RIP Rimuru | That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Season 2

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Ep 27: Rimuru gets caught red-handed by Shion and Shuna! Watch That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime on Crunchyroll:
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  • Nordwind
    NordwindDzień temu

    Behind Shuna's cute face hides a Pure Evil

  • Matthew Williams
    Matthew Williams2 dni temu

    I don’t get it, what’d they do wrong?

  • Jonny Largent
    Jonny Largent2 dni temu

    On the plus side Rimiru will get poison resistance as a result.

  • Joshua Robelly
    Joshua Robelly2 dni temu

    Shion not soon

  • Joshua Robelly
    Joshua Robelly2 dni temu

    Rimuru uh soon smash goblins she that one goblin who doesnt know what's happening (ah)

  • john torreto
    john torreto3 dni temu

    Next time they do this, Rimuru should immediately bring up the Demon Lord shtick

  • Alvaro Landauro
    Alvaro Landauro3 dni temu

    2:10 You know it's a horrible punishment when Gobzo majes that face

  • Tyui Saku
    Tyui Saku3 dni temu

    Gobzo is too pure (i love his caracter)

  • Lee 20
    Lee 203 dni temu

    Could demon lord rimuru eat her cooking. He does have infinite regen

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover4 dni temu

    i don't think shion knows what's really going on she just feels left out or she would be fuming too LOL

  • Nekpirrek Nek 1
    Nekpirrek Nek 14 dni temu

    Jsksjs los celos :b

  • DramaOu
    DramaOu5 dni temu

    I know one thing "Gazel was right"

  • Jonquil Gemstone
    Jonquil Gemstone5 dni temu

    Poor Gobzo was just too innocent. Hence the shining aura in the face of his dirty superior.

  • Schinak


    5 dni temu

    more like too dense >_>

  • Alvin Lee
    Alvin Lee5 dni temu

    1:14 Everyone's injured and then there's just Gobzo who's just vibin

  • Tom Cruz
    Tom Cruz6 dni temu

    The Dwarfs 0:24 *GOT TO GO* 🤣

  • Leroy Jenkins
    Leroy Jenkins6 dni temu

    Night out with the boooysss

  • ꧁ Cedric
    ꧁ Cedric8 dni temu

    Everybody gangsta til' Shuna releases her kagune

  • Mario Cardenas
    Mario Cardenas8 dni temu

    Tbh this scene made me a little annoyed like let them do what they want

  • Sora The Keyblade Wielder
    Sora The Keyblade Wielder9 dni temu

    Rimuru, it was nice knowing you.

  • David S.
    David S.10 dni temu

    The most scarying moment that Rimuru could have lived XD

  • Paul Duchamp
    Paul Duchamp11 dni temu

    Everyone be spitting on Gobzo but he's just so pure that's all

  • Y. H.

    Y. H.

    20 godzin temu

    @Schinak never thought I would see you in comments outside a trails video...

  • Schinak


    9 dni temu

    Never inviting him on another boys night out

  • Ernestina Dufie
    Ernestina Dufie11 dni temu

    Women are to be scared...

  • David Dupree
    David Dupree12 dni temu

    Shuna has impressive Conqueror's haki.

  • GMilkMan
    GMilkMan12 dni temu

    Shion: *Pout* Shuna: *D e a t h*

  • BigTuk
    BigTuk14 dni temu

    The Dwarves....They look like they'd rather take their chances with Smaug and Sauron than be there.

  • Rex Universe
    Rex Universe14 dni temu

    Lol princess shuna is very smart and diabolical

  • Jorge AE
    Jorge AE15 dni temu

    1:33 Gobzo xD

  • kealin melia
    kealin melia15 dni temu

    Gobzo the most innocent and most oblivious one there. But even he knows not to eat shions cooking

  • Max Primal
    Max Primal15 dni temu

    Lesson learn : Clear ur history

  • MysticDragonWolf
    MysticDragonWolf15 dni temu

    Rimuru - a god OP cheating Dev D20 character capable of eating a nuke and befriending demon lords and becoming one and giving body parts and bodies to friends alike Deathly afraid of his subordinates finding out they had snuck out for a good time

  • Room Rambler
    Room Rambler16 dni temu

    Seeing shuna angry is terrifying because she always looks so nice and kind

  • MegaChaos91
    MegaChaos9116 dni temu

    A question for the uploader from a video editor: Was that sound at 0:00 really hard to remove or fade in?

  • mexicanoaao
    mexicanoaao17 dni temu

    Who else agrees that was the cutest "hai" to ever bless this planet?

  • demi star
    demi star17 dni temu

    When yah girl catch u leaving the club . You could have gotten away from the first girl , as soon as yah second girl came yah escape chance just got sent to negative 100 🤣

  • TheRygatto
    TheRygatto17 dni temu

    Where the hell does the stereotype of women inferiority in Asia even come from??? 😂😂😂 Nah joke I know it was really bad in the past.

  • Andresa Martins
    Andresa Martins17 dni temu

    Slime cuteness really works. I had the exact same reaction as Shuna and Shion

  • A Man of Culture
    A Man of Culture17 dni temu

    Gobzo its just to pure for this world 😅

  • MrMisterman1
    MrMisterman118 dni temu

    I'm starting to think Rimuru's authority is a little limited

  • The Man They Call Cobra Jason Thompson
    The Man They Call Cobra Jason Thompson18 dni temu

    "Damnit Dave you're the worst goblin ever"

  • Paul Zheng
    Paul Zheng18 dni temu

    Gobzo is now regretting telling Shuna where they were going lol

  • Josue Jonathan Vilca Huaranca
    Josue Jonathan Vilca Huaranca18 dni temu

    When your wife Catch you whit your Friends instead of whit the Kids XDD.

  • itsmeo 9806
    itsmeo 980619 dni temu

    wth is the girls problem they just bring irritating ngl

  • tanya lalaby
    tanya lalaby19 dni temu

    hell has no fury like a woman’s scorn

  • evilcornet309
    evilcornet30920 dni temu

    0:30 well that's scary...requiescat in pace rimuru

  • Riliksel
    Riliksel20 dni temu


  • nesnalica
    nesnalica20 dni temu

    gazel being savage even in his imagination

  • Owen Maleski
    Owen Maleski20 dni temu

    Shuna shows up; Men this is no time to panic Shion shows up; OK, maybe it's time for a little panic Shion's cooking gets involved; Men, you may now panic as you see fit

  • Local_ Hotpotato

    Local_ Hotpotato

    7 dni temu


  • nglmao
    nglmao20 dni temu

    Notice: The Requirements have been met. Skill: Death evasion has been Granted. effects Activate when near death, thus Granting immortality.

  • AniMeKiNgS
    AniMeKiNgS20 dni temu

    A punishment well worth it 👌👏👍

  • Hoshi Ryu
    Hoshi Ryu21 dzień temu

    hell no 5 days is all i got nomore no less tho does he/she /it/Rimuru even need to eat?

  • animegirlzrock21
    animegirlzrock2121 dzień temu

    I can’t get enough of this scene 🤣

  • blondiwithstyle
    blondiwithstyle21 dzień temu

    "... hai" xd

  • Draco the shadowphoenix
    Draco the shadowphoenix21 dzień temu

    a future demon lord, killer of 10000 people, afraid of a moe princess and some food...ok makes sense xD

  • Aj gaming
    Aj gaming21 dzień temu

    Gobzo be like... Why am here?? Im the nice guy you know

  • edwena orias
    edwena orias21 dzień temu

    Is princess shuna rimurus girlfriend?

  • Tairren Daly
    Tairren Daly21 dzień temu

    Gobozo is too innocent to get angry at. 😏🤣

  • Julian randy
    Julian randy21 dzień temu

    I feel bad for him they are not he's wing man 😭😭😭

  • WeebWithNoName /後輩
    WeebWithNoName /後輩22 dni temu

    Shuna is like the scary Sister and Shion is the Emotional One

  • bluethunder92291
    bluethunder9229122 dni temu

    Dear lord he dodge a bullet on this one

  • Roostedmx
    Roostedmx22 dni temu

    Don’t think we’ve ever seen Shuna fight as a Kijin. Really makes you think about how powerful she might be, man.

  • Master Slimer

    Master Slimer

    7 dni temu

    As it turns out she's one heck of a supporter...and can cast some levels of holy magic...

  • Jared Hamilton

    Jared Hamilton

    16 dni temu

    She’ll be fighting later

  • Rodimus Minor
    Rodimus Minor22 dni temu

    remember rule 1 in anime the mc is not allowed to go and have fun because he will suffer the wrath of the jealous females, this was out of character for Shuna, Seriously Gobozo you broke the bro code

  • Senpai May Notice
    Senpai May Notice22 dni temu

    That time I got terminated as a slime

  • Bit Bit
    Bit Bit23 dni temu

    Yo I just realized this is the equivalent of eating hot sauce as a kid when you messed up

  • Eeni Thesian
    Eeni Thesian23 dni temu

    Me and my friends watching this episode: BOYS NIGHT OUT!! Us when we heard Shuna's voice: SCATTER!!! HIDE THE EVIDENCE AND SCATTER!!!

  • Supereece
    Supereece23 dni temu

    love how Rimuru will eat raw monsters and pure destructive energy and not bat and not even be phased, but just the thought of eating Shion's cooking terrifies him.

  • TheJoltMazter
    TheJoltMazter24 dni temu

    going to the club with the bois and then one of them snitches

  • Kisa Amai
    Kisa Amai24 dni temu

    Gobzo is too pure for this world

  • marcaus park
    marcaus park24 dni temu

    She gave him a horrifying punishment with the sweetest smile

  • Shawn
    Shawn24 dni temu

    At least he'll build up complete toxin immunity

  • KuroTaka黒鷹
    KuroTaka黒鷹24 dni temu

    I wish i was a slime

  • Josiah Vang
    Josiah Vang25 dni temu

    Gobozo so pure

  • Juan Rodriguez
    Juan Rodriguez25 dni temu

    Corre perro corre......

  • xlaostha704x
    xlaostha704x25 dni temu

    Shuna is cold blooded , "one week". she said it with finality. lol

  • ShadowxJames
    ShadowxJames25 dni temu

    Objective survive

  • Reverso
    Reverso25 dni temu

    "Can we cut it down to 3 da-" *One week* welp... *guess I'll go starve*

  • angers karin
    angers karin25 dni temu

    Not to sure why he so scared, first he the leader so he do what he want, and second he stronger then both of them combined.

  • Sidious MaximusMaridius
    Sidious MaximusMaridius26 dni temu

    When you're the King of Your Own Country but your girls still in charge...Yea that's called life

  • Diego Barrietos
    Diego Barrietos26 dni temu

    They are like his wifes, both of them

  • equitine _
    equitine _26 dni temu

    When the wife finds out your single friends planned the night out.

  • Yaldabaoth
    Yaldabaoth26 dni temu

    Shuna went all Shiki on us.

  • せんかすSenkasu
    せんかすSenkasu26 dni temu

    The little slime reactions funni

  • Beethoven Nguyen
    Beethoven Nguyen26 dni temu


  • Jack xiong
    Jack xiong27 dni temu

    How all men’s are scare when there gf and wife is angry

  • Koji B
    Koji B28 dni temu

    Rimuru is busted

  • Antasma1
    Antasma128 dni temu

    For Gobzo's act of treason, he paid with his life

  • DigiB
    DigiB28 dni temu

    Are we all just going to ignore the fact that Shion was upset not because Rimuru went drinking with pretty ladies, but because she was not invited?

  • PayYourRespeccToTheMemeGod
    PayYourRespeccToTheMemeGod28 dni temu

    that black eye from shuna reminds me off Shalltear when she tried to catch Brain

  • Hawkeye 43
    Hawkeye 4328 dni temu

    The Calm Before the Storm!

  • bloobeeblah
    bloobeeblah28 dni temu

    Gobozo just there not a thought behind his eyes. smooth brain... all for Shion.

  • Tomas bromberg zelaya
    Tomas bromberg zelaya28 dni temu

    You had every chance to name this video RIPmuru and you didnt take it, shame on you

  • JF 3
    JF 328 dni temu

    They act like he took the homies to a cat house.

  • x Jay x
    x Jay x29 dni temu

    saddage :(......

  • Sr. Maratabi
    Sr. Maratabi29 dni temu

    I need a context, please. What did they do?

  • Sommion
    SommionMiesiąc temu

    the great Sage warning craks me up lol

  • Shadow_Jafeth
    Shadow_JafethMiesiąc temu

    Not even Judas is as treacherous as Gobzo, he is so foolish and innocent in knowing that he has just condemned his companions.

  • Emilio Mancilla
    Emilio MancillaMiesiąc temu

    toxic girlfriend appears

  • Dragoman666
    Dragoman666Miesiąc temu

    Lesson learned. Don't tick off Shuna and don't trust Gobzo.

  • KapaBahamut
    KapaBahamutMiesiąc temu

    I love how really it’s not the fact they went for them hot elf gals, but because they didn’t bring them 😂

    FLY HIGH. HIGHER!Miesiąc temu

    Rimuru’s head: keep it simple Rimuru: I’m sorry! Rimuru’s head: Bow low Rimuru: I have no excuses Rimuru’s head :and use my slime cuteness to appeal to her sympathy. Rimuru: Né!!!! 😭😭😭

  • singidas ryan
    singidas ryanMiesiąc temu

    The terrifying wrath of the kijin