Panorama of Mars from Perseverance Rover

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This panorama, taken on Feb. 20, 2021, by the Navigation Cameras, or Navcams, aboard NASA’s Perseverance Mars rover, was stitched together from six individual images after they were sent back to Earth.
A key objective for Perseverance’s mission on Mars is astrobiology, including the search for signs of ancient microbial life. The rover will characterize the planet’s geology and past climate, pave the way for human exploration of the Red Planet, and be the first mission to collect and cache Martian rock and regolith.
Subsequent missions, currently under consideration by NASA in cooperation with ESA (European Space Agency), would send spacecraft to Mars to collect these cached samples from the surface and return them to Earth for in-depth analysis.
The Mars 2020 Perseverance mission is part of NASA’s Moon to Mars exploration approach, which includes Artemis missions to the Moon that will help prepare for human exploration of the Red Planet.
NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Southern California built and manages operations of the Mars 2020 Perseverance rover for NASA.
For more information about the mission, go to:
Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech


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    Sometimes I have this chilling feeling that this is exactly what earth would look like one day. And another being will be doing exactly what we are doing on Mars rite now🤔

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    It's so creepy and familiar.

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    About the new weird sound from Mars. Previous summer I was stuck in sea sand with my car after failed attempts to go out I finally manage it with the help of a 4x4. Sand and rocks had been trapped inside the wheel mechanism and it sounded exactly like that.

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    so no martians were there to greet perseverance? how rude!

  • The Devil Is Already Defeated
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    Funny that exact mountain range has a twin ON EARTH . Devon Island. Nasa lies.

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    Judean Desert Izrael vs Amazon dessert same foto Mars

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    Spirit: *sniff* Opportunity: *sniff* Viking Lander: *sniff* BUT Perseverance did record and transmit the first audio from Mars. It sounded like.....atmosphere passing by a microphone. Wind?

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    Show us the sun and moon from Mars...

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    is this a computer generated image? 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    Ok what the hack, NASA? We need a video, walkthrough etc.

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    Most Thai people love China.

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    I'm excited to know the atmosphere Composition (air) on Mars.. which gases are existing on that planet..

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    Parabéns show

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    NASA / JPL have come a long way since the Viking days....awesome views 👍

  • Joe Biden is a pedophile
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    My cell phone drops signal all the time and you expect me to believe that this so-called rover is able to keep in contact with nasa millions of miles away? Give me a break.

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    Humans: how is life on mars? Space snails: Fine!

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    Question? What would happen if you guys took some water and pour it out on Mars surface. Evaporate very quickly? Stay on surface for a very long time?? Inquiry minds want to know.......

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    Don’t forget NASA doesn’t know how to take an honest picture of Mars or anywhere else.

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    Y agradecida de poder dejar comentario,muchas gracias

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    Buenas noches,que hermosa posibilidad de poder observar estas imagenes ,preciosas,muchas gracias

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    Arizona's looking a bit quiet ... ..... too quiet. Stay frosty.

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    Cant wait fifa world cup in mars in 2054

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    Schönes Wetter, Urlaubsfotos

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    Very funny that is not Mars, its look like a place I know in the Moroccan desert.

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    @Iceayy hey hold your horses don't believe any thing they throw at you, or you will be brainless.

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    how about you go there and never come back instead of being a dumb member of society. con man.

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    Oberheim Matrix-12

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    Can't wait for footage from the helicopter flying in Mars that is part of the mission.

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    it’s so weird to me that i’m like “wow that’s really cool!” and then it hits me that this is literally a different planet. this is actual history being made while i am a teenager.

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    I think, this planet was just once like mother earth.

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    When I think of the fact that the video was taken in Mars and was sent to Earth it gives butterfly feeling in my stomach

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    Wish we had more photo covering of the place around Perseverance covered and better capture.

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    Born too late to explore our earth Born too early to explore our space

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    Amazing 🤩

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    মঙ্গল এ আপনারা ব্যাঙ পাঠাতে পারেন কারন তারা বেচে থাকার জন্য অবশ্যই পোকামাকড় খুজবে আর যেহেতু ব্যাঙ উভচর প্রাণী তাই আশা করা যায় তারা মঙ্গল এ টিকে থাকতে পারবে। মঙ্গল এর মাটিতে আপনারা বটের গাছ লাগাতে পারেন কারন বট গাছ যেকোন মাটিতে টিকে থাকতে পারে যেহেতু বট গাছ অক্সিজেন গ্রহন করে বেছে থাকে তাই সেখানে অক্সিজেন এর অবস্থান বুঝা সম্ভব হবে। আপনারা সেখানে যইব সার প্রয়গ করতে পারেন

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    Imagine seeing the sunrise on another planet.

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    @beedsj roiue those are all pertinent and useful questions, but I was just grooving on the Martian sunrise.

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    drinking water, will they produce food by planting in rock, and produce water to irrigate and quench their thirst, how? I wanted to know the real purpose of it all.

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    My dream job is to be an Astronomer/Astronaut.

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    What is the bright thing? Maybe sun?

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    It's like Mexico in breaking bad

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    Just a bunch of dirty old rocks

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    Beautiful Greenland - Nice touch with the red hue :) LOL

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    It’s funny how most of your videos have comments turned off..... it’s like you are trying to hide something. So is mars filmed in Greenland?

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    want to see more.

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    The clouds remind me of the red smoke that came from the australian wild fires.

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    It used to take so long got get black and white photo from marce, now it's colour 😀

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    WE want others vidéos plzzz but with the voice

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    Wish we had more photo covering of the place around Perseverance covered and better capture.

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    Subscribe for more videos 🙏🤝

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    360 view please😍

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    I like Humans! I have spotted three things: 1. A rock that was covered by algae sometime back when the lake was drying out. 2. Mount Kigali in the Horizon. 3. A potential Gold mine not far from the landing place.

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    The human being inhabits a complete planet, full of resources, fertile land, and some speak of going to Mars because the resources here will end! Until today, many people lack drinking water, will they produce food by planting in rock, and produce water to irrigate and quench their thirst, how? I wanted to know the real purpose of it all.

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    It looks beautiful.

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    geoguessr will become a lot more difficult in the future

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    i never expected an original joke in these comments, but here i am

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    It is amazing to consider we have eyes and now even ears on a different planet.

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    Fantastic image of the Mars. 👍😍

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    The sky looks beautiful. I've never thought about it, I guess our atmosphere is responsible for the blue tint. It's amazing to see mars as if I was standing right there. It's insane. I want to see more.

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    Wow.. This is amazing. Waiting for the Moon/Mars Colony missons. I wish It happens during my lifetime.

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    I had always think we are all alone on this galaxy. Now we got so tired of ourselves that we are looking to move one planet down the road just to confirm we are lonelier than the last cookie in the jar.

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    WE want others vidéos plzzz but with the voice

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    I'm sure starving children in Africa would love to see this absolutely fabulous picture. Just tell them we are looking for life and water. Im sure they'll see it our way. Congratulations NASA.🖖

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    This PLclip channel have most unique content.

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    When will nasa highlight a man in space bcs hes white?? nasa?

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    For April fools day it would be funny for the robot to stack rocks into a structure and take a picture of it.

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    Poor little rover. So far from home. Earth has just a little bit less mass now.😔

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    Future of humanity

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    You know the "there are aliens everywhere" people are drooling for these HiDef pics. I'm sure some are already circling some of these rocks saying they are "proof" of aliens.

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    School+friend+george ship +quick faster+

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    Google street. Statbye

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    they're gonna say mars is flat now😂😂😂

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    Why the sun is so big ?

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    This is a panorama made from six individual images with the Sun in more than one of those images. When stitched together it gives the appearance of the Sun being larger than it is.

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    Wow.. This is amazing. Waiting for the Moon/Mars Colony missons. I wish It happens during my lifetime.

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    Miesiąc temu looks so good 😲😲

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    অসাধারণ দৃশ্য

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    I thought, no one is safe in the van allens belt? radiation?

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    I want to be an astronaut my dream is to be an astronaut NASA

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    Im from the Atacama desert, so this reminds me of home (i live in europe now)

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    Mars is very pleasant. I wish I don't want any ridiculous humans settle down there.

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    Ya, we should send all trouble makers to mars, so that will be forever peace on earth.

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    Poor little rover. So far from home. Earth has just a little bit less mass now.😔

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    Was waiting for a transformer to step on it.

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    I see a small settlement on the horizon

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    Devon island never looked so good

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    Nasa .... factory of lies

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    do u have proof

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    I have a question for NASA, why don't you add tracks to the rover then wheels? also, you could add 4 dc motors like drones to move around faster.

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    Mars . . . !?!? Yeah right !

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    Amazing!!! FROM ANOTHER WORLD !!!! hugs from brazil. Nasa

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    I don’t understand how humans are going to be able to survive on Mars? No water, gravity is different, too much carbon dioxide, not enough oxygen, etc. What is the point of even trying right now?

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    Elk Son

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    @Steve Adams I’m not really talking about these specific videos.. I suppose my comment is irrelevant here lol

  • Steve Adams

    Steve Adams

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    These are missions of exploration and scientific research, not for colonization.

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    Flat mars

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    I was here

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    Oh cool...desert...I'm so excited 🙄 congratulations on sending a better camera to Mars. are we going to ensure the survival of the species here at home as it deals with the climate change and loss of biodiversity it's responsible for? Because I don't see us colonizing anything anytime soon if we're celebrating the same thing we did 16-17 years ago. I'm not easily impressed.

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    "I think we should put this on our PLclip!" "What, why? It's an image not a video" "yeah but youtube"

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    I'm wondering if mars also flat. 🤔

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    1 earth cant be flat for many reasons and 2 mars is not flat. since you used the word also I'm gonna say here earth is not flat as gravity cannot exist and Antarctica would be mayhem

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    spooky, very spooky.

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    I see a small settlement on the horizon

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    I just keep picturing that one day there will be a McDonald's on Mars...

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    No...just no

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    Mars looks pretty flat to me. 😁😂😂

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    you coulda at least played some mcjagger in the background

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    Just add some DOOM music and it’s perfect.

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    why Sun is so big?

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    its a panorama image so it distorts it while it takes a full 360 image