Yanis Varoufakis: Capitalism has become 'techno-feudalism' | UpFront

A recent Oxfam study found that since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, the world’s richest 10 billionaires have seen a wealth increase of half a trillion dollars - enough to pay for every person on the planet to get a vaccine.
In this UpFront special, Marc Lamont Hill discusses with economist and former Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis what is driving the staggering wealth inequalities and how governments are offering socialism for the rich, and austerity for the rest.


  • David Eldred. Camping Wilder
    David Eldred. Camping Wilder2 godzin temu

    Here's how it is going folks. I am a teacher and in contact with quite affluent children from extremely rich families. What do they want to be when they grow up? Bitcoin miners...

  • Stan Capar
    Stan Capar13 godzin temu

    Printed money without limit and put on the business describes the die away civilization. The history of the Rome had the same time before death. Destroy balance and harmony of marketing.(balance between produce needs and print money) 1 How, when,where put money to the marketing not destroy balance but to stimulate businesses. Canada Liberal Gov. made comedy and going to tragedy not understand any basic logic.

  • caspar
    caspar21 godzinę temu

    Great talk, Yanis is a beast....but Marc you need an inch or 2 on those trousers, come on bro

  • Anna Konda
    Anna KondaDzień temu

    Μπραβο κ Βαρουφακη -ετσι ειναι! Thanks, very informative analysis.

  • Admir Ninta
    Admir Ninta2 dni temu

    Now I understand why they invented the virus.

  • Anonymous Person
    Anonymous Person2 dni temu

    Excellent interview.

  • Greg Fan
    Greg Fan2 dni temu

    the guy is a complete looser... politics and economy is practice not game theory

  • Rock Wood
    Rock Wood2 dni temu

    Best interview of Al Jazeera

  • Max St Arlyn
    Max St Arlyn2 dni temu

    His twisted internationalist ideology, is where he goes wrong. Socialism is great,...as long as it’s not anti Nationalist. National Socialist governments, protect the individual’s interest, within the nation, while also protecting the nation as a group. Nations are motivated by their own unique interests, and unite with one another via trade.

  • Max St Arlyn
    Max St Arlyn2 dni temu

    18:43 Structural privileges .....are the same for people all around the world.

  • Max St Arlyn
    Max St Arlyn2 dni temu

    18:04 Lies.

  • Max St Arlyn
    Max St Arlyn2 dni temu

    15:04 His arguments against capitalism is great, but has twisted, hyper individualist, SJW view points are ridiculous.

  • Max St Arlyn
    Max St Arlyn2 dni temu

    9:00 Climate change scam is all lies. Just when I think he is on the right track,...he spoils it.

  • Villain of the piece
    Villain of the piece3 dni temu

    He's suffering from his Mansion!

  • stanislaw michel
    stanislaw michel3 dni temu

    Me lord, sire! May I keep working your fields to buy me some New sneakers? Oh ya majesty

  • Joe Shield
    Joe Shield3 dni temu

    The trouble is at least in the United States with our regressive two-party system were both parties are dependent on donations from the ultra-wealthy donors who dictate the rules. A step in the right direction would be to repeal Citizens United. How to achieve that is the challenge especially in the Senate who are mostly dependent on the large corporate donors more so than in the house

  • Fennek
    Fennek4 dni temu

    The Fed accountable? Seriously? It is a private organization.

  • Dario Comegna
    Dario Comegna4 dni temu

    Please transcript the interview in order to translate in other languages

  • D Nickaroo
    D Nickaroo4 dni temu

    Govts are "printing money". In One Trillionth of a second, Light travels 0.3 mm (About one eightieth of an inch) -- and $Trillions are given to the Ruling Oligarchs, and their patrons. Yakis Varoukis knows how corrupt "Neoliberal Capitalism" has become.

  • edward starling
    edward starling4 dni temu

    This is why gamestop and amc is so important to buy and hold.....especially amc right now. They shorted stocks and destroyed businesses citdal has tripple down. Amc doesnt have many shares left. BUY

  • Milos Zivkovic
    Milos Zivkovic4 dni temu

    In capitalism, lots of people compete who will become richest, result is autocrat, so when opportunity shows he wipes out all competition in most cruel way. In russia and china people do it right away , they chose autocrat. So whats the difference, basicly its in opportunities in early stages od capitalism, but as the circles shrinks, capitalism turns into worst autocracy, hidden,masked,justified,fairly earned. Result is always the same

  • ragnar999tobi
    ragnar999tobi4 dni temu

    great guy!

  • J Silvaggio
    J Silvaggio5 dni temu

    The contradictions and exploitation is inherent in Capitalism and existed long before 2008.

  • Christopher Scobie
    Christopher Scobie6 dni temu

    a few of their heads on pikes should fix it

  • Tot ALA Stiu Ei
    Tot ALA Stiu Ei6 dni temu

    Virtual Curency are nothing, they are VIRTUAL NOTHING, in a matter of facts is a vacuum cleaner of the people welt. When people accept cripto curency GAME OVER because nobody can save (zero's and one's in a jar), when you have money a person can put on the side somthing, a child can learn about saving by put some money in a pigybank, how a child will learn to save ( zero's and one's in a pigybank? how somebody can save virtual nothing?) . Also everithing that is created by somebody is the master of that think that he created that mind the master always has the master key. Like anybody that have a lot of money, he or she always have an escape dor in case is thinking that is traped, is like building, it has the front door, the back door, the escape door and not the last one the secret door, that only that person know and only the trusted one in the family.

  • Rune S
    Rune S7 dni temu

    I was with you until you started on the identarian White Privilegie nonsense.

  • ruse
    ruse7 dni temu

    capitalism sounds pretty cringe tbh, but "techno-feudalism"? now we're talking, that sounds extremely based.

  • Steffen
    Steffen8 dni temu

    Brilliant Interview

  • shawn burnham
    shawn burnham8 dni temu


  • Therese Andersen
    Therese Andersen8 dni temu

    Marc Lamont Hill - very good interview. Thank you

  • chris konstandinos
    chris konstandinos8 dni temu

    το μοντέλο του φλωρογκει αρμπουλολογου εχει κουρασει...

  • alnot01
    alnot018 dni temu

    At the end of 2020, the total market cap of shares listed on American stock exchanges was about 2.2x the 2020 GDP of the USA. This is a completely unprecedented situation. In the past, every time this ratio exceeded 1, it subsequently fell sharply, to wit: 1936-42 from 1 to 0.4 (this period saw very large increases in the corporate and personal income tax rates) 1968-78 from 1.1 to 0.4 1999-2008 from 1.6 to 0.7 In each of 2017, 2019 and 2020, this ratio set new all-time highs. It is very likely that stock market indices are set to experience a 40-60% decline over the next 5 years or so. This decline could be triggered by a major increase in the taxation of capital income, or a WW3.

  • Sara Marcoux
    Sara Marcoux8 dni temu

    Accountable to Congress? Do they ever do ANYTHING? Of value? Get rid of lobbyists.

  • kathleen smith
    kathleen smith9 dni temu

    Yanis is an OWNED POS --- he Stabbed his own Greek people in the BACK. Do not TRUST HIM.

  • WhatPartofChronic DoYouNotUnderstand?
    WhatPartofChronic DoYouNotUnderstand?9 dni temu

    The 1% have learned a LOT since 2008, namely that they, and their wealth, are entirely protected as long as they continue to keep the “moderates” believing that being “uncivilised”, by demanding change, is worse than starving people.

  • Vasily Katuma
    Vasily Katuma9 dni temu

    And the support of the no1 anti-greek and philo-turkic channel for "mr savior of greek economy" hms YANIsary Baroufakis, goes on... by chance? I defo dont think so!

  • WantonMyth
    WantonMyth9 dni temu

    FREE-THINKERS WANTED for hazardous journey, possible job loss, no international travel, anti-vaxer labels, unable to go to the supermarket, loss of friendships, survival and intact immune system in case of success R. U. Aweik 4 Burlington st.

  • luca liberati

    luca liberati

    9 dni temu

    It isn't so bad....40 % of US marines don't want VAX !

  • pat bonny
    pat bonny9 dni temu

    I am wondering what Yanis thinks of Bitcoin? He never mentions it.

  • Karim Khloufi
    Karim Khloufi10 dni temu

    Yanis is right, we need a manifest that works for humanity

  • pakpala1
    pakpala110 dni temu

    It is so good to see Marc Lamont Hill on TV after CNN pulled that BS...

  • Matthias Brandes
    Matthias Brandes10 dni temu

    Free market is the solution, middle-class-based capitalism, sound money.. not corporativism, not central bank fake money, not states interventionism, not public debt

  • Larry Inn
    Larry Inn10 dni temu

    Capitaphrenia, Technophrenia, Infophrenia, Compuphrenia.

  • Larry Inn
    Larry Inn10 dni temu

    The perfect Dictatorship would have the appearance of a Democracy, but would basically be a Prison without Walls in which the Prisoners would not even dream of escaping. It would essentially be a System of Slavery where, through Consumption & Entertainment, the Slaves would love their Servitude! Aldous Huxley.

  • Carlos Vega
    Carlos Vega10 dni temu

    Got here for Varoufakis, stayed for Marc Lamont Hill

  • My Big Year
    My Big Year11 dni temu

    Voting was created to give a false sense of control to the masses. How can 111% exist? Omg he brings up racism...like dude it gets old

  • Neal McEneaney
    Neal McEneaney11 dni temu

    Why are we even discussing an all Ireland team. Ever been up there when there’s a game on?

  • Simon Clare
    Simon Clare11 dni temu

    Structural racism ? What total nonsense

  • nm sl
    nm sl11 dni temu

    its not capitalism LOL. holy fk.

  • Jim Straughan
    Jim Straughan11 dni temu

    It is criminal to the point of redefining the concept of psychopath the lack of consideration of who is benefiting from covid lock down and who is suffering and having there lives and likely at least 2 generations of there children's lives destroyed or severely diminished Love some of his points but leftists have never and will never create lasting positive change for the masses when in power . There analysis has merit,there solutions are economic disaster

  • blaze 2019
    blaze 201912 dni temu

    Democracy doesnt work anymore. I dont need 50 percent of the country telling me what to do. A flat tax 10 percent shrink the govt 90 percent break up monoplies. Allow the buying of health car insurance over state /country borders. For the rich 10 percent flat tax like everyone else or pay 5 percent if they donate to a fund for pre exhisting health condtions. Create a confedration similar to the iroquois nation. had. Leave me alone lol.

  • Alexander Scott Boates
    Alexander Scott Boates12 dni temu

    People forget that Gamestop was part of a passive system that was engendering fascism in other peripheral organizations like discord.

  • Swedish Ancap
    Swedish Ancap12 dni temu

    He kind of looks like voldemort from a distance

  • TheGlassasylum
    TheGlassasylum12 dni temu

    @ 12:00 "Federal Reserve" Apparently you did not read, G. Edward Griffin's book, The Creature from Jekyll Island!

  • Pavel Krstev
    Pavel Krstev12 dni temu

    Capitalistic system is not next reformeable. It must explodes and complete change heriditery and hightly imbreding ruling class, which is too most parasitic espeashly too those most inovative .

  • Prax
    Prax12 dni temu

    This isn't capitalism. These are totalitarians converting people to socialism.

  • LF Boreol
    LF Boreol12 dni temu

    "Women accounted for 111% of all job loses" that's not just a pay gap, it's a math gap 14:13

  • John Gabriel
    John Gabriel13 dni temu

    I've often stated that Varoufakis is the greatest economic mind that ever was. Unfortunately, great minds like his and mine (mathematics) are often sidelined and dismissed.

  • My Big Year

    My Big Year

    11 dni temu

    You are comparing yourself to him? A truly brilliant person wouldn't make a statement like that imo

  • Chris Savas
    Chris Savas13 dni temu

    Crypto , to stay alive .cheers

    RAVENSandDOOMS13 dni temu

    Im glad to Marc doing his thing away from CNN!

  • Josh Flügel
    Josh Flügel14 dni temu

    It's so easy to turn any situation in your favor with so much power and money.

  • Jesus Chris
    Jesus Chris14 dni temu

    Scamdemic political virus, this is a total scam.✔️

  • Abi French
    Abi French14 dni temu

    And what about you journalists? How Much are you making from the pandemic?

  • Eryk Strumienski
    Eryk Strumienski14 dni temu

    Yes...."fight the same struggle again and again for democracy" because the ruling classes are inherently opposed to democracy. I realize this now. Nice to have this insight confirmed by an expert like YV. My dream team: Varoufakis, Kennedy Jr, J Peterson and C Hedges (can you name more?)

  • Qahira vW
    Qahira vW15 dni temu

    pitty the intervieuwer is jumping so much to another subject.

  • Ming Li, Han Chinese nationalist, 143 IQ
    Ming Li, Han Chinese nationalist, 143 IQ16 dni temu

    Everything this man is saying is perfectly rational and I agree with every single point. I'm a right wing collectivist, I think this guy has a very clear view of how the west functions. He presents the analysis to fix the west if they want to beat the leviathanic worm CCP has become.

  • Mikko Skousen
    Mikko Skousen16 dni temu

    8:43..he says that private investors in the financial markets are missing a manifesto..this is like putting up a flag in warfare..the US won the revolutionary war through guerilla warfare..not lining up behind a flag and marching against the enemy..this is the kind of warfare that wins..it is with a secretive purpose against an organized enemy or threat..

  • Enzaio
    Enzaio16 dni temu

    Talking about feudalism on a platform sponsored by the Al-Thani monarchy is just great, haha. Strange days.

  • Pacaj Albert
    Pacaj Albert16 dni temu

    pozeral som rozprávku zaspal zacítil že niekto priletel dnes viem alebo jedno z druhé neviem kto pozeral rozprávku z televízie ja alebo druhý rozprávke oby dva nemali žiadny význam

  • Pacaj Albert
    Pacaj Albert16 dni temu

    Ja nechcem žiť aj celá zem zo zlata čistá len biela podľa rasových podmienkach v knihe Môj boj ani v skle

  • Jalil Barkhas
    Jalil Barkhas16 dni temu

    What for we need private banking system? Is it only to risk our life saving in the hand, of god knows what gangsters mafia managing them? I absolutely, don´t find neither only one reason, why all banks shouldn´t be public!? Give me only one reason that advantaging private banks vis - vis public ones, and justify their meritless given privilages to tayranning the general societies. Beside, nowadays, all the private banking sector is totally bankrupt, every where of the world, without the freely granted public printed paper money!

  • σταλινοφασιστας με ηθικο πλεονεκτημα
    σταλινοφασιστας με ηθικο πλεονεκτημα16 dni temu

    Απλά Γιάννης ΜΠΑρουφάκης. Ο άνθρωπος που κλάνει απο το στόμα!

  • Gina Mitembe
    Gina Mitembe17 dni temu

    WOW!!!!💙💙💙💙💙💙👍👍👍🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 Why can't we have 1000of Yanis????!

  • LindaLeeYou 123!
    LindaLeeYou 123!17 dni temu

    In 2008 the Fed bailed out Wall Street and 5 million people lost their homes in the USA so not such a great thing.

  • Lucas Lumley
    Lucas Lumley17 dni temu

    Leave it to the Greeks to notice the erosion of democracy, and advocate for equality.

  • German Realist
    German Realist17 dni temu

    Lol this joke landed a show on Al Jazeera. Not even MSNBC wanted him.

  • Harlock2day
    Harlock2day18 dni temu

    The people’s guy.

  • bbuddhab1213
    bbuddhab121318 dni temu


  • B Towelde
    B Towelde19 dni temu

    Yanis has always been great in telling us what's going wrong with the current economic and financial situation of the world, but not much with what should be done ! I mean something realistic given the natural tendency to greed - capitalism - that we can't live without.

  • Altay Badirov
    Altay Badirov19 dni temu

    I never stop being surprised by how a person can be so well informed and clever in many ways, and yet be so blind to other truths and realities of life such as deficiencies in characters of individuals which don't allow all the nice fairness ideas of Mr. Varoufakis to be implemented.

  • noIMspartacus


    19 dni temu

    Oh really?!?! FFS... does anyone take this treasonous pathetic stooge with delusions of adequacy seriously? He is as bad as the presstitutes that pay him to say what ever contradictory waffle he regurgitates depending on who is listening and paying... just ask his former "comrades"...

  • viktor Roderer
    viktor Roderer21 dzień temu

    where is the chats

  • George Cumming
    George Cumming21 dzień temu

    Where have you been Yanis? We need your energy and direction ASAP. USA is dead, China is ready and Russia is sitting on the world fence. Not one of them have absolute power. Mexican stand off x 3?

  • Dood !
    Dood !22 dni temu

    I personally prefer the term "Neo-Feudalism" ... since it has nothing to do with technology, but is all about corruption in government, contracts negotiated in backrooms, lobbyism etc.. The 10% have become the new ruling class and the rest of us is serving them. Not a fan of capitalism, but for it to somewhat work, 2 things need to happen. A. People need to have money. Capitalism does not work, if the 90% are broke and B. Companies need to fight to death over our money. State of things atm: A. Everyone is broke or in debt. B. The governments collect the money from the people and just hand it to the companies.

  • Anthony
    Anthony22 dni temu

    The first half of the interview was great as soon as he started talking about Keynesian economics and monetary expansion it started to go downhill and then we got the woke nonsense at the end yes inequality exist in countries like Brazil but the reason more blacks are dying from covid-19 is because they don't absorb vitamin D as well and 80% of people that are admitted into Hospital have vitamin D deficiencies

  • Sons of Neptune
    Sons of Neptune23 dni temu

    If blacks die more than whites - cause the plandemic -, why in Africa is not everybody dead already? Actually, the only dead are the presidents or Burundi and Tanzania that was front opposing to WHO and all this funny history that media tell...

  • Brian Wheeldon
    Brian Wheeldon23 dni temu

    A great interview to use as a reference and measure against that which continues to happen world wide. Thanks to Yanis Varoufakis and Marc Lamont Hill the interviewer.

  • D P
    D P24 dni temu

    I was wondering where this guy went after I stopped seeing him on CNN. Good to see him still working his trade.

  • Martin Hein
    Martin Hein24 dni temu

    Total fraud!

  • Todd Pritchard
    Todd Pritchard24 dni temu

    "You will own nothing and be happy "

  • Dale
    Dale24 dni temu

    And your prime example of women suffering more in a depression has to be a woman selling beans in South Sudan....of course

  • Amro Agami
    Amro Agami25 dni temu

    You guys dont get it. Money is unit of measure of wealth. Think of it as a monopoly game when money stacks in the hand of the few they won't spend it, unless to get more money (Investment) if governments don't create more money then the economy will collapse and no one will buy/sell anything. This action keeps transactions between people and the game going, its the only actual way that governments takes wealth from the rich, because otherwise the poor would starve. Remember governments are not responsible to protect your wealth from others, they are responsible to provide you a decent living in dignity through basic access to fundamental human need. Your wealth is in the matter of your hands.

  • Albert Roundtree
    Albert Roundtree25 dni temu

    'Why has the Left failed?' There is no left.

  • N S
    N S26 dni temu

    excellent reporting! you would never ever see an interview like this on CNN or NBC

  • GEO
    GEO26 dni temu

    A Liar and a damgerous illuminatus

  • Ed Ed
    Ed Ed26 dni temu

    You'd never see that on the BBC !!!

  • noIMspartacus


    19 dni temu

    Oh really?!?! Have another look... FFS... does anyone take this treasonous pathetic stooge with delusions of adequacy seriously? He is as bad as the presstitutes that pay him to say what ever contradictory waffle he regurgitates depending on who is listening and paying... just ask his former "comrades"...

  • Jason Everich
    Jason Everich27 dni temu

    I can't stop thinking about how awesome Yanis' kitchen looks.

  • crankytec
    crankytec28 dni temu

    Elon Musk just officially named himself a "Technoking" of Tesla. His CFO is officially now the "Master of Coin". Not a joke. Varoufakis seems to be ahead of the times, as usual...

  • Mike Vincent
    Mike Vincent28 dni temu

    Communism and feudalism are one in the same though - the elites and the serfs - no middle class. and an undelivered promise of equality

  • Μιχάλης Μιχαήλ
    Μιχάλης Μιχαήλ28 dni temu

    Rich guy talks about capitalism..

  • GE B
    GE B29 dni temu

    Does UBI sound like global communism to anyone else?

  • Maria Gaganta
    Maria Gaganta29 dni temu

    Feudal System Societies 🌎 So You Just Noticed ? How Many Death ? But Capitalism 😏 ? Learn No I Don't See It 🐑😈