Apex Legends | Stories from the Outlands - “Fight Night”


Whatever Pathfinder was built for, it wasn’t waiting tables. Go on a dangerous search for answers with your favorite MRVN. But pick your fights carefully - not everyone makes it twelve rounds.

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  • Te K
    Te K51 minuta temu

    good thing i wasn't playing path in this movie. totally would have missed that last grapple

  • Munkey
    Munkey4 godzin temu

    Fun fact: The girl talking to Pathy on the screen is doctor Amelie Paquette and she has a cast like thing on her arm because doctor Asleigh Reid/ Ash/ The person who betrayed Horizon in her trailer actually sliced off Dr. P's hand and those are final moments before the rift area on Olympus exploded in the past and she is telling Pathfinder that he has a purpose and Pathy manages to escape because he is a robot and only robots could travel through rifts but lost his memories in the process.

  • Jasper vincent
    Jasper vincent9 godzin temu

    they shoud make an apex movie/series but only if its animated

  • TTV_Taylors_Prime
    TTV_Taylors_Prime12 godzin temu

    Sees people burning: "am I fired?"

  • Naw Yuhurd Entertainment
    Naw Yuhurd Entertainment16 godzin temu

    The rain sparking him up along with the "...some of us are made for a great purpose" line a beautiful drop of Divine intention.

  • SJ L
    SJ L17 godzin temu

    패파 너무 귀엽자너

  • Xavier Saenz
    Xavier Saenz23 godzin temu

    All the cowboy bebop fans goin crazy for this origin story

  • Cryosis
    CryosisDzień temu

    How did water not fall in that one exact spot for a long time

  • KnightandDay
    KnightandDayDzień temu


  • KnightandDay
    KnightandDayDzień temu

    I love how this one random MRVN was there for every significant plot point

  • Mr. Depressed
    Mr. DepressedDzień temu

    The “thanks, friend” at the end got me

  • Tawanna Ellamae
    Tawanna EllamaeDzień temu

    The impartial green holly play because opinion apparently communicate apropos a lazy pilot. faint fair, flagrant desert

  • Huskee.Wraith
    Huskee.Wraith2 dni temu

    Am I the only one who hears Viper for the Mob Boss

  • Konsti
    Konsti2 dni temu

    It would be so cool if we got a skin for pathfinder that has those clothes with the broken monitor.

  • chorix _
    chorix _2 dni temu

    im not crying your crying

  • Amy
    Amy2 dni temu

    I would honestly love maldera as a legend, with him finally tracking down Nox and he might have some interesting voice lines with pathfinder

  • Matthew Karunakaran
    Matthew Karunakaran2 dni temu

    I’m not crying you are

  • Aaron Espinosa
    Aaron Espinosa3 dni temu

    Nice 5:21

  • King
    King3 dni temu

    Pathfinder was holding back he just didn’t want to break everything and solo every character in non fiction and fiction🤷

  • Narrows
    Narrows4 dni temu

    I think we can confidently say whoever cast Steve Blum in this was a Bebop fan. It's just fits too well.

  • akuno
    akuno4 dni temu

    why am i crying

  • Zariuz James L. Alipin
    Zariuz James L. Alipin4 dni temu

    I hear Brimstone as a detective lol

  • JustUltRra
    JustUltRra4 dni temu

    2:18 Pathfinder did a weather report on Typhon when it blew up!

  • NateR 1307
    NateR 13074 dni temu

    I need more of this story

  • KaiserWilhelm
    KaiserWilhelm4 dni temu

    I saw those Batman references.

  • a singular E
    a singular E5 dni temu

    Bro, pathfinder really like "yes but actually no"

  • Lunatic Cultist
    Lunatic Cultist5 dni temu

    3:05 is it just me, or did that dude sound like dempsey from call of duty?

  • Toad
    Toad5 dni temu

    Did anyone notice whoever voiced the guy going after maldera is dempsey from cod?

  • Dripple
    Dripple6 dni temu

    2:20 he was there when revenant attacked

  • Falare Games
    Falare Games6 dni temu

    Pathfinder is such a nice spirit

  • Falare Games

    Falare Games

    6 dni temu

    By spirit I mean his vibe

  • MoustacheDR
    MoustacheDR6 dni temu

    6:30 this whole scene always brings a tear to my eye. Maybe I'm just a big softie lol

  • Ossi_Osborn
    Ossi_Osborn6 dni temu

    Pov: Du musstest an Geschichten aus dem Saarland denken

  • St0kedForOil
    St0kedForOil6 dni temu

    Reading the book, and seeing Amile Paquettes arm in a sling was a cool Easter egg

  • Tume
    Tume7 dni temu

    pathfinder reminds me of luffy

  • PapaNuggets
    PapaNuggets7 dni temu

    Octane movie please

  • Far_striker 1345
    Far_striker 13457 dni temu

    Perhaps pathfinders real purpose were the friends we made along the way

  • The Christian's Watchtower

    The Christian's Watchtower

    4 dni temu

    No he saved the outlands read the pathfinder quest book its cannon

  • One Fizzy Cherry
    One Fizzy Cherry7 dni temu

    One of the best apex cinematics And is that the tank Dempsey voice actor???????

  • ASMOstark2434
    ASMOstark24347 dni temu

    Fun fact: this is the Marvin u stole the gun from he’s livin a new life now

  • Randomizer
    Randomizer8 dni temu

    Manz could have waited literally 2 seconds and he would get his files. Because path woke up

  • Christopher Santos
    Christopher Santos8 dni temu

    Me: ur fired Pathfinder: lol

  • Dipstick 2177
    Dipstick 21778 dni temu


  • Sleepy
    Sleepy8 dni temu

    If Pathfinder actually died, he wouldnt be in the Apex games ;(

  • Guaxynym ツ
    Guaxynym ツ8 dni temu

    Pathfinder A Legend Loved By The Community Both For Its Skills And Its Personality, And Dec. 29. 2020 We had access to a little more of the history of this incredible legend

  • Dededank
    Dededank8 dni temu

    I feel like if there was an overwatch and Apex Legends crossover, pathfinder and bastion would be great friends

  • Jackalope5619
    Jackalope56198 dni temu

    I like this

    SHARK TURTLES8 dni temu

    Getting mad at pathfinder is illegal. SHARK TURTLES 2021

  • Bruh Moment Remastered
    Bruh Moment Remastered9 dni temu

    I feel bad for pathfinder, he saw loba’s parents die lol

  • Gankslicks
    Gankslicks9 dni temu

    Maldera: Gets shot through the shoulder. Also Maldera: Tis but a scratch

  • isaiah mm
    isaiah mm9 dni temu


  • DeadPerson 34
    DeadPerson 3410 dni temu

    Bro i cried

  • Flowey The flower
    Flowey The flower10 dni temu

    2:19 revenant scene.

  • Glichtastic Gamer
    Glichtastic Gamer10 dni temu

    Titanfall should be a movie before apex is

  • cap dewa
    cap dewa10 dni temu

    I love sfx come out

  • Gankslicks
    Gankslicks10 dni temu

    I really want an apex legends TV show

  • cathy kitcher
    cathy kitcher10 dni temu

    If pathinder gets hacked then he could be reprogrammed to an advertisement bot

  • WolfOfMen
    WolfOfMen10 dni temu

    Please buff crypto to have a passive where his drone can fly along side him. Make the highlighting, that the drone is able to do, more narrow sighted in this mode so it's not to overpowered but make it to where you don't have to throw his drone all the time.


    Go 2:19 and put on slow mo and you can see Revenant

  • Kashmira Makwana
    Kashmira Makwana11 dni temu

    Wait, after this, pathfinder must have lost the memories, and was just thought to be non functional, and woke up in the facility.

  • 0815 Gameplayz
    0815 Gameplayz11 dni temu

    Haha Pathfinder is so cute

  • Caleb Brackin
    Caleb Brackin11 dni temu

    Is it just me or does the main bad guy sound like Dempsey from COD Black ops zombies

  • Noel Jericho Del Rosario
    Noel Jericho Del Rosario12 dni temu

    First time seeing a MRVN win a fight against a BRD-01 Spectre

  • MadDany
    MadDany12 dni temu

    This gives me the same vibes as that one Samurai Jack episode of that robot gangster. God that was sad...

  • Blarnix
    Blarnix12 dni temu

    Everybody gangsta till the roomba becomes a boxer

  • DeadlyHornet667
    DeadlyHornet66712 dni temu

    I love pathfinder so much

  • Blue Gameing
    Blue Gameing13 dni temu

    Pathfinder movie ????

  • RWG324
    RWG32413 dni temu

    5:42 we need this as a line

  • Spice Dice
    Spice Dice13 dni temu

    Oh no friend

  • Sarah Holly
    Sarah Holly13 dni temu

    Pathfinder,wholesome death robo boi till the end

  • ITSRook84
    ITSRook8413 dni temu

    Bruh he punched tank Dempsey

  • C.jecht
    C.jecht13 dni temu

    Pathfinder is the most wholesome character with one of the most depressing backstorys

  • Orest Pellumbi
    Orest Pellumbi13 dni temu

    3:01 is that brimstones va from valorant

  • C T
    C T13 dni temu

    pretty sure the mob guy the cop hit is the brimstone VA from valorant

  • Jay Marfil
    Jay Marfil13 dni temu

    This feels like Pathfinder having the same fate like Chappie in the movie Chappie.

  • Foreskin thief
    Foreskin thief14 dni temu

    That one guy sounded like tank dempsey

  • Kyle Ortiz
    Kyle Ortiz14 dni temu

    I really hope we get to see that detective in the future. Either in like the seasonal comic or maybe a legend who knows, he seems really cool

  • UnHumane
    UnHumane14 dni temu

    I like how one of his memories is him piloting a ship to verify he was actually a pilot

  • Elijah Crosby
    Elijah Crosby14 dni temu

    Only the boys can really relate to fight night

  • Red Haired Rando
    Red Haired Rando15 dni temu

    Fun fact in this one path watched loba's parents die, And on season 9 path knocked loba.

  • Vincent Fontaine
    Vincent Fontaine15 dni temu

    i am guessing he is a human conscious or something

  • wings
    wings15 dni temu

    Fight night I thought first night

  • Warren Misek
    Warren Misek15 dni temu

    pause at exactly 4:10 for a baked image, the screen inverts colors for a millisecond or two.

  • Ichiro Yanagui
    Ichiro Yanagui15 dni temu

    Malta rebember me mombasa from halo 3 odst

  • レヴナント【殺人ロボ】
    レヴナント【殺人ロボ】16 dni temu

    2:20 It's me

  • politech 政治テクノロジー
    politech 政治テクノロジー16 dni temu

    Surely I can’t be the only person who wants to see this guy as a legend?

  • XxSoulessWolfzxX


    16 dni temu

    i thought he was gonna join the games after fuse tbh

  • Alexander Mendieta
    Alexander Mendieta16 dni temu

    Bro if the ex military guy just watched one game of apex he would know Path is still alive, and even 'nox'

  • David Yanovich
    David Yanovich16 dni temu

    I think what the great purpose of Pathfinder was to show a human being turned into a machine (since the only robots we’ve seen show emotions are Path and Revenant, who was a human made into a machine). Path just was never discovered and Hammond took over the project (or maybe Wattson’s grandmother worked for Hammond?)

  • DeadIyCobra
    DeadIyCobra16 dni temu

    Pathfinders the best

  • Alex Yearwood
    Alex Yearwood17 dni temu

    Pathfinder so unlucky

  • Ethan •_•
    Ethan •_•17 dni temu

    Pathfinder is so cute “BAM”

  • Danger
    Danger17 dni temu

    Can't believe I'm actually intimidated by Spectres Feel's wrong

  • Maxence


    11 dni temu

    There was no pilot around this time

  • Matthew Larson
    Matthew Larson17 dni temu

    Still makes me cry. I just love Pathfinder so much :'(

  • Kira The Cat
    Kira The Cat17 dni temu

    The oh good security oh no security is bomb

  • Hatchet _09
    Hatchet _0917 dni temu

    The best stories from the outlands by far

  • Primo767
    Primo76717 dni temu

    bro i get chills when pathfinder says "Just you and me friend! :)" *literally grapples from explosion*

  • three mooseqateers
    three mooseqateers17 dni temu

    i love the 70's feel of this it's so good

  • idkWhatThenameShould be
    idkWhatThenameShould be17 dni temu

    I like paths laugh here 5:25

  • Archie 4 Sure
    Archie 4 Sure18 dni temu

    “Excuse me friend I think I’m about to discover my purpose”

  • Boogie JB

    Boogie JB

    7 dni temu

    Every protagonist

  • Tᗴᗩᖇ ᖴᑌᒪ231ᑭᒪᑌTO

    Tᗴᗩᖇ ᖴᑌᒪ231ᑭᒪᑌTO

    13 dni temu

    Almost gets yeeted

  • Skippz
    Skippz18 dni temu

    ight lets see, if that drop didnt go in to him he prob never wouldve revived *Big Brain* 7:27

  • Skippz


    15 dni temu

    @Kuzan Aokiji tf does that mean

  • Kuzan Aokiji

    Kuzan Aokiji

    15 dni temu


  • The Dingle Bat
    The Dingle Bat18 dni temu

    This literally could be a movie

  • Natalia Gonzalez
    Natalia Gonzalez18 dni temu

    Lol pathfinder got to be the best