The TRUTH about iPhone XR in 2021..

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Should You Buy iPhone XR in 2021? | iPhone XR Review in 2021
The iPhone XR is one of my favorite iPhones but is it worth buying in 2021? And if you have one now, should you sell it and upgrade, or hold on to it?
In this 2-years-later review, we discuss the rocky introduction to the iPhone XR and how it proved everyone wrong, the performance, the battery life, the durability over time and more. At the end of the video, we discuss whether or not you should buy one in 2021!
Buy iPhone XR (renewed) on Amazon:
iPhone XR vs iPhone 11 After 4 Months - Not What I Thought..:
iPhone SE (2020) vs iPhone XR After 1 Week:
Watch This Before Buying a USED iPhone:
Should You Buy iPhone 11 or iPhone XR?:
iPhone 11 vs iPhone 11 Pro vs Pro Max vs XR vs XS Max vs X vs 8 Plus Battery Life DRAIN TEST:
iPhone 11 vs iPhone XR SPEED Test - Reconsider Upgrading:
Why iPhone XR is the BEST iPhone to Buy in 2020:
0:00 Intro
0:39 Display Controversy
1:15 Sales (proved everyone wrong)
3:24 Design
4:19 Durability
5:02 Colors
5:29 Front-Facing Camera
6:35 Rear-Facing Camera
10:07 Performance
11:26 Battery Life
12:27 Should you buy iPhone XR in 2021?
14:25 Should you upgrade the iPhone XR?
15:08 How long will the XR last?
15:36 Conclusion
What do you think of the iPhone XR in 2021? Do you have one now?
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  • Brandon Butch
    Brandon Butch3 miesięcy temu

    iPhone XR gang, wya?

  • prettyluhziaireee_


    8 godzin temu


  • Kristi Metz

    Kristi Metz

    Dzień temu




    4 dni temu

    iPhone 12 gang, wya?

  • Joshua M

    Joshua M

    5 dni temu

    Here with the blue

  • Sxdu


    5 dni temu

    I got black

  • sabin rai
    sabin rai18 godzin temu

    Should I go for iphone xr ?

  • isaac tang
    isaac tangDzień temu

    i get triggered everytime u said 10r

  • Superior Panda
    Superior Panda2 dni temu

    Just ordered mine and I can't wait for it to come

  • Sword of Gideon 777
    Sword of Gideon 7773 dni temu

    I have it. ( iPhone xr. Still going strong!!

  • Jennifer Womble
    Jennifer Womble3 dni temu

    Upgraded the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus to IPhone 11 last year and made the right choice as my very first iPhone ever. Doesn’t matter if it’s IPhone XR or IPhone 11 it’s good enough for me and love it and would upgrade for another one☺️

  • Aiden Eckerdt
    Aiden Eckerdt4 dni temu

    i see a lot of comments about people going from the 6s to the xr, id just like to say how even in 2021, the 6s/6s plus still runs so damn well, my mom has one and there isnt a single problem with it. apple builds some solid phones.

  • Thor_Lock_habibi
    Thor_Lock_habibi4 dni temu

    Watching on my xs!!

  • Dakakarot
    Dakakarot4 dni temu

    Never Really Cared For Iphone Im Just Getting 1 So I Can Have Both The S21 Utra And The Iphone

  • Scalliwagg
    Scalliwagg4 dni temu

    Got the Xr last week it’s amazing. Battery life is great and it’s fast no lag whatsoever. Fast charging is great to. No regrets buying it best phone I’ve ever owned.

    GAMERGUY4 dni temu

    I'm upgrading from galaxy Note 8 to xr hope its great!

  • BishopT
    BishopT5 dni temu

    Would you trade an Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5g to get the iPhone xr?

  • limeyosu2000
    limeyosu20005 dni temu

    Got mine in December of 2018 still runs like a clock and does everything I need it to do! And I get by with the 64g. I work in a office by myself so run Pandora, and navigation a lot. I come everyday with at least 35%. Best iPhone I have ever owned to date. It’s paid off so going to keep it for a few years. And yes the colour options were the best this year. A friend got a 11 and those Easter pastel colours were awful.

  • gfeh6 htdgh
    gfeh6 htdgh5 dni temu

    Not even 5 seconds in the video you told a lie they still sell the iPhone 6 and 7 don't forget about the 8

  • the best si delima
    the best si delima5 dni temu

    Still using 5s in 2021

  • Shashwat Parida
    Shashwat Parida5 dni temu

    M I only one who loves iPhone on other hands,but don’t remember that we ourselves are using it Feels like just another phone 😂😂

  • William Rice
    William Rice6 dni temu

    I’m getting one of these in the next week

  • Ali Coskun
    Ali Coskun6 dni temu

    I got XS Max at launch and it's still going great

  • Christian Ozoudeh
    Christian Ozoudeh6 dni temu

    Man's talking about front camera not being good... Fam I use a freaking Nokia 3.1

  • ashyrose Jackson
    ashyrose Jackson6 dni temu

    im getting mine on my birthday 😃

  • Salman Momin
    Salman Momin7 dni temu

    Hey bro, S20 plus 5g exynos 12/128 vs iphone 11 128gb price Almost same in my country so which one better to buy? I'm not gamer only Media consumption like movie download,web browsing,chatting,PLclip play!

  • Jet Mijares
    Jet Mijares7 dni temu

    Should i get this or the iphone se 2020?

  • Bhayu Pratama

    Bhayu Pratama

    7 dni temu


  • Marcelly J. D.
    Marcelly J. D.7 dni temu

    I upgraded to a white xr last week from my 7. Its been a dream so far. Very smokth and responsive. The battery lofe is awsome and the camera works good for me. I’m not really a photography head so that doesn’t matter as long as I could see the improvement. Love the bigger display too.

    ASHHH8 dni temu

    I miss my xr

  • AyoAYO123 000
    AyoAYO123 0008 dni temu

    I had the XR for 2 years and it lasted me perfectly. I upgraded because I wanted the higher res and OLED to the 12 pro max, but it was still rapid. My iPhone 7 after 2 years, was crashing more often. The XR still felt basically new. Most People want the software and fast processor, features of iPhone. They are not bothered about the premiums. However once you use the OLED screens and you know your tech you simply cannot settle.

  • Thatkid .b1

    Thatkid .b1

    5 dni temu

    Not really I’ve always used Samsungs with OLED but I can still use my 8 without missing OLED

  • Alexia Marie Covers
    Alexia Marie Covers9 dni temu

    just got my xr this month. it amazes me so much. ❤️

  • gracia oxgn
    gracia oxgn9 dni temu

    I bought this phone after 2 years of lending my friends Oppo, really love it especially the Apple Logo! HAHAHA

  • William Morrison
    William Morrison9 dni temu

    Even at retail the iPhone XR 64GB is still ONLY $510.00

  • Frank Cassuto
    Frank Cassuto9 dni temu

    Not a fan of mine anymore, screen is so dim and the battery dies soo fast. Upgrading this year with the new phone. Had this phone for maybe about 3 years.

  • Dipam Rai
    Dipam Rai10 dni temu

    Just got my XR few days ago, loving the performance 🔥

  • Ryan Lennox-Bradley
    Ryan Lennox-Bradley10 dni temu

    Even as a tech nerd, I'm buying one from eBay for like real cheap to replace my galaxy a70. Yeah, in some areas a downgrade but in a lot of ways it's an upgrade. I'm getting it for my grandparents slightly cheaper from JB hi-fi as well. I'm getting then brand new since it has to last 3-4 years but from eBay for me since I only need it to last from now till the 14 pro max comes out (I can't get a 13 pro max and 2 XRs but really need to replace my a70 so 3 XRs it is😅)

  • CLK Xilxus
    CLK Xilxus10 dni temu

    How many years will the iphone xr last for

  • Martin Dupuis
    Martin Dupuis10 dni temu

    The screen works. Its ok. Its just ok to watch Netflix. I use mine for email and call and does well for that. Camera is kinda two full generation behind and it shows. Vs is a 11. If you dont care about Camera. Get the 10x. If you want a good screen. Get a xs.

  • William Yeong
    William Yeong10 dni temu

    Need help, currently my carrier is offering this phone for additional 38 Ringgit Malaysia per month into my carrier plan for 2 years. Which is around 10 USD per month. Should I take this phone?

  • Malfurion Stormrage
    Malfurion Stormrage10 dni temu

    Straight talk $375.01 after tax.

  • Craig Hall
    Craig Hall11 dni temu

    My Xr is the best phone I’ve had ever it’s over a year of use and it still works like it did new.

  • Roop Arts
    Roop Arts11 dni temu

    but where is that single lens Photo & Video samples, without that phone guidance is not complete

  • brum2302
    brum230211 dni temu

    Great review. Should we get new, perhaps old stocks, iPhone XS or XR ?

  • Mohammed Rameez
    Mohammed Rameez12 dni temu

    The mobile data speeds is slow in this phone compared to xs . I’m using this phone from 2 years

  • Donald Wigglesworth
    Donald Wigglesworth13 dni temu

    My five month old S20 just broke from just a four foot fall and in a case, destroying the screen beyond usability. I'm waiting for this XR to come in. Samsung certified repair shops are few and far between where I live. This video reassured me that I made a good choice.

  • senseichang
    senseichang13 dni temu

    you started by droning on and on about the display and really made me miss my android. And my iPhone stuck in a boot loop rn. I just feel like I made the wrong choice. I'm so depressed about this I'm venting in a youtube comment.

  • Mike Kelly
    Mike Kelly14 dni temu

    iPhone XR is very under rated, and I think its the best iPhone.But thats just my opinion.

  • Merjay Merman Ph
    Merjay Merman Ph14 dni temu

    I wish to own this.. i used ip 8 that time and upgraded tp ip11.

  • Thatkid .b1

    Thatkid .b1

    5 dni temu

    The iPhone 11 is better anyway

  • Kemillz
    Kemillz14 dni temu

    I just got the 12 pro but I still got my xr and it’s coo

  • brooke caswell
    brooke caswell15 dni temu

    Going from android to the XR (again) today. So excited to go back to apple. 😂

  • Ralph Reviews
    Ralph Reviews15 dni temu

    The reason Apple went with this display is because they were targeting iPhone 6, 7, and 8 users. These phones have the same 326ppi display and unless you were coming from the iPhone X (Why?) the display would feel exactly the same, if not mildly better because of the viewing angles.

  • Ham Tech
    Ham Tech15 dni temu

    X-r 🤜🏻❤️👍🔋

  • Sam Plays
    Sam Plays15 dni temu

    I upgraded to a 12 pro max but now miss my yellow shine on my phone

  • Thinesh Jayasinghe
    Thinesh Jayasinghe15 dni temu

    am i the only one with the iphone xr coral colour :/

  • Galaxa_Wolf YT
    Galaxa_Wolf YT15 dni temu

    I’m really happy I have this phone, I had to upgrade from a google pixel to XR

  • Jasfer Joe Johnnay
    Jasfer Joe Johnnay16 dni temu

    watching it on xs max

  • David Cerdeira
    David Cerdeira17 dni temu

    Use this to skip to what matters 12:30

  • Prosad Basumatary
    Prosad Basumatary17 dni temu

    I have ordered today

  • Gerald Culala
    Gerald Culala17 dni temu


  • Hamza Azzouqa
    Hamza Azzouqa17 dni temu

    thank bro I've now decided on this phone

  • Hamza Azzouqa

    Hamza Azzouqa

    16 dni temu

    @Alex_Inside welp after all its my decision 🙃 and the apple os just hits different so that another reason

  • Alex_Inside


    17 dni temu

    @Hamza Azzouqa Buying the cheapest of anything just to have it always ends bad. Do you really want an low end iPhone just for the logo? I did the switch to iOS a few days ago and it is like any other os.

  • Hamza Azzouqa

    Hamza Azzouqa

    17 dni temu

    @Alex_Inside cuz I'm on a strict budget and I've been wanting to switch to apple so bad so that's what caught my eye.

  • Alex_Inside


    17 dni temu

    It wasn’t good when it came out, what makes you think it is any better now?

  • XxEdens_Zero_FangirlxX
    XxEdens_Zero_FangirlxX18 dni temu

    I bought the XR but then it died (like literally not working anymore) because when i opened it the first time it was at 0%. Luckily, Apple was kind enough to give full refund. I then bought the iPhone 11, which I love and am happy I have that instead of the XR. No hate to the XR, but obviously the iPhone 11 is better. :)

  • ItWasTheBlurstOfTimes
    ItWasTheBlurstOfTimes18 dni temu

    I'm still not done paying for my XR lmao. One day my wife got a BOGO deal even though I was completely satisfied with my 6S haha.

  • Ben Law
    Ben Law18 dni temu

    I love my iPhone XR it’s easily the best phone iv ever had iv had phones with QHD resolution and this screen looks better to my eye, the colours just feel nice to look at.

  • sopiyaa
    sopiyaa19 dni temu

    who also updated from 6s ro xr

  • KevinB11550
    KevinB1155019 dni temu

    Thinking about getting this for my mom She currently has some trash LG PHONE She's not tech savvy at all and I think this might be perfect for her By far better than what she has now. Plus, simple and easy to use

  • KevinB11550


    16 dni temu

    @Alex_Inside Appreciate the input I hear you and I did consider that but all she does is pretty much phone calls and text so switching to a new platform won't be a problem Plus she had an iPhone few years back

  • Alex_Inside


    17 dni temu

    If she already is used to android then stay there. For 350 to 400 there are phones much better than the XR.

  • Salty Tră
    Salty Tră20 dni temu

    im gonna get the xr

  • gorou w
    gorou w20 dni temu

    Just got an xr a month ago and switched from a iphone 7 it's a huge difference at first it felt like i was carrying a mini ipad and the battery is way better

  • Sofia Ferrer
    Sofia Ferrer20 dni temu

    i got mine last week! ngl it’s so gooood! i upgraded from iphone 7 to xr. i’m so happy. if you’re planning to buy iphone 11, it’s just the same from xr.

  • Hannah Kayee
    Hannah Kayee20 dni temu

    My Samsung note 8 is amazing still.. great battery life. Never had a problem, charger that came with phone still works. Watch youtube or listen to music and it lasts 12 hours easily.

  • Hannah Kayee
    Hannah Kayee20 dni temu

    Consumer Cellular has this for $300.

  • Bustn Myballs
    Bustn Myballs20 dni temu

    I miss my samsung galaxy j1mini

  • Trill Collins
    Trill Collins20 dni temu

    Im an assistant at a tech repair place and NO ONE EVER opts to have their screen replaced with the OLED because of the astronomical cost, they always opt for the LCD.

  • Ishminder Saini
    Ishminder Saini21 dzień temu

    i still have a 6

  • Miguel Barros
    Miguel Barros21 dzień temu

    Upgraded from a 5s to XR, fucking worth it

  • JAYtheMaker
    JAYtheMaker21 dzień temu

    Pobably myy. Yy y y y

  • Rivers' Payne
    Rivers' Payne21 dzień temu

    still gonna order my white iphone xr soon !

  • 602 Ent
    602 Ent21 dzień temu

    Still have my xr since they released it my battery still great af unlike the iphone 8 which died so fast

  • Angge Sebastian
    Angge Sebastian22 dni temu

    Iphone 6 to XR mine

  • Chris
    Chris22 dni temu

    I upgraded in june 2019 from a iphone 6 to the iphone xr and i was blown away. Max batterie is at 88% and i hope it will last long enough because i don‘t wanna upgrade anytime soon

  • Abdallah H
    Abdallah H22 dni temu

    *For those who have been using it for two years or more, how is it going* ?

    PIMPLUMP23 dni temu

    I’m still chillin with an iPhone 5s

  • Alex_Inside


    17 dni temu

    Best iPhone made after the SE1.



    19 dni temu

    @Airpod_2user L what kind of phone would you prefer to get for a cheap price

  • Airpod_2user L

    Airpod_2user L

    22 dni temu

    Hell naw 😂

  • Sithika Aluwihare
    Sithika Aluwihare23 dni temu

    I’m watching this from my iPHONE xs Max I dunno why

  • Charlotte V
    Charlotte V23 dni temu

    rockin with my iphone XR anyone else⁉️

  • -David -
    -David -24 dni temu

    Is the iphone 11 worth a 715$

  • Alex_Inside


    17 dni temu

    Hell no, that could buy you a flagship phone not some last gen mid tier device.

  • Airpod_2user L

    Airpod_2user L

    20 dni temu

    @-David - Nooooo😂

  • -David -

    -David -

    20 dni temu

    @Airpod_2user L Is it worth the extra 200 bucks? I could get the iphone xr for 515

  • Airpod_2user L

    Airpod_2user L

    22 dni temu


  • Joanne Azeez
    Joanne Azeez24 dni temu

    Am watching on XR in white now I ❤️ this phone bought my son same phone in Different colour he ❤️ his XR we are both very happy 😊 not going to upgrade for another 1/2yrs

  • Vlone_Mtxh
    Vlone_Mtxh24 dni temu

    My Xr Jailbroken 13.3

  • UnfoundedGaming
    UnfoundedGaming24 dni temu


  • El George
    El George24 dni temu

    I think it's funny that I upgraded from the 6S to the XR when the XR came out, and I see comments saying that they just did recently

  • El George
    El George24 dni temu

    I had the XR before I got the new iPhone 12. Obviously I prefer the iPhone 12, but if you can't afford it, go for the XR. From what I remember, the XR had better battery life too.

  • Varun Singh
    Varun Singh24 dni temu

    When new Iphone R coming

  • Doktor ALLES
    Doktor ALLES24 dni temu

    Xr along with 5s best iPhone Deal ever

  • Posh
    Posh24 dni temu

    I have the iPhone se 2020 I like this better because it’s newer but the car is cool to

  • Not Markers
    Not Markers24 dni temu

    Does anyone know the average price of the iPhone XR Canadian

  • twilightedward08
    twilightedward0825 dni temu

    i still have my iphone xr.. screen is crack it fell just right on a small rock.. i want to upgrade but nothing is wrong with it..

  • Muhammad Lutfi
    Muhammad Lutfi25 dni temu

    im literally ordering a white iphone xr this very second. moving from iphone 6s plus

  • dekockemil
    dekockemil25 dni temu

    I love my iPhone XR. I upgraded in October 2019 to this phone. Due for an upgrade in June 2022. I'm going to get the iPhone 12 / 13 maybe.

  • Ally Williams
    Ally Williams25 dni temu

    so i’m here because i have a 6s and i kinda want to upgrade for my 16th birthday on the first edit: of april

  • Sally Face
    Sally Face25 dni temu

    I’m upgrading from Xr to the 11

  • LilGrimey5Star
    LilGrimey5Star25 dni temu

    I got it 10 months after it came out, which means that if I would’ve waited a little longer I could’ve gotten the iPhone 11, but I still loved my XR, I got the 256GB so it was over $950 after taxes, but I just traded it in 2 months ago and got $830 credit and got the iPhone 12 Pro Max 😁 this time 512GB, I still liked m XR but it was a really good deal so I jumped on it, right now the cheap apple phones are just as good for anything you need to do, I just wanted a better resolution screen and more ram and more memory, I miss the size of the XR though, my 12 Pro Max sticks out of my pocket lol and it’s heavier but I’ll get used to it, I still have a 2nd Gen SE as well, that’s what I’m currently typing on, if you see the XR for a good price then get it, you won’t regret it, I remember that I loved the XR’s camera when I first got it, before that I had an iPhone SE 1st Gen

  • Kim Seola
    Kim Seola26 dni temu

    Hello guys, can u give me any recommendation? Which phone should I buy between iphone XR 256, iphone 11 128gb, or iPhone 12 64gb? I am planning to use the phone for about 3-4 years. Thank u!

  • Alex_Inside


    17 dni temu

    256gb is useless, the 11 sucks, the 12 mini 64gb is good depending on how much storage your current phone is using else 128gb anything above is overkill.

  • Daniel Velasquez

    Daniel Velasquez

    25 dni temu

    iPhone 11 but best i12 if you have a little more money get the 128gb

  • Ttv. Tysonlouee
    Ttv. Tysonlouee26 dni temu

    i dont even use iphones but i agree about it being the best selling lmaoo

  • MMA Crossfire
    MMA Crossfire27 dni temu

    Big respects to the XR

  • Wile E Coyote Loony
    Wile E Coyote Loony27 dni temu

    Using Iphone 7. Going to upgrade tomorrow to the Iphone XR. Hopefully I’m not wrong doing this.

  • Kharman Perry
    Kharman Perry27 dni temu

    Im upgrading from the iphone 7 in a month cuz my bday is coming up 😁😁

  • Tech Is life
    Tech Is life27 dni temu

    I had it for two years and it’s an amazing phone and it does it’s job. The fact that people say the screen looks like crap and bla bla bla. Unless you’re a tech person, you won’t be able to notice any changes on the screen.