THE CONJURING 3 Official Trailer (2021)

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THE CONJURING 3 Official Trailer (2021)
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  • ONE Media
    ONE Media14 dni temu

    "The devil made me do it" Oh crap, this is serious now! 😱😱

  • fckgdtz _

    fckgdtz _

    5 godzin temu

  • Football Forever

    Football Forever

    14 godzin temu


  • Bruno Pereira

    Bruno Pereira

    Dzień temu

    @BroisPro Always a clown to try to seek atenttion.

  • Roy boy

    Roy boy

    Dzień temu

    Stop blaming Lucifer man

  • Mr mustachio

    Mr mustachio

    2 dni temu

  • Acoustic Animation
    Acoustic Animation7 minut temu

    Now, there will surely gonna be happened something_serious!! Cuz The Devil made to do that.......................................I'm waiting

    SUKA MUKA DUKA23 minut temu

    man these ghosts aur upgrading now their ruling area has increased from a house to village type zone .lol

  • Ash Mimo
    Ash Mimo24 minut temu

    best horror series

  • Akasara VanJava
    Akasara VanJava29 minut temu

    Gua suka nonton film horor klo ada temenya

  • your last ride
    your last ride41 minuta temu

    The Exorcist all-time horror movie of all time

  • Laura Enciso
    Laura EncisoGodzinę temu

    *cutely twearks*

  • bunz bunz
    bunz bunzGodzinę temu

    Was a third conjuring really necessary ? Or is this just for a cash grab -_-

  • Supri Yanto
    Supri YantoGodzinę temu

    Waaah bakalan apik nih. . Film ini pernah rame dibicarakan dikampung

  • Scythe
    ScytheGodzinę temu

    The Trailer literally ended with a cliffhanger (2)

  • T T
    T TGodzinę temu

    broooooo im HYPED

  • Rosemell Espejo
    Rosemell Espejo2 godzin temu

    Valak is evil laughing rn😁

  • Rosemell Espejo
    Rosemell Espejo2 godzin temu

    "📿" I will leave it here.

  • Phượng Ngọc
    Phượng Ngọc2 godzin temu

    This part looks like detective film mix a bit of superstition 😂

  • Meme Koda
    Meme Koda2 godzin temu


  • MarceloU1924 Motta
    MarceloU1924 Motta2 godzin temu

    This is why I have dr.spacetime in my deck

  • That One Guy
    That One Guy2 godzin temu

    We still waiting for the crooked man

  • AlpahaMale34
    AlpahaMale343 godzin temu

    Sucks watching these movies in theaters when the parents bring their children, always crying and ruining the dam movie

  • Fu K
    Fu K3 godzin temu


  • Gerald Scott
    Gerald Scott3 godzin temu

    Wtf with the corny twerking comments makes no sense 🤷‍♂️

  • Shigaraki’s smile
    Shigaraki’s smile3 godzin temu

    I actually have neighbors that are named Ed and Lorraine.. well that’s a coincidence.

  • Sarah Mobley
    Sarah Mobley3 godzin temu

    Ahhh i can't wait i binged watch conjuring 1&2 for a whole 2 weeks lmao when is this coming i wanna see this

  • •Magolor•
    •Magolor•3 godzin temu

    Finally a good horror movie

  • Vicrules666
    Vicrules6663 godzin temu

    More b.s.

  • Mr.Hanafi GITU2
    Mr.Hanafi GITU24 godzin temu

    still james wan??

    SAILOR & NATURE4 godzin temu 💔

  • mekhelvsp
    mekhelvsp4 godzin temu


  • mekhelvsp
    mekhelvsp4 godzin temu


  • Uncle Andy
    Uncle Andy5 godzin temu

    Whats going on with the twerking comments lmao

    A.M CHANNEL5 godzin temu

    The best

    SEBASTIAN T-BASS KELLER5 godzin temu

    Goosebumps and Evil Dreams ;O

  • Silvia
    Silvia5 godzin temu

    There better be a conjuring 4 after this, I just love them too much

  • Hushandeep Singh
    Hushandeep Singh6 godzin temu

    Is any one knows which is most commented video on youtube

  • llil go
    llil go6 godzin temu

    I can't wait for it anymore 😢

  • _Queen_of_Hearts _
    _Queen_of_Hearts _6 godzin temu

    This doesn't seem as scary. I wish they could have tied up the Annabelle series instead.

  • Rahul Sharma
    Rahul Sharma6 godzin temu

  • lyricalvibes
    lyricalvibes7 godzin temu

    0:17 that's suspicious

  • Stephanie Renteria
    Stephanie Renteria7 godzin temu

    “Something terrible happened here” Bout to get serious now 👁👄👁

    EVERYTHING VIRAL8 godzin temu

    I don't think I have it in me to watch this one!

  • bocoy noiu
    bocoy noiu8 godzin temu

    Whoever comes across this may have the best day they have ever wished for❤💯

  • ilke kocaoğlu
    ilke kocaoğlu8 godzin temu

    Sonunda en sevdiğim seri devam ediyor

  • Main Account
    Main Account8 godzin temu

    Ah shit here we go again

  • Main Account

    Main Account

    7 godzin temu

    @bocoy noiu damn a bot...

  • bocoy noiu

    bocoy noiu

    8 godzin temu

    Climax scene super

  • Arandomdude11
    Arandomdude118 godzin temu


  • Patrick
    Patrick9 godzin temu

    this is actually based on a true story

  • トレショーン
    トレショーン10 godzin temu

    OH WORD???? 👀🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Karthik prasad Prasad
    Karthik prasad Prasad10 godzin temu

    Based on true story 😵😵😵😵😵😐😐😐😐😐😐😐 ed and lorine were so fearless 😢😢😢

  • All you want is here
    All you want is here11 godzin temu

    I am from Pakistan and I am waiting for conjuring 3 from 2 years.... Love this movie

    SLAMORN11 godzin temu

    Cant wait 🔥🔥🔥

  • Cyperthighs
    Cyperthighs11 godzin temu

    Istg if she dies I’m not watching it

  • Jane Dissenter
    Jane Dissenter12 godzin temu

    waterbed phobia trigger

  • nincognia nita
    nincognia nita12 godzin temu

    i still have yet to watch these in order

  • Jesse Berry
    Jesse Berry12 godzin temu

    So now they're trying to say witches are the reason? Confused

  • gracie
    gracie12 godzin temu

    lorraine cant leave :[

  • Lxgic.
    Lxgic.12 godzin temu

    In 1981, Arne Cheyenne Johnson was accused of killing his landlord, Alan Bono. Ed and Lorraine Warren had been called prior to the killing to deal with the alleged demonic possession of the younger brother of Johnson's fiancée. The Warrens subsequently claimed that Johnson was also possessed. At trial, Johnson attempted to plead Not Guilty by Reason of Demonic Possession, but was unsuccessful with his plea. This story serves as the inspiration for The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It (2021).[23] The case was described in the 1983 book The Devil in Connecticut by Gerald Brittle.

  • Aggelos Makris
    Aggelos Makris12 godzin temu

    demonized twerking

  • Anandkumar Desaraju
    Anandkumar Desaraju12 godzin temu

    Climax scene super

    SHAMIR ROY13 godzin temu

    I think it's gonna be a real scary movie.

  • Bella!!
    Bella!!13 godzin temu


  • Lim Lo
    Lim Lo13 godzin temu

    What do you mean by "YOUR people"?? lol

  • eva yanti
    eva yanti13 godzin temu

    I cant wait to watching this movie, i love this movie.

  • Ashu Hiremath
    Ashu Hiremath13 godzin temu

    Remove the sound and then watch the trailer nothing will scare u ,it's just the background music and some jump scares

  • Nazdar Sonğur
    Nazdar Sonğur13 godzin temu

    Vera farmiga ❤❤❤❤

  • abhimanyu Ji
    abhimanyu Ji13 godzin temu

    India ✌️

  • Fukra Gamerz
    Fukra Gamerz13 godzin temu


  • grum
    grum14 godzin temu

    um excuse me if i'm wrong but *i don't think that's how the justice system in the u.s works*

  • Football Forever
    Football Forever14 godzin temu


  • Nelson Channel
    Nelson Channel14 godzin temu

    Welcome back the conjuring

  • Knut Lie
    Knut Lie14 godzin temu

    I'll never sleep in a waterbed once more.

  • Shiela Aposaga
    Shiela Aposaga14 godzin temu

    This scary movie .

  • Blueberry bEeP bOp
    Blueberry bEeP bOp15 godzin temu

    The Conjuring 1 The Conjuring 2 The Conjuring: the devil made me do it The conjuring: evil comes home The conjuring: evil goes global The conjuring: apocalypse The conjuring: travel to hell The Conjuring: the final chapter Conjuring: the reboot The Conjuring Stories: the 2058 remake

  • The Infinity Unboxing
    The Infinity Unboxing15 godzin temu

    What's the difference between evil and devil?

  • Yadhu Krishnan
    Yadhu Krishnan15 godzin temu

    The kanjaring 6, 😅

  • kim sands
    kim sands16 godzin temu

    I nearly 💩💩💩 my pants🤫🤫🤫🤫

  • Havilland Savage
    Havilland Savage16 godzin temu

    Another one...

  • ac pop art
    ac pop art16 godzin temu

    Number 1 horror movie 😟😟😨😨😰😰😖😖😩😩😣😣

  • seorang makhluk
    seorang makhluk17 godzin temu

    Is this real trailer????

  • Annabelle
    Annabelle17 godzin temu

    I liked the trailer

  • itzz osm
    itzz osm17 godzin temu

    Releasing date???

  • mystery
    mystery17 godzin temu

    the real events/story regarding this movie is far WORSE i swear.. the family suffered a lot i feel so sad for them :(

  • Prince
    Prince17 godzin temu

    I exepected it to be fan made

  • Hani Lab
    Hani Lab18 godzin temu

    command hallucination

  • Pradabae
    Pradabae19 godzin temu

    Can't wait to see the movie 🍿🙃

  • Nandana 145
    Nandana 14520 godzin temu

    Whoever comes across this may have the best day they have ever wished for❤💯 amen

  • harsh is live
    harsh is live20 godzin temu

    As good as the Conjuring

  • 852szpadel555 szpadel
    852szpadel555 szpadel20 godzin temu

    najlepsze to obecność 1 i 2 a 3 to gówno

  • Random Status
    Random Status20 godzin temu

    It is gonna be a flop.. Screenshot it

  • Daire Sherry
    Daire Sherry20 godzin temu

    no more Valak?

  • Priyanshu Jha
    Priyanshu Jha20 godzin temu

    Less than expected 🙄

  • Blogging With Lovely Pets
    Blogging With Lovely Pets21 godzinę temu

  • Aditya
    Aditya21 godzinę temu

    Ain’t nothing to it, Gangsta Rap Made Me do It.

  • Devraj Gurung
    Devraj Gurung21 godzinę temu

    I have been waiting for these woah 😳

  • Sc9cut
    Sc9cut21 godzinę temu

    The thumbnail looks like millie Bobby brown but older

  • Ben Cooper
    Ben Cooper21 godzinę temu

    Looks like a pile of shite

  • Dave Great
    Dave Great21 godzinę temu

    Now that I think of it all Conjuring movies 1 and 2 are really good I expect no different from this one

    GAME VICTORY21 godzinę temu


  • Chishi vlogs
    Chishi vlogs21 godzinę temu

    Aghh shit this is so scary I guess

  • Black Shadows YT
    Black Shadows YT22 godzin temu


  • mariann
    mariann22 godzin temu

    lets just say... the devil made me do it

  • Jonathan G.B
    Jonathan G.B22 godzin temu

    Valak vundak lutut kaki lutut kaki.

  • Emma Harty
    Emma Harty23 godzin temu