Nintendo Direct, Diablo II Resurrected and Starfield | This Week In Videogames


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Nintendo had a Direct (sort of...), Blizzard had a BlizzCon (sort of...) and a whole bunch of other stuff happened, too. Welcome to This Week In Videogames.
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Nintendo Direct:
Stadia oof:
Stadia Lawsuit:
Dualsense Drift:
EA Patent:
EA Codemasters 1.2bn:
Valheim 3 million:
Bungie Expansion:
Blizzard Arcade:


  • Skill Up
    Skill UpMiesiąc temu

    Go to for 15% off your order! Brought to you by Raycon.

  • Maximina Chean

    Maximina Chean

    Miesiąc temu

    @Adrian Jackson Wow! It took roughly 10 mins but it actually worked!

  • Noodley Boi

    Noodley Boi

    Miesiąc temu

    pikmin for

  • Mr Outcast

    Mr Outcast

    Miesiąc temu

    @mirl iihr that would be cool

  • mirl iihr

    mirl iihr

    Miesiąc temu

    my g, please use timestamps on the video

  • Wombat


    Miesiąc temu

    Playstation is going to have to change the default color on their controllers - so people know its updated hardware (no drift)

  • Uthor
    Uthor27 dni temu

    comment :)

  • Killingdance
    KillingdanceMiesiąc temu

    That Very Positive story is hilarious

  • Paladin Leeroy
    Paladin LeeroyMiesiąc temu

    Hey! Pyra is awesome! One of the only cool characters in that cesspool of a game... Fuck, man, why do people like super smash bros?

  • Cimerea
    CimereaMiesiąc temu

    Is it just me that thinks that if Todd "It Just Works" Howard is not speaking, it's a good thing? Or maybe I'm the only one developing an allergy to bullshit...

  • EksRea
    EksReaMiesiąc temu

    food for the algorithm

  • FriezaReturns00001 - Non-Popular Gaming
    FriezaReturns00001 - Non-Popular GamingMiesiąc temu

    1:08 oh lookie lookie, another repeat of Valve's Artifact/Anthem Next.... again. Really guys... really?? Did we learn nothing as to why we cannot trust Zynga the leecher of mobile gaymers?? Hello?!!?!? Look what happen to Artifact this week, look what happened to Anthem Next -sigh-, this is yet another title in name but not a actual game in any shape and form. Fucking ridiculous.

  • Z3K3
    Z3K3Miesiąc temu

    Super stoked for Diablo 2 Resurrected. The team behind it has a stellar track record of doing remasters, and the deep-dive interview they had with MrLlamaSC showed just how much care their putting into it.

  • Nicolas Etienne
    Nicolas EtienneMiesiąc temu

    Good videos

  • twelve dogs
    twelve dogsMiesiąc temu

    for some reason i trust you just from you voice

  • Noble Hamblin
    Noble HamblinMiesiąc temu

    Oh Stadia! They just tried to fly and got too close to the sun! I'm glad I didn't fork over the money just to get disappointed like my buddy did. I am excited for the remastered Skyward Sword though! In fact I skipped all of the Wii U so now that they're re-releasing games like Super Mario 3D World and Skyward Sword on the Switch I'm excited to play them for the first time... I just wish I didn't have to pay full price for 10 year old games ya know? Kinda Shady...

  • Known
    KnownMiesiąc temu

    plz add an oxford comma to the title. It's killing me.

  • YourTheManNowDawg
    YourTheManNowDawgMiesiąc temu

    2:40 Wrath of the Lich King was probably the last "Golden Age" MMO, in addition to being the best. Burning Crusade was rubbish in comparison, in scope of spectacle, raid quality, coherent story, and item design. That's not even including the introduction of Death Knights, which were the uniquely flexible in role based on talent choice, rather than specialization choice, and the fact that almost every class was "good". It was the first time when Ret Paladins could actually hit hard, and the stressful work of managing bleeds with Feral Druid could actually amount to good damage. Yes, I am THAT salty by that passing statement.

  • Joker
    JokerMiesiąc temu

    Valheim is one of the worst games I've ever played in my life

  • CrocvsGator
    CrocvsGatorMiesiąc temu

    You say the Direct sucked, but did you remember DC SUPERHERO GIRLS? Me neither.

  • Trade of all Jacks
    Trade of all JacksMiesiąc temu

    dropping thaty commmer

  • Not So Quiet
    Not So QuietMiesiąc temu

    Very positive comment, being positive. Move along, nothing to see here.

  • Lossless
    LosslessMiesiąc temu

    oh boy.....techy OW coming to the

  • Andrew Wilson
    Andrew WilsonMiesiąc temu

    I love how informative, concise, and funny these news videos are. Been following since division 1 days for min/max info; you’re awesome!

  • MassiveRican
    MassiveRicanMiesiąc temu

    Love this style miss ya over on the laymen so it’s nice to get this condensed version of your take on gaming news.

  • Paul N.
    Paul N.Miesiąc temu

    I’m so happy that I sold my Switch. Nothing but expensive Wii-U ports, joycon drift, and god awful online lag.

  • Rossco P.Coltrane
    Rossco P.ColtraneMiesiąc temu

    10 years of milking fools like cows

  • sheepnerfer
    sheepnerferMiesiąc temu

    these vids are great man. love the humour thrown in, that OW2 bit ...

  • Sean Stewart
    Sean StewartMiesiąc temu

    Will never understand why Google just didn’t offer their service at a different price point, similar to Netflix and I dunno, Gamepass?

  • Tim Scholli
    Tim ScholliMiesiąc temu


  • Zinger Cheese345
    Zinger Cheese345Miesiąc temu

    He did vgf. Fcssfsd. Hhhhh

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    realfudashiMiesiąc temu

    random coment here

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    KankeinaiMiesiąc temu

    Feeding the algorithm!

  • Gaming News
    Gaming NewsMiesiąc temu

    yes lets beat the algorightm together

  • deludedsheep
    deludedsheepMiesiąc temu

    wtf i love ps5 now

  • Matthew Bryce
    Matthew BryceMiesiąc temu

    hope this helps the algorithm

  • Zapp Brannigan
    Zapp BranniganMiesiąc temu

    No wonder you are successful in this media. I always enjoy your take and humor on every review. Great to have you here. Hope the studios are listening. I'd love to see you have a website with top games this year for each platform, and a what should I play this week section.

  • leeman27534
    leeman27534Miesiąc temu

    fans were happy to get one of the most beloved characters in smash proceeds to be unable to pronounce her name also, i was low key pissed - thought it might be a xenoblade 2 thing. i want more monolith soft stuff that isn't BOTW world building, damnit

  • Otimo
    OtimoMiesiąc temu

    Wow Diablo 2 remake!! Can't wait for it to end up like Warcraft III reforged!! :D Never forget people Never forgive .-.

  • Strikemare
    StrikemareMiesiąc temu

    classic hearthstone,yessss remove the 1 biillion taunt cards added to the game.

    MTLGSEMiesiąc temu

    Starfield will be a buggy messy disappointment.

  • UToobUsername01
    UToobUsername01Miesiąc temu

    Guys..You can't have absolutely mind-blowing shit every announcement. That's like expecting a drug addict to be blown away by his drugs as if it's his very first time taking them. Being depressed by how overhyped cyberpunk was is good for you. Stop expecting nintendo to cheer you up. Zelda's take a half decade to make and made to be the most polished pieces of software they release, (like an artist working on a masterpiece) not some yearly sports sim by EA which is just a roster update. (or a shitty disney star wars sequel trilogy lol)

  • boomslangCA
    boomslangCAMiesiąc temu

    A closed beta for pre-ordered games only? I guess that's so people can feel their regrets early without having to wait. I can't see any other sane reason to do this.

  • Butt is Holy
    Butt is HolyMiesiąc temu

    Destiny's universe > Destiny games.

  • Aeresfire
    AeresfireMiesiąc temu

    Algorithm bump!

  • phrozac
    phrozacMiesiąc temu

    D2R is a full visual REMAKE. Completely new art from scratch.

  • Les1aw82
    Les1aw82Miesiąc temu

    Can we get 'This half-week in video games'? It's been 3 days and I'm starving for another one.

  • Dequarius Vence
    Dequarius VenceMiesiąc temu

    Do you know who sucks?

  • Alex K
    Alex KMiesiąc temu

    so the controllers were sh*t but you gave them a glowing review. sellout.

  • Marcos Danilo
    Marcos DaniloMiesiąc temu

    question, is bravely default 2 a sequel to bravely default... or to the sequel of bravely default?

  • budakbaong siah

    budakbaong siah

    Miesiąc temu


  • Marcos Danilo
    Marcos DaniloMiesiąc temu

    4 millions actually.

  • Andres Velazquez
    Andres VelazquezMiesiąc temu

    Splatoon is mostly targeted to Japanese people since over there is super popular.

  • budakbaong siah

    budakbaong siah

    Miesiąc temu

    Of course it's popular there, being a game about squids. ;)

  • Serbo's Salt Bunker
    Serbo's Salt BunkerMiesiąc temu

    Damn here from the 27th, learnt that the Outrider demo comes out on the 25th. I've lowkey been kinda hyped for this game, and while I didn't want to get my hopes up, you can bet I zoomed over to steam faster than EA adds macrotransactions to their new IPs.

  • AH L
    AH LMiesiąc temu

    Wow, well done! I loved this video about games news!

  • Aml 2020
    Aml 2020Miesiąc temu

    Diablo 2, needs cellphones right?

  • Daniel Küster
    Daniel KüsterMiesiąc temu

    Raycon must really pay big bucks (like in the region of Raid Shadow Legends) because they have been constantly reviewed as being mediocre at best. I understand that this is your job and you have to make money but you making your advertisement section sound really geniune like Raycon is the best thing since sliced bread really puts a dent on your image of being a "honest reviewer".

  • 美しい顔Hamako
    美しい顔HamakoMiesiąc temu

    A quick google Search would Show that splatoon 2 is the most important and popular Nintendo game in Japan. The younger audience haven’t stopped playing it since it came out. Half of our entire population plays games and half of that half are children who play splatoon, Minecraft and fortnite. That population is higher than the entire Australian population. So yes, it’s popular and can survive domestically alone

  • Heisuke
    HeisukeMiesiąc temu

    Splatoon is super popular in Japan. Basically all my male students in jhs play it.

  • Jonathon Keyandwy
    Jonathon KeyandwyMiesiąc temu

    feeding the machine

  • Caleb de Vries
    Caleb de VriesMiesiąc temu


  • av latta meguca
    av latta megucaMiesiąc temu

    I really liked Code Vein. The combat was a little floaty, but I don't think that's inherently a bad thing, and beyond that it was fast-paced with way more build variety than any other Soulslike I've ever come across. Also Mido's voice in Japanese was booming and weirdly sexy for a crazy scientist.

  • Rants & Reviews
    Rants & ReviewsMiesiąc temu

    I LOVE that Google and Amazon are failing at video games. Stay in your lane, you're too big already!

  • Reso
    ResoMiesiąc temu

    "And you can mount them..." Oh... o-okay... o__o "In the totally PG rated sense of the word." Damn, immediately called out.

  • Santi Larrea
    Santi LarreaMiesiąc temu

    Dear Al Gore Ithm, this is a totally valid comment on a video worth your attention. Please recommend it to people who may be interested but don't know it yet.

  • Pyra Hydrokorra
    Pyra HydrokorraMiesiąc temu

    Pog im in smash, I have no idea what that sword person was tho.

  • Al Dema
    Al DemaMiesiąc temu

    Great stuff. Got yourself a fan, mister.

  • Dre Michael
    Dre MichaelMiesiąc temu

    Where's Sam?

  • thsudy
    thsudyMiesiąc temu

    Is it just me or is overwatch 2 just going to be Paladins 2.0

  • Zac Ward
    Zac WardMiesiąc temu

    If they would release Valheim on consoles it would sell millions more

  • Josh
    JoshMiesiąc temu

    Used to like u until you claimed u didn’t want to do this then started doing this on your channel.. fake people man

  • DaBaens429
    DaBaens429Miesiąc temu

    Yummy yummy comment to feed the algorithm 😋

  • Driftysilver
    DriftysilverMiesiąc temu

    anyone else get the rap video (RNF ZAY - YAMS) for an ad where the dude is singing about bitches and sluts, and all that? Surprised youtube would let those types of ads play. My dude said nigga 5 times before the ad could finish.

  • UE4 PC Game - Escape Condition
    UE4 PC Game - Escape ConditionMiesiąc temu

    Valheim is the best indie story since Minecraft

  • Faint Karma
    Faint KarmaMiesiąc temu

    Destiny is the most abusive video game ever made, the weapons are on a rng roll, with rng rolled stats and are only available for a limited time and only useable for a limited time . Plus your PAID content will be cancelled (vaulted) after two years. Way to promote ShillUp

  • человек паук
    человек паукMiesiąc temu

    This video series is some good shit.

  • Windir2112
    Windir2112Miesiąc temu

    I'm not lying when I say I'm not interested in Starfield. I've never liked Bethesda's style of RPGs. Skyrim, any Fallout i've tried, Oblivion, etc. I just don't care for their style of RPG.

  • Joakim
    JoakimMiesiąc temu

    The comment it wants.

  • P Denny
    P DennyMiesiąc temu

    Laymen gaming was head and shoulders better than this

  • Perkiestgoth
    PerkiestgothMiesiąc temu

    More news great stuff 👍😁

  • Kazimir Jinkins
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    Thanks for the news.

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  • Militaires Sans Frontières
    Militaires Sans FrontièresMiesiąc temu

    F1 FUT, pay a shit load of FIFA Points to unlock Icon Racers.

  • Jabriel Milner
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    Yuuuuuuh. Algorithm.

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    Comment. There you go my dude!

  • DarknessInferno15
    DarknessInferno15Miesiąc temu

    Triangle Strategy isn't a bad translation. Think "weapons triangle" like Fire Emblem's; sword beats axe, axe beats lance, lance beats sword. They're just letting you know straight up what it is with that temporary title.

  • Justin Sparks
    Justin SparksMiesiąc temu

    I'm like if you don't go to Skill Up for gaming news, what are you doing?

  • harry dixson
    harry dixsonMiesiąc temu

    4 MiLliOn ViKiNgS!

  • Jack Lafferty
    Jack LaffertyMiesiąc temu

    Great series, keep it up 👍

  • Vojin V Milojkovic
    Vojin V MilojkovicMiesiąc temu

    this was yet another great video this is becoming one of my favorite videos of the week ngl I need to put this out there - look into Velheim ! ♥ I am having server issues and finding my friends server, but thats to be expected when you have this huge fluctuation of people I am waiting for Outriders demo as i watch this video - 16:50 so in 10min :D

  • Izzy
    IzzyMiesiąc temu

    Cures of the god is nothing like hades BTW

  • Nandan Patil
    Nandan PatilMiesiąc temu

    Love the news videos but timestamps would rlly help :)

  • beerasaurus
    beerasaurusMiesiąc temu

    4 million units now.

  • E Sinclair
    E SinclairMiesiąc temu

    What’s a PLclip algorithm?

  • Jordan Williams
    Jordan WilliamsMiesiąc temu

    Code Vein is for us weebs who think Dark Souls is too scary. Highly recommend

  • Panda Watch
    Panda WatchMiesiąc temu


  • uHasioorr
    uHasioorrMiesiąc temu

    How the hell idea can be patented? Can you imagine one car company patenting the concept of a car or a suspension or air conditioning? The same goes for WB and Nemesis system. I understand patenting implementation, so you can't just take parts of their code and use it but concept... nope.

  • Yorosero
    YoroseroMiesiąc temu

    Was everyone really that disappointed about Pyra and Mythra in Smash? I'm actually pretty hyped we've got two top tier waifus joining the roster. Heck, add another sword wielding waifu, put 2B from Nier Automata in there!

  • Vesperon
    VesperonMiesiąc temu

    Thank you, please continue this series

  • GotCamel
    GotCamelMiesiąc temu

    Why not just go back to doing these videos with Sam? I loved the weekly dumps, but now I don’t watch either because on your own your gaming news videos are boring. Why’d you turn your back on your own brother?

  • Tim P
    Tim PMiesiąc temu

    Comments! Comments! Get your comments here!

  • Sergane Sariani
    Sergane SarianiMiesiąc temu

    Direct was worth it for the awesome Monster Hunter Rise trailer, we got to see the rampage and the lava and the desert and Rajang and so much more it was super epic I loved it. Also it's literally the only game I care about right now so it was pretty fire in my opinion.

  • Logan McDaniel
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  • Zhou Enlai
    Zhou EnlaiMiesiąc temu

    Thanks SkilluP, nice video as usual. Pillars of Eternity Deadfire is a great game BTW, highly recommend it.

  • av latta meguca
    av latta megucaMiesiąc temu

    Splatoon is very popular... in Japan.