Anime Places Quiz!! - 40 Places | Guess Anime By The Place |‼

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Anime Places Quiz!! - 40 Places | Guess Anime By The Place |‼
▽△▽△▽△▽△▽ Welcome to a new quiz for otakus! ▽△▽△▽△▽△▽
objective :► There are will be 40 pictures can you guess ( 40 Anime )
Rules :► You will have 10 second to guess the anime
►You get 1 poin if guessing correctly
►Comment your result ?/40

▽△▽△▽△▽▽△▽△▽△ I hope you have fun! ▽△▽△▽△▽△▽△▽△▽
Anime Places Quiz!! are you a true wibu, do you remember all the things about anime that you have watched, therefore to prove it let's watch and guess anime from the pictures we provide. in this video there are 40 pictures of places in the anime, where you have 10 seconds to answer them, what are you waiting for, let's watch the video
For those of you who have interesting requests about anime just write with @REQUEST who knows if it will be suitable for me to make the video ..
Opening Music ► It's God For Midnight
Introductory Song ►Jarico - Landscape [NCS BEST OF]
►Lioness (Instrumental) - DayFox (No Copyright Music)
►Ikson - Blue Sky (Official)

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  • Izzuddin Shukor
    Izzuddin Shukor3 dni temu


  • # Оригинальное название #
    # Оригинальное название #3 dni temu

    16/40 lol

  • type 59
    type 595 dni temu

    Бонус - Добро пожаловать в ад, Ирума, не?

  • Atom9000
    Atom90006 dni temu

    only 11 but could have 15... The Sword Art Online Place was very hard lol

  • ඞඞඞ ඞඞඞ
    ඞඞඞ ඞඞඞ6 dni temu

    23/40 forgot the others..

  • Th0mv4li
    Th0mv4li7 dni temu

    Bonus= mirai Nikki?

  • Giornoo
    Giornoo8 dni temu


  • Kim Vreeswijk
    Kim Vreeswijk9 dni temu

    16/40 🙃 shame on me for not getting noragami even though I love that show... But I did know the arena from akame ga kill... Nice??? No!! Why brain!!! Why!!!!

  • Knaze
    Knaze9 dni temu

    Last one's Jonathan Joestar's house 😎😎

  • Haikyuu Rare Ships Lover
    Haikyuu Rare Ships Lover11 dni temu

    And here's me who only knows 7 to 40 lol(I still have so many anime to watch.)

  • Viviid
    Viviid12 dni temu

    50/40 gg ez

  • Melmel Angel
    Melmel Angel12 dni temu

    this is the best place quiz i’ve ever taken because it’s mostly places that aren’t so obvious (especially a sword art place that isn’t literal aincrad)

  • João Miguel Mansos Feiteira
    João Miguel Mansos Feiteira13 dni temu

    I'll remcommend this channel if you keep putting My one and true love Rem Chan xoxo 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙 #SubaruDidntDieForNothing

  • João Miguel Mansos Feiteira

    João Miguel Mansos Feiteira

    13 dni temu

    np my otaku nii san

  • João Miguel Mansos Feiteira

    João Miguel Mansos Feiteira

    13 dni temu

    Thanks bro, much love

  • João Miguel Mansos Feiteira

    João Miguel Mansos Feiteira

    13 dni temu


  • João Miguel Mansos Feiteira
    João Miguel Mansos Feiteira13 dni temu

    i guessed Rem in every place 40/40 thank you daisuki Rem 💙

  • Tran Tu
    Tran Tu14 dni temu


  • The Zacharies
    The Zacharies14 dni temu

    The Zacharies gang got 27/40 STAY ON YOU LANE!!!!!

  • Philipp Action
    Philipp Action14 dni temu

    20/40 :3

  • Akash Shah
    Akash Shah14 dni temu

    23😔 I'm still a greenhorn😱

  • Eryk Jonathan
    Eryk Jonathan15 dni temu

    20/40 fui bem ate

  • Mini
    Mini15 dni temu

    1:06 where is this? thats not SAO

  • Mini


    14 dni temu

    @Animedo ouh okay

  • Animedo


    15 dni temu

    Sword mastery Academy

  • Ананас
    Ананас16 dni temu


  • MrEpicMouse
    MrEpicMouse16 dni temu

    Is that a mofo jojo ref

  • Akatou
    Akatou16 dni temu

    13/40 lol oof

  • Keloxis
    Keloxis17 dni temu

    25/40 with my homies its hard bro good video love yu

  • Shane Logan
    Shane Logan17 dni temu

    Bonus is jojo, and who is the girl in the end card?

  • Matteo Zoch

    Matteo Zoch

    16 dni temu

    One of the protagonist of Charlotte I think

  • Animedo


    17 dni temu

    Sorry idk 😭😭

  • Ellectraills
    Ellectraills17 dni temu

    1:47 someone know where is this? I watched the anime but I don’t remmener this place

  • Miguel Antunes

    Miguel Antunes

    15 dni temu

    One of the allied kingdoms base

  • TP
    TP18 dni temu

    14/40 இ௰இ

  • IAmAwesome
    IAmAwesome18 dni temu

    More of this please!!! Nice video!

  • kajs gg
    kajs gg18 dni temu

    Best one in a while, keep more like this coming!

  • Diar gjaku
    Diar gjaku18 dni temu

    22/40 i did really bad

  • Aman Faiyaz
    Aman Faiyaz18 dni temu

    9/40 😂😂😂😂

  • Ruben Ehongo

    Ruben Ehongo

    9 dni temu

    @Aman Faiyaz Sorry I spoke French I will speak English even if I'm average, I too had 9/40 but I missed sword art online I'm stupid I could have known but otherwise it was because I had them not watched most anime to be honest 😝 I have a far too long list of anime to see .......

  • Aman Faiyaz

    Aman Faiyaz

    9 dni temu

    @Ruben Ehongo man I don't understand your language. Say it in English.

  • Ruben Ehongo

    Ruben Ehongo

    9 dni temu

    Moi aussi mais j’ai raté score anrt online suis debile j’aurais pu savoir mais sinon c’était parce que je l’es avais pas regardé la plupart des anime pour être honnête 😝j’ai une liste beaucoup trop longue d’animé a voir .......

  • Gressy Shékina
    Gressy Shékina18 dni temu

    27/40 bonus🙅🙅

  • Timothy Warner
    Timothy Warner18 dni temu

    The bonus is the Joestar mansion from Phantom Blood (JoJo part 1)

  • Queen Owl
    Queen Owl18 dni temu


  • Fatimah Lesporis
    Fatimah Lesporis18 dni temu

    29/40 I don't know the bonus 😓

  • I know my opinion is wrong, but
    I know my opinion is wrong, but18 dni temu

    18/40... I've watched most of the anime on here

  • Nikolas
    Nikolas18 dni temu

    I would like to ser Katekyo Hitman Reborn in one of the quizes

  • Ara Ara
    Ara Ara18 dni temu

    31/40 Damn I did bad....... Next time 40/40 Keep up the good work

  • First_Smartest
    First_Smartest18 dni temu


  • •Ananasಠ_ಠパッ
    •Ananasಠ_ಠパッ18 dni temu

    Is it normal if I have looked at them all in full but I have recognized very few of them?

  • Akari Yukimura
    Akari Yukimura18 dni temu


  • Half a Brain
    Half a Brain18 dni temu

    Love how frequently you make these i love anime quizzes and YT has been lacking in good quizzes so keep up the great work

  • oscar iqbal
    oscar iqbal18 dni temu


  • zuko
    zuko18 dni temu