxes with a ps5?

  • John Davis
    John Davis15 dni temu

    I was really trying back in April/May to get an Alienware. I know it is over priced and I could build it myself, but that was sort of the point. It was the wife and I's first full year of doing foster care and my first year where I would be a father. So on the Friday before Father's Day my Alienware Monitor arrived and then about an hour later I got a notification that my overpriced PC was going to be delayed another 6 weeks! So I cancelled the PC and waited for a bit when the news of the RTX broke. So I patiently waited for the RTX 3k release and like everyone was not able to get one at launch, refreshed the sites I was looking and they went from pending launch to out of stock instantly. So I put my name on the EVGA Notify system and to this day never have been notified of one available and other then checking occasionally I don't really do much. Then the news of the new AMD CPUs and GPUs came out and I figured I would try my luck there. But it appears to be even a bigger paper launch then Nvidia at this point...

  • Omar Nael
    Omar Nael15 dni temu

    what does jay do with a nitrogen tank??

  • Mange6 _cool
    Mange6 _cool16 dni temu

    Got one of these ordered today. For the fair price of 1122$. Scalping prices here are as high as 1450$... Go 2021!

  • J C
    J C16 dni temu

    1:58 that's what she said lmfaoo

  • Jason Robinson
    Jason Robinson16 dni temu

    Man that is a sexy board ..(

  • The Demon Lord
    The Demon Lord16 dni temu

    Asking what the temp of liquid mercury is. Is like asking what the temp of water is without context

  • RiversRepairWorks
    RiversRepairWorks17 dni temu

    Old Power sucking R9 290X still destroys all my games!

  • MCP/ChronicBuzz
    MCP/ChronicBuzz18 dni temu

    "AMD can finally keep up with Nvidia in the high-end segment!" Nvidia a year from now: "Meet our new RTX 4090 Ti that basically renders all other parts of your PC irrelevant"

  • Chris Hax

    Chris Hax

    10 dni temu

    2 weeks later "Meet RX 7900XT 3ghz+ edition"

  • Allan
    Allan18 dni temu

    That desktop background appears to be of an aircraft from the 81st Fighter Squadron that was at Spangdahlem AB, Germany, back in the day. For $hits and giggles, can you confirm?

  • Bored Student
    Bored Student18 dni temu

    I don't know if they belong together, becaus i not too up to date. But i fount out there is a recent AMD Compute card with a decent amount of TFlops above Nvidias top model, but it's still inferior because AMD dosen't have the software to go along with it (like QUDA)

  • Ray Francis Patalinghug
    Ray Francis Patalinghug18 dni temu

    Was going for the Merc 6800xt... Ended up getting the 6900xt version instead cuz the 6800xt was out of stock. Totally overkill for my setup, but atleast I got a GPU now. Hope it's worth the price bump, I don't see a lot of reviews on it.

  • Zhaike Toledo
    Zhaike Toledo18 dni temu

    I keep getting rtx 30 series cards on newegg and Amazon and pretty secure sellers but im too broke to buy one

  • Zach
    Zach19 dni temu

    "What's the temperature of liquid mercury?" ....Ummm, mercury is liquid at room temperature, not 319 degrees LOL

  • Darth Wheazius

    Darth Wheazius

    6 dni temu

    Well in a hot country if measured in Kelvin.....

  • Paddy O'Driscoll

    Paddy O'Driscoll

    13 dni temu

    Yeah, I was like, “Ten year olds know this.”

  • LadderFromMGS3
    LadderFromMGS320 dni temu

    I have a 5700XT right now, I previously had a GTX 970, and I think I'm going to build a whole new PC sometime in 2021, but I'm a little torn as to which brand of GPU to get. When I was buying my 5700XT, I was also considering a 2070, but went with the 5700XT because, at least on paper, the AMD card has better price to performance ratio. What I noticed in practice though, was that the AMD drivers just felt worse. They felt unstable at first, and even still, the drivers will crash in games, forcing me to restart. I feel like I'm going to get a 3070 next because I feel like RTX and DLSS are good features to have, as well as having, from my experience, better drivers. Am I crazy for feeling this way? Are NVIDIA's actually drivers better than AMD's?

  • ItMeDwaeji
    ItMeDwaeji20 dni temu

    Your Newegg scenario is exactly how I just got my 6800XT lol

  • Jason Robinson
    Jason Robinson20 dni temu

    No more graphics until China can make the parts.... or find a new source manufacturer of these parts.. until than hold on to your stock..

  • Lopsang Lama
    Lopsang Lama20 dni temu

    1:58 that's what she said

  • Gospel Guitarist
    Gospel Guitarist21 dzień temu

    Its like adding a dual clutch to a car no lag! because the frame is already rendered.

  • another user
    another user22 dni temu

    @0:01 hint, pull don't push

  • bernhard85
    bernhard8522 dni temu

    Thats because amd wants to keep advancing.. not just stay complacent.. they like trying to reach new heights.. im sure amd will be the first to hit the 3.0ghz, and more... because nvidia cards have stopped getting faster as far as clock speed goes...

  • bernhard85
    bernhard8522 dni temu

    These cheap ass developers need to start putting our connectors back on the end of the gpu's .. we pay an assload of money for these cards and they give us less and less and we give more and more... If I want to hook up 6 monitors I should able to.. especially since they are killing sli, etc....

  • Jolfgard
    Jolfgard22 dni temu

    You sure you want to take this editorial direction?

  • Char Pad
    Char Pad22 dni temu

    Its almost Jan; stock is still a clown show; msg from the future lol

  • TOPCyber
    TOPCyber22 dni temu

    Nice Palpatine reference in there LOL No, no, noooo

  • MocnyBrowarek
    MocnyBrowarek23 dni temu

    Each dislike is like cup of tears of fanboy.

  • Sandalwood Myrrh
    Sandalwood Myrrh23 dni temu

    9:36 nice

  • Rex Yoshimoto
    Rex Yoshimoto23 dni temu

    Great explanation of frame pacing.

  • misszombiesue
    misszombiesue23 dni temu

    The card is symmetrical though...

  • Mythdoubt
    Mythdoubt23 dni temu

    You techtubers are encouraging these paper launches by doing videos like this. Stop it!

  • TheHope12322
    TheHope1232224 dni temu

    I was in unsubscribed from your channel! Just noticed.

  • Frederic-xavier DUBOIS
    Frederic-xavier DUBOIS24 dni temu

    By searching the net i could absolutely not find it at this pricepoint xfx IS claiming Did you try smart access ? It really boost it up

  • dodo killeurs
    dodo killeurs25 dni temu

    rtx vs out of stock

  • Thomas Urbanski
    Thomas Urbanski25 dni temu

    @7:40 .... but it is symmetrical

  • Dylan Forword
    Dylan Forword25 dni temu

    that is one big ass gpu 👏

  • SvenVG SvenVG1986
    SvenVG SvenVG198626 dni temu

    Jay you say that it can buy next year that graphic card here in Belgium can I buy them 😂😂😂

  • DickBurns
    DickBurns26 dni temu

    still in the GTX 1070.. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Whatever, man!
    Whatever, man!26 dni temu

    Will start crashing in 8 months, like every amd gpu.

  • starrky
    starrky26 dni temu

    most unsatisfying peeling on the internet >.

  • effexon
    effexon26 dni temu

    Is this trend, 1million+ views, Jay is getting more and more rough with those components... some videos even showd him brick things.

  • harleyblue999
    harleyblue99927 dni temu

    Uncanny appearance to an old Radio from the sixties,todays graphics overpriced overrated the more you have the more it wants just like the operating system greedy for your money.

  • Lee Bennett
    Lee Bennett27 dni temu

    Why pretending that this card is even on the table? It's just not. gpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Nvidia-RTX-3080-vs-AMD-RX-6800-XT/4080vs4089

  • Timothy Gibney

    Timothy Gibney

    20 dni temu

    Lol uses userbench 😀

  • Nalet
    Nalet28 dni temu

    Got one for 849€ (incl. tax) today. I hope it arrive next week!

  • Tom D
    Tom D28 dni temu

    AMD still can’t touch Nvidia in the gpu dept.

  • Thomas Redloh
    Thomas Redloh28 dni temu

    He had the same reaction as my wife the first time she pulled it out.

  • LookingGlass ✔️

    LookingGlass ✔️

    25 dni temu

    She also had to pull the plastic off of it?

  • Dicky O
    Dicky O28 dni temu

    your wrong gay2cents. Nvidia blows these cards away

  • Brad Lopez
    Brad Lopez28 dni temu

    1:56 That's what she said.

  • Phillip Mulligan
    Phillip Mulligan29 dni temu

    Looks like it's 95% cooling heatsinks and fans by volume.

  • B.S白使
    B.S白使29 dni temu

    So in conclusion, buy whatever carad u like depending on your budget or whatever other factors because they are the same. Hmm I guess imma keep my 3060 Ti just for that DLSS lol

  • Golom Mod
    Golom Mod29 dni temu

    I hope price will stay same in 2025 when Stock's will be replenished

  • Random 549
    Random 549Miesiąc temu

    Communist China is underwater & these factories won't be back online for many months. Lets decouple from China ASAP & make video cards in the USA again. If we did there would be plenty to go around plus they would be much higher quality than the communist can make.

  • fangthefluffy
    fangthefluffyMiesiąc temu

    could only dream of affording one even if they were available :/

  • AngelGeneration look onto my Second Channel
    AngelGeneration look onto my Second ChannelMiesiąc temu

    Nvidia: "Well oof we did an Uh Oh" AMD: "I'm not gonna make the same mistake" After Release AMD: "........" Nvidia: "THAT'S ROUGH, BUDDY"

  • 4N5W3R5
    4N5W3R5Miesiąc temu


  • Apollo
    ApolloMiesiąc temu

    "Who can beat the xfx" Probably Sapphire would by my guess

  • Antoine Viallon

    Antoine Viallon

    25 dni temu

    @ASUS RX 580 8GB DUAL OC it's in project. I wonder how a game server (like nvidia shadow play) would perform.

  • Apollo


    26 dni temu

    @ASUS RX 580 8GB DUAL OC oh okay

  • Apollo


    26 dni temu

    @ASUS RX 580 8GB DUAL OC hmm?

  • Antoine Viallon

    Antoine Viallon

    28 dni temu

    Yeah, the Sapphire RX Vega 64 Nitro+ Limited Edition (what a long name lmao) is an absolute monster, both in size and in compute performance. I never tested it on games though.

  • Nicholas Beard
    Nicholas BeardMiesiąc temu

    There has to be competition so if Nvidia plays there cards right this will end up helping both makers in the end anyway

  • Nicholas Beard
    Nicholas BeardMiesiąc temu

    Nvidia will never be in trouble because of another company there fanbase is to loyal. Especially when preforming differences between amd and them arnt really that staggering.

  • Sentoki Games
    Sentoki GamesMiesiąc temu

    First, availability is crap, second because of that, the recommended prices are not the prices you pay even in the shops where you should normally be able to buy them.

  • Airborne Z
    Airborne ZMiesiąc temu

    Preheat like a oven🤣🤣

  • Pr09h17m4n319
    Pr09h17m4n319Miesiąc temu

    I'm 319.

    DMN DMNMiesiąc temu

    I'm leaving Nvidia going to AMD. Performance and price. I don't want to pay extra money for a gpu for the name

  • Scott Norris
    Scott NorrisMiesiąc temu

    Wow. Never thought Id be thinking about getting an AMD card.

  • Zanshi Kaijin
    Zanshi KaijinMiesiąc temu

    No cuda cores, so no IRay. So useless to me.

  • Hamans Gapper
    Hamans GapperMiesiąc temu

    How about that.. Freedom to compete, competition ... Capitalism at its finest.

  • MiGHT TV
    MiGHT TVMiesiąc temu

    Wait that wont fit in my itx build ? 😭

  • Markus Lausch

    Markus Lausch

    Miesiąc temu

    For that card I'd use my angle grinder... no matter whats in the way! muahahaha

  • Jordan Statler
    Jordan StatlerMiesiąc temu

    Just snagged one of these last night!

  • Bryan Hilton
    Bryan HiltonMiesiąc temu

    keep pushing for people to have more more more.....200 fps is ridiculous and irrelevant. just keep making videos though

  • someone
    someoneMiesiąc temu

    higher quality chokes and caps compared to what? most of the time the amd reference is basically built like a tank

  • JZ
    JZMiesiąc temu

    yeah, none of these reviews matter, can't buy anything anyways

  • Mo Ice
    Mo IceMiesiąc temu

    Finally i can heat up my living room

  • Edu Alves
    Edu AlvesMiesiąc temu

    It is funny how and GPU only feature good in big channels benchmarks, but one trip to Reddit they always stay behind

  • elda
    eldaMiesiąc temu

    From now on, i will be measuring everything in reference units