Subnautica Teaser Trailer


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  • mientowy11
    mientowy118 godzin temu

    Cant believe its been 6 years since this game got a trailer.

  • Skid123
    Skid12312 godzin temu

    10 out of 10 trailer if I had money I would donate it all to you

  • Kuldip Singh
    Kuldip Singh12 godzin temu

    Is nobody gonna talk about how there,s a deleted creature here?

  • Victor Moore
    Victor Moore13 godzin temu


  • Сападик
    Сападик15 godzin temu

    Я один русский

  • Suhyib M. Azmy
    Suhyib M. AzmyDzień temu

    0:46 sounds like the stasis rifle mixed with the aurora explosion in game

  • Star boy v2
    Star boy v2Dzień temu

    this is a god game

  • Jokupoika24
    Jokupoika242 dni temu

    Can't believe they did this 6 years ago.

  • CanadaGamer
    CanadaGamer3 dni temu

    nobody talking about how you can hear a reaper scream at the end mixed with the other one

  • Rock The Rock
    Rock The Rock3 dni temu

    1. The aurora explodes right away 2. He has a radiation suit on 3. He finds the sea emperor in the red grass biome / mushroom forest Still love this trailer btw

  • Logan Ross
    Logan Ross3 dni temu

    6m views 6 years ago. Very satisfying

  • Chaos Builder
    Chaos Builder3 dni temu

    Man i finnaly got subnautica, only took me 6 years!

  • Chaos Builder

    Chaos Builder

    3 dni temu

    @bee 2 Nop, pc i missed the ps4 free beacuse noone told me :(

  • bee 2

    bee 2

    3 dni temu


  • Go4ThegIlls Holden
    Go4ThegIlls Holden4 dni temu


  • Meep Rick
    Meep Rick4 dni temu

    Cool just in time for the new game

  • Lucas Cervigni
    Lucas Cervigni5 dni temu

    this is old and the big creature have a name its sea empearor and its peaciful at nomal game

  • Sebastian Ignat
    Sebastian Ignat5 dni temu

    The fact that we hear his voice as he covers his face makes me happy

  • rohitinc
    rohitinc6 dni temu

    Character's face be like: 🗿

  • Falls
    Falls6 dni temu

    The funny thing is, the game looks wayyy better than the trailer lol.

  • Glitches Here
    Glitches Here6 dni temu

    It's has been 6 years but it feels like one week

  • Fennrys
    Fennrys6 dni temu

    What if the sea dragon coud just fly out of the sea with wings? (get it? cause its a Sea "Dragon") (yeah im not funny...)

  • William Pavlik
    William Pavlik6 dni temu

    I love this game even more than below zero because it tried to also be a horror game and I liked that.

  • Tim мунд
    Tim мунд6 dni temu

    6 years. My God, it's been so long.

  • Maxwellicus
    Maxwellicus7 dni temu

    lmao the aggressive sea emperor in the shallows 😂

  • Bolacha Gamer
    Bolacha Gamer7 dni temu

    to em 2021 vendo isso

  • VOID 10001
    VOID 100017 dni temu

    Missed these days ;-;

  • Nate
    Nate7 dni temu

    Below Zero just doesn’t have the same isolated creepy feel to it

  • Pheonix Fire
    Pheonix Fire8 dni temu

    Well done for making an increadibke game and a really cool sequil

  • Eliazar Tena
    Eliazar Tena8 dni temu


  • Infantry Division
    Infantry Division9 dni temu

    they shouldent have spoiled the best part of the game

  • Toastmarine
    Toastmarine9 dni temu

    i just realised the sea emperor used to sound like what is now the reaper leviathan

  • juusotus
    juusotus9 dni temu

    ThaTS nOT EveN IN sAFe ShaLLOWS

  • Lautaro Dadin
    Lautaro Dadin10 dni temu

    Bro me cago enserio a todo lugar que tenga que ir :"v

  • Angry Volatile
    Angry Volatile10 dni temu

    Man if thls game was multiplayer it would be sick.

  • Mr. Dinnington
    Mr. Dinnington11 dni temu

    To be honest it kinda looks like one of those bad Fake Fortnite trailers

  • Future Tiger8161
    Future Tiger816111 dni temu

    Right now Im in 2021 and Im playing the game

  • Dio Brando
    Dio Brando12 dni temu

    ew your character looks disgusting

  • Ignacio Virmauskas
    Ignacio Virmauskas13 dni temu


  • zoom gaming
    zoom gaming13 dni temu

    This is a pog game

  • Anthony Favacho Henriques
    Anthony Favacho Henriques13 dni temu

    You are all the best, evoluting subnautica from a simple underwater survival game to one of the bests games there is, YOU ARE ALL THE BEST

  • Morris
    Morris14 dni temu

    Hype in the chat

  • Ghosted
    Ghosted14 dni temu

    All the differences I noticed from this trailer and the full release: 0:00 different intro 0:19 player does not start in a radiation suit 0:34 creature was never added 0:42 aurora doesn't land like that 0:44 ghost rays don't spawn in safe shallows 0:46 aurora does not explode that early 0:47 explosion does not cause a big wave 1:04 those little glowing things that stick out and wrap around the pillar looking terrain (idk what they are called) do not spawn in the safe shallows 1:13 the sea emporer is not located in the safe shallows and it is not aggressive

  • Sonic the Hedgehog
    Sonic the Hedgehog15 dni temu

    I’m addictive to this game

  • Nutbuddy 1
    Nutbuddy 115 dni temu

    So the original plan for the game was the sea emperor to be the boss and you end up killing it to get a cure physically harvesting it from the dead leviathan

  • Jace Cadwell
    Jace Cadwell15 dni temu


  • Violent Smiley-face
    Violent Smiley-face15 dni temu

    Haha fish go flop

  • Parth Garg
    Parth Garg15 dni temu

    Now its free on PS store

  • sam 9952
    sam 995215 dni temu

    best game ever

  • Lada mawa

    Lada mawa

    9 godzin temu

    Best Suraival Game ever

  • Shinobu Kocho
    Shinobu Kocho16 dni temu

    When a master piece was created

  • Apple
    Apple16 dni temu

    Anyone watching in like 30 years yes this is what we thought aliens looked like

  • Dl0G0
    Dl0G016 dni temu

    Bad we know that time That our enemy was a disease, and our ally, that thing 1:15

  • Rnavahat
    Rnavahat16 dni temu


  • AlexV
    AlexV16 dni temu

    When you see a really foggy are and cant see much u go there and the Leviathan says hello

  • Jake Daccord
    Jake Daccord17 dni temu

    Why is it a teaser trailer if at the time it just launched on steam? Wouldn’t that make it a launch trailer?

  • ChickenTit
    ChickenTit17 dni temu

    One of the best survival games I’ve ever played,

  • Dino64
    Dino6417 dni temu

    Wait, so the priginal concept of the sea emperor is that she was gonna be the bad one?

  • Noah Burnette
    Noah Burnette17 dni temu

    super smash wii pit and zero suit samus set every numper to ready player one vr and when it skipeed me deveolperd way past

  • *Moth*
    *Moth*17 dni temu

    Can't wait for this to come out

  • engines for the win

    engines for the win

    13 dni temu


  • The Average Friday Night Funkin Player
    The Average Friday Night Funkin Player17 dni temu

    sea empress in the safe shallows? lol

  • Joaquin Fideles
    Joaquin Fideles17 dni temu

    Ahhh yes, a Jellyray right next to the lifepod. How

  • Indian Movie
    Indian Movie17 dni temu

    Hello sir android par ya game kab aara hai

  • Itz_ Yandel
    Itz_ Yandel17 dni temu


  • Hogan Bryan
    Hogan Bryan18 dni temu

    No way y’all spoiled the SEA EMPRESS in the trailer

  • Requier


    17 dni temu

    Its spoiler?

  • The Madejnj
    The Madejnj18 dni temu

    За Аврору!

  • Rapha ElHamster_YT
    Rapha ElHamster_YT18 dni temu

    0:41 Player face:🌚

  • Justin David
    Justin David18 dni temu

    The ol days

  • Noah Burnette
    Noah Burnette18 dni temu


  • gLaDiKs YT
    gLaDiKs YT18 dni temu

    Этот игра года,классика всех выживалок!!!!!

  • Nicolas Restrepo
    Nicolas Restrepo18 dni temu

    Remember angry birds, that started as a simple game but turned into a movie? Nope they do the same with Subnautica

  • Siddhi sharma
    Siddhi sharma18 dni temu

    Subnourtica plz launch it for mobile plz plz plz 🙏 😢 😫 😭 🙏 😢 😫

  • Siddhi sharma

    Siddhi sharma

    17 dni temu

    @Scout Gaming l have no consol and no computer my parents don't allow it 😔😔😔

  • Requier


    17 dni temu

    @Siddhi sharma don't yoi have pc or console?

  • Siddhi sharma

    Siddhi sharma

    18 dni temu

    @Scout Gaming but why l want it

  • Scout Gaming

    Scout Gaming

    18 dni temu

    that will never happen

  • Purple Guy
    Purple Guy18 dni temu

    0:48 That Lifepod is floating on thin air

  • Marat Maksimov
    Marat Maksimov18 dni temu

    Ютуб решил мне это в реки выставить только после 6 лет ?

  • Zach Watering

    Zach Watering

    18 dni temu


  • Антон Желдак

    Антон Желдак

    18 dni temu

    Ля, от такого трейлера человек скорее обосрется, чем играть будет))

  • ryry - itszenhere
    ryry - itszenhere19 dni temu

    why does his head look like that

  • Siker 2010
    Siker 201019 dni temu

    lol who else is watching this in 2021 When Below Zero bout to release-

  • gareth dylan lopez castro
    gareth dylan lopez castro19 dni temu

    hey the sea empereor is not a hostile leviatan thats wrong

  • hadiisaboss


    18 dni temu

    It was originally when she was designed

  • Brady Morris
    Brady Morris19 dni temu

    We gonna talk about the front or entrance to the Aroura is in the water sticking up the rest of the ship?

  • Guido Molinas
    Guido Molinas19 dni temu

    I love this game.

  • Rin Tit sovan
    Rin Tit sovan19 dni temu

    6 year yay

  • Dark Slight

    Dark Slight

    19 dni temu


  • Bendy n Wolfy 2 gaming
    Bendy n Wolfy 2 gaming19 dni temu

    why is nobody going to talk about how everything behind Ryley dissapears

  • Bourne gamer 24
    Bourne gamer 2419 dni temu

    Subnautica rtx on

    MATEITHEBOY yt19 dni temu

    MmmMmMmmmMMmmmMm cuddlefish

  • Jeff the sea dragon
    Jeff the sea dragon20 dni temu

    Yes I have to sleep next to M lady with that kinda of snoring

  • Martin Nguyen
    Martin Nguyen20 dni temu

    And 6 years later, i played this game and found this is my new favorite survival game.... MOVE OVER MINECRAFT

  • Ghosty


    19 dni temu

    This game is best game ever existed

  • CrYpt1X


    20 dni temu

    gotta agree with this comment

  • Hewa
    Hewa20 dni temu

    This is nothing more short then incredible, its not another stupid ad then its a terrible game, no they spent YEARS even almost a decade to be exact!

  • Filip Kusić
    Filip Kusić20 dni temu

    Who watching in 2021 🤣

  • Komodo Studio
    Komodo Studio20 dni temu

    Can't believe it's been 6 years since this teaser was posted

  • Пользователь Twitch
    Пользователь Twitch20 dni temu

    6ти летний треллер... Я так стар

  • Crazy Cane toad
    Crazy Cane toad20 dni temu

    0:34 when was that added 0:34

  • Gamer Boy

    Gamer Boy

    19 dni temu

    It was an idea that was going to be used but they realized we were hardly ever going to be on land

  • Komodo Studio

    Komodo Studio

    20 dni temu


  • Robknight666
    Robknight66621 dzień temu

    How does he already have a radiation suit before the explosion?

  • crusader boi

    crusader boi

    20 dni temu

    Thats not a radiation suit :|

  • Crazy Cane toad

    Crazy Cane toad

    20 dni temu


  • Плайер по субнаутике
    Плайер по субнаутике21 dzień temu

    Несколько вопросов:Почему аврора так сильно наклонена двигателями к верху Почему у нас был костюм с самого начала Откуда в начале скаты из грибного биома Почему когда появился морской император был звук как будто он сьел гг но он мирный. Да я русский наверно единственный и ютуб порекомендовал мне это прям сейчас:)

  • Йован Добройевичь

    Йован Добройевичь

    20 dni temu

    Это была раннаяа версия Первый концепт

  • Errant
    Errant21 dzień temu

    Errant was here

  • Justin Rehagen
    Justin Rehagen21 dzień temu

    The subnautica text should be backward because of refraction if I'm not wrong

  • oskar wittje
    oskar wittje21 dzień temu

    Cant believe this game was started six years ago. Such stunning graphics for that time!

  • Patriotic potato
    Patriotic potato21 dzień temu

    It has always mildly infuriated me that the jelly ray jumps out in the shallows

  • Patriotic potato

    Patriotic potato

    19 dni temu

    @Daniel R my inner ocd gets triggered by the really small things , but yeah it’s found 1400 meters deep in the lava zone

  • Daniel R

    Daniel R

    19 dni temu

    I'm more bothered by the Sea Emperor leviathan being there. Not even close to where she should be.

  • Fenja
    Fenja21 dzień temu

    Pov:you play subnautica and subnautica below zero and are here 2021

  • Zionzar
    Zionzar22 dni temu

    I’m from the future the bellow zero trailer is better

  • Zionzar


    21 dzień temu

    @Zytexen ikr

  • Zytexen


    21 dzień temu

    Oh wow from the future its as if it came out yesterday

  • GUTS
    GUTS22 dni temu

    6 years ago

  • PigDudeMC -Minecraft And More!
    PigDudeMC -Minecraft And More!23 dni temu

    Its INSANE how they made this in 6 years, props and respect to the people at unknown worlds.

  • Dat Me
    Dat Me23 dni temu

    Damm its going to be 7 years in December, i remember when every youtuber were playing the early access

  • Dark Smith
    Dark Smith23 dni temu


  • Tanki WoTanki
    Tanki WoTanki23 dni temu