Gucci Mane - Wop Longway Takeoff feat. Peewee Longway & Takeoff [Official Audio]


Gucci Mane - Wop Longway Takeoff feat. Peewee Longway [Official Audio]
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  • Stubbo242
    Stubbo2425 miesięcy temu

    She ask bout the WiFi and Gucci brought a brick out. Trap shit

  • Jamaal Curry
    Jamaal Curry7 miesięcy temu


  • celest i
    celest i9 miesięcy temu

    They said money make me arrogant I said it make me show off

  • Valentin Davis
    Valentin Davis10 miesięcy temu

    Hardest wop verse in years

  • Dalonte the great
    Dalonte the great11 miesięcy temu

    Gucci mane snap on this bitch 🔥 sound like old gucci

  • Dominik Grunt
    Dominik Grunt11 miesięcy temu

    NWA pt2

  • phillyflyboy
    phillyflyboy11 miesięcy temu


  • Phil O'brien
    Phil O'brienRok temu

    This one isnt on the album :(

  • NetWork Production
    NetWork ProductionRok temu

    BagGang P 🎤

  • Patrick Jay
    Patrick JayRok temu

    subsrabe to my channel

  • joe bond
    joe bondRok temu

    Not really a rapper this jus a throwoff 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  • G.I Joe
    G.I JoeRok temu

    Long way spazzed

  • FaerieSensai
    FaerieSensaiRok temu

    This has to be the most inventive song name in history 😏

  • Jessi Talarico
    Jessi TalaricoRok temu


  • Andre Lucas
    Andre LucasRok temu


  • Perfectly Random Bre
    Perfectly Random BreRok temu

    Gucci still hard af

    YPN MELORok temu

    I'm @ypnmelo from Tennessee jackson memphis 10... my style is in a lane of its own... that I know you would truly admire ...Gucci all i need is for you to listen to my music, perhaps one feature, or open for you at one of your shows or even a simple shout out on your Instagram... would change my life in an instant... im in and on all platforms @ypnmelo..... I got what it takes guwop... the bag already secured I just need your help going to get it ✔ @Ypnmelo comegetit

  • No Name
    No NameRok temu

    Takeoff still pissed at Gucci and he came in as soon as he went out

  • Tj
    TjRok temu

    Back when my dough was low it make me kick yo doe off.

  • Tj
    TjRok temu

    This shit go hard . I love Gucc

  • X daniela br
    X daniela brRok temu


  • Khahlil Johnson
    Khahlil JohnsonRok temu

    Longway da goat 👍

  • Joë Landerfort
    Joë LanderfortRok temu

    Shcuchiiiiii !!!!!!!!!;

  • Guru
    GuruRok temu

    I'm putting Honorable C Note in the hall of fame for the best beats! This is too fire

  • Blood money
    Blood moneyRok temu

    Aye Frenchie you hating on ur brotha

  • Guru
    GuruRok temu


  • Elenge Nevecky
    Elenge NeveckyRok temu

    African g, tn

  • Kennard Williams
    Kennard WilliamsRok temu

    Who the fuck disliking. Yall bitches. This nigga going

  • Quentaz Harper
    Quentaz HarperRok temu

    Hands down peewee and takeoff are the youngest vocalist that go hard in there flows.

  • T Miles
    T MilesRok temu


  • DanDan
    DanDanRok temu

    That beat damn

  • DoubleCuppShawty
    DoubleCuppShawtyRok temu

  • Michel Barbara
    Michel BarbaraRok temu

    Hectic track...

  • Kristopher Heck
    Kristopher HeckRok temu

    That honorable cnote

  • Lucas Smith
    Lucas SmithRok temu


  • greg romo
    greg romoRok temu

    This beat..💪

  • Migos on Stage Live
    Migos on Stage LiveRok temu

    Takeoff leading at an easy pace

  • Kenneth W
    Kenneth WRok temu

    If you ain't saying long way bitch, you not doing something right.

  • Supun Priyanath
    Supun PriyanathRok temu

    yo man!!!!

  • Joe Peroy
    Joe PeroyRok temu


  • Daniel Blackburn
    Daniel BlackburnRok temu

    This is a wop bop 👏

  • Alfonso Júníor
    Alfonso JúníorRok temu

    If you feature takeoff in a song it's basically his

  • You Blizm
    You BlizmRok temu

    ig....gurucocobliss...... Bushmon..... come and get these coconuts

  • Charlie Foxtrot
    Charlie FoxtrotRok temu

    My nigga gucci be talking to much code for these amateurs to understand

  • Willie Mcclinton
    Willie McclintonRok temu

    I'll want my blue tube back own with speakers

  • Gerald Cross
    Gerald CrossRok temu

    Gucci verse🔥🔥🔥

  • F.R Beats
    F.R BeatsRok temu

    *MY BOY TAKEOFF* 🚀🔥🚀

  • A t las
    A t lasRok temu

    Why is he so obsessed with "WOP"? What does it mean? Without papers? I mean, back in the early days of the Italian's immigrating over here to the US, we used to call them by the derogatory slang term "WOP" meaning "With Out Papers".

  • donovan thomas

    donovan thomas

    Rok temu

    His name guwop

  • Jacob Blackledge
    Jacob BlackledgeRok temu

    You know long way gotta be on the album

  • Devo Brasi
    Devo BrasiRok temu

    Fucking fire 🔥

  • Justin _that_one_dude
    Justin _that_one_dudeRok temu

    Nope. EA sports Gucci come back right now.

  • Chris Letona
    Chris LetonaRok temu

    The beat made me wanna spend all my bread

  • Dhoomic Lived
    Dhoomic LivedRok temu

    and finally takeoff is taking off🔥

  • Great One
    Great OneRok temu

    Gucci should of had 2 verses

  • Toyo Senpai
    Toyo SenpaiRok temu

    No cap gucci went off on this one

  • Ralph Sanchez
    Ralph SanchezRok temu

    Pee wee went off!!holy shit mpg all day bihhh

  • roy harris
    roy harrisRok temu

    Longwaaaaay kill everything he on 🔥🔥

  • Ed Yee
    Ed YeeRok temu

    Atlanta gergia

  • snipe2u
    snipe2uRok temu


  • Michael Cook
    Michael CookRok temu

    Ofcourse both maids\Butlers are white. Fucking racist.

  • Al Capone
    Al CaponeRok temu

    Why Gucci go in on this verse man he spit sme 🔥🔥

  • Steven Dub
    Steven DubRok temu

    How the fuck do ppl listen to this & actually like it? Omg some ppl are really fucking retarded

  • Steven Dub
    Steven DubRok temu

    Fucking garbage

  • Zola Kyng Mianziula
    Zola Kyng MianziulaRok temu

    Fafa leave you like Caca hahahahhahahahahha xD these 3 went for 1st degree murder!

  • Ivan Araujo
    Ivan AraujoRok temu

    Take off presence on this track overrides their flow 💪

    HUMBLERok temu


  • jeronimo_XXX_limelite
    jeronimo_XXX_limeliteRok temu


  • jeronimo_XXX_limelite
    jeronimo_XXX_limeliteRok temu


  • J B
    J BRok temu

    Oh shit peewee on a song with guwop

  • YoungCommando
    YoungCommandoRok temu

    Takeoff a goat🔥🔥

  • Labronski Milan
    Labronski MilanRok temu

    #GucciMane #Woptober2 #WopLongwayTakeoff 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

  • Karmie Williams
    Karmie WilliamsRok temu

    Ain't no 80s baby fucking with Gucci

  • Mr Racks
    Mr RacksRok temu

    Takeoff and peewee need to do a whole album together

  • Nana Walker
    Nana WalkerRok temu


  • Valdemar Duran
    Valdemar DuranRok temu

    Long Way and Takeoff not on Gucci's level

  • Glenn McKnight
    Glenn McKnightRok temu


  • 951base
    951baseRok temu


  • Mr BuTane
    Mr BuTaneRok temu

    Yaay They Reunite 💨💯

  • brandon leblanc
    brandon leblancRok temu

    He’s back

  • lPolitically_Fye
    lPolitically_FyeRok temu

    I need that longway & takeoff tape. #heat

  • qazwsx
    qazwsxRok temu

    longway so underrated, he's fire on literally every single song he's on

  • Kaptn Key

    Kaptn Key

    5 miesięcy temu

    BLCK CEO he need that love everywhere he’s always solid



    Rok temu

    qazwsx We love him in Atlanta

  • Broderick Daniel
    Broderick DanielRok temu

    Longway x Takeoff simply bodied this Track 🔥. But I tip my hat to Gucci as well, he remained in control and layed down bars that wouldn’t be overshadowed by the fucking heat Longway x Takeoff produced 🤷🏾‍♂️.

  • Seth Pawn
    Seth PawnRok temu

    Looking good guap🔌🧠

  • Seth Pawn
    Seth PawnRok temu

    Y'all sogucci

  • Aaron Dowdy
    Aaron DowdyRok temu

    Bricksquad Padres. Get dishwashing biggz

  • Doomsday 1017
    Doomsday 1017Rok temu

    That beat tho 💯💨

  • Legend


    Rok temu

    Beat fucking crazy

  • Adam Lat
    Adam LatRok temu

    This a half song

  • Jakob Roloff
    Jakob RoloffRok temu

    LongWay 🔥🔥🔥

  • trap baby
    trap babyRok temu

    Y'all heard gucci said JUICE! Thumbs up oj fans

  • Alexandria Tiffany
    Alexandria TiffanyRok temu

    Gucci go in hard on this right here, straight up BANGER! Guwop aint like all these other lames out there like Soulja who just went viral by usin *Authentic* *Views* *COm* to get they views up to go viral SMH

  • InsaneLesane
    InsaneLesaneRok temu

    Gucci in his bag

  • Cleopatra Starseed
    Cleopatra StarseedRok temu

    This song was WAY to short and so was Takeoff's verse...

  • Roy Jackson
    Roy JacksonRok temu

    Buuuurrrr,longway longway and MOMMA!!!!! Straight trail blazzers

  • Tee Clutch
    Tee ClutchRok temu

    Jeezy better than gucci

  • Naven Kennedy

    Naven Kennedy

    Rok temu

    in your dreams

  • La Kruise
    La KruiseRok temu


  • Ricky Wicz
    Ricky WiczRok temu

    Where's the bass tho???

  • Dale Greenaway
    Dale GreenawayRok temu

    This shit need a vid!👊🏽

  • Venessia Randle
    Venessia RandleRok temu

    “I got mega millions still ain’t got more cash then my spouse..yeah my bitch a brickhouse"

  • WS Outlawz
    WS OutlawzRok temu

    Takeoff the Longway 🚀🅿

  • Cody Brent
    Cody BrentRok temu

    This whole album fire..wish hoodrich was on it tho

  • Broderick Daniel

    Broderick Daniel

    Rok temu

    Cody Brent yeah they could’ve slid a feature his way 🤷🏾‍♂️.