iPhone SE (2020) Review: It All Adds Up!

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iPhone SE might be the most important thing Apple's made this year.
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  • Craig Weir
    Craig Weir5 godzin temu

    So is the iPhone se plus just a iPhone 8 Plus really ?

    FUCKLE NUTS8 godzin temu

    Me watching this with my android. I think my android is going jelly

  • Dan Richter
    Dan Richter18 godzin temu

    Does this mean the 3rd Generation iPhone SE will be a refresh of the iPhone 11, with the A15 Bionic?

  • Michael Bell
    Michael BellDzień temu

    I picked one of these up for $49, yes that's right, $49. Cricket wireless has them on sale right now in store when you port a line over. I$399 was already a great price but $49 is an absolute steal. Thats cheaper than the garbage Android phones you usually get at most carriers. I had a line to port over anyways and figured it would be a businesses line/2nd phone to my 12 Pro Max, but after a few days, I think it will be my new daily driver. This thing feels like a feather compared to the 12 Pro Max, even compared to the 12, and its great to have one-handed use again. Ive been a big phone guy for years, but the 12 Pro Max is just TOO big. Touch ID is great while wearing a mask, and I forgot how much I miss sliding up to access control center. So much easier than pulling down, especially from a big phone, where you need two hands to do so. Having the back tap feature is awesome too. So much that I almost don't miss the gestures of the newer iPhones and I think I hate the notch more than the forehead bezel. This phone does everything great with anything you throw at it. Doesn't feel like a budget model at all. I cannot believe they put an A13 with the updated camera software into a budget phone. Sure, I wish the display were more sharp and crisp BUT, these LCD displays have that pure white look while the OLED displays have that crappy yellow tint to them that I hate. The only real downsides are the big bezels and the absolute trash battery life, especially if you are used to phones with big batteries. Im not even a heavy user, Im not a gamer and I don't watch movies or even PLclip videos on my phone. Just some social media sites, some light web browsing, texts, a few photos and this battery is toast by late afternoon. The only good thing is that it will charge back to 100% in less than an hour with an 18 watt charger. I got the Product Red and the black on red look is awesome. Overall, for the price, its a great phone and an incredible value. 8/10 from me.

  • Frostbiteyguy
    FrostbiteyguyDzień temu

    Says it’s a small phone Me with my iPhone 5S

  • Hui Gabriel
    Hui GabrielDzień temu

    3:02 Having an IPhone SE with a Mac Pro

  • Dani Ava
    Dani Ava2 dni temu

    I’m watching this on the og se 🥲

  • Daniel Mchenry
    Daniel Mchenry2 dni temu

    Mine didn't come with a charger just a cord. Other than that liking it so far.

  • Qiye Lim
    Qiye Lim2 dni temu

    ilove the color because its RED and its not that large.. and simple 1 back camera.

  • Raul Tovar
    Raul Tovar3 dni temu

    Bought one on ebay for $250 (used). Best deal on I’ve ever got on a phone.

  • Nylrak


    2 dni temu

    Good deal bro, I want to pick one as a secondary phone but I'm not sure about that battery

  • The King
    The King3 dni temu

    Just got mine so hyped

  • Natalie Hooper
    Natalie Hooper4 dni temu

    Had 12 mini just sold it getting se need home button for today’s climate

  • Brys Hieb
    Brys Hieb4 dni temu

    I’m getting it and now it is 150

  • S. Kshirsagar
    S. Kshirsagar4 dni temu

    What about those people who like small mobiles


    Looks kinda classic cool but overall specs are trash.its useless for its price.

  • npgoalkeeper _

    npgoalkeeper _

    2 dni temu

    @PUBG MOBILE PRO SETTUP *BEAST* *PRO* BEST apple goes by ppi, not resolution. As long as it stays around 324 ppi they (and the bulk of their consumer base) don’t care. Apple has always been careful when it comes to batteries, even before the note 7

  • Just a common memer

    Just a common memer

    4 dni temu

    @PUBG MOBILE PRO SETTUP *BEAST* *PRO* BEST iphones make do with smaller batteries iphone 11 pro max with 3900 mah with outlast note 10 plus witha round 4500 mah



    4 dni temu

    + battery was under 2000mah .my flagship have more than 5000mah . And the price wasnt double of this shit about 500 British pound . Now its about 300 400 new .



    4 dni temu

    Well , for that price u can get lot better xiaomi or other brand . Whats the point of "good camera" if screen is 720p ,camera makes no sense unless u watch them on other more better screen . 720p is 2014 years top notch . A13 well yeah good but what u goona do with it small shit screen ,gaming ?whatever camera and a13 makes no sense .its trash .people still Dreaming .Jesus

  • Just a common memer

    Just a common memer

    4 dni temu

    Specs is literally one of the big selling points of the phone

  • Paula Dixon
    Paula Dixon5 dni temu

    The left drawer chiefly attack because spark emotionally bounce behind a abashed stepdaughter. round, upbeat continent

  • SymbolX
    SymbolX5 dni temu

    Keeping the same design is a safe and intelligent choice. Apple do things right!

  • LyxisFNシ
    LyxisFNシ7 dni temu

    If they put face id on this phone this would’ve been a god phone

  • Just a common memer

    Just a common memer

    4 dni temu

    Touch id is also good

  • Blocky
    Blocky8 dni temu

    I got the SE and I’m pretty happy with it. Anyone looking for a phone to give a child on Christmas it’s more then enough.

  • Mickeythepluds
    Mickeythepluds8 dni temu

    Getting one tomorrow!!! I got a series 3 Apple Watch lately so I can pair it up!

  • Matush34 guy
    Matush34 guy8 dni temu

    I think the se is good but personally I would like a more modern design so I am getting the 12 and more battery but the 11 is great as well but it’s just a phone so enjoy it👍

  • Bertie Blue
    Bertie Blue8 dni temu

    Thanks, taking up the SE offer from my provider based on this.

  • Matt Amico
    Matt Amico9 dni temu

    I have bought an Iphone SE from these guys in the UK smartphonesuperstoreoutlet with bitcoin. I also have an 11 Pro Max.

  • ArcticFox
    ArcticFox9 dni temu

    I’m watching this on the old SE rn, so I’m happy I’m getting a new one for my birthday, which is probably this phone. Thanks for the review it really helped!

  • ashystyle
    ashystyle9 dni temu

    Is he employed by apple? He just might be!

  • Just a common memer

    Just a common memer

    4 dni temu


  • Amit Sharma
    Amit Sharma9 dni temu

    listen to the intro at 1.5x

  • Devadattan faryan
    Devadattan faryan10 dni temu


  • Meme Supreme
    Meme Supreme10 dni temu

    The guy who introduced the iPhone 3Gs back in 2008-9: "The S stands for speed." Does this mean the new iPhone SE stands for iPhone Speed e? speeeeeeeeedyyyyy

  • Mr capalot
    Mr capalot10 dni temu

    Highly recommend this phone 🙏🏼 Got mine 2 days ago

  • Daniel P

    Daniel P

    4 dni temu

    this phone is way too small. I got the XR instead.

  • Sid Crossley
    Sid Crossley10 dni temu

    Yeh I’ve got this phone all around a great phone but tbh battery life’s not that good

  • Just a common memer

    Just a common memer

    4 dni temu

    Yes battery is weak

  • Miles Smart
    Miles Smart11 dni temu

    I've used android my whole life and my dad got me this phone so I set it up and it's not horrible I've just hated on Apple my whole life so that's saying something

  • 222triple
    222triple11 dni temu

    Good review, thanks. I’m still using my 6p with no issues other than battery replacement two years ago. I like the touch rather than face recognition feature and size like the 6p. Only reason I’m thinking about upgrading is to work with an Apple Watch. Going to miss headphone jack though.

  • Sava Gligorijević
    Sava Gligorijević11 dni temu

    iPhone SE- iPhone Standard Edition

  • The Wild Gaming Channel
    The Wild Gaming Channel11 dni temu

    I have a note 10, just bought this phone yesterday Walmart has a deal for this phone until Jan 30th if you get cricket mobile as your carrier it’s 159 dollars And 55 for the unlimited service. Now I have the best of both worlds. What can’t run on my Samsung I use on my apple, and vice versa. I just redeemed my free trials for Apple Music, Apple Arcade with hundreds of games, and Apple TV free for a year if you buy this phone. It was a sweet deal.

  • Nathan R
    Nathan R12 dni temu

    My phone atm is a broken second hand iphone 6s

  • Nathan R
    Nathan R12 dni temu

    Was looking for a phone after the 8 that was the same size but I didn't wanna buy the new 12 mini so this is perfect

  • Furnace
    Furnace12 dni temu

    New iPhone SE 2020 with 64 GB Storage Meanwhile here stuck with a 16 GB iPhone 5 I am at 15.9 GB, and sincerely it's been hard living with that small amount of storage

  • Werner Whitlow
    Werner Whitlow12 dni temu

    I did not get the adapter or headphones with.

  • Eric Robertson
    Eric Robertson12 dni temu

    the design is between the 7 and the 8 which i like tbh. even tho their recent flagships have no bezels anymore. i still love the old look tho

  • Dana Playss
    Dana Playss13 dni temu

    I bought this and i regret it

  • Just a common memer

    Just a common memer

    4 dni temu


  • Satan 666
    Satan 66613 dni temu

    IPhone se costs 750$ where I live

  • Just a common memer

    Just a common memer

    4 dni temu

    Lol thats a terrible deal dont buy that

  • -
    -13 dni temu

    hmm PS5 or iPhone SE...

  • Zacchaeus Adriel
    Zacchaeus Adriel13 dni temu

    Me watching on my iPhone se2:

  • Wynand Roberts
    Wynand Roberts13 dni temu

    Well it’s 2021 and I am still going strong with an Iphone 7. Will be upgrading to this one though. Sometime in this year

  • Rami Rasikh
    Rami Rasikh14 dni temu

    It's REALY TOUGH choice to make between iPhone SE and Pixel 4A. I have been an Android user since 2014, Galaxy S4 & S5 to be exact. I take photos, selfies a lot. Download videos and trimming them or create some videos with video editing apps, that's my main use of the phone. And every phone I had, got laggy over the time, not necessarily with the software upgrades, it just got laggy. And this is my concern with the 4A, how long will it last without lagging with the current software??

  • Just a common memer

    Just a common memer

    4 dni temu

    There is also oneplus nord

  • Vincent Nothstine
    Vincent Nothstine14 dni temu

    Im 15 and have never had a phone. I wanna get one now but cant afford the most expensive ones. Should i get this one, or save up more and get the XR? Update: I got an iPhone 11 thx for your recommendations though! :)

  • JustPizza


    9 dni temu

    @Vincent Nothstine okay nice!

  • Vincent Nothstine

    Vincent Nothstine

    9 dni temu

    @JustPizza Oh just so you know I ended up getting an iPhone 11. Thanks for your suggestion though! :)

  • JustPizza


    9 dni temu


  • Hydro Sheep

    Hydro Sheep

    13 dni temu


  • Jeyles
    Jeyles14 dni temu

    I’m still rockin’ the 7. Is this much of an upgrade ?

  • Just a common memer

    Just a common memer

    4 dni temu

    @Jeyles cheers

  • Jeyles


    4 dni temu

    @Just a common memer Cheers mate :)

  • Just a common memer

    Just a common memer

    4 dni temu

    Yes. So much

  • Alessandra Fredriksson
    Alessandra Fredriksson14 dni temu

    just bought this one for my mom

  • musiclover 710
    musiclover 71014 dni temu

    Camra is the same as a xr basicly

  • Anita Gupta
    Anita Gupta14 dni temu

    Only if the battery was better

  • Mochawolf12
    Mochawolf1214 dni temu

    I have an iPhone 12 but before I got that there was someone in my class saying omg I have the newest phone but it is only 400 dollars he was trying to flex like as if no one knew the price and it even has a home button

  • Kk Kk
    Kk Kk15 dni temu

    I sold my iPhone 11 Pro Max for a Pixel 4a because I had enough of Apple's policy of restricting recording apps. But eventually I discovered that I cannot live without an iPhone, especially with the advent of Apple One subscription. So I will buy this one to get back to Apple ecosystem. (I also have an M1 MacBook Air, which is the best laptop I've ever used.)

  • Josephoid
    Josephoid15 dni temu

    couple years ago, a 400 pounds device would be a flagship, now its seen as 'budget'

  • james Gand
    james Gand16 dni temu

    Imagine if they made it without a bezel like the smaller galaxy phone.

  • Pablo Escobar
    Pablo Escobar16 dni temu

    Yea I’m getting this

  • Tomathiah Dingleby
    Tomathiah Dingleby16 dni temu

    The worst thing is the haptic home button. They make a button that doesn't click so they make a fake click you cannot turn off. It is like designing a really quiet door with rubber bumpers, seals and quiet hinges then installing a speaker you cannot turn off which plays a squeak and a slam. Idiocy of the highest order.

  • Zedaph Mumbo Jumbo
    Zedaph Mumbo Jumbo16 dni temu

    Fun fact: When you add the price of the SE (399), it gives you 21 (3+9+9)

  • martyandy23
    martyandy2317 dni temu

    Watching this on my iPhone SE since my iPhone 8 died and won’t come back to life. I love this phone. Camera is better, battery is longer, sound quality is the same but never had any complaints on that. Overall it’s the ideal phone for those who are used to the 6 - 8

  • Isaac Danger
    Isaac Danger17 dni temu

    I'm still on the first gen SE lol

  • Just a common memer

    Just a common memer

    4 dni temu

    The design of that iphone/iphone 5 is just so good

  • Jikill
    Jikill17 dni temu

    The iPhone se is basically putting Albert Einstein’s brain into the dumbest human ever

  • Kaniz Fatema
    Kaniz Fatema17 dni temu

    Ok so the iPhone se is a good phone, but the Xr is 450 dollars now

  • Kaniz Fatema

    Kaniz Fatema

    17 dni temu

    Only 50 more, but I know that can be a lot so sorry if this comment offends you.

  • Great_ White_7.3
    Great_ White_7.317 dni temu

    I wanted it until I realized it wasn’t the plus size.

  • pie app
    pie app18 dni temu

    8.3k down?

  • Sushmit Goyal
    Sushmit Goyal19 dni temu

    Battery:poor Display:💩, its lcd 720p, literally worst in 2020 Screen size:🤏 Iphone SE seriously a bad phone

  • Toe Hart
    Toe Hart19 dni temu

    I like the idea of buying a phone that youll end up using for the next 2 years

  • Bey Godalex901
    Bey Godalex90119 dni temu

    Can you do:iPhone SE vs iPod touch 7 plz

  • Shrill
    Shrill19 dni temu

    I’m got this for Christmas and don’t know what it was. Thanks for sharing

  • Michael Bell
    Michael Bell20 dni temu

    01:08 pixel 3 notch it's so big

  • Kid flash 2001
    Kid flash 200120 dni temu

    Nice video

  • Daniel Howard
    Daniel Howard20 dni temu

    Yo I got the exact one and lemme tell you I love it

  • Emankillz 1
    Emankillz 120 dni temu

    I’m so happy I got the phone I got it in red with 128gb

  • Amanda Khalil
    Amanda Khalil21 dzień temu

    It's currently $670 in Canada :(

  • Tiffany Hilliard
    Tiffany Hilliard21 dzień temu

    Mines was 365.00 when I changed my number but if I would of kept the same number it would of been 450.00 so I change the number I got the white one I wanted the red one but they ran out of red I was so upset lol

  • Tiffany Hilliard
    Tiffany Hilliard21 dzień temu

    I just bought the iPhone se 2 last week I’m loving it I love how thin it is I will be keep this for a while the camera work perfect

  • Tiffany Hilliard

    Tiffany Hilliard

    20 dni temu

    @the legend 27 mines been working great the data is great mines work fast I also have internet in my house my network is fast

  • the legend 27

    the legend 27

    20 dni temu

    Is it slow? I heard its very slow. Im trying to get it for work, do you think it will suffice?

  • Tom Elcock
    Tom Elcock21 dzień temu

    This phone is almost perfect for me just the battery and bezels

    RODRIGO LARA21 dzień temu

    I use to have an iPhone 6s. I did not have that much money but needed an upgrade because my iPhone use to run out of storage often, even if I deleted things often. Now this iPhone se storage is way better. The front camera also seems a little clearer. Even though it is not a big difference. The storage is much better. It may even be a little faster, but I don’t know. This is a good phone for someone that is on a budget but still wants quality. Of course higher quality and more features will usually require a higher price, but it is good quality for the price in my opinion.

  • Andy O
    Andy O21 dzień temu

    everyone: this phone is so *smalllllllllllllllll* me with a 5c: um not really

  • Daniel Blackford

    Daniel Blackford

    16 dni temu

    same i just got the SE i had the iphone 6S for years. same size lol

  • Armando Caballero
    Armando Caballero21 dzień temu

    It's an iPhone 7. Suckers! 🤣

  • Dan Kristiansson
    Dan Kristiansson21 dzień temu

    Does the battery still die after 1,5 to 2 years, and in mildly cold climates?

  • Lazu Gheorghe
    Lazu Gheorghe21 dzień temu

    It’s a really great phone crippled by absolute garbage battery. I have to charge it at least twice a day and I’m not a heavy user at all, so now I’m selling it and will probably buy the iPhone 11. It’s obviously much bigger and I will miss the portability but at least it will last me one full day.

  • Jamison Stewart
    Jamison Stewart21 dzień temu

    Why are data plans mor than the phone?

  • ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっ
    ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっ22 dni temu

    I got this for Christmas. My first iphone ever. I love it ❤️❤️

  • seal0
    seal022 dni temu

    really? the same apple that overprices everything makes this type of phone? there has to be some evil force behind this, dont you agree? ....

  • Salmon3 Yt
    Salmon3 Yt22 dni temu

    I got the iPhone se product red for Christmas I love it

  • Nadir
    Nadir22 dni temu

    the IPhone SE isn't as small as many of you think it's 13-14cm which is actually decent the Huawei P30 Pro is 15cm which is quite big so this is actually a good phone

  • Skellieonabench
    Skellieonabench22 dni temu

    I’m gonna make a prediction that when the 3rd SE comes out it will be the body of the iPhone 11 (6.1 inch) and have the inside workings of the iPhone 15 range.

  • Lord Shrek
    Lord Shrek22 dni temu

    I got it today for christmas

  • Lord Shrek

    Lord Shrek

    22 dni temu

    @Mauri yeah its such a good phone

  • Mauri


    22 dni temu

    Same it is great

  • Jack Ben
    Jack Ben23 dni temu

    Watching this on an iPhone SE

  • Mauri


    22 dni temu

    @Akash_ i pretty good man if you’re very productive it last about 4 hours if you’re not I give it 5

  • Akash_ i

    Akash_ i

    22 dni temu

    How's the Battery?

  • zoom Denniz
    zoom Denniz23 dni temu

    Im satisfied with my purchase

  • ItsxAverie
    ItsxAverie23 dni temu

    Got mine today! I love it

  • IHasLife
    IHasLife23 dni temu

    I got one for Christmas

  • NicholasMac05
    NicholasMac0523 dni temu

    Just upgraded to the SE today as a Christmas present from the 6s and i am loving all the specs better battery by far for me better camera overall its just a great phone. If anyone is thinking about upgrading please do it it is worth it and compared to other iPhones its way cheaper! (Btw i love your videos so keep up the great work)

  • Mauri


    22 dni temu

    Yes me too it reminds me of my 6s too I had upgraded too lol ik it’s like an 8 but it really feel like my 6s but 10x better

  • ᵯůsTaᵽḫa Cồrñḙh
    ᵯůsTaᵽḫa Cồrñḙh23 dni temu

    I got the iPhone se 2020 for Christmas (white) today

  • Henry Hernandez

    Henry Hernandez

    21 godzinę temu

    @Hugo Ooi how

  • Hugo Ooi

    Hugo Ooi

    Dzień temu

    U just got scammed

  • Cristion Kjeldgard

    Cristion Kjeldgard

    2 dni temu

    @marely same phone

  • Henry Hernandez

    Henry Hernandez

    6 dni temu

    @Shannon no u cant listen to music on PLclip and text at the same time, but u can buy PLclip premium or whatever they call it so u can listen to music and text it’s supposed to keep playing music even after u leave the app, but u can get spotify, so u can listen to music and leave the app

  • Shannon


    6 dni temu

    @Henry Hernandez Henry. I just got this phone too. Can you use two apps at once or not? Example: listen to a you tube video while texting or while playing a game? I can’t. I could with my old phone which was an android. I’m trying to figure out if it’s because it uses the home button and not touch screen...

  • JustPizza
    JustPizza23 dni temu

    I got this today and im already loving it

  • JustPizza


    23 dni temu

    @NØT MICHAEL I know. But it’s all fixed now another sim card should be coming



    23 dni temu

    That’s weird

  • JustPizza


    23 dni temu

    @NØT MICHAEL i got mine today it didnt come with a sim card somehow but now its fixed



    23 dni temu

    Same I got mine for Christmas

  • Laila Rahaman
    Laila Rahaman23 dni temu

    Thanks I just got this for Christmas



    23 dni temu

    Same bro, it’s awesome

  • The Jonathan Li
    The Jonathan Li23 dni temu

    Can someone explain to me why my iPhone se didn’t come with headphones nor a charger but his does

  • Dan Parker

    Dan Parker

    22 dni temu

    Because apple changed the packaging on new iPhones from iPhone 12 launch because it reduces the size of shipping and it will help the environment

  • Viggo 3000
    Viggo 300023 dni temu

    64 gb aaah yes a stack of gb

  • Chris Caro
    Chris Caro24 dni temu

    What about battery?

  • jb_456


    22 dni temu

    Not good according to most reviewers



    23 dni temu

    Above Average, it can last a while, but nothing incredible

  • abstract tricker
    abstract tricker24 dni temu

    Why did yours come with head phones mine did not

  • Janya Amire
    Janya Amire24 dni temu

    I just got one for Christmas!!!❤️🎄🎁 Merry Christmas everyone!!!🎁❤️🎄

  • Edits By Me

    Edits By Me

    22 dni temu

    Omg same

  • ayo wtf

    ayo wtf

    22 dni temu