People Read the Last Texts From Their Lost Loved Ones


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  • Jubilee
    JubileeRok temu

    Thanks to everyone who shared their story in this episode of Texts From - it takes immense courage to share something so personal, but we hope that sharing helps us remember what’s important and helps others feel less alone. Do you have any texts from your loved ones who have passed away you’d be willing to share? We’d love to hear about them. 💛

  • Donnell Hicks

    Donnell Hicks

    5 dni temu

    @thatlizzu I'm sorry for the loss of your Dad.

  • Only One

    Only One

    27 dni temu

    @iCarlysmom bobux must've been her last words 😔

  • alliecat


    Miesiąc temu

    "grandpa you're too funny" after he sent me a minion meme before he went into the hospital and died a week later i love minion memes now bc of it

  • Noah 27

    Noah 27

    Miesiąc temu


  • _itsmefxtima


    Miesiąc temu

    @Seriously Sol that made me tear up

  • Hawa Cisse
    Hawa CisseGodzinę temu

    I was only 9 when I heard my mum last word, “Don’t cry I’ll be home soon” 3 days later she left me. It’s been 9 years since then, and I really regret not telling her that I love her. I miss you mum, I’m growing into the strong woman you saw in me, thank you for everything❤️

  • May- chan
    May- chan6 godzin temu

    welp my last text was from my gf It goes a lil something like this ˢᵗᵃʳˢ I love you ʸᵒᵘ Lov ya

    WINGS ON10 godzin temu

    I didn't lost someone to death, I lost them to something I can't explain. It was me who last texted. A paragraph, a whole paragraph.... He didn't replied.. I Love Him.... I don't know why he can't at least reply to the text or at least a good bye.. I miss him. I miss him more than anyone.. But I can't reach out anymore.. I have done everything I could have..

  • Angel Nero

    Angel Nero

    Godzinę temu

    same it happened to me to I love him so much words can't express how much I love him now he's gone offline and I can't contact him

  • Carly Barnett
    Carly Barnett12 godzin temu

    My last text to my grandma was “what are you up to” and she never got a chance to text me back

  • Tara O'Flaherty
    Tara O'Flaherty14 godzin temu

    "my best friend commited scuicide".... that made me cry hard. I can't imagine losing my best friend. She makes my life 100 percent better

  • r_ramendump
    r_ramendump14 godzin temu

    My grandma doesnt text, and I cant remember her last words to me, but it was along the lines of: "Whats your name?"

  • r_ramendump
    r_ramendump15 godzin temu

    I fear death and death of loved ones as well, i fear the day my childhood home becomes empty, the kitchens run out of food, and the shower runs dry. I fear, the day that I lose all my loved ones at once when I die.

  • Mariah B
    Mariah B17 godzin temu

    One of my friends committed suicide, but days before he called my mom because he was worried about me. He wasn’t well but he called my mother because he knew I wasn’t well. That stays with me. He was a true friend. I miss you Adam. And the times I feel your presence, I feel so blessed.

  • Janet Chambers
    Janet Chambers19 godzin temu

    wow this is sad

  • Luz Perez
    Luz Perez20 godzin temu

    The last conversation I had with my grandma: Ok. Just go. It's getting darker. Tell your dad to drive slow. I love you. Thanks for coming and the dinner. - she died four days after that night. I still regret not staying that night just because I thought it would bore me. What it hurts me the most is that she told me she was gonna die soon. She knew it. But I told her that wouldn't happen. That she was gonna breakthrough it (she was sick) and that I would come see her every day. She looked at me and smile. 《I was so selfish. Even after 6 years I still regretting my decision》

  • Matrixx
    Matrixx20 godzin temu

    My Dad’s last text was “After I get better, I will definitely come to the U.S. I miss you.” And he died on the same day of a heart attack and pneumonia.

  • Anna
    Anna21 godzinę temu

    my last text to my mom was "sorry I can talk right now" "I'm pooping" I wish it were something nicer. i miss her a lot right now. she had a heart attack. she passed away on October 11th, 2018. i don't remember her voice. what colour she had her nails as or the cigarette brand she liked the most. the night of thanksgiving, that's when my life changed. try your hardest to stay away from cigarettes. be safe. i love you

    PLAINFACE22 godzin temu

    “I miss you”

  • Kylie Campo
    Kylie Campo22 godzin temu

    Don't ever have a grudge on someone or not talk to them, even if they hurt you. Because one day you will have regret.

  • Drew Mckee
    Drew Mckee23 godzin temu

    Just waiting for someone to tell me quit being a loser and just do it

  • Amber Stainton

    Amber Stainton

    6 godzin temu

    please don't, people love you too much, I don't know you but you deserve to live, you're going to be alright, you can stay strong, I love you.

  • Eijiro Kirishima
    Eijiro Kirishima23 godzin temu

    Didn't and still don't have a phone from the time that my grandma, my Momo, the sweetest person you could've met, has passed. She was so sweet and silly. She was always bringing me and my siblings smiles. But she was sick for a very long time. She was always sick. And she was called away by God. I remember the day my mom left so she would be with her and other family members of mine to watch her when the doctors were helping her. She passed away and I still remember that night when my mother came home and told us everything. She promised to be here when I graduate and I know she is watching me to full fill her promise. I miss you Momo Ellie, I hope your in a better place now, no longer in pain.

  • Ravenclaw_4Life
    Ravenclaw_4LifeDzień temu

    that girl was apologizing for shedding like one tear when i happened to her while im over here sobbing like a baby

  • Lana Taner
    Lana TanerDzień temu

    I dont have any last texts cuz no one of my loved ones died and I am really thankful for that, but i just want to say how strong is that girl who's best friend committed suicide like when she was reading messages that she sends ther best friend on insta i latterly had a break down i was crying soo hard like she is so strog. R.I.P. for all that people who died🕊

  • Angel Nero

    Angel Nero

    Godzinę temu

    same someone I loved a lot went offline and I never even told him how I felt I regret that now I still send messages like hers to

  • raven
    ravenDzień temu

    he didn’t even have my number, and i couldn’t even see him in the hospital for 10 days, and the last thing i told him was a lie.

  • bot bot
    bot bot2 dni temu

    Man breaks my heart so many people died every year because of suicide. You want to leave but you don't want to hurt the ones who love you.

  • Suleqa Mohamed
    Suleqa Mohamed2 dni temu

    Aww the one with the best friend offering to live in idaho 😞

  • Bella vlogs
    Bella vlogs2 dni temu

    Wow I haven't talk about this before my great grandma pass when I was 6 and her last words to me was it's ok baby I'll see you whenever god desides not when- she didn't get to finish it.

  • alice woodyatt
    alice woodyatt2 dni temu

    I never got to say goodbye to my nana and i hate myself so much for it

  • Ellie M
    Ellie M2 dni temu

    2:28 I cried I can relate to this my best friend took her own life 2 years ago...

  • Chicken Nug
    Chicken Nug2 dni temu

    My brother's last text to me was: "Tell mom and dad I love them", he was in a school shooting and got shot 3 times

  • Andreu Arxer
    Andreu Arxer2 dni temu

    I didn’t have a phone when one of my bestfriends died, so there are no texts. We were 10 years old, almost 11, and school was almost over for summer vacation; he killed himself with his father’s hunting shotgun. I barely remember his face or his voice.

  • Keira Phillips

    Keira Phillips

    2 dni temu

    I’m so sorry to hear that, I hope your ok.

  • ZigZags Life
    ZigZags Life2 dni temu

    I find it so sad to leave this place you have to make your friends and family cry and feel pain just to leave for this reason these peoples reactions scare me for my day is coming and I don’t want anyone to know I have 3 months

  • Sehajpreet Kaur
    Sehajpreet Kaur2 dni temu

    My friend messaged me “will you cry if i died someday?” 😭 one day before her death RIP jass

  • Jese Dzü
    Jese Dzü2 dni temu

    I cried a lot watching this because i was away and didn't have a word with my brother who passed away so suddenly last year. Having no last words with him is my deepest regrets.

  • ride or die
    ride or die2 dni temu

    bro august 31 is my birthday

  • Nicky
    Nicky2 dni temu

    I’m here crying to everyone’s story

  • OofGaming_Roblox
    OofGaming_Roblox2 dni temu

    God this hurt so hard to watch. I don’t know why. The only funeral I cried at was my godmothers. I loved her so much and miss her. I’m crying so much right now and I’m so confused as to why. My best friend has hurt herself before and that might be why but I don’t know. If you’ve lose someone, stay strong. 😔

  • Roseta Riera
    Roseta Riera3 dni temu

    I lost my little cousin one and a half years ago. I messaged him for his 17th birthday, I was joking and messing with him and told him: Hey just know that these are going to be the best but the toughest years of your life, he died in an accident a month after that.

  • Maegan Nope
    Maegan Nope3 dni temu

    Tell your loved ones that you love them.

  • MrTransKid
    MrTransKid3 dni temu

    The last word i got..."see you tomorrow, i love you" He still haven't texted's been two years..ik he's gone..but for some reason I'm still waiting for the good morning text...if you read this...and you're feeling you want to end it...don't do anything won't do stuff better it will make it're a strong human and everytime you wake up you get stronger. Keep fighting for staying in life..never give up..

  • Deborah Vetere
    Deborah Vetere3 dni temu

    my bff last text was - you won't be alone - later that day, we found out that she commited suicide. and, I always wonder why? to this day.

  • Kiyoko Shimizu
    Kiyoko Shimizu3 dni temu

    “I’ll be at your house at 3:00, Love you sis!” She killed her self by standing in front of a train and the weird part was that she was heard crying at 3:00 exactly. She was my cousin.

  • bae tata
    bae tata3 dni temu

    I promise I'll be here whenever you are not feeling well or feel down - grandpa

  • sh 1999
    sh 19993 dni temu

    the last thing i told my best friend before she died was "i hate you i hope you die" 13 years later and i still haven't recovered

  • Michael Garcia
    Michael Garcia3 dni temu

    All my best friends have passed and i miss them everyday. I post on their social accounts the new movies and new music, artists released that i know they would have loved. Any good news in my life I'll share with them too. It helps me keep their memory alive. Im 30 years old.

  • jacqueline Lewis
    jacqueline Lewis3 dni temu

    I was standing next to him so i don’t have a last text but i can remember the love in his eyes and feeling him grab my hand one last time. I love you Pop pop❤️ forever my best friend and hero. Say hi to Toby for me

  • Alana MacNeill
    Alana MacNeill3 dni temu

    Rest in peace to all these beautiful souls that were lost

  • irene
    irene3 dni temu

    it is so brave of these people to share these

  • Milky Oppar
    Milky Oppar3 dni temu

    The last time I saw my grandma was when I got mad at her and refused to see her when she asked for me. A week later we found out she had passed away. Now I feel this unbearable guilt knowing that, that moment she wanted to see was the last time I was ever gonna see her. And I never got to say I love you, I really wish now there I would have done that. I would do anything now to hear her say “I love you little lady” in our language after Ive said “I love you a lot grandma”. Her death is really taking a toll on me nowadays, I barely eat, I barely sleep, and I don’t even want to go to school anymore since we pass her house every time. I haven’t even finished my first year of high school yet and they’re thinking about kicking me out. I wouldn’t be able to focus either way so......

  • vust
    vust4 dni temu

    4:01 god

  • Laura Almont
    Laura Almont4 dni temu

    My husband texted me that he would never leave me... He died a few weeks later..

  • Sohiba Sher
    Sohiba Sher4 dni temu

    "Oooh season of strawberries already started! Let's pick some in the garden tomorrow, they look big" Tomorrow didn't come to her, Because big street dog killed her by biting aorta on her neck. After this my garden has withered and strawberries never grow again

  • Ashton White
    Ashton White4 dni temu

    Luckily I haven’t lost anyone close yet but everyone that has lost I really hope you can find some way to cope

  • Mya
    Mya4 dni temu

    This is heart breaking

  • Warepam Rohit
    Warepam Rohit4 dni temu

    If she ever gonna love me this way the peoples in the comments section does, I'll commit suicide.i love her. My bestfriend.

  • U R A V I T Y _ C 0 R E
    U R A V I T Y _ C 0 R E4 dni temu

    The fact that I know nobody at all from my family besides those I visit and all I remember is one thing *life is how it goes you only have one life until a whole other generation starts* But am sorry for their loss I never felt heart break but for now they shall rest in peace

  • Katlyn Dobransky
    Katlyn Dobransky5 dni temu

    To everyone reading this comment: committing suicide isn’t an escape. It hurts those around you. A lot. The best way to get better is to stay strong and keep your loved ones close. Don’t think that anyone won’t miss you. Stay strong ❤️

  • Jelly
    Jelly5 dni temu

    My Great grandfather was more of an old school person and never really had a phone that he could text on, nor did he want to. I remember on the day of his death, we couldn't go into the hospital to see him, and he couldn't even talk. I had to share my final words to him over the phone before they unplugged his life support. Fly high, Pa. I miss you so much.

  • Mary-jo H
    Mary-jo H5 dni temu

    “Your scent is gone” “Nothing i’m doing is getting it back” “Nothing makes sense anymore” “I wanna see you, would that be so bad?” My bsf passed away august 4th and i’ve been lost ever since

  • Emily Conrad
    Emily Conrad5 dni temu

    I am crying right now after reading all your stories and watching the video. One thing I do not want to happen to my mom or dad is cancer. I dont want to go through it. So sad now.

  • oliver c.
    oliver c.5 dni temu

    My friend Oliver committed suicide on October 2, 2018 and passed away in the next couple hours, being October 3, 2018. It was right before a Peter Pan show, where he got pan. That was his dream role and I remember him being so happy to get. Ten minutes before the show, everyone was looking for him, but we could never find him. I decided to go to his favorite place in the entire theater, which was this small recording room where we recorded music together and just had fun. I found him. But before I found him, he tried calling me, but I left my phone in a dressing room. He then texted me saying, “hey, bug, I’m ready to go home. I love you so much. Don’t blame yourself and keep going.” That was the last thing he said to anyone before he passed away. His mother and father still resent me, because they’re upset that their son told me goodbye, and not them. Sometimes I like going through his Instagram. I liked seeing him happy. Where he’d have videos of us dancing to the most random songs, or he’d have pictures of him and I with the caption, “I‘ll always be here for you, bug ♥︎” When I get very bad episodes, I like to imagine him telling me it’s okay to not be okay. It’s okay to have an episode and be stuck. He always said things like that, Oliver. I miss you so much every day. It’s been over three years and I’m never ever going to forget you

  • Valeria Martinez
    Valeria Martinez5 dni temu

    The last thing I heard from my dad was his laugh

  • WeLoveFidgetsシ
    WeLoveFidgetsシ5 dni temu

    The people who passed away would be so proud of the peoples in the videos!🥺

  • esommarspringe4
    esommarspringe45 dni temu

    he didn't have a phone when he died. but he passed away on September 18th 2010 but I remember it as yesterday, I love you brother

  • Chevs Codm&Memes
    Chevs Codm&Memes5 dni temu

    The girl who said her friend died of suicide. Its not that shes happy its that shes trying to not cry and she stuttered from trying to not cry.

  • offical aile
    offical aile6 dni temu

    My grandfathers last words were : i love all of you. Before he passed away (he had cancer and an accident he was ina A really bad condition he didnt wanted to live anymore) it was some days before christmas and two day before he passed away he came visting us at the 6.12. His wife gave me the present he had for me it was money in a angel card and im still keeping that card.

  • offical aile
    offical aile6 dni temu

    Im not scared of dying but im so scared of losing friends or my family especially parenrs when i get older.

  • LøLBît
    LøLBît6 dni temu

    I didn't have a phone at the time. So my mum didn't get to tell me anything before she passed.

  • Koiru Takami
    Koiru Takami6 dni temu

    Not texting but calling. I was 12, this was 3 years ago April 19th. “I love you big big..” He died a few hours later. Miss you, dad.

  • Feel the Pain
    Feel the Pain6 dni temu

    I wish I could Be There With my Father while he was suffering From Corona AND he Died 1 Year Ago His last Message Was "I will Be ok , I Am Going to dance in your Wedding"..... And there Is only My Wish I want My Fahter back He Did Alot for me after my Mother Left both of Me and my father ....When I was 13 I Want my Father Back He is everything For me till Now 💜

  • ShadowaPhoenyx
    ShadowaPhoenyx6 dni temu

    The last text from my best friend: Goodnight and thank you for coming over the night before he ended into ICU he passed away April 11 2018... 3 years now I still cry complications of CF

  • Sloth Emily
    Sloth Emily6 dni temu

    I had a friend commit suicide when I was 11, I remember she would talk about serious subjects like self harm running away or what she would always say “life is worth living without me taking up space in it” at the time I was 11 and I didn’t know what she meant by that, she commit suicide in the girls washroom at school she stabbed her self in the chest.

  • Clémentine BLONDET
    Clémentine BLONDET6 dni temu

    I didn’t have a message from him but we had made a group with all the people he loved and the first message that announced his death was:Hello everyone I have sad news to inform you.. **** is gone.. I just took it from ******.. please share the info with people concerned😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥 He was my godfather ... (and I don't know if we say like this, i'm French)

  • Zack Sowers
    Zack Sowers6 dni temu

    The last text I got from my cousin was he told me he loved me and 4 hours later he was found on his bathroom floor dead due to an overdose

  • who u?
    who u?6 dni temu

    It may not be a last text but it was our last high five. I love you grandpa (he's my grandma's brother we are really really close)

  • N C
    N C7 dni temu

    It broke my heart when they corrected themselves 1:28, 6:36

  • -Lalvaler -
    -Lalvaler -7 dni temu

    My uncle died. I never saw him cry before. My grandparents and my family disapproved of his wife. They got married and left to go live in a motel. I never told him I loved him. The last game we played together was with my cousins and that was their last game they played with him. It was hide and seek. The last time we saw him was at a Halloween party. He and his wife left early and about 2 years later me, my siblings, and my cousins came home from school and my little cousin said, “Your uncle died. Your Uncle died. Your uncle is dead. I’m telling the truth. Your Uncle isn’t here anymore.” And... My aunt and uncle came back home and told us.... our uncle died.

  • Fed Ex
    Fed Ex7 dni temu

    my best friend’s last text on my old phone was “yo! ill see you in a bit, bro. just wait a sec” a couple minutes after that he died in a car crash with both his two siblings and mom. miss you, man edit: please dont feel pity or trauma dump, thank you

  • shining stars
    shining stars7 dni temu

    does anyone know the background song?

  • Sunset Gacha
    Sunset Gacha7 dni temu

    I'm not crying, you are😭😭

  • -{justyeah}-
    -{justyeah}-7 dni temu

    I’ve never had the best relationship with me and my grandfather wasn’t the best cause we barely talked to each other but the last time I talked to him was like a day after leaving my grandparents house cause we go there every like 3 weeks cause we lived 3 hours away so we couldn’t go often, we I heard he was in the hospital due to a stroke I was very stressed cause I didn’t want to lose my grandfather at 11 years old..the time I heard my mother say “your grandfather pasted away” was at my ex girlfriends house, I wanted to cry so bad but I hated crying in front of people. When I got home from her house and when everyone fell asleep I cried my eyes out but in silence. I don’t remember if he died in 2019 or 2020 but all I know is he passed away before one of my cats did and I was already stressed and sad enough but when I heard my cat passed away I cried hard. And it was also at my ex girlfriends house..I cared a lot for my cat cause he was literally my best friend! He was always laying down with me cause he was either going to sleep or he just wanted to lay on me. I literally had him my whole life like before I was even born he was living with my family and he used to always sleep with my dad until I came and he started to sleep with me so we had a very strong bond..every time I’m very heart broken I forget when it happened so that’s why I forget the day one of my cats and my grandfather died, but I do remember when my other cat died because I was with him bringing him to a place to put him to sleep for good sense he was really really sick plus he was getting old. He died on may 1st 2020 around like 12-1 pm Sorry if this is long-

  • CJ C
    CJ C7 dni temu


  • dawidoO 3O5
    dawidoO 3O57 dni temu

    Man that sugs

  • Sha G
    Sha G7 dni temu

    It hurts when people who gave you the best memories become a memory 😔😔😟

  • Kpop Crusher
    Kpop Crusher7 dni temu


  • Carla Mollica
    Carla Mollica7 dni temu

    bruh i'm crying ;-;

  • Brianna schonborg
    Brianna schonborg7 dni temu

    The saddest thing is I have no messages from my grandma and she and I were more close than anything and it breaks my heart

  • Wendy XX
    Wendy XX7 dni temu

    It wasn't a text but rather in a face time call he said "Espero verte pronto mija.. cuídate"-Granpa (I hope to see you soon mija.. take care)

  • Antonio Garcia
    Antonio Garcia7 dni temu

    My roommate and I both had gotten up to go pee at around 4am, He turned to me and said “Have a good pee” That was the last thing he ever said to me, he committed suicide later that day. We miss you James 💙

  • Pyper Anne
    Pyper Anne7 dni temu

    September 1st, 2020. I miss you, Granny. Everyday...I keep going for you.

  • Wild Child Emya
    Wild Child Emya8 dni temu

    This made me cry

  • The Teddy Squad
    The Teddy Squad8 dni temu

    When u live with yo grandparents 👀

  • HaikuXhostclub Anime for life
    HaikuXhostclub Anime for life8 dni temu

    The last text I have from my best friend is “I love you baby sis you have so much to live for you are the future, you are perfect and beautiful and remember that forever. I’m sorry but I can’t take it I’m so tired, I love you forever baby sis stay strong” she wasn’t my sister biologically but she was my big sister and I will remember her forever

  • HaikuXhostclub Anime for life

    HaikuXhostclub Anime for life

    8 dni temu

    She wasn’t dying from something she killed her self

  • Addisyn Jacobs
    Addisyn Jacobs8 dni temu

    Im live with my grandparents too. They're the best people in the world!❤

  • palanlmao
    palanlmao8 dni temu

    aye 2:10 im not alone in idaho

  • king dedede
    king dedede8 dni temu

    The last thing my uncle said to me was he loved me and cant wait to see me again. He died from covid in January. I haven't seen him since 2019

  • hixdobby
    hixdobby8 dni temu

    My dad said don't cry I'm always with you 🥺 his last message I miss him a lot

  • No U
    No U8 dni temu

    I’m so happy I have a habit of responding right away “Going to the hospital tomorrow not feeling well” Last text from my grandma who died from a extreme fever

  • Trendy Fashion
    Trendy Fashion8 dni temu

    "this is my baby girl"she said this before passing away on the hospital bed she looked at me and smiled and then her eyes closed at once

  • Kayla Omstead
    Kayla Omstead8 dni temu

    My best friend past away last year he fell into a river and hit his head...hes still in the river because his body hasnt been found but I remember seeing him a week before that and he was in his car talking to someone on the phone and I rolled down my window and screamed I love you to him and he smiled and blew a kiss at me that was the last time i spoke/saw him its almost been a year since hes been gone but it all still doesnt feel real...

  • John Laurens
    John Laurens8 dni temu

    I dont know what i would do without my boyfriend.

  • joxter owo
    joxter owo8 dni temu

    "you should visit again soon" i didnt get to until i was visiting for his funeral.

  • Miranda Bach
    Miranda Bach8 dni temu

    "Hey hun- just wanted to check in on you and see how you're doing. Give me a call. Love you." -Mom I miss her every day.

  • Bazingahh
    Bazingahh9 dni temu

    I'm glad yall got that last text. Me and my friend drifted away for a few years, the next I heard from him, he killed himself in a single victim drunk driving incident. You don't know what I'd give to tell him I was in his corner, that I would drive him home, but I wasn't. I don't remember the last thing I said to him. I hope that somehow somewhere he knows I love him.